24 януари, 2008

AA Michael:Wisdom of the Light Message

As promised I offer you a healing meditation that you can perform
in your own homes to assist the healing of others; people who have
specifically asked for healing and those who are open to the healing
energies across the world. Healing is needed on the Earth not just to heal
those with physical pain or people who are experiencing emotional trauma in
their lives but also to cleanse the body of negative energy and influences
so that each of us may begin to evolve to higher levels of consciousness. If
you are having problems in your life, experiencing pain or injuries then ask
yourself why you are not living as your healthy radiant body on the Earth as
you should be and as the Creator wishes you to. Delve within yourself and
discover any beliefs or past situations that may now be influencing your
life, everything is connected and everything is a lesson to conquer. When
you find the core of the problem then you can change it, transforming your
beliefs and the way in which you view yourself and the world. This is
sometimes not easy to grasp when you are not feeling your vibrant radiant
Healing will raise your energy vibration bringing clarity and
understanding to oneself and reality, every person on the Earth needs to
receive healing in order to encourage them to awaken onto their spiritual
path and continue forward towards the light of the Creator.


I,(we) call on the all powerful Creator to charge our being with
pure and divine high vibrational energy from the source, surrounding me(us)
in a bubble of light that is unbreakable to anything that is not of the
Creator's light. Creator send your energy through my (our) body and raise my
(our) light quotient so that I (we) may become a body of luminous light and
love. Shower me (us) with the protection of your beloved Archangels with
Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron; ensure that I (we are) am
protected on all aspects of my (our) being.

I (we) invoke the beloved Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos and
overseer of the Earth, I (we) ask you to assist and add your energy to this
healing meditation today.

I (we) invoke the caring and nurturing soul of Mother Earth to
witness, energise and accept the healing given to her today.
Focus on your inner being and breathing, allow yourself to
experience the divine and powerful energy that you have invoked. Sit
peacefully for as long as you wish to absorb their energy into your being,
imagine, sense or feel the high vibrational energy melting into every aspect
of your body, you can also focus on breathing in the energy with every
breath you inhale.
When you feel sufficiently luminous and are sure of the divine
presence and energy around your being, you can continue with the meditation.
It is important to see or feel yourself illuminated with light.
Imagine or sense the world as a whole jewel as if you are viewing
it from space. See or sense yourself as a glorious light on the vast Earth.
You are like a beacon on the Earth sharing the light of the Creator with
others. Taking this image and idea, place your focus back into your reality
and body. Imagine or sense your inner light growing brightly from your body
and begin to extend it out into your aura, the place that you sit within and
your greater surroundings. Continue to expand your energy, you are a
limitless being of light and the continuous light which flows from the
Creator is powerful enough to engulf the whole planet Earth. Imagine or
accept that the energy you expand is melting into the Earth and healing
Mother Nature, melting into the souls of many, into their houses, clothes
and realities. You are a limitless and powerful being, healing energy from
the Creator flows through your being enhanced by Lord Buddha and the
Archangels. Feel the healing energy flow through your body and know that as
you are sending healing to others, you are receiving energy and cleansing
your being of any impurities.
I (we) now send my (our) deepest of blessings and love from my
(our) soul(s) to Mother Earth and her inhabitance on the Earth. May the
healing energy sent today contribute to the rising influence of peace on the
Earth and within every being. Let love and harmony replace fear and
negativity and let us all accept healing now allowing our soul to blossom
from within, guiding us forward to achieve our true purpose and soul's goals
on the Earth.
Creator let us all be a beacon of light wherever we go, let us
share our love through our actions and choices in life and most importantly
let us live in harmony as a planet within a vast and mystical universe.
For each person who has specifically asked for healing I (we)
light an ethereal candle of healing to stand by their side and emanate the
love, peace and healing energy they need into their aura and body. I (we)
send a healing candle and blessings to;
Eleanor Hughes, Paul Hirst, Abbey Rose Shaw Hirst, Lucy Hughes, Kathy
Hughes, Russell Hughes, Nigel Hughes, Kay Parker, Marina Davies, Susan
Davies, Carol Davies, Mandy Davies, Danny Hughes, Ian Hirst, Margaret
Clempson, Valerie Turbutt, Mariola Innes, Rita Garrett, Christopher Zabala,
Teresa Braum, Angelica Taube, Michael Taube, Ashley Curtis, Nancy Curtis,
Tim Curtis, Heidi Gozo, Isabella Gozo, Sally Stan, Toby Stan, Betty
Steffens, Pie Gozo, Kilmer Spencer, Major Smoot, Christian Fournier, Era
Adams, Darrin Nelson, Tracey Beltrano, Kevin Ralph Nelson, Karl Meyers, Ryan
Kilpatrick, Melinde Coetzee, Isabel Coetzee, Leo Erlank, Clive le Roux,
Marius van Dyk, Frans Cilliers, Suvi-Kristiina Pффkkіnen, Kylli Kukk, Maria
Doina, Niculae Alecu, Monica and her family, Coca and her family, Angela and
all our family, friends and the roumanian people, Niara, Lindzi Graham and
family, Donald Charles Payne, Nina Payne, Julie Payne, Dennis Payne, Alan
Payne, Natalie Hobson, Maurice Hobson, Peter Hill, Donna Falconer, John
Scruby, Catherine Boisson, Gilberte Boisson, Renщ Boisson, Johanna
Fullgrabe, Lovina Fullgrabe, Pico, David Borthwick, Ben, Werner Fullgrabe,
Ursula Lighting, Andrew Lighting, Sarek, May Crossland, Dennis Crossland,
John Vassallo, Jack Fenton, Carol Fenton, Peter, Glenys, Janet ,Graham,
Louise and Doreen.
May all be submerged in the love of the Creator to assist them in
their lives.
Thank you all for assisting me (us) in this healing meditation.

You may now simply continue to absorb the healing energy flowing
through your body from the Creator, sending it to situations in your life or
other people that you know are in need. When you have finished ask you aura
to take its normal expansion and affirm your protection once more.

Archangel Michael and the combined light of the
Wisdom of the Light.

Best wishes and Blessings,
www.wisdomoftheligh t.com



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