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***2009 at a Numerical Glance

***The Intersection of Light and Space

***White Columns of Hope


***We Are the Living Covenant That the Stars Have With Earth


*** NEW CRYSTALS 2009: Thoth Time Cell Crystals /THE PROTECTORS


2009 at a Numerical Glance

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The energy of 2009 births itself into such an every changing configuration one feels as if they have slipped thru time into a fractal pattern of living geometries. What is cloaked is seen what is visible is an illusion, a magic trick asking you to look at the pretty girl instead of the black box. 2008 was a photo finish race until the very last moment, as all of the dread and fears vanished as quickly as they had appeared, leaving a dusty trail behind them. The race of the tortoise and the hare played out taking the square root of itself and multiplying it times the speed of light. The mercaba of fear and peace and the tetrahedron they hold within merged into a holy trinity vibration and spun the people out of a black hole they had not been destined to enter. Both the words fear and peace have the same numerical encodings within them always leaving one free to pick. The coined word of the 2008 elections ‘CHANGE' is a 29/11 vibration. The energy of change can be great or small, good or bad, black or white. Change that comes out of deep pockets can hold many other energies like a Bill that tries to pass Congress with lots of lint attached to it. Tools for transformation are not always what they seem as one stumbles through the lightless Light to find a friendly shade of gray

2009 is a 29/11 year, one of the 11 Gateways of the 11:11 Encodings. Watching ones words is animated within the structure of 29/11. The power within the word and how one chooses to use it. Speaking problems and solutions in and out of existence. Balancing positive thought, creation with doubt and confusion. Wanting to finish but sometimes afraid to start. The lungs, the heart and the throat hold the vibrations of 29/11 stresses and strains in manifestation or creation is seen in these areas. The volcano holds its tongue until it is ready to let go in fullness. Learning to hold ones power via the spoken word until it is ready to birth at a higher vibration. Using your heart and head as the Creator would. Knowing ALL THOUGHTS COUNT! Believing absolutely in your ability to create. Divine certainty on a DNA level.

The polarity of 29/11 is 92/11 another door thru the 11:11 GATEWAY. Earth is a planetary home for a group of entities that are destined for greatness beyond their awareness. The announcement of 92/11 asks one to embrace the thought of GREATNESS, without anything attached to it. God is seen face to face in the reflection of ones deeds and thoughts. This sacred encoding asks what God do you worship and do you believe there is more light beyond the level of God that you are aligned with at this time? Light was birthed to become more. Seeking more Light, more God, more truth beyond the highest thought of God and Light you have at this moment in time. Standing at the threshold of immediate change and shift in alliance with every expanded thought.

When the forces of Eleven become fully activated they have the power to change history in the making. Within the number and sequences of Eleven (29, 47, 38, 56, 74, 92, 83, 65) lives all answers and even more questions. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity to learn. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief system and our faith. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness. It reminds us we are all vast beings who have come to earth to help with the healing and awakening process starting with ourselves. It asks you to locate the light within and share it with all. Eleven is our Best Friend and Teacher.

Jan 26, 2009: Annular Solar Eclipse is numerically a 9/11 vibration.

This eclipse comes in timely fashion the first week after the new president is sworn into office asking us to once again look at the vibration of 9/11. There is a great healing that comes to the surface that announces within the voice of fear that this particular president may invite in another 9/11 situation. On some level the people do not trust him and this is shown in great detail within the rifts of society. New information concerning 9/11 may also surface as a shark that has swum close to the bottom for far too long.

Feb 09, 2009: Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 29/11 vibration

This particular eclipse is aligned with the totality of the year 2009, balancing positive thought, and creation with doubt and confusion. Purging you of what has been solidified and blocked. 29/11 is a doorway into your highest potential as a human seeking divine memory. This doorway offers an opportunity to surpass any limitations you have unknowingly set for yourself. Humanity seeks the keys to total completed awareness through this sacred portal number. Hallways are exposed to all that are dimensionally astute. Scales shift into a new definition of balance as the new formation of light plays with the balance of sacred time.

