25 януари, 2008


January 24 , 2008

We are yet in another stage before the imminent arrival of the new, but as always, it is a necessary part of the process before we can move into the reality of our wildest dreams.
In this energy alert you will find information about:
Why you may feel as though you are grieving, sad, tense, anxious, and fearful;
What you are readying to match up to and why;
The recession and why we will not be affected;

When the new beginnings are actually due to arrive;
The sorrowful ending of my marriage to Phil;
A new excerpt from The Ascension Companion.
In order to progress into a very new beginning, we first had to detox and let go of all the seemingly unpleasant purging and releasing we experienced in 2007. The long process of 2007 affected many of us deeply, and we needed a time to release the human related effects of it (the stress and trauma, etc.). Part of January then, was a time for rest, tying up loose ends, and making some time for ourselves for self care and to tend to matters we could not tend to before, along with finishing the last few touches of readying for our new endeavors, or storefronts.
We also began the process of squeezing through “the tunnel,” or making our way to a very new “other side.” And this process was related to the detox process as well, as it created many severe aches and pains in our physical selves as we let go of the past experiences of 2007 while in this tunnel of birth.
Now, we are at the next level, and it involves a grieving for what is being left behind. We are indeed going into a very new beginning, and in order to arrive there, we must leave much of the old behind. This old is not about the remnants of our traumas from 2007, but about all the old of an old world and old reality that existed until now. This phase can manifest as feelings of loss, sorrow, great sadness, anxiety (as we can no longer hold onto our old securities), great fear, insomnia, feelings of insecurity and panic, a lack of confidence, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, and guilt, to name a few. And then again, you may feel like weeping as well. (When I watched the Democratic debates the other night, I cried because of the viscous attacks!)
Whether we are actually experiencing real losses in the physical reality or not, we can still experience these feelings for no apparent reason, as we are all so very connected to the whole and to each other.
Arriving in a new land means leaving the old land. And we are still in the final stages of our arrival. As we progress into this very new beginning, we will automatically be matched up with people, situations, and much of everything that is now a better fit or more perfect match for whom we are and how we are vibrating.
In a recent energy alert I mentioned that our relationship to food would be different now. We would now be at a vibrational place where we would simply and naturally attract to us and utilize the beneficial aspects of everything we ate, without having to consciously select severely healthy foods. And this is how it will be in regard to our very new beginnings.
The new will arrive for us, whether we like it or plan it or not! The new arrival of things which now match us much more perfectly, is happening all on its own. Through the old familiar and divinely orchestrated Law of Attraction, we will be matched up with individuals and situations that are a much better fit to where we are now vibrating.
And because these new changes are seemingly occurring without our consent, we may feel anxiety and trauma, a loss of control, and a discomfort in regard to our own power. But what is actually occurring, is that our souls are navigating for us, and they always know what is best. They are, as always, our truest and deepest guides. And this is what is creating the fall of the old as well.
How do we know what is a good match for us? How do we navigate through this process?
At first we may feel great tension as we are not remotely comfortable with what is occurring in our lives. It can feel like friction or a great resistance in regard to certain interactions and situations that are in our reality. Almost like a poking at our energy field, or an irritating burr under our saddle. This is an indicator that the match is not quite right…not a good fit, as we are resisting or simply feeling “not sure.” Ideally, we need to feel a “YES!” instead of a “maybe…” or a resounding “NO!”.
Another indicator is that an individual or situation will simply and very suddenly depart. This energy in form will leave our space very naturally and on its own, and not because we have consciously made a decision. The two energies then, can no longer share the same space. And we may not even consciously be aware of why…it just happens. These situations are being orchestrated at a higher level, and all is then in divine and perfect order, even though it may not feel like it.
There are other situations that can arrive as well. We can come to in impasse in a relationship, but adjustments can be made by either or both parties, and they can then continue on at a higher level together. But both parties must be willing either consciously or subconsciously to continue together as they climb their coinciding ladders of evolution as a team. And they must also be a match for their next steps or endeavors together while being separate as well.
