10 февруари, 2008

Infinite Being .:. The Inspiration of Humanity

The Inspiration of Humanity
by Owen Waters

The universe is designed to be reflective. Whatever you put
out comes back to you. This is called the Law of Action and
Reaction, the Law of Karma, or is simply referred to using the
phrase, "What goes around comes around."

However, in spiritual work, there is a way to increase what
comes around. What goes around can actually come back as more
than you gave, and this involves a paradox.

In your spiritual practices, you can generate a deep feeling
of peace and inspiration; one which brings a wonderful sense of
spiritual upliftment. For example, in your meditations, you may
become inspired with a vision of a future world filled with
peace and freedom for all.

You may see, in your mind's eye, a future world where everyone
on the planet is safe, and where you can travel to anywhere on
the planet with ease. In this future, you see that everyone is
consciously aware of their heart's connection to the hearts of
each and every other human being on the planet. In this
supportive environment, everyone has complete freedom to
express their unique creativity as their contribution to a
loving society.

As you breathe deeply of the clean, fresh air in that vision
of the future, you feel your connection to the Mother Earth and
to the life-giving Sun which shines ceaselessly upon our world.
Then, you send your love and gratitude to the Earth and the
Sun, and wait in quiet anticipation as those great, conscious
beings send their love and inspiration to you in return.

While in that state of deep inspiration, it occurs to you that
most of humanity desperately needs this type of upliftment;
that most souls on this planet today are starving in a
self-created, spiritual wilderness. This brings you to the
realization that you have the opportunity to be of service to
humanity through an act of self-sacrifice; through an act of
giving up that which you have in order to help others who would
not otherwise be helped.

While in this state, the sense of unconditional love that you
have for humanity virtually begs you to help those who are not
yet equipped to do this for themselves. If you now give that
state, that energy, that feeling of inspiration away to the
group consciousness of humanity, then you have created a vacuum
within yourself.

By the law of action and reaction, that vacuum must be filled.
However, an act of self-sacrifice in service to others has a
side-effect: It raises the frequency of your consciousness
higher than it was before. So, when the vacuum becomes filled
with inspiration and upliftment from the universe, it is filled
with an even higher frequency of consciousness than before.

Because of that, you will have become more inspired and more
uplifted than ever before. By the act of sacrificing that which
you had, you will actually gain more than you had before. Such
is the paradox of love in action.

It is also the basis of the ancient path of Karma Yoga - the
pathway to God through action and service.

By giving spiritual energy to mankind, you tread a pathway of
spiritual action. This powerful pathway of giving what you
have, in order to inspire others, is one that leads you to
continually higher states of inspiration along your own
spiritual path.

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