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Ascended Master Kuthumi.:."A Time to Love" – Violet Flame Initiation.

Transcript 24 November 2007 Ascended Master KuthumiChanneled through Chanel Lingenfelder"A Time to Love" – Violet Flame Initiation.
Current Print – 17 A4 Pages.Please note - The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contentsI am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of compassion, divine enlightenment, the blessings of sunshine for this area and the blessings of a wonderful festive season ahead of you. Greetings Beloved onesGreetings Lord KuthumiIt is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God. Beloved ones, beloved brothers and sisters of this magnificent planet earth we come yet again together in celebration of the awakening spirit within. This as you know is a time where much changes are to take place upon this planet in fact the changes that you are within are taking place on many levels of being, and not just within the physical. As previously explained the action of change shifts itself from itself in other words when change comes about it shifts itself from the origin of the chain that causes its energy to move thus brings about change. What this means is for change to take place within one situation is must affect all other situations too therefore if you change your life, your career or job your entire situation changes not so?YesSo you take a different route to work, you start a lift-club or such that was previously not part of your life until the change of events initiated new experiences. So with new situations comes changes and therefore it is absolutely inevitable for changes to take place within the physical reality upon the physical plane of 3rd dimensional living. For the winds of change to bring forth the action that grants the amazing gifts of 5th dimensional qualities beloved ones, a massive shift has to take place within the lower vibrations. Many of you are very familiar with this and some perhaps not therefore know that no matter what the changes bring never see it as a disaster, what does the term disaster mean can anyone share this with us?In your mind when you hear the word disaster what do you perceive this to be?A – SufferingThis is correct sister but know that suffering can be a state of human consciousness, as part of the flow of evolution one needs to love and move on therefore no matter how the situations of change may affect some that are within the direct line of perceived disaster it is not intended as such. Everything happens within reason for a specific purpose and because of this there are no mistakes. Yes for the lives that are lost be that in human consciousness or be that in animal or plant conscious there is absolute compassion for, and believe us we have a military of angels to escort these beings into a much higher and refined state of being once they have shed the physical reality of the lower 3rd dimensional form. For the lives lost beloved ones one has an absolute feeling of grief and compassion and this must be so. Grieving is truly apart of tying up loose ends thus letting go all that is no longer a part of one, or APPEARS to be no longer a part of one. For that which you always perceive through the 5 senses that you have been blessed with upon this planet, is not all that is, and more and more beings are awaking to the fact of being a multi-sensory being. So with loss and grief as with everything else that you need to let go or being forced to let go of there is a time of grievance that is set aside, it is very important for the being to cut off and let go of that which was, thus stepping into a new vibration and moving on. For the average person upon your planet such change is seen as a disaster especially when Mother Nature is involved. When nature is involved: through the winds of change many different elements puts forth a catalystic reaction that sets forth the action bringing about the situation for the purpose of cleansing, then beloved ones no-one can go against it, but there is one golden rule and that is that the elements of nature works with the energy of the elemental worlds, these energies vibrate on elemental particles, the influence of consciousness of a 5th or higher vibration has influence over these particles so what do you think?A – Some mumble softly…inaudibleMK: You can speak to the wind, yes you can. You can speak to the clouds, yes you can, speak to the seas, but the only way that there will be a reactive response would be if that request comes through your heart, there is no other way. Much of the proposed disasters and that which are currently taking place upon your planet (if you could remove yourself from the direct influence of the drama then you will come to realize) is taking place within the 5 main avenues of this elemental world, the earth, the winds, the water, the fire, and the mysterious ether that brings about mystical change. Humanity needs to understand beloved ones with the changes taking place, the shifting of consciousness, and the evolvement of the human race, that the element ether must be acknowledge for only within limited consciousness can man demand that this is not so. This too will be revealed in time for all to realize.When disaster as you term it strikes within a specific area in a specific way and it matters not what or where, it means that within that geographical location there is much stagnant energy that needs shifting on a etheric and or physical level. You see, the idea behind carrying a new vibration of light within the 5th dimension is for humanity to get to the point of seeing beyond what they perceive it to be, in other words when a river breaks its banks don't see it as a flood but rather understand that behind this is a much greater blessing. Understand that behind the perceived disaster is an abundant blessing, can anyone share with us why?A: To cleanse the earthKM: Sister this is true but the correct answer that I want is did you ever think for a minute that God that created this planet would find pleasure in destroying it?