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AA Gabriel .:.2008: The Year of Developing New Communication Technology

The Year of Developing New Communication Technology,
as we Reveal the Soul's Compassionate Heart

2008 promises to be an unusual year. There are two primary things that will be going on for all of you. The first and most primary thing about 2008 for you as individuals can be found in the fact that it is the midpoint of a 9 year cycle of introducing the integration of soul potential.

This process of introduction to the soul began its 9 year cycle on June 6, 2004.
This date marked the passing of Venus between the Sun and the Earth in retrograde, forming a 9 year cycle before Venus (which energetically represents the connection to the soul consciousness in the macrocosm of universal symbols) will make the same crossing back in the other direction. This all began on a sacred date - 6 + 6 + 6, when you consider that 2004 = 2+0+0+4, which is 6 in numerology. (June is the 6th month, 6th day and year that adds up to 6 as well.)

The symbol of the 666 mentioned in The Book of Revelations, marks the time when the planet reaches its greatest point of separation from source. The old system of duality has interpreted that as evil. We prefer to call it the move away from sacred source, as you explore and grow in the "outbreath" of creation.

However, you have now ended that move or outbreath and it is now time to wake up and realize you have reached a critical point of separation, defense and disconnection in mass consciousness. You need to allow the pendulum swing of that outbreath to stop, so that you can move fully into an inbreath that is quite remarkable, moving back to a deeper awareness of source.

You have reached a time on the planet when you are moving into the stillness of a quiet pendulum swing, getting ready to breathe yourselves into a whole new depth of potential, creating and remembering a direct connection with the essence of your sacred souls.
As Venus passed through in retrograde in 2004, this 9 year cycle will put you all through a process of revealing and hopefully healing anything that remains in duality. For it is duality, your judgment and shame, that block you from the neutrality required for the soul to emerge into the conscious experience of your lives.

As you now reach the midpoint of the 9 year cycle of soul preparation and introduction, you are literally creating an energetic bridge for the soul - which will only be experienced consciously if you are doing your inner healing work to resolve your wounded emotional body.

Those who are not doing that work will literally find the fight of their wounded feelings and negative beliefs putting them into deeper hell, as the soul is pushing those charged parts of self up and out of the subconscious in every way possible - so that the feelings may rise and the misunderstood charge of duality created in the soul set up of challenges that has been perfect for each individual can be resolved and released.
We have been telling you these things for seventeen years now, urging you to look within, to look to the limitations, fears, judgment and shame with a compassionate heart - so that you could introduce wiser approaches to your lives as you re-parent the wounded inner child that has been at the core of your wounding.

Well, you are no longer in a time of preparation. You are now in a time of emergence and reconnection to all the parts of Self. And it is your choices that will determine how graceful this process will be for each one of you. But we do want you to be quite clear that there is no escaping this rise and shift in your reality, as it is shifting for each and every one of you in unprecedented ways!

For those who are doing the work, this will be a time to make peace with neutrality, even if your egos want a "hit" of gratification and glamour from the old familiar drama or want something to make you feel special, or others of you still want to accomplish some agenda of compensation for not having had a real sense of Self in the old paradigm. Only by letting go of these things will you be able to move into the neutrality that becomes the womb space to birth the new experiences of soul connection that to emerge in this time.

Another thing that will rise from the integration of neutrality deep inside will be the emergence of soul gifts this year in a way that has not taken place as of yet - such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience, and many other surprises. Those things cannot come up within your old desire for glamour. They come up from the stripped down truth and essence of reality as it truly exists. So continue to allow the stillness, practice being quiet from the inside out as you move into this year.

The second primary thing that will be happening this year is quite different than what we have shared in past years. We share them at this time because you are more prepared to become aware of deeper aspects of creation as they are unfolding. By opening this new consciousness, you can begin to align your intentions to work WITH these energetic shifts.

At this time the Ascended Mastery and the planetary hierarchy are working diligently to restructure the energetic grids of your planet. They are doing some major, unprecedented shifts to find the alignments, seeking ways to best support the unprecedented shift and awakening to soul consciousness on your planet.

Within the past and even present commitments of mass consciousness, which are still quite destructive and asleep in many ways... the desire and defense nature that you have known and acted out would have created even greater havoc on the planet as everything is now so accelerated energetically.