Jul 07, 2009: Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 7/7/11 (#7) vibration

This is the vibration of the spiritual warrior. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light. Sevens eat drink think and speak the light. Sevens are not allowed to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. Seven brings you home the place where miracles are an every minute event, where you can fly and dance in the stars while in any and all forms. Seven is a place where wonder, magic and miracles are seen as natural happenings. Seven is your natural state of being. This numerical doorway completes the downloading of the Christ DNA that was started on 7/7/2005.

Jul 22 2009: Total Solar Eclipse is numerically a 74/11 vibration

Standing at the narrow threshold of transformation heavenly (#7) searches for what is earthy (#4). Time for the Light to get off of its high horse and come on down to earth. Observation is needed to be felt as the Light looks at life and all of its teachings and learning. Enjoy earth and her heavenly essence without succumbing to any entrapment escapades. Knowing one is of a higher sharper cut and experience life without losing your edge of light. Negativity grows fast on earth, fed by the systemic seeds of doubt that linger in a humans genetic DNA. Hope can become an endangered species if not cared for. If you had one month to light the fires of your life how would you use it? How are you spending your life light? Hope needs the fertilization of your believe system to survive the upcoming seasons of earth. The total solar eclipse on the 22nd of July 2009 will be the longest of the 21st century.

Aug 06, 2009: Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 14/11= 7 vibration

This eclipse comes very close to the 8-8-8 gateway of 2008. August 8, is composed of the marriage of matter and antimatter. It is a place were the polarities meet and heaven and earth sip from each other's glass. The only way earth can move forward is through the heart. Every tool, meditation and OM is a fruitless tree unless one moves into direct contact with the heart. Both the heart/brain receive and respond to intuitive information, but the heart receives the information first. The heart processes emotional events seconds before the body experiences the events. The heart acts as if it has a mind of its own and scientists have proven that about 60% of the heart cells are like brain cells. This eclipse asks you to awaken to your fate, to aim for joy thru the realization of balance and harmony in your heart.

Dec 312009: Partial Lunar Eclipse is numerically a 7/11 (#9) vibration

Cosmic and personal completion! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have. Your New Years resolutions on 12/31/2009 will be more powerful than a super nova. Their vibration will surpass space and time and land at the feet of God. Be careful what you pray for, as it will come to past.

The Intersection of Light and Space

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

I am a light that exists through space and time, not to be shackled, not to be corralled, and not to be pegged into any one spot. As I peer out through the clouds, I ask you to wink back at me as you see in fullness with eyes beyond the optic. The un-doing of you is what you have been born for. Allow this un-doing to be completed, as you are unraveled from the very epics of self that have so long been your truth. You will now experience new chapters with endings different than you ever imagined and ever pondered in the past.

I am where light bends. I have the ability to help you see around the next corner of your experience, the next corner of your thought, the next corner of your day. Look ahead - but not in a straightened fashion. For the world as you know it, bends to the left of itself. It is at that point of intersection that history may or may not repeat itself. It is at that bend in the refraction of life that you all sit. Perception influences all. If your perception shifts in accordance with your light encodings, with your heart-felt understanding and love, then your world cannot run astray. That is how and where you bend in space and time at this appropriate intersection. Truth only exists when it has a host. If you do not invite another's truth into your den, it will have no place to slumber. Be aware; be very aware of the truths that you allow to spend the night in your heart.

Listen for the truths that speak to you that do not come from human lips. Listen as all life embeds itself within your cellular structure. Listen as light from the stars whispers to you in your sleep with words that you spoke hundreds of light years ago. At this intersection of time and space the light bends. The light that shines behind the light, peers out through its reflection, initiating to those who are willing to see, what is yet to come. The gifts unfold as mummified wrappings, layer by layer. What is seen is not real. What is real can only be felt with the senses and not seen as a solid object. Much moves about in your day that you bump elbows with, but know not that it exists. Much moves about in your heavens, but you see it not with the bold blue backdrop.