At higher levels of reality, we do not have just “one” person that serves to fulfill all our needs or even joys. It is not possible. One individual might be perfect as a spouse in a variety of ways, one as a working partner, another as a “shared interest” partner, and yet another as a compassionate friend in time of need, and so forth. In this way, we are all brothers and sisters and deeply connected as friends. In the old world, we seem to believe that all these eggs must be in one basket. But until much of our ego selves are no longer present, this way of being will not be a reality. So for now, we seem to find an individual who fits us in as many ways as possible, although not in all ways.
So then, there are many scenarios possible as we adjust and tweak our energies for this very new beginning.
If you are not sure about things, simply allow yourself to be. Do not feel that you need to be making any decisions right now. The dust will eventually settle if you can allow yourself time to have no agenda and to give yourself space for self care and peaceful rest. All will be revealed in its own, as each layer of deeper truth will float to the surface one by one.
You can also take some time to go to your deepest levels of who you think you are. What really and truly fits you? What do you want for yourself that does not involve what you think you have to or need to do? Disregard what you may think is “right.” Disregard the ideas others may have for you. Try and imagine letting go of any responsibilities you think you are supposed to have. What have you always been really about? Guilt may arise at this point, but if you can, simply allow it to pass and be ready to go onto the next phase of what you truly deserve, as this is your divine path of new beginnings. You are supposed to be on this path, so it is OK to be there.
When we experience loss, or a dis-connect from the old, we usually feel as if we cannot get comfortable anywhere. We may not know where we belong. Tapping into our true and divine selves can serve to re-anchor us.
The falling of the old, in regard to the economy can be affecting us as well, but we can know that we will not be affected in any way as long as we are connected to a very new beginning. The new beginning is in a new reality. If we believe that we are still a part of the old, or what is now leaving, we will most certainly find ourselves in fear and anxiety. The more we are tapped into and connected to the mainstream or old reality, the more we will most likely experience these feelings. If we can focus on what is coming, and not on what is leaving, this can greatly help, and will place us in a space of the new.
What is true and right for each and every one of us is what will remain. What is leaving our spaces, is what is not longer a match or what is no longer in our best interest in regard to our very new beginning. This relates to the old world as well, and most certainly the economy or recession at hand. These old ways can no longer exist, so hence, a recession is now occurring.
How will we survive? Quite easily, for a few reasons. Our storefronts will now be in great demand, as many will now be ready for what we have to offer. We are not tied in to the mainstream, so we will not be affected by it. “Isn’t the mainstream where the money is?” you may wonder. There will always be money, until we have evolved into a reality where it does not exist. Our storefronts are designed to bring in that money so we can survive while we are finalizing a lifestyle where we no longer need money.
Our storefronts are what will still tie us to the old, but we will only be involved in these storefronts for limited times, as they will exist in part in the reality of the old and we cannot be there for long periods of time. Our storefronts will contain energies of great compassion and love for others. This in itself is a higher vibrating energy and allows for them to continue existing.
In the meantime, we will be connecting with our “families,” or communities, as we begin creating the New World, which will not be connected to the old. And this New World will evolve into a reality where no money exists. Some might say and have possible epiphanies of higher states of consciousness regarding how things truly exist at higher levels, and rightfully so. But we can only be where we are now. We do not exist at these higher levels yet in form, even though we may get glimmers of them. We are evolving into them, and the vast majority is not living in these much higher states of consciousness yet. This is how evolution works. We evolve, the masses catch up, and we evolve again. Even though we may believe that things should be this way or that way, we must first be these ways ourselves before we are a match for them, or before we can arrive there. Just having them in our heads is not enough, but it is the beginning.
There will be another opportunity for accessing a higher reality that will occur on February 11th. This date, and the windows of energy that surround it, will serve as an anchor and support for the arrival of the new. This will be a pivotal point in regard to the new. So we still have some time yet, even though things will begin unfolding in a leisurely way before then.
At the core of our being, we want everyone there with us. We are very much a part of a vast whole, deeply love each other, and want to be together with all our brothers and sisters.
I have shared with you over months past a wonderful man named Phil. And because you have shared with me, I must continue in this sharing. Phil and I can no longer be together as we once were. With respect for his privacy, I am not able to reveal any details of our sudden and deeply sorrowful parting. This has been a most difficult time for us both, and I have grieved over this loss and the loss of a dream that could never be at the depths of my being. I have never cried so many tears.