For instance, you have already created great havoc in your ecosystems, as an example. You are losing thousands and thousands of species of animals and plants on the planet rather constantly as a result. This is creating quite an imbalance that you don't have the foresight to see. All we can say is that it is time to awaken and respond in every way that you can!
In order to begin understanding the energetic shifts that are being initiated, we are dividing the year into three segments of four months, as we have done in several of the past years.

This year will involve a time of SET UP, a time of TESTING and a time of


To begin to understand what is going on, we will say that the universe, as well as your planet is like a giant circulatory system, operating through various frequencies and purposes to form the grid of life. This is a grid that has not really been altered since the beginning of Earth's history and the imprinting of 12 archetypes of Divine Mind.
For those who are new to the subject, the Earth is made up of beings from 12 star systems. In other words, these 12 star systems make up your original origins. The miracle of the Earth experience is that you have all come here with the potential of combining the essences of 12 archetypes of Godmind as one unified experience - something that has never been done in Ascension before. This is more remarkable than you can logically understand.

As this is new to the hierarchy and Ascended Mastery, they are now working to find the energetic grids and setups for your planet that will best serve in this Ascension and awakening of the soul. In order for that to happen, we will start introducing some new information and concepts that are meant to shake up the illusions that have held you in a limited view of creation, illusions that need to be challenged into deeper truths.
As you reach this midpoint of connecting to the soul, we have decided it is time to introduce some of these deeper realities - starting with this Overview of 2008.

The interferences with the planet's emotional body and ecosystem created by your collective choices, along with a great deal of energetic pollution, have caused problematic waves in the gridwork or circulatory system of your planet. And you need deeper assistance in working it all out for the awakening of these 12 archetypes of Godmind to become and integrated experience of oneness and unity.

That is the simplest reasons that these new attempts to connect the network in healthier ways is taking place, to facilitate the most powerful and graceful unfoldment of the Divine Plan for your individual lives and for the planet as a whole.

As you reach this critical shift, each individual is approaching an important part of their own soul development. At this time some of you will create a more conscious connection to your oversoul (the history of all your lifetimes), as well as to your part in the Divine Plan.

During this time, particularly in the first four months, many network grid connections will be taken out that you have known, so that they can be re-established in more effective support of the Divine Plan. For instance, one major shift will be in the Michael line of energy in England.
The planet is also unknowingly being affected by the fact that you have created genetic alterations, by mixing genes of various kingdoms. This is not a good idea, as it creates a permanent displacement and alterations in the balance that exists naturally. What you may not realize is that this can create major, major problems for you in the future. This is exactly what the Atlanteans did so long ago that added to the destructive imbalance they created.

As you go through the three parts of this year, grids will be shifting and put into place through various experiments in the network of sacred sites around the world, as the Ascended Mastery is finding what will create the strongest healing effect. Once this takes place, they can begin to build the pipeline to connect the whole planet.

In addition, there will be other impactful events taking place on the planet to help plant the seed that direct soul connection is indeed possible.

Another new concept that we want to approach and educate is the concept of immaculate conception. That is because this year there will be some beings who are born much more fully soul connected from the beginning, less hidden behind the veils of the personality. We will go so far as to call these births from immaculate conception.

This is a term that has been much misunderstood on your planet. For instance, the one Jesus was born of immaculate conception. This merely means that his birth took place at a very high level of energetic support, so that he could be born as a consciously connected soul. Immaculate conception has nothing to do with the absence of a sexual connection and partnership between the mother and father.

We know this challenges the religious perspectives that have been presented for so long. However, if we introduce new concepts that challenge your myths or misunderstandings, it has the potential to awaken deeper power within the people, even if it is not popular by those who have an agenda to maintain a control over the people.

So take what we say and see if it triggers truth for you. If not, throw it out the "proverbial window." We merely encourage you to look deeper within, as this will be a time that everything you know will be challenged to stretch and deepen. That is a scary prospect to the personality and ego, but it opens a remarkable empowering potential as well.
These new babies will be born to plant seeds of what is possible into the grids of the new soul potential.

As you begin to awaken to more of your soul gifts this year, we also want to talk about the concept of miracles. The Christed One from 2000 years ago did miracles. What we want you to know is that this is within the ability and potential of every soul. This potential is merely opened to by letting go of the limitations of what you have decided about the way the world is and what the limitations have been... What we are beginning to share is to encourage you with more clues to trigger and encourage this death and rebirth.
Death and rebirth takes place every day in who you are and who you are have been. This even happens every day with your body's cells. With this understanding and little stretching, we ask you why it wouldn't be possible to bring back someone from the dead.