I am the essence that is known as the Great Attractor. I call back to myself, all that has been created. As Creation is pulled back into itself, it changes form over and over again until ultimately it is pure energy. This is the same ability that you hold inherently. As you call back to you all light and life, it changes form in accordance with your perceptions. Formlessness only requires form when it is needed. If your world feels as if is collapsing upon it self, know that the form is calling itself back home into formlessness. Do not hold on to what wishes to become light in your thinking, in your world, and in your expectations. I leave you with these thoughts.

White Columns of Hope

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Collectively you enter a new grade of the school of creative financing standing at a point in-between what you once believed to be possible and what you now see in the world. Hold tightly to the spiritual lifeline that dangles from the high cliffs as you try over and over again to propel up the side of what seems to be an insurmountable slick surface. All techniques you have been taught in the past do not seem to adhere to the molecules of this new world that writes its own rules.

Prayers are not heard, answers are not received and memos are thrown in the trash, nothing seems to be listening to your cries for help. You stand in the streets of your life with the eye of the tornado looking straight at you, seemingly singled out as the very lint from your pockets is spent to gas up and speed away from what chases you. You yell at the gods in dismay as you feel so many promises have been broken. You endlessly search the yellow pages for answers and no one returns your calls.

All seem to be in a trance as they walk aimlessly through their lives with no hope of a shiny future. Every price you said you would ‘never pay,' you do now with great remorse and anger. You hold back and hold on to what little you have strangling the very economy and enforcing the ‘less than' code to the fullest degree. You feel like Pandora after the ‘last hope' has left the building. You do not see any reprieve from this onslaught of darkness that has all by the throats. You know life will never be the same and mourn for simpler safer times that were only a few months ago but seem light years away.

Humanity has crossed the line in the sand and the sandcastles of old have been swept away as the tides turn. Yet deep within humanity still lives a single molecule of faith. Not a faith that can be seen or spent, but a faith that comes from the outside, a deep seeded endless faith. It is not humanities faith in God that counts right now, it is God's faith in humanity that brings closure to this reign of fire and brimstone.

Hope now gently boils to the surface after too long a stay on the bottom. She infuses earth with economic optimism as life crosses the financial heart line into unknown territories and rewrites the rules for being human. Earth's financial heart line is held sturdy by white columns of hope, for without hope earth's reason for existing is lost.

Humanity is the only species that was made in the Creator's image holding all the credentials and ingredients for doing great feats. As Pandora pointed out humans are the last hope of a loving God that knows the future of the milky way galaxy and still is dependant upon humanity to move past its self imposed trials and tribulations and secure its rightful place in the universe. In order to do this you as a people must camp out on the financial heart line drawn in the winding sands of Hope and dare what is dark and manipulative to cross it forcing it back into the bowels of inner earth. The way you do this it to take the faith that has been placed in you by the Creator and invest it in a future that holds a great hope.

Darkness feeds on doubt and fear. It wants mankind to give up and give in to a bleak future with no hope. Since humans are the guardians of the last hope fueled by the Creators belief and faith, it is their mission and duty to hold this light of hope high for all to see. Speaking hope and granular faith into all those they meet, not allowing others to drown them in a sea of fear.

We are the Council of 29/ 11 that serves the year 2009. The numerical doorway of 2009 is a point of no return. A place where the numerical status of planet earth comes to an immediate turning point. Exceeding the speed limits of the turn stile one will be catapulted forward into the echo of every past thought. A perpetual place of transformation held captive by all energies that are and have been aligned with the host human.

This expansion, that comes from a place where worlds and stars merge, is given as the gift of hope to humanity. Hope is imbued with science as more and more of what one believes in their soul comes to past and present. ‘You'll see it when you believe it' is shouted from the biological rooftops of humanity. Cellular intelligence declares its independence from circumstance, trial and error leaving no time to sit and ponder with the scholars as they rock upon their hunches.