- silence –Hello, is anyone out there?YesThere are universal laws set in place and according to these laws vibrations are sent forth flooding the planet and according to these laws of Creation as they are also known, vibrations alter when it enters universal space in other words that which is emanated into the cosmos shall return the same way, just much more powerful. These laws are put in place as a support system of Creation. There is only one energy, and one energy only that is truly valid beloved ones and that is love. Love in all its power is the only energy that can extend from itself and at the same time can absorb into itself to allow miracles to unfold like a mustard seed planted upon solid rock to grow beyond belief, only love is capable of this. God is love, only love. Because of the history of the experiment of Gaia certain universal laws had to be instituted to support humanity for you were given free will to literally do as you please in the hope that you will please as you do, and even so nothing can go unnoticed. From the essence that is love (God) a constant vision and expression of divinity seeds forth. From this empowered space known as the Heart of the Creator nothing but love exists. From this extreme pure most sacred vibration of love come the orders allowing the Universal Laws to make right what needs be bringing balance. The planet needs to be cleansed no matter what it takes. The collective spirit consciousness that have joined in love to carry the consciousness of Gaia has reached the stage where a massive cleanse is inevitable either way therefore the cleanses that you are currently experiencing and not only within this country called Southern Africa, but on each and everyone of the continents are needed and brought about via the 5 elements of Earth Creation. You have the volcano's, the storms, the waters, the fires within plantations, the shaking of the earth etc, thus the elements of the earth are collapsing yet humanity still pushes forward indulging in the destruction of the body of lady Gaia. Then there is the unexpected ethereal part of Creation which delivers the element of unexpectedness bringing forth the impossible, yes it does. But beloved ones at the same time through your ability in raising your consciousness thus as a result of all the extremely hard you are doing within yourselves, you are able to bless the ethereal thus lessen the load of impact. In other words, speak to the winds, communicate with the consciousness present within every drop of water, and address the anger of earth, winds and rain, in the same way use this energy to help lessen the fear factor within the hearts of your fellow man. There is no known future apart from that which must be and as this planet dictates to a larger degree what takes place within this universe then so too does this include universal changes. During the past few years you have surpassed every expectation. One of the keys that we always express is for you to let go of expectancy, beloved ones we never expected you to make it. We assured you that we are there for you, we support you in every way holding your hand walking next to you, but we didn't expect of you to make it because we could never have judged you if you didn't, but if there was to be found a trace of expectancy you have surpassed it. So the future of this planet is in your hands, in the hands of the awakened as well as the unawake. The latter may choose to continue living their lives of self created misery as they relentlessly continue along their ways oblivious of the new reality that unfolds around them as they push forward exploring the avenues of greed and lust. When the times comes for the writing to appear illuminated within your skies beloved ones, your work will triple fold overnight for that is when you the frustrated ones… are you not?A: YesThat is when you will step forth into a whole new world which you already understand to a large degree, and at the time will come to further and fully understand the reason for your being here at this time. Beloved ones when the time comes for your brothers and sisters to experience this you will extend to them a heart filled with love, a shoulder to lean on, you will be there to hold the hand of consciousness as it expands from itself because of love and only love. You will be there to eliminate all of the projected signs of fear from those that care for you, and so too from those whom have done you harm for you know no judgment, you know only love. It matters not what life presents to you, it matters not on which side of the coin lays your preference for in true reality it is irrelevant for both sides of the golden coin expresses only love. With the new energy being present especially the energy that was activated during the first part of this month (11:11) the Diamond Consciousness Energy is more active than ever. This energy was reinforced a mere 48 hrs ago (11:22) and now you are about to take on a whole new energy vibration and that is the energy of contentment. First you had to walk within the 3rd dimensional energies becoming more frustrated and uneasy as the years unfolded. Then due to the re-membering of your consciousness you started