The whole point of this conversation is to de-mystify the interpretation that the churches have put out there, so that the power can be returned to the people in their deeper understanding. After all, this is an unprecedented time for soul truths, which include immaculate conception of souls to be born, and a return from the experience of you all being "dead" in many ways into the experience of life!

As you move into the SET UP of the first four months, new communication lines will be put into place in the manipulation of the energetic grids around the planet. This will not be just for the purpose of an instantaneous connection of all things, but to create a more conscious connection of the 12 star systems that make up this planet as a teaching device.
For those who are new to this concept, some of the star systems include Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades, Lyra, Sirius, Bootes, Vega and Alpha Centauri.

These new grids are attempting to awaken in your all, and much will work be connected during your sleep, more fully when you give permission.

By changing a few gridline connections, such as the Michael line in England and the lesser known Goshen line in France, you will create a greater international connection. Only time will tell which shifts will be most effective for the dissemination of the Divine Plan to move forward.

As this takes place, what you will see mirrored is a reflection of deeper changes. On the surface, the planet will become more restless or unsettled. There will be feelings like something is threatening your comfort zones. After all, change is not something readily accepted by the ego defense.

New set ups will also be discovered in businesses and in the ways you relate to one another. New educational materials will be introduced as well, as a new system of education is prepared. It will seem controversial to begin.

This will all take place through the awakening of some of your soul gifts, such as the gift of prophecy and seeing reality in ways you never have before. We suggest that you make clear choices with discernment as you move forward, as you will be using whatever you integrate for the remainder of your soul set up.

For instance, we suggest you might ask the Divine Mind to work with you for your highest good, stating whether you feel you are ready for more information and connection or not. And keep in mind that the whole purpose of this expansion is to finally move beyond the separated self into WE Consciousness.

This may be a confusing time for many of you. There will be daily energetic shifts and experiments in the first weeks of January, as an example.
It is important to understand that the shifts taking place will be to create a balance of what serves the whole. Each of the star systems will have a representative in the process of discovering these grids before the energies are released to the people at large.
There will be many energetic shifts in the body. It will sometimes feel like parts of the body get plugged into an electric socket, while at other times you will feel almost passive or dull.

Some of your leaders on the planet have an entirely different agenda - one of control. For instance, they want to get certain things under control that that have been revealed in their errors. They are not worried so much about being popular any more. They just want their agendas put in place.

Sometimes things will seem to move faster than ever, and yet when things go beyond the speed of light, you will perceive that things are standing still. You do not have the capability to perceive energy on this level at this stage in your development.
It will be difficult for any practical people to lead at this time, as they don't have the sufficient awareness to be able to manipulate and direct the forces that are taking place at this time. However, as you move through it all, you will awaken to more potential empowerment and healing than ever.

Keep in mind that the old direction the planet was moving in would have been devastating with acceleration and the levels of denial that were taking place. However, in the new configurations, people will have access to more information than ever. This can empower humans in ways you haven't imagined.

This whole process will take a lot of energy out of people, so you may have some exhaustion and even more pains in the body - particularly areas of the back, spine and shoulders, as well as fingers and toes. The pains in the extremities will take place if there is particular resistance to reaching out into the world. There will be symptoms in the throat, with lots of phlegm in the lungs as well.

On the flip side, you will find that there is an adorable innocence that may be revealing itself around you, a new kind of love that will emerge as you touch the hem of the garment of the soul more directly.

There will be greater activations in the dream state. People will even be giving the opportunity to share more directly with the hierarchy what their experiences of these new shifts are, so that you can take a more direct part in creating clarity about all that is taking place and the influence of these grid shifts.
There will be a doorway that opens when the new grids are put into place and activated. This will open you in unprecedented ways of relating to creation in the second part of the year.

The second four months of TESTING are when many new levels will be reached.
This will be a time of reconfiguration for approximately 500 different refinements in the energy grids are planned. This will fine tune what has been put into place in the first four months, affecting how you relate to different areas of the world.
For instance some of you will be attracted to live in new areas and less attracted to the ones that have always been dear to you. We encourage you to listen to your new inner awakenings.