Right comes from the left of humanness as internal circuitry reacts to the luminous downloading. Photonic particles are created as once was seen in fantasy, as life moves closer and closer to a dialogue with space without time. Make it so' is echoed in the halls of time as everyone is asked to participate in this next creational dance.

The Achilles heels/heals of many will ache with prayers as they are brought to their emotional knees in order to receive communion with first light. Humbleness allows an opening in the canyon of self that once dead ended and echoed of wrong choices. The impassable mountain responds to true emotion from the deep clear well of caring. Hollowness will not be seen as a friendly gesture as many still continue to serve self at the cafeteria of denial.

Serving the hole one has fallen into does not contribute to the healing of planet or self. When you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of life and continual obligations do not stop to take notes on the way down. Don't hold unto what falls away from you but in its stead look forward to the new land you are about to touch down upon. You are asked to become more than you ever thought possible! You are asked to become the healer, you are asked to become the scholar. You are asked to become all that you shirk. You are asked to make personal decisions that even Christ himself would fret over. You are being pulled away from your personal line in the sand and taken to a new beach where your footsteps will be seen and counted.

You are asked to increase your belief factor in yourself and all of your abilities. You are asked to redesign yourself in a collage of life imitating art. You are asked to step up to the plate and sup upon what is needed to be done, let it fuel your life force. Instead of allowing life and her daily deeds to suck all of your energy allow it to give to you increased energy from all circumstances that surround you. Stop whining about what has be-fallen you and see it as a piece of the soul puzzle you seek. Echoes of the ancients can still be heard in the heart beat of earth. Time that has been forgotten imbues itself upon these delicate reminders of all that is still hidden within the body and soul of terra Gaia and her children. As a monolith secreted thru time these energies will stay well hidden until your heart is ready to receive them.

Circular of nature time travels upon itself, revealing new formats and sequences of events yet to be birthed. All events thru time are recorded and seek a host that will allow them to be held in remembrance and not forgotten as a passing thought. Many of these ancient energies seek to be appreciated by all that matters. What is recorded within your crystalline matrix, leads you to the entrance of the master portal thru which all worlds must pass.

The light seeks to know itself again, as long forgotten parts of the universe meet yearling lights, those in form that will embrace and fully appreciate the ‘trueness' of the energy. The call of the Ancestors from time immortal is heard pulsing thru the galactic vein. The heart of the Source pounds with expectations as it brings together dance partners that have not tangoed in light years

Are you willing to be entrusted with ancient truths that seek a host to hold them dear and breathe their truths back into remembrance? Are you willing to see the beauty within your self so you can see the beauty within life? For it is only thru love that you may enter their truths and sup upon their well-kept secrets.

Love of the divine within the human being will always open doorways to higher truths. It is when one does not see the beauty in their form and purpose that door after door will slam shut. Look deep with the eyes of your soul and ‘sea' what lies before you and behind you hidden in the ripples of time. Live on the horizon of your life and you will live to the fullness of your purpose. We are the Council of 29/ 11 that serves the year 2009.



as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Black holes can be thought of as very deep pools of consciousness, places where you can enter if you dare, and return forever changed. Black Holes have an all or nothing nature to them and offer no in-between. To enter a black hole in consciousness requires relinquishment of lesser modes of being and attachments to your existing lives. This asks you to go deep within your consciousness and to allow a disintegration of the self you think you are. Emerging with a far deeper sense of your original states of being.

As a people you now ride the event horizon of your lives, an all or nothing experience that only has one outcome. You walk forward in yourselves and your day knowing this to the full extent of your being. As you stand at the edge of who you once knew yourselves to be and the Event Horizon of what the universe is asking you to do and become you can freeze and become jumbled in thoughts and deeds as new encodings are fired off in the brain.

The ultimate choice is to give without thought of loss. To jump without fear into the abyss with the knowing that in all darkness light is held captive. To come to the ledge and fly without fear or remorse VENTURING WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD and showing the universe what mankind is made of. There is no growth in a safe space and 2009 holds that teaching. Embrace the energy and light that you house and reach for the Event Horizon.