lifting your vibrations a little at a time. Then eventually you reached a plateau of growth and then this year (2007) you were exposed to the tremendous influx of extreme high vibrations not felt upon your planet in many thousands of years. Your lives have been in complete turmoil of late not so?A: Yes it isMK: Well this is about to ease out, from here on you are to enter a new phase and we wish for you to connect to this new energy doing a specific exercise every day and that is to remind yourself as often as you can that you are living upon and within a plane of pure unadulterated unconditional love. There has been no tampering with this new energy of love in its most unconditional form. From here on having taken on yet again a new refined consciousness it will be easier for you beloved ones to step into the next level of even higher vibrations that you will come to experience within the first 4 months of 2008 beginning on the 1:1:1 – 1st January 2008. As we have shared with you previously be aware of the next shifts that will increase after the 20th December (Solstice), it will again be reinforced on the eve of the 24th December and again extend from itself 10 fold on the 1st of January 2008 and from there on you will be vibration on a whole new level of thought and being, that will take you into the celebrations of Easter which will then continue into the time you celebrate as Wesak. There are 48 months left to 2012. Beloved ones if you could but remember the long experience that we have journeyed together ever striving to awaken the consciousness of man, then you too will share our excitement about the mere thought that there is only 48 months left before the massive shift into the Golden Age of Aquarius. As you know this shift is already in process and the mere concept for humanity to be able to grasp this, is indeed one of the most delightful experiences one can ever entertain or dream of for planet earth. At present and during the months to come you are asked to become extremely supportive of all of the energies that surrounds you, you are asked to walk within an enlightened vibration and to share all of that which you are prompted to. Beloved brothers and sisters you have been initiated into various levels of awareness for the simple reason that your journey ahead requires of you to be absolutely focused, thus not to loose anything on the way-side, therefore with each new day give thanks for your awakening and the activation of much more refined levels of awareness within your psyche. Working at changing your own vibrations as well as changing the vibrations of planet earth, takes constant drive. For some it takes a constant reminder "striving" to be that which you already are for you don't perceive this to be so in your physical reality living within the limitedness of a truly unlimited mind. Because of human conditioning there is always the judgment, the blame, the guilt and shame. Beloved ones within this new-found plateau of love no matter how turbulent it may seem, all you need do is to stay centered calm and grounded. Keep doing your grounding exercise and light-body activations for those that practices this, for when you can instinctively function on these levels, in other words if you can live within your awakened consciousness at a super-conscious level by trusting that a Divine Power is lifting you into a whole new vibration, a vibration of being naturally who you are, then you can direct your energies to others thus sharing the love and light that you are with those that surrounds you, then you can freely share your compassion with others stepping forth as a pillar light in their aid. Stop judging the self, stop trying to ever wanting a life of perfection for perfection is a word that was created through the expression of the linear mind. There is no such thing as perfection do you know why?- silence –For God created all into an already perfect state. When there is anything off beat or off balance or not Kosher as you say, it is part of that experience and it is your choice if you want to experience that of not, it is your choice if you want to be involved in the experience or not. Everything is in perfection thus if you are within a life-lesson to constantly want to better yourself into a lighter and higher vibration don't see where you are at as imperfect because it is not so, as there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection is a man-made template that the human mind created to gage what they think they should be like, or where they should be at in the name of competitiveness. You want to see perfection?A: YesMK: Look in the mirror… and if you are not happy with your perfection then get a smaller mirror that only reveals your face! (smiles) Perfection beloved ones is a state of being, it is who you are and because of this, because of everything you have been through, the teachings you have been exposed to, all of the initiations you have taken part in along your way, all of this is raising your vibrations and certainly not to train you to become perfect for that is already so. There is only one state of true perfection and it already is, nothing has to create it, no-one has to work towards it, nothing has to grow into it or come to understand it, as it already is so therefore with the new energies that you are taking on we suggest once again that you live your life in a state of joy. Have fun and excitement and share the true passion of the love that you are with all that is.All that is, is GOD. God is not a separate entity from `what is' as God is within all what is which includes you and me. So come to understand as you live out