08 януари, 2008

Akashic Records of January 2008

message from Akashic Records channeled by Jen Eramith MA
Tuesday, 1 January, 2008 (posted 7 January, 2008)

What can we expect during the month of January 2008?

January 2008 is a brief reprieve in a time of intensification. This is a time during which you can get your feet on the ground as you are picking up speed. It is like reaching a landing where you can rest on a long slow arduous journey. Things will continue to intensify, but during January you will have an opportunity to slow the process and come to know yourselves better. This is the perfect time to insist on having a break in the middle of your day or to step away from a difficult conversation to take three deep breaths and calm down. This is the month to openly articulate your need for more time to make a decision, gather the facts, and make sure you are ready to take the next step. If you do not develop a habit of giving yourselves time now, you will struggle to do so in upcoming months.

The end of 2007 and the whole year of 2008 comprise a period of particular intensity. January opens itself up like a mother’s embrace to give you momentary shelter. Take this gift and use it to help you gather strength and get grounded. While the universe offers you this energy, and your spirit guides and the human angels around you will give you support, it is more important than ever that you be aware of your own needs and take accountability for having your needs met.

January 2008 is an excellent time during which to attend to the home front. Put your affairs in order. Take time to make your physical home, your community, and your physical body orderly and simple. Make sure they are healthy. Clean up any mess and remove anything that no longer belongs in your home, in your community, or in your body.

The energy of January is like a firm reassuring hand on your shoulder reminding you that while you cannot stop and you have to keep going, that you will not be alone and you will have what you need as you go.

How can we work with this energy in January 2008?

We have mentioned the importance of taking accountability for your own needs and for demanding that you have the time you need to make rational, intuitive, accurate decisions for yourselves. We will be more specific about precisely how you might do this.

You can best access the energy of the month of January by actively creating reassurance for yourselves. It is worth your time to sit on a couch at the end of the day, take a moment to arrange the cushions on the couch, adjust the light in the room, get a glass of water, and prepare before you sit down so that you can completely relax in the moment. It is worth your time to create moments of comfort. It is worth your time to mindfully set up your surroundings to support you, because the year of 2008 will demand so much of every one of you individually. This is like the last train stop during which you can gather provisions and perfect your ability to take care of yourselves and support yourselves.

You are not alone as you do this. We are not telling you that you alone will support you on your journey. We are telling you that the part you play in supporting yourself can be perfected at this point. It is not to say that we are not there as your guides to lead you, it is not to say that you are not surrounded by people doing their very best to access Love and to support you. These resources will be with you more and more as you move forward. Even so, no one knows your needs better than you do. No one can care for your needs if you have not become aware of them in the first place. This is what we ask you to perfect this month: Take time for yourself and take time to make things right for you.

Are there any power days or important days for us to work with during the month of January 2008?

Yes there are. You open this month with a portal. The first day of January 2008 is an extremely important portal of energy. It is a doorway through which all who are moving through Enlightenment will pass. It will feel like a doorway to a more intense experience of everyday life. At this point in time, every human being becomes attuned to humanity as a whole in a way that is irrevocable. Do not panic when you see this, for your soul has prepared for this for a long time and each of you is completely ready to step into the role that you have come to play in the world. While it may not be evident to you exactly what you are meant to be doing here, the energy of your presence becomes more tangible on the first day of January and continues to become clear in the year 2008.

Many of you may find this overwhelming, but most of you are likely to find a sense of purpose -- a renewed sense of place in the world. For some of you it may manifest as a newfound connection with Earth, or it may manifest as simply a new energy or inspiration for a project, or a new connection with a group. Do not worry too much about what it is; just allow this energy to carry you forward. It is as if you were floating downstream and the river started flowing a little faster. You cannot help but to be swept up in it. Humanity is moving forward collectively. Together, you have made the decision to choose Love and to move toward Light. There is no stopping this momentum, so allow yourself to be swept up in it.

You may find an emotional release like grief or an overwhelming sense of relief as things begin to move. Many of you will tap into the potentials for the year when this portal opens on January 1st. With intensifying energy comes potential for some big events. Your future is not predictable; anything can change based on your individual and collective choices. Some of you will begin to feel just how very intense and challenging this year promises to be. Do not let this sensibility drown you in fear. Now is the time to trust your fellow human beings -- to trust that everyone is following their path with as much Love and Light as they can find and moving forward in the ways they need to grow. The portal on the first day of January promises to be quite an intense and interesting experience.

By the fifth of January it is likely you would have settled into new routines. They may not look new to you, but we promise you that everything you are doing by the fifth of January is profoundly different from what you were doing one year ago. Watch for and celebrate the ways you have changed in the last year. Notice how you do things slightly differently. You might work in the same office or live in the same house, but you may have changed your space to incorporate more light. You may smile more than you used to. Take some time to notice how you have changed and take an inventory of the changes. They decide what you would like to keep and what you would like to adjust further in order to improve your experience in everyday life. Remember, this month gives you a chance to perfect your ability to make yourselves happy through actively pursuing your own needs and desires.

The fifteenth of January is an important day. It is like the initiation of spring. The fifteenth of January is the time to turn over a new leaf or to step through a doorway. If there is a choice you have been delaying or an opportunity that you have put off, let the fifteenth of January be the day that you step through the doorway. Let the fifteenth of January finally be the day that you say yes to your future and your vision. The whole universe will usher you through the doorway on this day!

There are several other Stargates or portals through the month of January. The month, over time, looks like a constellation in the night sky. There are many days that sparkle. January 10th, January 19th and January 28th are days of Light. They are days in which more magic is available to you, and during which change and new beginnings will be intensely apparent. Watch your choices, marvel in your growing ability to honor yourselves and the Divine Light within you.

Finally, there is a holiday celebrated in the United States called Human Rights Day -- the day of Martin Luther King, Jr. This is a profoundly important day in the year 2008. Over the course of the last three decades, this day has evolved to become, energetically, the most important publicly celebrated holiday in your calendar year. The energy of the day, the collective momentum or the collective intention of the day, is the clearest thing you do to tap into the purpose for Enlightenment.

This is not simply a day to celebrate a particular social movement. This is a manifestation of your collective conscious intention to live completely in Light. When you live completely in Light collectively, it is inevitable that you see one another as equals and that you love and care for one another as family. If you choose to celebrate this holiday, take time to acknowledge its power. As you move through Ascension, or as you move toward Enlightenment, this holiday gives you the opportunity to openly share it with others.

Otherwise we invite you to simply re-embrace the truth about yourselves in the month of January. You are Love. You are made of Love, you are an expression of Love and so is everyone around you. During this month, do your best to remember that and do your best to care for yourself with the tenderness you would give to your child or to your dearest loved ones.

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