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The Year of Opening to Star Connections

The Year of Opening to Star Connections

This message came through on January 12, 2009 from the Being from Sirius that we call Commander Frodo. I was asked about this name, as it does seem rather absurd for an interdimensional being, and this was the response I gave:

Yes, Cmdr Frodo is a very silly name to be sure. When I first started feeling interdimensional energies and began translating them into conversations, some of those energies were more easy to identify as already being associated with specific names than others...such as Tobias and St. Germain and Kryon and Babaji etc. The Divine Feminine goddess energy has subtle variances that I can feel also. The stream of this energy that I connect with the most is Brigid, yet I've also had Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Our Lady of Guadalupe, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and others come through too. I have a sense that the subtle energetic differences may have to do with the different frequencies that come through, as in different colour rays of a spectrum. While it may all be Divine Feminine 'goddess' energy, perhaps each are distinct expressions of that energy that is associated with a different colour and frequency. I don't know that for certain. Its just a theory that I have.

Sometimes an energy comes through that I haven't felt before and its not identified by any particular name that is familiar to me. And as Kryon has said in many of the Lee Carroll channels, which is also mentioned by others in conversations that have come through me, once we get out of the human realm and expand into interdimensionality, our names are colours and tones and not words made up of letters as we use in Earth terms. On several occasions when I've asked for a name from a Being I'm conversing with that I'm not familiar with, they've told me to call them anything I want to as their true 'name' will not translate into English. This is what happened with this particular Being from the star Sirius who has ended up being called Cmdr Frodo. As I have explained previously: "Commander Frodo is the name that we’ve given to a Being who communicates with us from the star Sirius. He has a wonderful sense of humour and decided he liked that name, so it has stuck."

We've had a lot of Beings use the word 'aloha' in closing, as its been said its very close to a Lemurian greeting often used. Cmdr Frodo has also joked with us that if we want to use a greeting from Sirius, about the closest translation in English would be 'Gleep. Gleep.' So Gleep Gleep has become a bit of a joke with us as well and something that makes me smile and I find uplifting.

My own brand of conversing with Beings through translating their energies is often quite different from others. From the very beginning of my opening to this ability, all the Beings who have come through have made it clear that we are equals and that they only want to talk as equals...and do not want to be put on a pedestal as being wiser or holier than we humans. They simply have more interdimensional experience that they are in a place to be consciously aware of, while we humans generally have agreed to forget all of our interdimensional experiences when we come into body and agree to the veil that has been in place for so long once we do. Now that the veil is thinning so much, its far easier to become aware of all of the experiences we've had...and are having...in other dimensions.

I have found that all the Beings I've connected with enjoy laughter as a great means of communicating, and so I too enjoy the fun of sharing in a light hearted manner and with a good dose of humour very refreshing.

Gleep Gleep!

~ ~ ~ Monday 1/12/09

Commander Frodo: Greetings! And Gleep Gleep!

It is delightful to have been invited in, and I thank you for the invitation, even though you did not specifically put my name on it! (laughter) I felt my name to be specifically upon it! And I am very happy to come in and speak with you at a time when your Sirian connection…Sirius connection…is becoming more in the forefront of your experience as far as the potentials that are in front of you. This is something that is coming up strongly in the now with purpose and with reason. It is not an accident.

I have spoken to you recently and said that there are other dimensions that are quite open to and desiring of communicating in this manner that you have perhaps not communicated with before. And so you have increasingly wide ranging potentials in the now…increasingly wide ranging potentials if you so choose it. I am aware that there are still little blips on the human radar screen with some of the issues that are still about, and yet, I would encourage you to not focus so much on these issues…as they must be dealt with, yes…you must use your human common sense indeed and deal with what is in front of you to be dealt with…all of you…and yet remember that you are so much bigger than who you are in just this specific human lifetime. And this is what is being activated, this is what is being aligned, this is why many of you are now coming into new places, why many have come to new relationships that will be lasting as far as true soul partnerships…that are chosen for many reasons that go far beyond the human chemistry of relationships, as has been how relationships have been chosen in the past.

Trust the appropriateness of the location you find yourselves in the now moment. For many it is winter. Snow, and the light that flows from it…through it, yes, but reflected off of it…is very interdimensional as a light source. Those dancing crystals that appear when it is very very cold are very related energetically to the star realms. You do not need to dive deeply into understanding the science of what I am saying in the now moment. Just allow yourself to feel it, to relax into it. Of course I know that as humans you are more comfortable with more moderate temperatures than perhaps sometimes are felt in winter climates, but there is an energy in being in this now moment in this winter landscaping that is very conducive to what you are opening up to. So I wish you to know this and to appreciate that you are in the right place and space at this time for yourselves, as is always true if you follow the guidance of your heart and your own inner knowing.