each day that just being who you are, you are already perfect and just by being aware as often and as refined as you can be, you are all that is. Understand that within each and every experience of each and every unfolding minute God is within you and it is the god within you that knows the God within all that is. Beloved ones many lightworkers across the globe are beating themselves over the head more and more, shooting themselves within the foot as they feel uncomfortable within certain vibrations or inadequate within other vibrations. The reason being is that you the main players within the play called duality are being affected by the head of duality which has once again stuck out it its dualistic head by creating the challenge of competitiveness. So the message for you is to understand the closest you should ever come to competition is with the self. The only one you need to measure against is the self and that goes without saying is through the heart of love and not the solar plexus of ego drive. If you compete against your solar plexus you will never give up for you will constantly strive for perfection thus will never come to an end for it doesn't exist. But by improving the state of being of the heart thus to say to the self with each new day I will love more, today I will bless more, I will share more, I will be aware more, I will understand more, I will care more, I will be more compassionate, this is the heart energy. The solar plexus in its unevolved state will create a competitive energy that will continue to challenge your validity, just how good are you or rather will keep persuading you that after all you are still not `good enough', the no-where-near-perfect ego syndrome that drags you down. The higher vibration in other words the inner vibration of the solar plexus is there to protect you and guide you and the lower or outer vibration of the solar plexus serves as one of your biggest challenges to overcome and this is the challenge of your ego self. The way you need to measure yourself against is done through the honor of the heart. Having said all this please understand I don't mean for you to beat yourself over the head doing this, for if you once thought `I should've done this or that' it doesn't come from the evolved heart it comes from the outer unevolved guilt within the solar-heart centre. The inner evolved heart just shares, give and is. It doesn't say `am I not ready' or `I am too tired' it just extends from itself along the unending vibrations of love. Make a point, along with I am sure some amazing lists you have already drawn up of the actions and thus the reactions of your New Year intentions, to let go beloved ones of that which drives you insane and that is the constant strive for perfection. Perfection already is. All within Creation is birthed from but one energy, The Holy. All within Creation is extended from LOVE and through the process of unfolding time you were taken on a journey of awakening to the true reality that is you. Now beloved ones as you come to stand literally upon the threshold of your multi-dimensional reality we urge you to go within the heart. To face every issue of forgiveness that you have been unable to manage quite fully, let go of every issue that has up to now prevented you from exploring the supreme High Heart. For the time is here, it is near for you to take on a new vibration of light as you have been prepared over many lifetimes to take on and become what we refer to as Fluid Love. You were given the chance to raise your vibration from the 3rd through the higher 4th into the 5th dimension. We introduced you to the many levels within the teachings of the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensional energy which activated the 6th dimensional energy of fluid love within the self. Now you are at the eve of a whole new vibration, an energy that will once again guide you along a new pathway of being and for you to further grasp the understanding of this energy please know that you are already living in perfection. Stop striving to be, for the constant strive towards something else confirms being in denial about that which is. Many are so busy concentrating on that which you are not, that you are completely unaware of that which you are, does anyone have a problem with this?A: NoMK: Do you all understand the concept?A: YesVery good then be who you are but claim the love and the divinity of whom you are within your hearts and beloved ones, begin to make the lists of forgiveness for there are still millions out there and some within this very energy that cannot step forth within the higher heart for they are unable to let go of the blame, the judgment, and all that which "was or was not done to me". While you claim the energy of the victim how can you be joyful and divinely blissful and happy, how can you fully relax on your patio of content, how can you? No you can't as you are too busy dotting down in your little black book what `they' did or did not do. If you could remember what you did or did not do to others and yourself in past lives you will certainly pull your own brains out (laughter) but we won't go there as we'd like for you to be in this moment with your brains intact so the message that will enable you to move on is let go. Forgive and move on. Beloved ones the act of forgiveness seems harsh to many for it is one of the most prominent energies that for many has to be faced a number of times before true let go sets it. It is often the pain of victim consciousness that won't allow you to move ahead thus also prevents you from creating anew. Very often the inability to forgive and let go holds one back as it prevents the combustion of the love of whom you are to set forth a whole new chain of events that can trigger changes within your direction in a flash. The only essence that you need concentrate on is love and therefore the energy that you should attract to yourself and give freely is love. Have you ever heard the expression `Love conquers all'?A: YesMK: Do you know how true this is?A: YesMK: There is nothing greater than love, nothing within Gods Creation that has remotely equal let alone more power than love. This certainly is a time for love. Did you think Valentines Day is early?