15 декември, 2007

Dimension Shift by Angel Gabriel


Dimension Shift

By Angel Gabriel

Many are getting messages for next day events. More will get them as money disappears. Healing hearts that are crying for little more than money is not our business now. We need to engage the many who already know their bubble will burst and are examining their ability to deal with this.

Mr. Bush is not going to disappear from directing the control of the American country next year. His group is now intending to continue their control with armor and closed circuit TV. Because of this, our realm will direct an answer that deletes all of their entitlement with guns by making their chattel disappear. Ascension can do this, because the difference between the manifest and the unmanifest dimensions are to become even more dramatic next year.

First, we need to get our directors full of light to demonstrate this capability. Twenty million are now capable. None are to disappear now without ascension becoming known as the paranormal cause. Advance notice must be given to those who can declare this to the media. False calls will be declared by naming the disappearance, but with many going at the same time, this can only be contained in a nominal way. The change in man’s clarity about deception coming from their government will not allow the news to be completely hidden.

Force will not be contained. Change of homes will be demanded. Clear the deck for a totally new government to be in place, but not the ones currently running for office. The next government leaders of the American continent are to be the ones chosen by the most active deceivers on the planet. They will come into control by the direction of their own director who now directs the Bush administration. Healing their country from national despair and the effects of natural disasters will compete with our agenda to ascend as many as can be convinced to disappear.

How to get ready to ascend? Act on your inner guidance all the time. Close the door to charming messengers who are telling you to act on their demands. Meditate daily (at least one hour) and contact others who may not be doing these things completely, and tell them not to get caught in the drama that is coming next.

Hearts need be open to be able to disappear. Only an act of God can call this dimensional change to the hearts of many. Once the call comes, only your agreement is needed to change dimensions instantly. Children and adults can continue their lives together. No disappearance of parents will occur without the children who need their guidance. Adults age 18 and over will choose for themselves.

Practice saying YES to your heart’s call. Attribute all the choices you are given about the manifestation of money to the deceivers. Money concerns can lead to the closure of your choice to ascend. If you wait to give the lead to your heart you may miss the call. Please listen to the heart, because shifting to the next dimension will depend on this.

I AM the Angel Gabriel


Aruna Byers



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