08 февруари, 2008

AA Michael.:.WISDOM OF THE LIGHT:The Life Force Energy

Archangel Michael
through Natalie Sian Glasson
Healing is simply breathing life force energy into a person or the Earth. Everything is so physical on the Earth, this is a part of the lesson but the Earth’s vibration has lowered to a level where the life force energy to an extent is not very prominent on the Earth and yet it is the source of our being. To truly be healed we must open our being and body to the life force energy of the Creator, breathing it into every moment of our life, charging our food and everything we touch with life force energy. Life force energy cannot be seen, for some it cannot be felt around the body but it is real and once you focus on absorbing it into your body you will notice your health increasing, your happiness climaxing as your soul rejoices in the support that it needs and is finally obtaining. Life force energy is similar to oxygen, we need it to live, we wouldn’t starve our self of oxygen willingly and yet we starve our self of life force energy; the light, love or universal energy of the Creator.

Life force energy is naturally within each of us but due to our life styles needs to be topped up or drawn into our bodies and lives so we may live a healthily connected life to the energy of the Creator rather than a life where we grow lower and lower in vibration, mood and determination for life itself.
If you feel as though you have a weight dragging or slowing you down, as if you need more enthusiasm or energy to get up and go even more happiness in your life then I urge you to invoke the life force energy of the Creator into your being, breath it in as though you are filling your lungs with fresh clean air. In truth it is cleansing and will dissolve all the negative energies that hold onto your being as residue or influential energies.
When you receive healing from a practitioner, a friend, the angels or even yourself; by being open to healing you are attracting the healing energy or life force energy into your body which uplifts you in many unimaginable ways. So whenever you feel low or in need of healing focus on your breathing and invoke the positive life force energy of the Creator into your being, breathing it in as though it is fresh clean air. I ask you to focus on this practice for the week throughout your day and be aware of any changes that occur but each time you intend to breath or absorb the life force energy into your body remember to invoke the positive life force energy of the Creator first, to be sure that you are linking with this important energy. This will have a positive impact on your body and will strengthen your connection to the Creator thus making you receptive to the constant flow of healing energy from the Creator.
Blessings and healing vibrations,
Archangel Michael
May you walk in the love and light always,
Natalie Sian Glasson was born in to this physical life in July 1984 in Carmarthen, South Wales UK. After a short period of opening her channel she began to write her first book channelled to her by Archangel Michael and fellow light Beings. The Book is Titled .... "WISDOM OF THE LIGHT." Natalie Has now completed her second book with the help of her Guide and constant companion from the Fairy Kingdom, Butterfly Moon who is a communicator between Kingdoms. The Book is Titled ... "Butterfly Moon WISDOM OF THE FAIRIES."
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