09 февруари, 2008

AA Metatron .:. Uncertainty is Freedom from the Absolute

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Uncertainty is Freedom from the Absolute by Metatron

Beloved guardians of light, I have come to offer a message of hope, of love. I am Metatron.

Warrior souls, the time has arrived for great internal and external shifting into greater consciousness. You who claim the mystery of faith claim great deeds and blessings from on high. We walk with you, we honor your courageousness and we shine forth with you heralding the new age of one-love.

Never before in the history of this beloved planet has there been a time like so. Before now there have only been unmatched rivals to the very event that each of you are presently partaking in. This event is one of planetary measure for even those with relative unconsciousness shall take part in the new and rising sun.

What the company of heaven has in store for those who consciously follow the energy of truth is divine indeed, for they are those who set the example and paved the way to create the possibility for all. If ever there were a time to be a part of earth and humanity, that time is now.

As the new waves wash over the shores of your barren land many will be washed out to sea in attempt to reclaim the lives of yesterday. This is no longer a possibility though it may take many attempts at the old to realize this fully. Contrarily, we urge you now to take delight in the new energy that is available for each of you and to marvel in wonder of such possibility.

The change that many are already beginning to feel is the result of great solar activity, the waves of photonic energy that emit from the central sun are encoded with higher frequencies than ever and your cellular receptors are increasingly able to handle more and more of these waves. As you begin to engage more fully in the pure radiance of your being, you will unite with the solar essence within to become the gods and goddesses that you are destined to be.

Right now many of you have a foothold on the incoming surges but fail to realize the total power of the frequency of this new light. On behalf of the spiritual hierarchy, I wish to remind you of the incredible capability that this new energy holds for transformation. You are the master creators of your reality now. Create with intention and you shall be fulfilled.

As the new day dawns the rising sun shall reign over the new lands with greater integrity. Any lack of morale shall truly be seen in new light and all those with hidden agendas shall be exposed for greater truth. It is a time of remuneration and glory, and the spiritually fit shall step forth in new positions of leadership. Behold the day when the awakened-ones rule.

The transformational period is drawing to a close and those who will be fortifying their intentions with the solar energy of the new sun shall find that glory and prestige of honor will be laid upon them.

In this time of walking in between worlds there is still the continuing onslaught of confusion and inner-turmoil, restlessness with fatigue, purging and detoxification, revisiting of old wounds and with the surety that the old has no place in the Golden Age.

As you continue to embark upon the final stage of this journey home you will most likely be met with temptation to engage in the outworn. We alert you to stay fixed on the future that is assured and to remain steadfast in your pursuits, for a day of reckoning is truly at hand.

Those who choose to honor the call in their hearts shall be lifted unto new levels of creation. Those harboring callousness shall find that the way forward involves greater vision and expansion into the whole of humanity. The tides shift and absolution finds the faithful. This is the way of new energy, the way of co-creation.

As you lay down the parts of you that no longer serve yourself nor the whole, you will naturally be in a position to fill that void with greater light. Entering in the new involves releasing the old and those who are willing to live in the uncertainty of present moment creation will find the greatest rewards.

Uncertainty is freedom from the absolute and the absolute has no place here. Enter your new contracts in faith of uncertainty and you will be vastly rewarded.

The support of heaven is now on earth and can take you beyond the finite and into the vastness of your true capabilities as co-creators of divinity. The time is now, the gap between worlds is closing in and soon you will find that those whom you left behind suddenly reappear on your broadened landscape. No more is there time for second guessing your truest desires, for your truest desires are too soon to arrive.

A time of restoration and abundance is at the fore.

What appears before you shall truly represent the new you, the new humanity and the new earth that is destined for all to partake in. New commands have been decreed by the force of heaven and the light of action for a better way. Those commands are due to commence before you.

Take heed warriors! The light of new life awakens within. Be at peace always, I Am Metatron.

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