05 декември, 2007

Akashic Records of December 2007

Akashic Records of December 2007

a message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA

What energy and experiences can we expect in December 2007?
The energy you can expect is similar to being shoved forward. Imagine you are a child sitting in a swing and a parent or loved one is pushing you into motion from behind. Many of you will feel a sense of pressure as you swing backward and are being pushed forward again. There is a pressure in your body and in the air around you as you change direction and pick up momentum. Some of you will experience this month as a high pressure time, whether through everyday stress or through a pressurizing event such as an illness. You may feel that you are running out of time, but actually the shove forward is meant to enable you to swing higher and more gracefully than you have before.
This image of a swing is important. As many of you have noticed, the process of Enlightenment is not very linear (allow us to state the obvious!). Because December offers a year-end transition point, it is a good time for you to review the last several years using an image other than a linear path upward or forward. Often you think of yourselves as moving forward because that helps you see your next step. Now is a perfect time to step back and take note that you are not really moving forward; you are moving around.
You have probably recognized by now that you tend to revisit issues and experiences. These issues and experiences are always different, but you seem to return to them because the process of Enlightenment, and the motion of time and energy on the planet now, moves in a spiral. The image of swinging on a swing set gives you a more useful way to relax into the natural momentum that you have developing as a spiritual being living in a human body. Again, the primary energy that you will feel during December is like being shoved forward in the context of the swinging back and forth, which is the spiral of Enlightenment, or Ascension.
Some of you will experience this as pressure or intensity. You will feel it in your individual lives, and you will experience a collective pressure. This is something that has been foreseen by many of your spiritual leaders and prophets - that this time on planet earth would offer a high pressure situation. It is not necessarily dark or heavy, it is simply intense. Anything that happens on planet earth during the month of December 2007 is likely to be amplified, whether it be joyful or destructive. This amplification works in the same way that a conflict can be amplified when someone enters the room with a grumpy attitude -- one small event can blow up into a huge conflict.
You may find that people are "highly-strung" or "at the end of their ropes." You may find that collective experiences, be they political, geological, interpersonal, or social, are likely to be amplified. Things that may have been small six months ago will probably grow to be something larger in the month of December 2007. This can be used both for increasing joy on the planet as well as for increasing sorrow. Now is the perfect time to mindfully dedicate your energy to the good of the collective. Whether you do that through prayer, volunteering, or random acts of kindness -- anything you put into the collective that you think would be beneficial is likely to be amplified. In the same way that anything harmful or hurtful put into the collective is also likely to be amplified. That is the energy for the month.
How can we best work with this energy other than the ways you have discussed?
The word you might focus on is "direction". If you are swinging on a swing set and you decide to shift your hips just a little bit or move your leg to the side, you can throw off the trajectory of the swing completely. You can get yourself very tangled up pretty quickly! The best way to work with the energy at this time is to be mindful about direction and be intentional about the directions you choose to take. Never before has it been as useful to be mindful than it will be in the month of December 2007. If you decide to get a glass of water, stop and ask yourself, "Why am I getting this glass of water? Is this exactly what I want to be doing right now? Is this in my highest good as far as I can see right now?" If the answers to these questions make sense to you, then go ahead and get your glass of water. If you come to realize that you were getting the glass of water just out of habit, or out of a mindless need to escape some other situation, find a way to get into alignment with your highest good. Mindfulness in small every day matters is going to serve you well because of the amplification affect that is offered this month. Mindfully choose a direction and move toward it. This is the best way you can work with the energy in December 2007.
Beyond your personal direction, you can relax your minds from worry. The energy gathering on the planet at this time is so much bigger than any one of you. If you could look at the human race from above, you would see that what often looks like an anthill, just people moving from here and there and everywhere. Right now it looks far more organized. Many of you have tuned into your spiritual families, loved ones or the collective endeavors that you are meant to be a part of in this lifetime. Whether you have actually connected with them is a different question, but most of you have energetically attuned yourselves to the work you are meant to be doing on planet earth. Therefore, you are energetically more organized as a human race. The collective can create a more clear channel for your individual endeavors. Mindfulness will give you the ability to steer yourselves to become who you are meant to be more easily, in part because in the collective energy around you can help amplify your direction.
