16 декември, 2007

Soul Family

Soul Family

a message from Kuthumi channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark


Many of people I meet - clients and friends - are faced with confusing situations where they have partners they are quite happy with, but then they meet someone and it feels like fatal attraction. The new person they meet fits them on all levels - profesionally as well as personally. This person usually feels as if all their deepest dreams have been fulfilled. They feel a great bond with this person, telephatic connection and deep spiritual bond. Usually these are the people who are deeply on their spiritual path. This has happened to so many people in recent months that I have decided to ask for some guidance. Has it to do with energy changes we are entering? I have also heard that astrologically, some level of humanity's karma has been fulfilled and we are entering a completely new era in the levels of conciousnes. Is this somehow connected? What other changes in our day to day lives can we expect as energies shift? Thank you very much Master for your kind response.

lots of love and gratitude,

I greet you and see the beautiful Light of your soul , your being. How very pleasing this is, it brings us much joy.

You are correct, the energies are changing in your very atmosphere, and will change further in your future. The new energies as you are aware, work on the emotional body through the heart chakra.

Many are now meeting their soul mates and soul family members. They feel this energy as a recognition, a flow of love, and of course the spiritual awareness is there because they are after all, soul mates.

They have known each other in previous incarnations, and have shared many experiences together. And so the flow you see, the flow of love is there.
You must remember that all are connected. Man has some trouble understanding this concept. It is perhaps better able to be understood at this time, if you look at the 'like' energy, the soul understanding. The energy of love which binds all as one.

It is that although you have a partner whom you have chosen, who you choose to share you life experience with at that time frame of yours, there are others who enter your life, and you recognize them through your soul connection. I can tell you that this will become more frequent for many of you, though not all. And this will, in some instances, create the necessity for great decisions to be made. I remind you that all of you have choice, and you do indeed create who and what you wish to experience in your daily life.

You see, as we have spoken of for many years, your vibrational energy has changed a great deal. It has become finer and lighter as you raised your vibration. This process will not stop, no, it continues. You have much more to learn, to experience as you become a greater being of Light. For this is what this energy we speak of is - Light, yes, the energy, the Light of the Great One - God. And further, in this great energy, there is no jealousy, no. There is only a love for all, though perhaps not as man thinks of love in his partnerships as wife, husband. No, it is an unconditional love, a love for all, you see? All are connected by that Light, just as you, though have incarnated on your Earth to learn, and to helps others also, all are connected.

And yes, much karma has been fulfilled, even in this there is change occurring. For as I wrote in a recent teaching, karma will no longer be addressed in the ways of your previous years and life times. No, it will be instantly addressed, and not necessarily from the one who has created or owes the karma. Others will now be able to address the karma to clear it. You see, it is that now you begin to look at all as one, no longer as totally separated. Of course you will still function daily, making your own choices, and going about your lives, but on a higher level, you become far more aware of Oneness amongst all of you. This is a great part of the shift you are all experiencing. It is a shift in energies and nothing to fear. Think of it as growth, it is man's evolution. Your souls are joyous to be able to experience this great shift. Many of you have prepared for this time you are now experiencing, in many lifetimes. Yes in some cases three of more lifetimes. Those I speak of are your teachers, the brave souls who light the way for others to follow.

It is all choice, and I ask those who are experiencing the meeting of their soul mates, to remember this. Acknowledge this.

If you are happy with your current choice of partner, then you will simply understand that a soul mate has come to you, to share with you as that, a soul mate and friend.

It is only if you are no longer happy with your partner, then your conscious mind will begin to create a different scenario, which of course is also your choosing. It is always your choice as you are aware. You may change your situation, or it may remain the same, it is as I say, your choice. Yes, there will be bonds, bonds of learning, of love, of experience. Remember those of you who are presently in a relationship, that when you go home, you will also once again be able to meet the one you love and share your life with now. Yes, you will.

It was once taught by some of your teachers, quite incorrectly, that you would not be able to meet your partner on the other side. It was thought that it all depended on how spiritual you were, and what dimension each one resided on. How spiritually aware each one was, and if they were not of the same level of understanding, then they would not meet each other on the other side. This caused such needless distress for many. Of course you meet each other on the other side. Some of you are meeting previous loved ones now are you not? How many more you are able to meet on your return home.

And, I remind you again, we do not have jealously, nor any lower vibrational energies here. We greet each other and flow as one, separate, yet connected by Light.

What further changes can be expected you ask? Man will experience further change as he moves further into the energy of Light. It can be no other way, for remember you are moving away from many lower experiences you endured in previous life times. You now come back to love and peace, not just for your selves, but for each other - as one, you see? As one, in unconditional love. This is mans greatest challenge and indeed his greatest change. Change is not difficult. I remind you it begins with a thought.

As always my love and blessings to you all

Master Kuthumi

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