28 януари, 2008

Master Kuthumi.:.Your Heaven on Earth

Your Heaven on Earth.

28 January 08

My greetings to you once more as we meet in Oneness and Light.

In my recent teaching to you, I spoke of the changes many were beginning to experience. It is indeed a time to look within. This is not always an easy task, for it requires looking behind 'the mask' which many of you so very often project forward to others around you, allowing the other to see only what is but a small window of the totality of who you really are.

It is now time to look at all of you, including your weaknesses, for it is in those areas where you will now experience your greatest growth. Some of you may ask why. Why do I need to look, I have coped in my life as I am, so why must I change? The answer is simple my friend. To learn, to grow, to better yourself, to become all you can be, to show your true self in this knowledge, that you are indeed all you can be. In this you begin to like yourself- even love yourself. And so as this becomes your reality, you find others begin to respond to you differently.

For you now project an energy of truth, of inner peace and confidence. This is why my friend. This is why it is indeed a very worthwhile task. Your higher self will guide you to what areas of physical or emotional behavior you need to look at. Some of you will simply feel, others will hear an inner voice guiding you forward. You see, it is a process of coming out from behind your 'shadows', the shadows which have been created through conditioning - which I refer to as childhood teachings and learned behavioral patterns - yes coming forward to your own truth, your own confidence, you own magnificence. And further- acknowledging this to yourself.

For I can tell you, there is no other on earth who is as important as you.

Yes I tell you truth, you are so very important. This is why I tell you to look within you, to your own truth, with your own love and compassion for all. It is this which will prepare you fully for your coming years. And further, I can tell you that the Light which you build within and around you each time you give selflessly of yourself to assist another, each time you send thoughts of love, healing and compassion to another, each time you pray, each you meditate, that Light continues to build and empower you. It never leaves you - no. For even when you cross over you bring that Light with you.

Yes, the Light you have built never leaves you.

So you see how important it is to acknowledge and build your own Soul Light. Acknowledging and leaving those ' masks' and 'shadows' behind you is part of the growing process. The growing of your very Soul.

And so in every situation you encounter, every day, look for the good, look for the positive. If there is joy and happiness be thankful for that - practice gratitude. If you are experiencing a negative situation, either from your own, or through another's actions or opinions, look for the positive. For I tell you, if you look with Light, you will indeed find a positive, and the Light will help you to grow past the situation, to overcome in a positive way.

I have heard many speak of a show called "The Secret". These are not secrets my friends. These are ancient truths of the very universe itself. Yes, it is simply that you were not ready to listen until now. You were not ready to fully understand and transform. This is why I now urge you to move out from your learned and self imposed 'shadows', those patterns of behavior and the emotional self defense patterns which no-longer serve you. No, the old defenses now only bring you loneliness and sorrow.

Because you no-longer need these 'props' which you, and you alone created. You see. Move forward. begin by looking at yourself in the mirror and I give you this affirmation as your first step -

"I am a beautiful person, able to give and to receive love every moment of every day. I move forward with compassion and gratitude".

I ask you to place these words around your home, on your office desk where you will see them many times throughout your day repeat them as you rise and before you sleep. This is indeed the first step of acknowledging your own Soul Light, your own uniqueness. It is time now for the first steps toward your Soul growth. The steps to building your own Soul Light.

TIt is indeed this new awareness, this new understanding of all that is Light, that will bring you that which you have always sought to possess - Love, peace, happiness.

My friends this is your first step - your key to the door of what many call heaven. I tell you, all of you are able to create this, to live it each and every day. The veils of the dimensions are so fine now. Many can now move freely through them. You access our dimensions with ease. Some also experience the energy of our dimensions as you meditate - now able to go higher to even finer vibrations.

It is all as it is meant to be. For now you see, you can live it, you can create your "heaven" on earth.

Master Kuthumi





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