(Smiles)A: NoMK: You might be pleasantly surprised don't expect it to only be in February! Beloved ones, within this new unfolding love upon the planet you are asked to once again stretch out your arms, open your hands, and touch love. Please join hands with me if you will. (all join hands). Pause. I want you to feel how the love that you are radiates to the person next to you and it matters not who or what they are just feel the love from their heart. Long silence.Feel the warmth of their circulation. Pause. For within the energy that is ahead of you this is a constant reminder for you as you are once again asked to trust that as this new unfolding light is beamed across the planet to take up the chance to love again. Begin by loving the self and then love all others just the same. Begin by opening your hearts to a wondrous new compassionate way of being. Take back your living right as a human to be sexual, to be sensual, and to be who you are. Above all no matter where you are take care of your brothers and sisters whom have lost hope by just walking forward extending to them your hand and showing them who they are.Please straighten your spines.Please close your eyes, sit back comfortably within your chairs with your back straight allow your hips to rest in a relaxed way place your hands upon your lap palms facing up in the supine position and now open yourself up to embrace a beautiful loving vibration. Beloved ones become aware of your breath. Become aware of the exchange of gasses within the lungs and also be aware of all of the activities that come to life with each new breath. Pause. Become aware of the power that you have within the self just by being aware of the power that is within your body, mind and soul. Pause. Visualize yourselves exactly where you are within this room, exactly where you are sitting, just being, just breathing. Be aware of your heart organ that pumps the blood around your body and with your hands open be aware of the magnificent gifts that are being extended to you. Pause.

I want you to visualize a magnificent beautiful flower within the area of your crown chakra. This flower is violet in vibration as I invite you to allow this beautiful flower to open up blossoming within the area of your crown. Pause. Next I want you to visualize a magnificent red flower within the area of the base thus the scrotum. Allow this flower to open its energy field extending its energy into the base of the earth so you have a violet energy at the crown and a red energy at the base. Pause. Next activate and open a magnificent green flower in the area of the heart as you visualize this flower opening in the front and the back of this centre so that all the beautiful beams of light that is emitted from this flower extends right around you reflecting a 360°path of enlightenment surrounding your heart. Pause. So you have magnificent violet flower extending into the heavens, a magnificent red flower extending into the earth and a magnificent green flower extending to connect you to the pulse of all that is. Pause.Now please visualize in the level of the sacral chakra a magnificent orange flower that also extends to the front and the back and once you are clear on this vision it also sends out the beams of light extending from it the same way as the hearth to surround you within a 360° energy pulse of all that is. Pause. Now open the energy of the 3rd eye by visualizing an Indigo flower opening up in the front and the back of the brown centre. Allow this too to extend into 360° energy so that you are absolutely in touch with all that is. Pause. Now move your attention to the solar plexus and here imagine the most beautiful yellow flower opening up the same way to connect your solar energy to all that is. Pause. Next we open up the area of the throat by visualizing a magnificent blue flower the same as all the other energies to the front and back allowing you to become in complete touch with all that is as it also send forth the beams of love that connects you to the pulse of all that is. Pause. Now take your awareness and move it to the level of the 8th chakra just above the crown. Now within this area visualize the most beautiful flower, one golden flower pointing up into the heavens. Pause. Now become aware that it has 360 tiny little extensions that extend from this flower, some may see this as 360 tiny petals as each one of these energetically connect you to all that is. The centre core of this energy holds your connection to the Cosmos which is very much a part of this plane. This is the level of the 8th chakra and for some their flowers may be transformed into a golden pyramid. This is the golden energy that connects you 24/7/365/ within every breathing millisecond of your living moments to the angelic realms, the Great White Brotherhood, the Cohan and Elohim all whom are directly connected to you via the energy of this chakra. Long Pause. It is also through this chakra that one opens up the initial inter-galactic activity for those that have been initiated