23 януари, 2008

The Guardians.:.Sweating the Small Stuff

Message From The Guardians: Through Laura
January 22, 2008
Blessings one and all...
Happy New Year!
Changes, changes, changes...do you feel like you are being pulled apart into so many small pieces and everything seems to be more challenging than it should be?
Well it is a new year and a new beginning. A one year, a new starting point and for some a marinade of change and reorganization. We feel your confusion, your frustration and yes in some cases your pain. Take heart Angels of Earth, this is just a readjustment period. It is not life or death, it is not sink or swim, it is simply the universe adjusting it self to begin again a New!

It may seem as if you are not going to make it but believe us you have been through much worse in your time. You have the where with all to transition through this period and come out the other side "smelling like a rose", as you would say. It just might not seem so at the moment. There are so many wonderful things on the horizon that you just can not quite see at the moment. You are also being influenced by the energy of the others who are trapped in the old energy of fear and this is having a detrimental effect on many of you.
Do not let it... "this too shall past" and the window will open to a bright and new future for you. Remember that a "one year" signals a new beginning but it also means a completion of all the factors of the past in order to create that new, fresh beginning. It is sometimes difficult to touch all those bright and shinny things standing right in front of you when you are dealing with the last remnants of the past energies but that does not mean they are not right in front of you.
The feeling of being over whelmed is not uncommon at times like this, remember to breath and not take too much on to yourself. You need to discern what is really your energy and what is coming from the outside of you. In a cycle such as this there will always be people who wish to dump their "crap" on to you. Do not allow this, you are fully capable of standing behind the short wall and allowing such things to simply flow past you without allowing them to stick to your energy.
Take Heart Angels of Earth, this is simply another phase in your development which will allow you to move into an entirely new and fluid energy which will propel you to even greater heights of peace and satisfaction.
"Why sweat the small stuff ?" when you are capable of focusing on the bigger picture and capturing all that life has to offer?
There are those that will attempt to bring you into alignment with their fears and make you feel that you are trapped and impotent. Do not allow this, move forward with tiny steps if necessary but do not become frozen with fear. It is an illusion that you can rise above if you only allow yourself one moment of true contemplation. You know these situations are temporary at best, you have been here before, do not allow yourself to be frozen and trapped by fear. The future for you and all those who know you create your own future is too bright and wonderful to be held back by the Mass Consciousness.
We have let you start to transition through this space in time on your own so we would not take your power away from you. Remember this is all about empowering you and not about taking your power away.
You must move through your own empowerment to truly reach for that which is already within. You are your own Light, your own Truth and your own Source of Divine Knowledge and Inspiration. You are the Creator, The Source, the Power in your own journey and we would never take that power from you.
Be gentle and loving with yourself, Dear Ones, remember compassion begins with yourself. If you can not be compassionate with yourself than who can you be compassionate with?
That is the thing with Earth Angels, "they expect themselves to be perfect and unflappable" [Laughter], well we dislike to burst your bubble but as long as you are in the physical this is simply impossible. Remember the game is all about "Experiences" not good or bad, just the experience! It is about growing, changing, learning and seeing things from a different perspective. As long as that is what you are "experiencing" are you not successful in you mission, your journey? Remember "life is not a destination, it is a journey and if you are not truly experiencing it you are not living. [Laughter]
We realize how difficult this can be at times and that is why we love and honor you so much!
We hold you warmly and lovingly to our Heart of Hearts and ask you to do the same to each other, as this is the only way we truly feel the Unity of All That Is!
Blessings one and all...
The Guardians