Seek what inspires you as you idle on neutral in the middle of the energetic storm. This storm seems a travesty in the making as so many are deterred from a future that is predicted by so many failure profits.

As the eclipses of 2009 begin their slow sinewy dance humanity is asked to enter places that they have endured thru time. The energies meet themselves in a photo finish as perfect timing shows the true will of the people. Everything is veiled as the planets shift and move in opposite direction. The eclipses unfold the curtains to show the backdrop of a passion play in session. You may feel as if your choices are narrow and barely seen on a dimly lit street at a dead end alley. Unfolding your fans to cover your faces is coy and dated. Batting your eyes to influence the outcome of anything will only strike out your own team.

All emotional flailing about weakens the immune system in a world that is already on the critical edge. The planets will align in an energetic form that creates a sacred geometry of trust. If one does not trust the leaders of the world then one must at least trust the Creator of said world. Division of thought will be seen for many months to come. Third world countries could be bought and sold with the throw away consciousness of those that seek the seat of power.

Bantering with the future of the world does not place one in the cockpit of destiny. What is yet 'to' be is still unformed and in embryo state. Riding the emotions of a world that is still at a point of choice will only serve to lower the immune system of many. Adrenaline spikes off the charts as the pulse of the world watches and worries. True faith needs to plant itself in the soil and soul of humanity. Do not allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated by the masses into giving up hope on a bright future.

From www.philipsedgwick.com Following is a list of black holes, the period of the black hole and the date they are transited by Jupiter

NGC 7022 - 4 Aquarius 17 - Jupiter transit: Jan 23
V*QZ Vul - 10 Aquarius 27 - period = 0.344 day or 8 h 16 m - Jupiter transit: Feb 18
4U 1954+31 - 11 Aquarius 16 - period = 5.09 hrs - Jupiter transit: Feb 22
3U 0115-73 -12Aquarius 28 (SMC X-1) - periods = 3.89 d, 16.66 d - Jupiter transit: Feb 29
3U 1956+35 -13 Aquarius 45 (Cygnus X-1) p = 5.6 d- Jupiter transit:13 Mar
3C 405.0 - 17 Aquarius 35 (Cygnus A) - Jupiter transits: Mar 24 / Sep 26 Rx / Oct 28
GS 2023+338 - 20 Aquarius 49 (V404 Cyg) - p = 6.47 d - Jupiter transits: Apr 10 / Aug 24 Rx / Nov 30
3U 2030+40 - 28 Aquarius 42 (Cygnus X-3) - p = 4.8 hours - Jupiter transit: Jan 12, 2010

We Are the Living Covenant That the Stars Have With Earth

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We sit on the Councils of Time. We are teachers and have existed for uncountable years of your earthen time lines. We herald from beyond what you know as your heavens and have taken form so we could hold these truths and wisdom's solid until the day we could finally speak. Long we have waited for a voice, a touch, and an appreciation of our form. Just to be acknowledged has sent a multitude of light transmissions, telling those within our universe we have awakened.

Your world has been experimental from the beginning. It has housed many species on many dimensions and inclusions of light. They come from beyond the stars looking to hold a new form to learn more about themselves and what they perceive as Source. We are such beings that chose to stay and assist the people of earth to be birthed into more awareness and then courage to use that awareness as a tool of light.

We are celestial of nature beyond what you deem angelic or holy of recorded earth history. The veils within us house our true form with a flash from a distant time. Let your sense feast upon our rainbows and pathways of stellar continence. We are different in height and width yet we are identical in Beginning. On earth does a tall man have more truth than a short man? We are tailor made to fit your world as we have the ability to generate light in many spectral directions.

The Masters of Light that have walked earth and all of their aspects intend to use our presence as a doorway to embark upon a journey to alleviate mankind's self-induced suffering. Cosmic rays from deep space come forth as what was has exploded in all of its glory dissipating into space and time truths that could be received no other way. Traveling faster than a light beam they emanate from the central core of deep space and extend themselves to all that will receive them.