into this energy or chooses to explore this. (the 9th chakra fully facilitate this - Chanel)Next take your awareness to about 25/30 CM above your head creating another flower similar to the gold flower with 360 tiny petals extending from its core but silver in colour that opens up a multi dimensional connection to all that is. Now transform the silver into crystalline in other words if you blend clear quartz and mother of pearl you will come to know crystalline. This is the 9th chakra from whence you communicate the love that you are to all that is. It is also the area where you communicate through to beings from other life-forces different to that which you are familiar with. This is your inter-galactic antenna where as the 8th chakra is more your spirit and soul antenna so to speak. Now I want you to imagine 3 more flowers begin to manifest one at the 10th, the next at the 11th and 12th chakras. Pause. We are not going to delve into those centers but merely be aware of their existence. Pause. If it is you wish and your will for this energy to become activated within those higher centers in your mind call upon your guides and set forth the intention for them to guide you through this process according to your highest will. Pause. You are still here sitting upon your chairs within this space, with all of this buzzing energy being activated around you. We are now going to seal this energy with the new energy of unconditional love by beginning to close the flowers one at a time. Pause. First in the level of the 12th chakra see the flower closing, then the 11th, then the 10th closing. Pause. Now close the level of the 9th crystalline flower closes and it does so set your intention of what you wish to do and create within your lives. If you want to connect and communicate with your angel guides then set the intention at this level. If you would like to communicate with other intergalactic beings then set the intention here. If you would like to change your life completely overnight if that's possible then set the intention here. If you would like to stay whom you are then do so too at this level. Long pause.Now as you lower your vibrations with the crystalline flower closing bring your awareness to the level of the 8th chakra. Pause. What are the challenges that you are facing within your lives, what are the issues that you are finding extremely difficult to cope with, place all this into this flower energy. What is there that you need clearer guidance with, place it into this energy. Is there anything that you feel hopeless about and really need support with then too place this in the golden flower and allow the flower to close and as this happens you will begin to feel the energy beginning to descend as you become more and more grounded, feel all the tingling you felt within the higher centers dissipate as your energy field now connects with the physical body. PauseAt the level of the crown we face the violet flower. Do you still find it difficult to believe what is truth and what is not, do you still find yourself tremendously overpowering and unable to cope with this energy, place all of these issues within this flower and see it closing and connect with the descending grounding energy. Pause.Can you feel the lightness begins to drift and you are feeling more grounded?YesMK: is there anyone that cannot feel this energy moving?None Now bring your awareness down to the indigo 3rd eye flower. Do you find that you are still very skeptical, there are none so blind than those whom refuse to see, are you one of those, are you forever asking to understand the macrocosm and are unable to connect to this concept of truth, place all this uncertainty within this flower, allow the flower to close as the vibrations now grounds you from the level of the throat. At the throat we come face the beautiful blue flower. Do you still have conflicting issues with truth, are you still superstitious, are still facing issues of trust, place all this into the energy of the flower and see it closing allowing the energy to drop down into the level of your heart.At this level with the green flower are you still not able to forgive, sometimes catch yourself having the bitter after taste, still blaming others for what they have and you don't, place all this into this flower and see the beautiful green flower closing and your energy connects with the solar plexus. At this level make sure the heart and the other centers are closed before you allow the heaviness to ground you into the next level.At the solar plexus the yellow flower awaits to absorb all your misconceptions about the fact that some things are too good to happen to you, you don't believe that you are worthy and good enough, you still believe that by making others happy first you will be happy, anyone else is still the most important person in your life and not you, place all this into this flower and let it be as you allow your vibrations to descend into the next level.At the sacral we have the orange flower. At this level do you feel that you want to express yourself but unable to, you wish you can cry but the tears wont come to release, you still think that others do things better than you, the competition, the competitiveness, place all in this centre and now each and everyone of you that are unable to connect to your divine sensual beingness also place this in there as you close the flowers within this center properly. Lastly within the red base center are you still living within world of blame and shame, are you still living according to conditioning, pause, still living within a world of lack, and if you are unable to think of