Does this mean that there will never be any hope for new relationships, and that they never work out? Please know that it does not. I so greatly appreciate the love and support sent our way by all of my readers in regard to our marriage. I am unable to go into our personal details, but know that wonderful relationships, and marriages that last forever are always a possibility.
As we go through this latest phase of readiness for our very new beginnings, always know that we are in this together, as the brothers and sisters we came to be.
If you are not a subscriber to the email notification list that a new energy alert has now been posted on this web site, I have created a special page linked to this energy alert that includes a book excerpt that you would have missed if not an email subscriber (the emails always contain free book excerpts). It goes into much more detail about the ascension experience of loss that many have experienced. Access this excerpt.
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...
Until next time,
For Your Reading Pleasure Today
A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:
LOSS, LOSS, AND more loss. The ascension process is
designed to create considerable amounts of loss. I suppose that
we get used to it after awhile, but in the beginning it can really
shake us up. One would think that it would become damaging to
the human spirit, but there is a specific reason and purpose for
all this loss, and things eventually do get better.
If you have ever found yourself crying for no apparent reason, it
is usually because you are feeling great loss, even though
nothing is apparent in your outside reality. Feeling great sadness
is also a manifestation of a knowingness at higher levels that
much is leaving. Weeping and sadness usually occur when we are
losing darker and denser aspects of ourselves. After all, we have
lived with these traits for a very long while, and even though it
isn't in our best interest to keep them, it is still sad to feel them
depart. Sadness usually occurs when much is about to depart at a
global level, in regard to the mass consciousness. When we are
feeling this overwhelming sadness, most everyone else is as well.
We are all in this together.
It can, at times, be confusing to be feeling so much sadness,
weepiness, and heightened emotion for no apparent reason, but
energetically, there is much going on. These symptoms are
simply proof of the pudding.
In addition to much departing in regard to who we are, or old
ways and old energy, and many other lower vibrating nonphysical
creations, we are also experiencing loss at physical
levels. Friends, relationships, family members, jobs, careers,
homes, animal companions, and much of all else in the physical
are leaving our spaces at a rapid and regular pace. At one point in
my process, I went through a re-birth and lost virtually all of my
friends and a cat in one week!
We can experience loss in a variety of ways. People in our lives
can leave through the 3D death process. These individuals have
decided at soul levels that they do not wish to experience the
ascension process while in a physical body here on Earth. There
are various openings or opportunities that arrive at specific
energetic times, and it is during these times that we usually see
many individuals departing all at the same time. Of course,
people can leave at any time, but these energetic opportunities
usually take many people with them. Generally speaking, when
souls feel complete with something, they will depart. So then,
some stay until a pivotal point is reached energetically on the
planet, and others leave when it is right for them and those
around them.
Losing those close to us can occur in other ways as well. We
generally lose people through ascension for two reasons: 1) We
begin vibrating differently and this causes a mismatch in
energies. Lower and higher vibrating energies cannot exist in the
same space for very long, and 2) As the vibration of the planet
increases on a regular basis, it then causes New and different
scenarios and personal purposes to arise. New roles are then
activated for us. In this way, some of us may part in order to
fulfill pre-designated roles that we agreed to fill at specific times
in our evolutionary process. It can be sad to say good-bye to a
good friend because they have a role that is not quite related to
yours. But know that we will eventually meet up again in the end.
We can also experience separation or New and unusual feelings
regarding our physical families of origin. As we are re-born or
reincarnated again through ascension, the purpose of our
original family members is no longer needed. This usually
creates a different type of relationship or a relationship that
Losing a job results from a disconnect from the Old World
reality. We can no longer be involved in these old ways and it is
also difficult to work when going through ascension. Our
attention needs to be somewhere else as we are beginning to
connect more strongly to Source. Most other things that leave us,
do so because we are no longer a vibrational match. In order to
arrive in the higher realms, we have to be vibrating at the level of
the higher realms. As we begin vibrating higher, then, these
lower vibrating energies can no longer be where we are or go
where we are going.
If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to come to
terms with loss. As many things leave our lives, better and more
suitable things begin to arrive for us. As the New most certainly
begins to arrive, it is much more in alignment with who we now
are and fits us so much better! Know that you are also becoming
lighter and lighter and learning that an attachment to Source is
your only real and necessary attachment."
May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light
your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are
all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!

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