27 януари, 2008

Divine Mother.:.A Message of Awakening

a message from Divine Mother channeled by Sol’Ara An

My beloved children of awakening light, your hearts are filled with so much fear these days. And so we have in our hearts the truth of your light and your love and your Divinity that is the truth of who you are.

Many times we have brought messages of hope, messages of brotherly and sisterly love into your world. And yet, it would seem many of our children prefer the power over, rather than to remember the message of our awakeners; Love is the only truth and the only way to treat one another.

We sent a simple message at a time when war was beyond the brutality you see in your world today. Then, human’s had little remorse. And so messages came to bring harmony and awakening to the world of mankind, to a softer and more loving way of being. And of course this message has really never changed from our end; man has changed it to his way, and this is the creation you all see before you today.

There has always been a place within mankind that held the true integrity of the Soul that was sent into human vehicles to live a human life. That quintessential spark is within the heart of every living being upon your Earth. Because of this, we have never doubted that you would awaken to the truth of your origin, and with this knowledge accept your divinity; loving one another.

A time of great darkness has come and gone upon the planet many times before now. And you may make this choice again. However, this time we see the spark that rises above all the times before; enough to tell us that you may very well avoid this darkness this time. It is mankind's choice as to whether you will choose love or you will choose fear. We have spoken many times of the gift of choice, of free will. Some believe that their hearts have been so poisoned and hurt beyond mend, that they can never see anyone as their sister or brother. And certainly they cannot see in themselves the love we speak of. Yet, this is our truth. This, again, is our message.

We have sent many Soul’s into your midst this time to bring many messages and to bring the light energy of our being as Healing energy. We have sent the wise one’s who hold love and compassion in their hearts every moment of every day. We have sent the channels and the writers and the speakers of Divine Love. And thus we have not ever left you wanting our children! What is your need, what do you ask of us? Many never ask, thinking only of their pain and their resentment and giving us not a moment of their thoughts that we may bring some modicum of comfort. And we stand within our Love and we know one day you will realize we were always standing right beside you, all you ever had to do was ask. Can you see the love in this. Can you come to understand the power within you that would cause your creator’s to stand by and watch you destroy so much of your Earth and yourselves? It is Love and it is the knowing we have about who you are; you too are creator’s and you too are us and we know there is great purpose to this journey.

If we were to do as some predict, take back the Earth and release all from her in one swoop of our will, we would only prove the one’s who believe in the "holy wrath of God"; we are not that. It is our truth that we are Divine Love, and as such we could never choose to take from you the gift we gave, the gift you requested. Life, it has always been yours to do with as you would, yet now, it is time to make the agreement to change and lift above what is known. The transition to a higher vibration of Divine Love is the path the Earth and humanity have taken long ago, and now it is time to rise above the old paradigm of pain and forgetfulness and allow the awakening within your own heart.

I have wanted to speak of the ideas being passed around as well that offer the thought that the plan is to have an ending of mankind and that everyone will leave in one enormous bang as it were. This is far from the event we see being created by our children of Light. There are so many of you now sending your Love to our dear Mother Earth. She feels your remorse and she in her most loving way has forgiven mankind. Our truth is you will not fail. Our truth is you will rise above the fear and move into the joy of your Souls most inner paradise of thought and creation and take the step through the "Golden Doors of Enlightenment" as awakened beings of light! This is the vision we hold.

Here within the void of creation, there is nothing but moments of knowing, and in those moments we create new worlds. As we create these new worlds, new beings are brought forth from the creator heart energy, and the frequency of the given moment leads the beings into creative opportunity. These moments are all that we have, and because we know this, from our side of the veil, we take every moment to create the highest and most loving opportunity possible for Life energies that move from moment to moment growing and expanding, creating and expressing our desire, our passion for Joy! If you could only for a moment know this truth, you would understand your true need to be a part of this life experience called Earth. Your moments give time for great growth and great understanding of what true choice means. In the void of creation, the expansion we create comes from these experiences our dear beloved Soul’s have been willing to live on the Earth so that we may move even farther out into created vision and realize beyond our own dreams our possibilities. Your willingness to be born to Earth has gifted your brothers and sisters of the All that is.

And so given that we each give to one another the opportunity to be more than we are in each of our moments, our gift now is to bring our children of light the Awakening; the activating of Soul awareness once again. The gift promised from the beginning of this great life plan upon your Earth of great sea’s and great mountains filled with our love is there for the taking, but you must ask…as we cannot take from you your belief in separation, you must choose to see another path.

Our Divinity, our core of unconditional Love and grace springs forth to the many in each moment. We take opportunity as each dawn arises, and your Sun raises up once again to greet you with the smile that offers "the new day!" Continuing to offer this gift in each of your moments will be the gift as we have spoken. Your Sun will rise and then it shall set, each time giving another message of awakening…opening the heart and seeing the truth of the Soul that shines within. Our hope, our grace, and our knowing keeps this Sun from going dark…By Divine Decree our beloved Sun shall rise and set until our beloved children of light choose to come to our part of creation. We have the knowing that the time is now, the transition is occurring within every cell in your bodies and that is the fear that you feel. Understand dear ones that this change in your vibration, this awakening to love and to the truth of your beingness was by your choice from the beginning of this great play. The only unknown is how you choose to awaken. Each one of our children of light is given free will, and yet it too is a time where so many shall awaken that the law that you know as "gravity" shall pull you all up, into a much higher and brighter state of consciousness. It is something that is ingrained in the consciousness of all human’s, and this "wake up call" has activated; many of you feel the restlessness of needed movement.

A message is given once again, simply and with great Love: come back into the flow and be Divine Love, for that is who you all are. You cannot look into the eyes of another and not know, any longer, that this beloved is one with all that you are. As you look one to the other, blessing each one, we offer grace to our children raising the Love vibration within each of you more each day. And this shall shine brightly into the eyes of each one you look upon, and they shall know you too as the beloved!

Love one another, be at peace, recognize that each one of you were created from the seed of your creator. Purposely were you made different, purposely were you given personalities and ego’s to play with. Purposely we hid our truth, now to be known, we played each part as you…we have had great fun! Now it is time to play a different game, please know you are already with us, we await your recognition! Awaken within your own hearts, your own knowing, and speak to us of our new journey. Together we shall build many more temples of light, many more cultures of beingness, we fly and we dance and we sing and we make great noise for our Joy is our greatest truth!

We love you, we hold you dearly within our hearts, we are waiting joyously to speak with you within your own hearts! Call upon us, and know all is well!

I am Divine Mother, the Feminine Face of God…we are one!

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