16 декември, 2007

Celia Fen's EARTHLOG.:.Dec.16:Cosmic Fire...Cosmic Water.....and the Divine Feminine Energy......

December 16th : Cosmic Fire...Cosmic Water.....and the Divine Feminine Energy...... : December is such an energetically "busy" month, with the 12:12, the Solstice and Christmas, closely followed by New Year. At this time we are in the passage leading up to the Solstice. The energy of Solstice is about Balance, and about finding an inner quite center.

I think this is often the reason why people find the traditional Christmas holiday season so difficult. At a time when we are meant to be finding inner peace and calm, we are all rushing around, socializing and shopping until we drop, eating and drinking too much, and generally becoming frazzled rather than peaceful. For various personal reasons, the major one being that I am tired from all the world travelling I did in 2007, I have decided to be a "recluse" this month. I have "retired" to the safe sanctuary that my home provides. I am sleeping well, getting up late, having lazy summer breakfasts in my garden and generally allowing myself to tune in to the "pulse" of nature. I am beginning to feel the peace and the calm that is available, despite the summer holiday and Christmas chaos that is going on all around me.

Having said that, I have noticed, as many of you might have, that the energy has been distinctly weird in the last few days. All sorts of things are happening on the Cosmic and Solar levels.....The Sun, after being quiet for most of the year, produced a Sunspot that gave off minor solar flares. At the same time, the Geminid meteor shower has been one of the most spectacular for years. So, I have found that I am expereincing a kind of high tension on the level of the lightbody, together with a sense of void and emptiness....as I said, distinctly weird.

But, by now I have learnt to deal with these feelings. The high tension is caused by the solar flares illuminating the light body, and so yesterday was one of the hottest days I have experienced this summer and I had a headache. Today, it was the opposite, I woke up and it was cool and raining.....so there it was - Fire and Water in rapid succession.

Archangel Michael has been transmitting information to me about 2008, and one of the important things he stresses is the idea of Balance. So, in this weather pattern, he was showing me how to balance the solar and lunar energies, or Fire and Water. There will be more about this in January, but for now, when you feel the excess of Light energy in your Solar Light Body, being in or around water helps a great deal. And that means don't just look at it...swim, shower, drink it, you need the water to balance out the fire. The same applies when you are too "watery", and feel depressed and hollow and empty. The "void" is part of the lunar feminine, the moment of potential, and you can be with it but if you spend too much time there you can become depressed. So, the answer is Fire, warmth, passion, creativity, sex and other solar activities.

Also, what Michael asked me to consider is what happens when the Feminine or Masculine energies become unbalanced. With the Masculine, the energy becomes controlling and dominating and inflexible. With the Feminine, it becomes chaotic and things disintegrate and become heavy and immobile. The result in both cases is a block of the flow of Creative Energy and Information.

Now, in this last cycle of transformation, I think most of us became familiar with the choas, the heaviness, the depression and the anxiety. We called them "ascension symptoms". What they were, was our bodies trying to cope with the influx of the "new" electro-magnetic energies that we needed to create balance - the solar feminine and the lunar masculine. These allowed the feminine energy to reclaim its passion and power, and the masculine to reclaim its gentleness and beauty. But, as we struggled to hold these energies within our newly opened heart chakras, we did quite often go out of balance. That was ok, we were given all the help that we needed to try to regain our balance. In the future, when we experience any of the symptoms of imbalance, we will have a better idea of what to do in order to regain the balance and stay in balance.

The key is the Heart Center. If you can find and hold the balance of masculine and feminine energies at that level, then you will stay in balance. That is the purpose of Archangel Michael's "Sacred Heart" meditation. The answer is always Love....and Love is expressed through Light and, yes, Water. The Light carries the information from Spirit and the Water in our bodies receives and imprints the information or codes. The Light is received into the open heart Chakra and transmitted into the bloodstream by the Heart. The other chakras, notably the Pineal and the Pituitary, also send out information as light codes to the bloodstream, and the body receives the instructions as to how to stay in balance.

So, what might block the transmission of the Light Codes. Well, acccording to Archangel Michael, it is when the Heart is not open, then the light codes are received only by other channels and chakras. A common imbalance is caused when the body receives too much light from the Pineal and Crown Chakra, and not enough through the Heart source. Then, the body experiences those feelings of electricity and convulsions. This can happen to people who meditate a great deal but without an open heart. The same goes for the feelings of spaciness, imbalance and dizziness that are part of the "ascension symptom" scenario.

Those whose hearts are too wide open, and yes there are some, will tend to experience "watery" symptoms....weeping, sadness and depression and feeling unable to cope in the choas. In these cases, there is not enough "fire" coming in through the other chakras, because the person is operating only from the Heart. Balance is important. The Fire energy needs to come in from other levels as well.

What I found interesting is that chaos is an imbalance of the Feminine energy, and I think that those people who are always in fear of chaos and disaster probably have a deep inner unease with the Feminine energy. I think it is why so many people dream of tsunamis and tidal waves and floods. As I travelled this year, I was amazed at how consistent the fear of chaos caused by tsunami is in the collective psyche, and how the idea of Global Warming (more fire) produces a fear of floods and choas (water imbalance).

As we have come to understand how we hold and create reality from within us, we can also understand how we can hold and create balance in our outer world as well.

It is an interesting art of balance, as we learn to work with the Cosmic Fire and the Cosmic Water from which reality is woven on the Physical Plane.

When the Fire and Water are in balance, then we can express ourselves from and through Cosmic Love in a balance of Head and Heart. And the body will remain balanced and peaceful no matter what is experienced in the outer reality. This is the energetic skill of the Master of Light, and according to Archangel Michael, these will be the skills that we will work with in the coming year.

Now, to go back to the Sun and the Solar energy, it is interesting that there is a hint that we might be entering a new Solar Cycle as we move towards the new year, and that this cycle will take us through to 2011 and 2012. According to Nasa, the Sun had manifested a "reversed maganetism at high latitude". This is ofetn an indicator of a new sunspot cycle, but as yet no sunspot has formed, so we are all waiting to see....will it or won't it. here is the image, borrowed from Nasa:


If this manifests as a sunspot, it will be the beginning of Sunspot Cycle 24, which is predicted to bhe a big and very active one. So...we wait and see....

And now, to close, some beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine. I have been working with the Mary Magdalene energy most of this year, which is a Solar and Passionate and Erotic energy. Now, as Christmas approaches, maybe it is time to give some though to the Divine Mother energy, as personified by "Mother Mary", Isis, and other Mother Goddesses. It is gentle, loving and nurturing energy, that of the Universal Mother. I found this video that was made in Australia in 2006, and expresses the Eastern energy of the Great Mother through images of water and dance...the dance of Feminine Love on the Waters of the Cosmos:


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