We are the living covenant that the stars have with earth. Within us lives hope, ‘we stand in the gap' for humanity's right ‘to be' defending them against all odds. We come to escort you into more experiences of light, sound, and manifestation, as we are TEACHERS OF TIME presiding over a planetary class. We are living stellar libraries with knowledge too immeasurable to hold. We grant access to all that seek our council and it is there that we sit in reverence of all that is earth.

Our energy is transferable and multiplies with meditation and sound. Any crystalline object or liquid placed near us will align with our energies and thus our vibration will spread around the globe and out past the earth's energetic perimeter, our truths will change into a useable form, we travel on sound.

Look deep within for our monuments of hidden truths. We do not lift our veils for just anyone, only those of pure purpose and humble in their approach. You hold remnants of a vague memory that we will awaken as you come to terms with all that is holy and galactic within your self.

We serve as an awakening device helping earth to remember the sequence of time events people hold within their personal coded DNA. We align with the higher aspects of all consciousness escorting humanity into a place of empowerment while living in the flesh. We draw to us that which is from the deepest of space. The stars use us as their instrument to assist humanity into Arcing more Light without need for rescue. We are a divine salutation to all that has come before earth. Stellar emanations seek us as a conduit for we are a living Galactic Gateway, and a collection of rhythms from time immortal. We are a Great Light that has taken form to share its teachings.


as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As Time begins her journey back towards her heart of choice, each and every individual upon Earth comes to a point of no return. What once was, has now been buried not to be exhumed again. As the time doors open to experience themselves in a new dialogue and unfamiliar longitude and latitude what was once sought is now freed into expression of self and purpose. Truths that were once hidden in a place where the human eyes could not see now unwrap themselves in the horizons of the new dialogue of time.

Energies that went unharnessed from past experiences now are entrained upon themselves. Duality of purpose seeks a partner as each person of Earth dances around and around within their head, within their heart and within their choices. Time passages announce opportunities that have been dormant. The mathematical equation of probabilities implodes upon itself as all heaven breaks loose. As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, seen, and unseen, humanity's future is unveiled as it is seen in a full spectrum of possibility that has not existed before this time.

Time asks you to not give up on what lives in your heart and lives in your dream. The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot die, that cannot be sown into another's pocket. The Universe has placed in you a time imprint that asks to be viewed under the microscopic eye of your heart. Humans fear the war, the debt, lack of money and loss of control. Earth herself and all her inhabitants are at a turning point that asks everyone to be explicit in the expression of every passing thought for they all count. No more excuses for the mistaken choices of those in power as they look for ways to polish their own metals.

Each thought that humanity has is more important than the thought before. Within each thought wisdom will increase exponentially. Every interaction with every person will give you food for thought to be digested at your own discretion. When you hear sad news move your heart and your energies up to a safe place where one can see the totality of the situation and choose action accordingly.

Those that wear the higher patterns of light and time without the constraints of Earth will be asked to go beyond what they deem suitable for their experiences as well as commitment to the cause. What this means is that you will be given deep soul insights that will ask you to fly higher, move more mountains and dance through space as well as time. You will be given instructions from the Universe within your heart that ask you to surpass any limitation you thought you had. You will be asked to become one with the legions of light, the legions of God that have no fear. The legions of heart light that hold the heart of humanity within the very palms of their hands.

So many of earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust, even themselves. So many of Earth have given up, have not seen their absentee landlord God in many moons, have not felt the presence of holiness, have not seen the manifestations of miracles. What humanity seeks as the proof of the pudding is so animated that it actually has taken form and walks upon earth disguised in humanity and humility.

What you seek as a planet now has more mass to it. The biology has changed and shifted in the land of the supernatural, the land of the unseen. The belief system of Earth has faltered because many do not see with the eyes of Faith. As a planet you are asked to believe in what is invisible, what cannot be seen, what cannot be felt or touched or smelled or tasted. You are asked to believe in a supernatural being that has placed you here for your highest good and your highest growth and then walked away to another project. You have been asked to believe that every loss, every death every dark day has a divine opportunity wrapped within it - a chewy center that you often stick to.