yourself as a sexual being place this too within this centre.Now each of you place the following into this centre; conditional love, victim consciousness, lust consciousness, poverty consciousness. Pause.Now with all of this energy being grounded within you as you sit here within your chairs you will actually feel the extension of your energy field is actually very tall not so?YesMK: Can you all feel this elongated energy that begins to manifest?Yes we canMK: now beloved ones at the very top of this energy at the highest level being activated this morning invoke the violet flame. Pause. As you invoke the violet flame energy that is extended forth from the energy of Saint Germain set the intention for this energy to blast through each and every part of your bodies transmuting all of that which you have just placed within the various centers. Pause. Ask for this energy to release from every part of your cell tissue every traceable, retraceable and untraceable memory that prevents you from letting go of all of that which you have just recalled. Pause. Allow the violet flame to shine down from the very top of your energy field into all of the centers and then affirm that the power of this energy transmutes all of that which have kept you in discord. Pause. Set the intention for all this to no longer be a part of your reality as you watch how every level where you have just placed issues within that should be out is now being transformed by the violet flame, feel how the immense power of this magnificent energy burns away the dross being caused by everyone of these issues. Pause. Feel the magnificent love of this violet energy as it lifts you from your despair, as it illuminates you transmuting all that needs to leave replacing all with absolute unconditional love and enlightenment. Beloved ones can you feel your energy field now becomes even lighter?Yes we do!MK: continue the flooding of the violet flame as you ask Saint Germain to increase the power of this flame blasting its extraordinary power through all of your centers and lower bodies blasting all imbalance right out of your being as your vibrations become lighter and brighter and you say good-bye to all that was mentioned. Pause. Thank all of the energies leaving your energy field for supporting you so well that you couldn't get off the ground and now its time they go. Pause. Let it all go as you allow the violet flame to prepare for you a whole new body of enlightenment that will support you within every phase of your growth from this day forward and for those of you that are present, to support you especially in preparing for the 5 fold flame energy that you will experience soon. Pause. The lighter you become, the lovelier you are, yes?So smile dear ones, smile (smiles all round) Please ground yourself properly making sure that you are properly grounded, this time without the issues that you let go of. When you are ready, open your eyes, sit back, make sure you are properly grounded giving thought to all of that which you let go and in the silence of your mind give thanks to Saint Germain for bringing his violet flame forth in this conscious way transmuting all of that which you needed to let go of. Very long Pause. Are you excited?YesYou don't sound it (laughter)Beloved ones are there any questions that we may assist with this morning?Q: Master Kuthumi with the last initiation I got a golden rose can you please tell me the significance of that?Mk: Brother the golden rose is a blessing of divine wisdom given to you through the heart. If you take the vibrations of gold what does mean to you?SilenceMk: Gold is the most sacred vibration representing divine wisdom and the energy of the rose represents the energy of the heart therefore the combination of gold and the rose which is quite an unusual combination is a gift given to you that through the opening of your heart you will be able to tap into all of the wisdom you so long for, do you understand this?YesBlessings be with youThank youQ: I'd like to please ask Kuthumi? The next Channelling I need to go to I won't be able to attend to be at two places at once.MK: But sister you are a multi-dimensional being (laughter)Q: We have been told soK: So what is the problem, you don't have enough light battery power? (laughter) – silence – sister what is worrying you?Q: I guess to trust in the knowing that I can do this.MK: Beloved sister anything is possible within the expansive human mind and the secret that allows this to unfold is through the high heart, for the sacred heart opens the expression of absolute knowing and this is such a divine space to be in as you know that whatever you set the intent for is there. So if you are unable to be present and you truly wish to be, then the only thing you can do is to contact your guides and guardians and together make contact with your higher self and set the intention for an etheric replica of your light body to be present here. This is quite possible you know. Do you recall all the meditation exercises that you were given within your light pyramid?A: YesThen follow this example setting the intent for your Lightbody to adjust all your physical vibrations according to the highest will of your soul giving your permission for this to be. You might feel some nausea or shakiness at the time of the activation but then again what can you do, you are a mutli-dimensional being. Drink plenty of water. How does absent healing work?A: Yes sureThe same way. For to be able to heal someone that is absent in the physical they need to give their love and consent, you have to have their permission to facilitate this. The same way sister you give