There is much to be opened to in this year. There is excitement on other realms and particularly this realm of Sirius, about the potentials for greater interaction.

In the now, I would like to converse with you. What would you like to speak of?

Participant: I had this awareness one night while I was sleeping, and I don’t know if it was part of a dream or if I came awake during a dream, but I know that we work a lot together, and you were here with me…or I was there with you…whatever…and I saw you as this particular being and I described it to others, described you to others, and I think you came back in another conversation I was not present for and said that’s not exactly the way you look…so anyway, I got a big kick out of that and through that opening to awareness I certainly did become aware that we work fairly closely together.

CF: Indeed we do. And you see, when you are crossing dimensions, there is not a frame of reference in the same manner for interpretation, and so when you are dealing with the human dimension and interpretation, you will find that there will be unique ways of seeing. What you saw was perfectly appropriate for you and your interpretation of me, and yet, this other friend and I have a very different relationship than what I share with you, and what I share with others. We each have unique connections, and so for her, it is easier for her to connect with me if she puts the spin on her interpretation of me to be tall, dark and handsome! (Laughter) This is not necessarily how I look either, as you know, for I am not in a body. I am not in any body as I come in and speak with you. I am energy. I am light. I am sound. I am colour. And the dimensional space that I call my own home in reality is not one that you can understand from your human perspective without putting your own human spin upon it. You must have something to visualize as humans because as humans you are used to relating to others who are in bodies. Do you understand what I am saying?

Participant: Yes, perfectly.

CF: Yes. And so you see, when you are not here in these human bodies…and it has been said many times before, we all chuckle who know you so well to see what you have chosen for your human bodies this time around…for we know you as energy and light and sound and colour and vibration and many things that again do not translate well into human vernacular, for it is not your reality as humans. This is the fun of interdimensionality…how we communicate with those whose perceptions are grounded in a totally different reality…and this is why there is such excitement because previously it was not able to happen…or at least not able to happen easily…and there is a grand opening in place in the now and you as well as others have intuitively known and it has been affirmed that part of your role in your being on planet Earth in this now moment of time with so much happening is to be interdimensional liaisons…and while you have not fully stepped into your roles yet, simply because it has not been the right timing and there wasn’t the opening for this, it still has grand potential to occur and to happen and for you to have experiences that in your now, go beyond what you can even imagine merely coming from your human consciousness.

Now expansion has been a huge part of the journey for so many and things that seemed to be fantastical by anyone’s imaginings are now coming to be reality…things that in the past the human imagination could not even encompass, and this you have seen, and we have used the example previously, of the Natives not being able to see Columbus’ ship when it first was on the sea of their horizon, for they could not interpret this. And since they could not interpret it, their brains did not take it in. This is much the same thing…it is a great analogy…for what is beginning to happen with interdimensionality, and there are some of you who are on the forefront of these experiences because you have pushed the bounds of human reality in ways that others have not…because you have allowed your experiences to expand you…because you have allowed your vision to be expansive and your imagination to be expansive…because you have, as was said in your last session through St. Germain, ‘a willing suspension of disbelief.’ It is most important that you allow yourselves to simply experience what your own inner guidance creates for you and to not shoot down these experiences by doubting them…and many, many, many do this. And this is what I would put out to the masses of those who may be interested in hearing or reading of this session…you must stop doubting! You must stop doubting whatever experiences you quite naturally go into. And you all have the ability to have wonderful and amazing experiences, but you often immediately snuff them out before they have begun by doubting that it is possible. So you see, those who have stopped doubting, those who allow themselves to throw themselves into these experiences with abandon, are the ones who are going to have the most interdimensional experiences in the now. So the encouragement to all who would like to have more of these experiences is…stop doubting yourselves! And let go and allow whatever happens to be what happens, without the need to over analyze and interpret. Just allow. This is the key to interdimensional experience. Just allow…without the analysis, without the doubt. You will be amazed at what you open yourselves up to.

What else may I say to you in this now moment of our sharing?

Participant: I had another question there and it popped right out of my head! So, that was meant to be for sure. (laughter)

CF: Well, allow yourself to pop right into your heart and your own knowing! It doesn’t have to be a question. What would you like to talk about with me? To speak of? To discuss?

Participant: Well, I’ve been feeling more and more that…as individuals…you know here on this planet when we’re in physical body…we are individuals. And I’ve been contemplating what we really are when we don’t consider ourselves say Divine Humans…the energy, the light, the sound…whatever we are, but still when I have experiences like interaction with you, Cmdr Frodo, I recognize you immediately and I certainly…I attempted to describe what I saw to others in our human reality form…but I’m feeling more and more that there really is no individuality, that we’re just simply all One and when we interact with others we’re actually interacting with our Self.

