06 януари, 2008

A New Doorway to the Highest Value of Mankind

a message from Divine Mother channeled by Sol'Ara An
Sunday, 30 December, 2007 (posted 6 January, 2008)

I am Sol'Ara An, and grateful for this holy moment of communication with Divine Mother. Please give us your guidance dear Divine Mother as to our next step into the new year of 2008.

Greetings dear children of light!

It is the will of the Father & the Mother of your Creator of All That Is that speaks through to you daughter of light. indeed you are recognizing your part in the holy birthing once again of this energy upon the Earth, the Goddess!

It is with a great heart of love and joy that you have honored our request to bring us through your vehicle this past year of your timeline. Your heart shines brightly of the Divine Love within it! You come easily into our heart and share our words that wisdom once again shall rise up within humanity. The heart of Divine Love awakens in many this day. For today, as you move your consciousness closer to the new Age of Aquarius, as was presented in the old parchment messages, you move increasingly into the heart of the One from which you all came. It has been fun indeed, and joy has always been the highest value in our hearts vision and desire for the lives of our children of light! It has given rise to concern also in the many who used the veils of illusion to continue to keep many closed and blind to our truth of Divine Love.and yet here you all are.on the eclipse of the greatest transition since many thousands of your years.the edge of eternity.a new doorway to the highest value of mankind - your hearts and your Soul's Divine Love is what has been inherited by all.

A step in the right direction for many dear ones, is to listen quietly this day.and to the days that follow the heart messages whispered within all of humanity. Our Love compels us to usher in the days of Divine Love upon the gentle winds of faith within. Yet, there are those who choose to use chaos as their directory to the higher planes of existence. Is there a right or wrong path at this time dear one? Not within our intent, and not within the vision of the total purposeful journey of our light beings. We offer solace to those who choose fear. Fear is non-existent in the heart of your Creator.it was truly created by those who chose to use the power of their free-will to enslave the hearts of the many. It is the choice of Divine Love, Compassion, and Divine Will to follow that shall set all free. Freedom is the path - this is now up for all of you. As many slowly lose what freedom they believed they had, many will awaken to the truth of their Creator's divine will of free-will and freedom to express from one's own heart! The time of the valiant warrior of chaos is mostly on the way out.but some we see do still hold to this vestige of utter darkness.

It is a choice time dear ones, for all of humanity and all of life upon this sweet Earth Mother! You see the tides rolling in quicker now, and the clouds do take stand above the mountains in waiting.thunderous demands of nature shall come to mankind.strive dear ones to stay within the center of your heart temple.for this is the place of safety! Fear cannot touch those of faith within their hearts, those who hold to the truth of Divine Love and Compassion! Here in this realm of light we do see the many crying out for a savior, for one who can forgive them their sins and lead them into safety. Our hearts are with you our children of light! We see the possible outcome of your group consciousness, and we know the pain of following the fear of the media and the one's who choose to profess the knowing of their Gods will. We do not follow any such protocol of "must" or prophecy! Our only request was that you love yourselves and your brothers and sisters, and that you love your Creator!

Our will for your happiness and peace still remains within our vision..you who choose so will walk into this paradigm, those who cannot see shall find the place they have believed in above their own hearts, beyond divine will to the egos lair. And yet, what of our compassion you might ask for those who will find the fear of the end of the planet they once knew? With the human eyes and ears you will not see the truth of this! You must look with the eyes and hear with the ears of your spirit, your highest Soul and then you shall see our truth of Divine Love and compassion for our children of light! We will not allow the dissolution of one Soul.and yet still we shall maintain the law of free-will. It is our promised honor to do so. And so we say again, our beloved children of light, choose wisely! If it is peace you desire, you must create this peace within your own being.and when those who come to you in the chaos and confusion.bless them, but step with them not! For it is in this time of great transition of the human race we bless you most! We bring each to their home of choice, and know with deep inner knowing that not one shall be lost!

Our peace resides clearly within the hearts of our children of light. Let this night that comes.the passing of the hour of 11:59 into the morning of your 12:00 o'clock hour January 1, 2008, be the beginning of your birthing into the age of Divine Love and Peace. This only comes from Oneness within the heart and Soul of every being.transform your judgments, your victimhood and release your past now into my realm, to my heart of transformation.and know in this holy moment, as you choose to release your pain to your Mother and Father God/Goddess. you release all Karma and you are now walking into the doorway of your freedom.the choice is yours our highest blessings are with you no matter the choice.but know we will always hold the doorway to freedom open.until you are called home.

In our hearts shall you always be! Divine Love & Compassion are yours! I am your Divine Mother and your Holy Father.in Union for this message of ONE. Anon, Anon, Anon!

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