your permission to your Lightbody asking for a divine replica of your energy to be present where ever you would like for it to be present be that here or elsewhere it matters not. Set the intention for your physical energy field to be updated so to speak as the influx of light energy is being invoked or alternatively if this is not possible you may set the intent by divine request for this energy to be integrated during your sleep hours a few hours later or when possible is this clear?A: Yes it is thank youBlessings be with you. Q: I have a request, to be able to differentiate between my guardian angel talking to me and more clearer, how do I separate that from the other little thoughts in my mind.MK: Beloved brother do you use a pendulum?A: NoMK: What is being suggested to you from your higher self is for you to begin working with the energy of the pendulum. For this will set you off on the journey of differentiating between mind and soul contact for this is the reality of the pendulum, which has a energy field that connect you to various other beings and avenues of Creation, and will reveal to you if it's a soul connection or indeed a mental connection, do you follow me?A: YesWe suggest you do some studies into this field see it as a hobby, before you go searching perhaps speak to some within this group, many whom are absolute masters at this so get their advice on where to start, how to begin and what to do. Don't just run off and do your own thing without being trained into this for then guaranteed you will work through the mind and confusion will become your partner is this clear?A: YesBeloved brother another message is coming through for you and that is you have to work through issues of trust within your energy field for there are large issues of trust within your living consciousness that is creating tremendous conflict for you do you understand this?Q: Can you be a little more clearer on this?MK: Trust –do you understand what this word means?A: YesMK: you are needing to work through levels of trust within the self that is creating much doubt for you bringing you down and this slows your vibration right down do you follow me?A: YesMK: there is much doubt that you need to clear and the surest way to do this is to start trusting. The major issues of trust comes up in two main areas of the body, brother are you familiar with the chakric system?A: NoMK: we then suggest for you to really get to know this for the chakric system is an energetic system of Light that is part of all that you are and everything else. The two areas for you to explore is the area of the base and throat so we suggest for you to make some time and get to know this system, if you are unable to purchase the correct literature on this there are libraries where you will find this. Brother what is also suggested for you is to connect with the Theosophical society this comes from your higher self as the time is here for you to step forward embracing the next level of your reality is this clear?A: YesBlessings be with you.Q: In fact I have already decided to go there two weeks agoMK: Brother you have been nudged to go there more than two weeks ago but you wouldn't listen did you?Q: No but…(laughter)MK: So we shall keep pushing until you listen (laughter)Q: I did you are right about a month ago Mk: We know brother we were there. (laughter)Beloved ones, as we come to the end of this mornings transmission please understand the most important thing for you to `get within' is the fact that you are so dearly and abundantly loved. Life upon this planet can present its challenges and those amongst us that have walked these very soils that you are upon know this more than anyone else. Life can be extremely challenging if you let it, but understand that within each challenge is also the ability to grow, thus to expand from yourself. In times of trouble and so called disaster, times when you feel unable to be excited about anything just know that there is an Energy working with you that is knocking upon the doorways of your heart, the High Heart. You will truly embrace absolute growth when you can embrace the fact that during times of turmoil and trouble you are able to extend your energy field using the challenge to bring to you the opportunity allowing you to be who you truly are. The only time when you can truly be who you are is when you open up the levels within the heart. So understand within every challenging situation there is a love waiting to be birthed, there is compassion and joy waiting to expand from itself on your orders, for this can only be possible through the purity of Love. So then acknowledge this love within the self and as you do so take this love of whom you are and extend it unto all within your reality so that you are indeed a Light Worker, a Lighthouse that can use its internal power to illuminate itself using all the love that becomes you, and then share this to all within your ways and in this way love your brother as you love yourself. For the times that are ahead of you we wish you well.- Thank youBeloved ones as you come to the end of this year you will yet again come to face a brand new energy that is to greet you, an energy where every single avenue that is still not of the highest love WILL BE CHALLENGED AND HEALED IN ONE BREATH. Therefore you need to prepare for this in any which way you can, by loving this concept, and sharing it any which way you can. I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and the Master of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love. Adonai. Adonai thank you Lord Kuthumi.



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