We come to tell you that the matter of it is the miracle that you seek walks amongst you. It listens when you speak, it dances in your dreams, and it sees the patterns of your heart. The miracles that humanity so needs is guaranteed by the universe if one will only believe to the final hour. For a miniscule pattern of doubt creates a lethal toxicity that cannot be diluted.

As the planets line up in 2009 and the eclipses of the heart begin to stake themselves out, a deep deluge of emotions, rise to the surface - angers and hates, loves and tears are birthed under a full red moon. As the eclipses of 2009 make themselves felt and seen many countries on the Earth will begin to scream they are victims of wrong doings. The pulse and the temperature of planet Earth will change to match with what they feel their God has told them to do and undo. As these eclipses birth themselves through the dark womb of life a blue veil of sadness will befall Earth, a heaviness of the heart. A great global saddening weighs down the pulse of earth. Many earthly upheavals will come and people will cry out to the Creator for rescue. Rescue is slow to mount their steeds. As a planet you must continue to swim to shore praying with every stroke.

It is a time of becoming a living breathing prayer for someone outside of your self. The sadness that befalls is biological and deep of cellular and stellar content. A giant purging occurs on all of Earth as the planetary heart heaves a deep sign. There is nothing to do but try hard to stay afloat during this tidal wave of shift occurs. Choices cannot be seen in the clear light of day. Many will truly panic and the monetary system of Earth will show that. It is up to each and every one of you to hold high your contract of light above the watermarks of life. Life is circular of nature and this too shall pass. People that you have taken for granted may walk out of your life or off the planet. People will make choices that do not make sense to anyone around them. Often times these cellular biological upheavals are necessary to expose another shaft of light.

We are the Sirian Council of Light. We prepare you for storms to come. Some of these will be physical storms, others political storms, other emotional and personal. Through all of this deluge be true to yourselves, be true to what you perceive as God and truth and light. Do not falter but continue walking forward for there is an end and beginning to all storms. What matters in your world? We leave.


The name Thoth means 'Thought' and 'Time'

Only Time Will Tell...

As the atomic clock struck midnight on December 31, 2008 we were given the gift of an extra second of time. Ushering the planet earth into a much needed new dialogue with time, literally giving us a ‘second' chance. How much is a single second worth? To the every expanding and contracting universe an extra second can mean the difference between life and death. An extra second can change the sequential events that were going to happen, placing them into a new field of inquiry and different direction. An extra second is a powerful field of energy. It can birth a love that never was or give one time to say a final farewell. An extra second, a single pause, can change everything. As time has quickened in the last 22 years all of earth has complained about time. Our loving heavenly father/mother God has at last granted the wish of more time. As we are gifted this incredible new value of time the energy of Thoth comes to instruct us in the ‘school of time' and how one goes about making the most of it. Time was birthed on earth to keep us dimensionally safe and fenced in, until we were ready to expand our timely perimeters. . The molecular spin of time has quickened revealing where there are rips and tears in the time sequence of past and future events that overlap in the Now. The gift of the extra second of universal time gives us a doorway, a safe place to heal where all time meets

Thoth was the master architect who created the blueprint of our reality based on the patterns of sacred geometry. The blueprint follows binary code 1010101 [on/off - Matter Anti-Matter] and repeats itself in cycles called time. Thoth constructed a pyramidal shaped vehicle (the Great Pyramid) which personified the nature of reality. He placed half above - "As is Above" in the nonphysical and half below "As is Below" thus creating the sands of time - the hourglass.

Known to the Egyptians as Thoth, the "Lord of Magic and Time" and to the Greeks as Hermes "messenger of the gods and the Celts as the wizard ‘Merlin', Thoth promised to return at the end of time "with the keys to the gates of the sacred land." He was a measurer and recorder of the passage of time. The 'One who Made Calculations Concerning the Heavens, the Stars and the Earth', Thoth was said to have succeeded in understanding the mysteries of the heavens and to have revealed them by inscribing them in sacred books which he then hid here on Earth. The magical powers of Thoth were so great, that the Egyptians had tales of a 'book of thoth' which would allow a person who read it to become the most powerful magician in the world.