CF: Perspective is reality! There is much truth to this, for yes, you are all One. We are all One. There is One Source. We are all sourced from this One Source in what appears to be individual experiences. You are going to open to greater understanding in the not too distant future of how much more related to each other you are than has been previously felt, but you see it has served the purpose of the function of planet Earth for each to come in believing they are having individual experiences. And yet you have become more and more aware of how many of you are part of the same stream…the same flow…of energy while experiencing things uniquely in your own personal reality. There are many many Jesuses…yes that’s the word there…Jesuses (laughter)…on the planet, as so many of you are part of the energy flow that made up the man Jeshua who walked the Earth. There are many many Mary Magdalenes upon the planet. There are many Mother Marys upon the planet. There are many Quan Yins upon the planet. It is not specific to one and only one in incarnation. You are all flowing many different streams of energy. This has been discussed with you previously, yet quite a while ago, in conversation with Merlin…in which some of you are White Light, some of you are Crystal Blue…there are many many other colours, there are many rays. You are familiar with St Germain’s violet ray. You are each made up of Sacred Geometry of ratios and flows. And yet if you take all of the flows back to Source, they all source from the One Source. Do you understand what I am saying?

Participant: Yes.

CF: And so, yes…and yes! You are all One and you are all having unique and individual experiences.

I will move into now this topic I am aware you have been discussing…this blood typing and the eating right for it diet. You have wondered if there is a relationship and a connection to your star seed origins in the different blood types…and I would come in and say yes indeed there are. There are, as you have been told…there are many different angelic families and you come from…all of you who are Divine Human angels…you come from these families, and as is true with all families here on Earth, you have brothers and sisters, you have mothers and fathers, you marry, you have spouses and then you have children that are combinations. You have cousins. You have distant relatives and you have close relatives. Indeed your star origins are seeded in your blood, in your DNA, and so there is a resonance and a complementation between the combinations of blood types. Yet you have not been aware that your star origins are to be found in your DNA, which is found very much in the blood which flows through your physical bodies. Now this is not to say that one must find a partner or attract a partner to create a relationship with someone else who has the same blood type. There is much more contained within your blood than is currently able to be scientifically seen, such as one sees in blood types, and you will find that as science progresses over the years…and I am not saying it will be quickly, but things are starting to speed up… you will find that there are many other factors in your blood besides just blood typing, besides just Rh factor, besides what is currently known to be the science of the blood…your blood is indeed a portal to your interdimensionality. Your interdimensionality connects you to who you are beyond just the human that you are living this experience as here on Earth. Your blood is indeed a portal to your own star selves. Yet this will not be understood for a while yet to come. It will eventually perhaps not quite be validated in these same terms that you think of scientifically, but the scientific discoveries will validate for those who have the expanded consciousness that allows them to know their star seededness and the star realms that they come from. It will indeed validate this for these in their own knowing that comes from within. Is this making sense?

Participant: Yes, it is.

CF: Do you have more questions on it?

Participant: What I was interested in finding out is exactly what you have been telling us. Thank you.

CF: You are quite welcome!

Many put labels on your years as the calendar shifts, as the numerology changes energetically. I would like to put my own words upon this (laughter) and say that this is the year of opening to your star connections, if you so choose. It will not happen for those who are not in the place to open to it, who do not have the desire to open to it…but for those of you who are inviting it and deeply desiring to connect with the grander part of your own beingness, with those that you know are your true family, there will be many opportunities in this year for more expansive connectivity with your star origins and with those who are your true family…your true star family. Many are very connected to Sirius. As has been said, there are many other realms particularly among the star realms that you also have grand and deep connections with but are not as aware of as you are of your connection to Sirius. And it has been said before that the Sirius connection for many is the portal to connecting with all of the star dimensions. It is the first gate that must be opened and walked through for many of you….though not for all. Some upon the planet have other gates that call to them more strongly, more loudly, and that are their first point of entry. But for many, many, especially those who are here to birth the Christ consciousness, Sirius is the portal of entry to your interdimensionality from your place here as a human on the planet.

And now I address those of you who have issues of the human physical body that you must pay some attention to. I would say to you that as you are already well aware, you do not need to give as much attention to what has been diagnosed as the doctors do, for you see, you have every ability required to be able to assert your God Self power of bringing your human self back into balance. It would behoove all who are on this journey to pay attention to things that you become synchronistically aware of, such as eating for blood type, for it is about finding resonance in your own uniqueness. You are each unique beings and as you bring your light and sound and colour and energy and vibrations into human form, you still have variations because of the families that you come from…and so while you are in human form, there are specifics that are best for one star seed that are not as compatible with another star seed. So when you think of blood type, I would interject that you may also think of your own star seeding with this. I would encourage you to utilize science as far as gaining health, but again while realizing that science and medicine do not always have as much understanding as your own intuitive guidance will. So do not do anything just because someone else tells you to, even if it is someone such as myself suggesting something that does not resonate with you. Feel what resonates and go from there. But you do not need to be bogged down by these issues of your human physicality. You are clearing much that has been built up in this lifetime for you, yes, but also in many, many of your human experiences in the many lifetimes you have lived…and you are doing this for others as well. You are the prototype in many ways…though in different ways…you are the prototype of the human who can balance the accumulated experiences of living in a human body with the essential essence of the energetic star beings that you are as well.