Because it tends to be a month full of social activity, and because many of you celebrate holidays during this month, we want to specifically invite you to use the practice of taking mindful direction moment by moment. Do not give yourselves the illusion that you will be able to maintain a general direction for days at a time or weeks at a time. Instead take it moment by moment. Ask yourselves again and again what your highest good would be right now and turn toward it in any way that you can.
What days are important or especially useful in December 2007?
The information we have to share is not about usefulness, it is about power. First, we can say that the energy of this month is more important than any specific day. The month centers on an energetic fulcrum that is situated in time. It is as if the energy of the month is a flat disc sitting atop a ball or a stake, and it is balancing so that the whole energy of the month is wobbly. It is a changeable month. On any given day you may find yourselves completely changing direction. Every day this month has an opportunity for transition. The most important way to navigate this is, at any point during the month of December 2007, be ready and willing to drop everything and change your mind.
Much of the energy balances upon the days of December 9th through 12th. These days are like a fulcrum, holding up the rest of the month. There is something about them that is really intense. You can imagine them like a stake sticking out of the ground with a pointy top, or as one of the boards in a picket fence. The days are very solid but they have a fine point. These days, particularly December 10th and 11th, are huge power days. They are not like a Stargate or a portal; they are more like a complete shift of everything all at once. Do not let this frighten you. You will only shift in the directions that your soul needs you to in order for you to achieve your highest good.
On December 11th and 12th, everything is changing. Some of you may be very aware of the energetic shift involved in this. Many more of you will feel numb or checked out on these days, as if you cannot really deal with anything. Energetically you are adjusting so rapidly to such fundamental changes that you may find it too much to take on anything extra on a conscious level. When this occurs, it can be useful to just "zone out." It will be useful to watch TV, read a novel, get a massage or go for a walk. Just give yourself a break during these days. Unconsciously, in your ethereal or fifth dimensional bodies, you are so busy that trying to make anything happen in your everyday lives may be futile. Give yourselves a simple agenda for these days.
It is likely, in the days following the remainder of the month after the 12th, that many of you may feel just a bit disoriented. It is not likely to be an enormous disorientation. It seems that most of you will be able to carry on as always, but you will feel different under the surface of consciousness. It is the feeling of déjà vu. You will feel as if everything has changed, though you will look around and not be able to see how it has changed. Eventually you will find that through the months of December and January, moving into February, that you will integrate and you will step into a much stronger version of yourself. We will be talking more about power in January because standing in your power has become necessary for many of you. Many of you have had experiences in your lives that have forced you to claim your power or stand up for yourselves. As we move out of December and into January and February, you will find the power is no longer a struggle but it becomes a joy. We will discuss this more in future months. This is the shift we are describing. It brings you into alignment with your own power in a way that most of you have never experienced before.
There are two other days we want to tell you about in December. One is December 17th. December 17th is like a chance to take a deep breath. It is a little bit of a suspension, or a pause, so mark on your calendars in advance that December 17th is a day for you to take a rest, sort of like a Sabbath. Limit your activities in order to spend some time reflecting. You might write in a journal, talk to a good friend or visit with a friend who has known you for a long time; anything that helps you reflect on your lives without too much depth but with more fun and ease will be useful on December 17th. Specifically December 17th is overseen by fairies. It is a very light-hearted day so any way you can tap into that feeling on December 17th will benefit you.
The other day we want to discuss is December 31st; it is the last day of the month. December 31st is driven by the element of fire. The image of the phoenix is useful here. It is just before the phoenix rises up out of the ashes, when the fire burns everything down. This energy is actually likely to continue until about January 3rd. December 31st through January 3rd is a perfect time for you to release, to burn away anything that is not serving you. These are excellent days to exercise physically, to sweat, to eat spicy food and to build the internal fire of your bodies. These are perfect days to throw things away, to clean out your closets. There is a cleansing, fiery energy beginning on December 31st. A Stargate opens at this time that gives a particular ability for release.(The Complete December Message contains channeled answers to the following questions, and can be accessed through a subscription to the Akashic Transformations Community)

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