07 декември, 2007

AA Metatron .:. Clearing the Slate

From the Winter Solstice 2007 Newsletter

From Archangel Metatron:Clearing the Slate

Excerpt of a message through Antera on 9/16/07.

[Please feel free to share this with other lightworkers, especially those with spiritual or healing centers, in its entirety with proper credit included.]

Everything that is not of the highest vibration of love will simply have to go! There is nothing that is of the lower nature that can survive in these times of change, when the vibration of this planet raises to such a high level that the lower nature has to be dissolved, or there will be tremendous conflict within each being. This is not pleasant. Right now the choice is made in each individual whether to follow love or to allow that which is not love to rule their decisions, to rule their words, to rule their actions. There is always a choice in every moment. Even the smallest decisions during the day have consequences, allowing you to choose between the highest and most loving path and that which is not so high or loving.The accumulation of all these little choices creates a big choice, your soul's choice to follow the Light or not. This is what is meant by "weighing your heart" in many of the mystery school traditions or mythology, when the guard of death or the underworld weighs your heart to see how light it is. In Egyptian mythology it is weighed against a feather and if the heart is heavier than the feather, the soul may not pass. It is the accumulation of all the many decisions throughout your life that creates the heaviness or lightness in your heart. This determines whether you go on or not.Right now, so much is happening, the energy is so intense, that it is very clear when someone is not choosing the higher path. It is very clear when someone is choosing anger or fear instead of acting out of love. Anything that has not been healed will be a choice presented to you in the present moment of whether to heal or whether not.At this time in the history of your planet there is no time for delving into past mistakes, or dwelling on them. There is no time for this, there is no energy for this. Right now you have the Power of Forgiveness. The power of right now is that you can forgive everything immediately and effectively. You can wipe out thousands of years of mistakes, of problems, of issues between you and other people, of anything you wish you hadn't done, of anything others have done to harm you. Right now you may completely let those things go. You may wipe your slate clean! This is the power of this time! It is unprecedented! By your intention you can do this, by your intention and by focusing on forgiveness and love.This is the key to your successfully crossing this time in history with joy and love. Anything you hold onto that is not of love, will hold you back, will cause you DEEP pain. This is why it is so important now to let go of everything you are holding. Let go of any hurt from the past, whether it is a hurt you caused or a hurt that someone else caused you. It is time to wipe it clean. Just imagine that you are erasing it. Erasing it! This is powerful! Never before has this opportunity been here like this one!All around you may be chaos, people shouting, people with problems, but you can sail through this if whenever there is any pain at all that comes up, you simply allow it to be erased in the past. If there is no pain in your past it is very difficult to have much pain in your present, because almost all pain in the present is caused by the past. So just wipe out all cords to other people, wipe out all the angry words you have heard or you have said. Wipe out all the places you have been where you have left energy and allow yourself to come into this moment clean and pure! Be with the other beings who will sail through these times, who will be the rocks, who will be the strong ones for the others who do not have the knowledge or the wisdom to help them through it.Right now, at this moment in history, forgiveness and grace are the keys. There are always a few parts of your life where it is hardest to forgive, hardest to let go. Those are the areas that need your attention now. In the past there has always been time in the future to deal with these things, now there is no more time in the future. The time is now! The time is now to clear out all those little corners that have been denied attention, and you know what they are. You will be shown what they are throughout this chaotic time, and you will need to stay on your toes, you will need to be alert, you will need to watch and not allow your attention to stray into the past, or to habitually ignore what you are feeling, and what these issues are.As you evolve, you become more aware and more responsible. You cannot push things under the rug anymore. You may not get away with many things that other people can seemingly get away with. In the end they will not. But that is not your concern. Your concern is for you and your evolution, your ability to forgive and wipe clean the slate, so that there is only Light -- past, present and future.There really IS only Light, it is simply a matter of recognizing that, recognizing that the truth and Light are all there is. Anything that appears to not be Light is not real. Period. If something appears to not be of the Light it is not real! It is a construct designed to teach you something, designed to maintain the many dramas that play out on this planet on a continual basis. But it is not real! The reality is love, the reality is Light, the reality is truth!So if you put your attention on that which is not real, then you are not putting your attention on truth and Light, and that is your choice. Put your attention where you want and it will grow. It will magnify. Put your attention on your Light and it will become brighter. Put your attention on something unreal and that will become stronger. It doesn't make it any more real, but it may take away from your Light because you have put your attention on it.The trick to navigating this age is for lightworkers to come together in solidarity and focus their attention on the Light and only on the Light, with power, wisdom and love, and to do it together because that is so powerful. This is the trick for navigating this age. This is the transformative path!http://www.soulevolution.org/http://us.f581.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=cse%40soulevolution.org------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -Copyright 2007 Antera



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