And so…have fun! I would encourage you in this. Take this opportunity, those of you experiencing winter, to be in this inward-focused space that for the most part does offer and allow…especially in ‘bad‘ weather, when others do not want to brave the snow and cold to come and be with you (laughter),…it allows you the freedom to dive into this expanded interdimensional exploring and journeying without so much distraction. Whatever you are facing…I wish to assure you that your own guidance is far more important to you, is far more likely to lead you where you wish to go, than taking in and living by the recommendations of those who do not know you in your totality and interdimensional wholeness the way you know yourself.

Now this said, you must still…you still have energy that has been built up through your human experience that must be resolved, that must be brought into balance. I would encourage you to follow through on this for it is important. You cannot completely move forward in the direction you are desiring on the soul level until all old energy has been resolved and been balanced…but I would also say that there is no need to fear. You have…you totally have…the ability to move beyond the restrictions and limitations of the human body, which is what you have come here for. Yes, there is mass consciousness programming to be moved through…there are cultural dynamics imprinted upon your energy field to be moved through as well. Yet know, you are completely capable of moving into this Golden Era with your physical body, keeping it for as long as you choose to, until you choose to move on to new experience…and so do not feel that you need to be left behind. You have the ability to sky rocket yourself through…space ship yourself through…to the next experience while still in human form if you so choose.

Physical density takes a bit longer to catch up to expanding consciousness than might be desired. You are a human as well as an interdimensional being in your now. Use your common sense. But be aware that no one knows you better than you know yourself. You must simply trust this and you must release the programming that has kept you from allowing yourself to receive the guidance clearly that is continually available to you.

I’m looking forward to our expanded interaction. It will be a meshing of dimensional realities, and this is what all of you who have been on this journey have been opening up to….the ability to mesh dimensions and realities beyond just this human one. This is what is upon you. It is very exciting…not only for you, but for those of us who are so desiring of this from the other dimensions as well.

If you keep yourself fully grounded in the now moment, there is nothing to fear ever…and you have the ability and the potential to create experiences for yourselves that are beyond magical, that are beyond anything that you and anyone else has ever imagined. Allow this. This is why you are here at this particular time. This is what you have come for and you are…so many of you!…are on the threshold of this incredible time in your experience as both a human and an interdimensional being. And so feel joyful! There is much to be joyful for! There is much that is ready to happen as far as the aligning which will allow the experiences that are beyond what you have ever dreamed.

For those who would say ‘it is not my reality‘…it is the reality that is available to you when you choose it. You must first lighten your own load energetically. This means that whatever is clinging to you in density…that is merely as a result of your human experiences…must be cleared. It is like the debris one picks up on the road. I would use the example of a dear friend’s wonderful little red sports car…the convertible sports car that she loves to polish up and allow to shine and gleam…and yet when she takes it out on the road, it gets dusty and dirty. (laughter) This is part of the experience of traveling, and so you see it is very easy to release that by simply cleansing…cleansing, so important, once again. I would say that each in human form must simply cleanse their vehicle, their vessel of humanness, from the picked up accumulation of smudged and dirty energy that has come from the experience of traveling through this realm. You have the ability to let this go easily, and when you feel clean and light and beautiful once again, you have the ability to also travel where you have not even imagined you could go…and that is why you are here as well.

There is much energy flowing in this message today. I encourage you to soak it up. I encourage you to allow it to assist you in lightening and cleansing and revitalizing yourselves.

I would say before I gleep gleep my way out of here…and I say this with a laugh…humour is a wonderful transcender of dimensions. We so enjoy how close we come to each other when we laugh! But I would say, sit here for a moment before I do indeed gleep gleep my way out. Soak in these energies. Breathe them. Feel them. The energy is just as real as the air you are breathing into your human lungs. So take this energy into your energetic light bodies that are also made up of colour and sound and spinning, spinning energies…faster than you can imagine. This energy transfusion and download is available to all who choose it, not just those who are present here in this now moment.

Be at peace today in your own balance, and you will find that as you do this, many doors begin to open for you. I am eagerly anticipating being your guide through the interdimensional door…the portal…that opens to the Sirius dimension. With that I say…there is much love that connects us. Gleep Gleep! (laughter) ~ ~ ~

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