08 февруари, 2008

2008 Message from Sanatkumara

2008 Message from Sanatkumara

I, Sanatkumara, Am the bearer of all life for Earth. I am the Father to the humanity that now calls Earth home. Many of you have come from other solar systems to infuse Earth with a new consciousness. Over the past 100 years or so, the energy has peaked and waned and now is in a critical factor of change.

I, Sanatkumara, Am the guiding force for Earth and lead the Spiritual Hierarchy, Angelic Realms and other ascended Masters who send their teachings to each of you. My teachings have infiltrated this planet in many ways and through many people. In the next 7 years you will find that all you believe shall be tested. All that you have learned shall be renewed.

What is rising now is Truth--the Truth of you and so much more. The Divine Plan for humanity is the healing of your separateness. As above so below must become your reality. The lower self must marry the higher Self. The feminine must marry the masculine and create a balance. This complete human is the sign of the new times.

Mastery is an innate wisdom and is awakening in every human. The purpose of coming from other civilizations to Earth is to bring that higher evolutionary consciousness into Earth’s gravity—the physical body.

In separateness, and once fear is present, you experience a pulling away of the life-force and give into a place of subservience that further weakens you. As light-workers you have a responsibility to yourself, to God, to others, to uphold your purpose and your LIGHT.

In wholeness you experience balance, self-love, self-esteem and inner peace. When the lower and higher Self marry you act out the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan is strengthened by the group consciousness. As you come together to heal your individuality, the group energy is strengthened as well, which projects into the Divine Plan. This practice of oneness is necessary to smooth out the crevasse of separation.

I was instrumental in opening the energetic pathways and grids in Egypt in 2007 to heal the separation of separateness. This dispensation of energy lays the base to construct a new foundation for the individual personality to stand in wholeness.

Earth is constructed by a series of grids that harmonize to the Divine Plan which feeds into a universal structure. The physical body corresponds to this magnetic grid. To reach the higher realms of consciousness the lower vibratory grids (nadis) of the physical body must reconnect to the axiatonal lines in the greater universe.

There are other locations on Earth that activate this grid. The Taj Mahal grid activates a living love, an open heart memory that rises up through the spinal column and into the brain. This powerful grid at the Taj Mahal was opened and activated in 2006 to herald in a higher vibration of Love onto Earth. Your own physical body through the central nervous system also grounds Light signals and reconnects all seven major fields (chakras) in relation to the primitive brain stem and cerebral cortex. This is similar to activating the Kundalini.

The pyramidal structures in Egypt send signals to other vortex points around the world. When a grid is activated as in Egypt and at the Taj Mahal (and other places) it sends a vibrational chord/sound into the axiatonal lines which then links to the physical body though the central nervous system. This increases your vibratory rate, thus urging an alignment and healing of the separation between the lower and higher Self.

On a more mundane level, feelings and thoughts of fear, confusion, denial and unworthiness disconnect the grid--both physically and universally. These shadow/darkness aspects of the self create more separation and it becomes harder and harder to sustain the love of the Self. This alters the connection to your Radiant Self (the part of you that is spiritually free--no-karma). The grids hold codes that activate Soul memory. As you experience powerful vortex regions around the world, the codes activate and release the Soul from the cause and effect which is karma.

Ancient Egypt seeded the first human. By traveling to the region you recapture your original patterning of purpose—the true reason you came to Earth. In Egypt last year, I, Sanatkumara, released karma by activating the codes of Supreme Light. I provided a place to unfold your greatest inner peace along with the piece that has been missing-- your True Divine Self.

Other locations around world hold similar power as Egypt: Bali is where the original patterning of the feminine began. In 1999 the grid was activated to assist humanity to heal the separation of the feminine and the masculine archetypes that is so obvious in the western cultures.

The choice of fear and negativity, instead of love or compassion slows the energy of the grids (personally and collectively). Repair and reactivation is necessary to maintain a higher frequency for humanity to move into these upcoming years.

In 2008, events this year will become more pronounced in the developing of the Divine Plan. Humanity personally will have an opportunity to choose between unconditional Love and fear. The aspects of self, feminine and the masculine energy unite together heals the lower and higher Self separation. This must become your focal point.

I Am the father, I Am Sanatkumara. I love you.


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