A TIME CELL is a measurement used in time experiments. A Time Cell allows one to be released from the illusion of temporal time and travel to and within all dimensions of reality, known and unknown, seen and unseen. A Time Cell is a wave length of light that houses Time vortices that interact with divine suggestions. thus increasing the vibratory frequency of a particular civilization. When time is changed it affects the molecular spin of all on the planet.


Smoky quartz

These powerful and beautiful stones come to escort us into a place of feeling safe and secure in an ever-changing world. They offer us internal peace in a world without peace. They stand guard protecting our right to still believe in miracles and justice and fairness. They shield our innocent heart from that which shocks and devalues the human experience. They are the rain in a parched desert and the hope in a failed relationship. They stand guard letting us know that we are not alone in our heart or our faith. We can get thru anything if we know our guardians are close by protecting us night and day.

The word ‘protector' is a 22 vibration. 22 is the highest sequence of manifestation/creation without the frustration. All words thought deeds and intentions will take seed with or without rain to help them grow. Moving out of the neighborhood of polarity. Time moves forward with or without you. Do not create by default, have a say so in your life. Keep a holding pattern with your intent, knowing that what you have planted by your words, deeds and actions will grow and bloom in accordance with the heavenly seasons.

Definition of a PROTECTOR Protectors shield others from danger, injury, destruction, or damage. They embody the energy of safe guarding and caring for the welfare of a person, area or thing. Protectors are are seen as observant, cooperative, informative, and attentive. They are greatly concerned with the security of others. Protectors find personal fulfillment in insuring the safety of others. They are thorough, frugal and they abhor the squandering of resources. Protectors are comfortable working alone and often uncomfortable being in positions of authority. When they are in positions of authority, they often try to do everything themselves. Protectors have a very strong work ethic and this can lead them to be overworked. Protectors are willing to complete jobs others manage to avoid, especially if it enables them to help those in need. Protectors talk about daily life and every day concerns; however, they are not really sociable. They tend to be talkative to only to a close circle of friends. Protectors' shyness with strangers can make them seem to be cold even though they are warm and sympathetic. Protectors are often undervalued as their commitment to security and what that entails is often taken for granted. Protectors value traditional ways of doing things and are not interested in speculation. They deeply value family history, heirlooms and property as well as traditions. Protectors firmly believe in the stability offered by credentials, titles, birth and other forms of traditional authority. Protectors dislike situations where the rules are constantly changing.

Dark and mysterious, Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for removing negativity of any kind. It is also a very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical, protection, psychic protection and enhances survival instincts. It can help one reach personal and business goals, It also helps with creativity, prioritizing needs and wants. Smoky quartz is a stone that brings abundance, prosperity, and good luck and is connected with the sounds of the universe. It makes you more aware of all sounds including telepathic sounds. Emotionally, smoky quartz is excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. Smoky quartz relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies. It is very comforting and calming, and can be considered a stone of protection and serenity. It protects and cleanses the aura and can be used for psychic shielding. Smoky quartz is a mood elevator- it relieves fear, enhances security and safety. It has been known to alleviate suicidal tendencies and hopelessness It aids acceptance of the sexual nature of mankind, and cleanses the base chakra so that passion can flow naturally. Mentally, it promotes positive thought and can be used to give clear insight and neutralize fear of failure. smoky quartz is most useful in helping settle a disagreements between people.

Some of these crystals have "INCLUSIONS" When one is attracted to and uses included quartz, the quartz inclusion will work with the person to provide the further nourishment and qualities required. It is a mineral of bonding, bringing others closer and activating the energies of cooperation in group efforts. It furthers a firm impenetrable steely resolve, which one initiates and completes.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan




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