As you go through this reconfiguration, the Ascended Mastery is attempting to do three things - to bring about a more conclusive solution for the distortions that have been in the ecosystem, to balance consciousness and energy for all the 12 archetypes of the godmind and the way they have been held in your religious codes, as well as to completely shift a desire to respond to the central core of the universe.

It will continue to be a time of great re-evaluation. For instance, you will begin in these four months to re-examine the parenting system, from the point of view of people waking up to what is taking place on the planet in deeper ways than ever.

Connecting to the central core of your universe energetically will allow you to feel more powerfully involved in creation and its evolution. The purpose is to find out many realities and possibilities to fulfill the Divine Plan.

This second four months will also be a time of testing individuals and the influence of the grid on individuals. You may feel like guinea pigs to a degree, as you are exposed to different energetic gridlines. Keep in mind, this is something that your souls are choosing, even if this is not fully conscious at this point. You will all be affected by these attempts at healing anyway.

The individual work will be experienced by most in the dream state, as we have shared before. There will tend to be lots of dreaming and clearer than usual, with more people remembering the impact that the dreams have on you.

It will seem sometimes as though the world you knew yesterday has changed overnight. And then tomorrow you will feel the old way again. This is the refining process that is taking place, affecting all the bodies physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.
Children will be particularly aware and affected by these connections. They are less complicated and convicted about the limitations that you have all known.

Sound work can be powerful during this time, as well as the use of healing bells, tuning forks and other healing tools to ground you with a more constant reference point. Remember in this time that this is all working to find the highest, most effective way of integrating the higher grids and codes of the soul.

There may be an increase in mental illness during this part of the year, as well as more nervous system conditions. This will come from an exaggerated sensitivity, as all of these shifts will affect the blockages that are still held in the body. Sometimes it will be difficult to hold on to a solid sense of reality, as you go through expansions.
You may seem to radiate in some ways. When this happens, sit and breathe. If you can listen to music or something that is grounding and simple during these waves of shifting, it may be helpful.

In the macrocosm, there will be a gradual revelation of more secrets that will probably take place in this segment of the year. This will continue into the third segment. Some of the grids that are being considered are accelerating your communication technologies, as you prepare for the soul level of connection.

People will seek some conclusive proof of all of this information, both for their own reassurance, as well as a desire to get the world at large on board with these healing changes.

Again we repeat, this is no longer a time of preparation. This is the actual learning curve of soul integration and putting new levels of being into action.

There will also be more specific support from individuals in the various star systems to help awaken you to your higher apparatus. We also want to mention that the soul gifts that awaken may not be the ones that you expect, as something new pops out for some of you and becomes evident in this new time.

The final four months will be the time of INTEGRATION and MANIFESTATION.
This will be a time to begin to learn how to work with these new gifts that begin to awaken. You will be guided more specifically as you are prepared to take your place in world service.

The Ascended Mastery is excited about the potential they are finding is coming forth, expecting that humanity could be able to conceive of and be able to experience up to 24 dimensions of energy. We tell you this to merely inspire the palette of colors that will become available to you.

This final four months will be a time to try out the new grids that have taken place in your individual choices. This will be a time when the Ascended Mastery gives you time to examine the grids that are being considered for the planet, with consideration to the evolution of all 12 archetypes of the Godmind that are present on the Earth. They also do not want you to end up like the Atlanteans.

During this time there will be an inspiration within many groups that have been trying to work with the emerging soul. Some will try many way out things, which they do not have the capacity to manifest. Remember that all of this is attempting to merely lead you into the experience of love.

Children born in this time will be born with some extra gifts that are more awakened. Adults may be startled as this happens for them as well. These revelations may shock others into awakening, as they consider more seriously the new realities that are emerging.
If you happen to be around when these new potentials occur, do your best to hold a sacred space of acceptance and love, as well as taking small groups of a similar energy to help hold the grids for the new children.

Over time, there will be a greater respect for the higher senses that are awakening and being born. The ones who have been preparing will feel affirmed and relieved in these new awakenings. Those awakening to telepathy will find it great to not have to worry about too many minutes on their "calling plans," we say to you to help keep things light.
In this last segment, you will notice big shifts in people and their tastes for various things. There may be overnight shifts for some. People may even begin dressing in very different ways or speaking of things with great praise that they used to condemn.

People will have many private awakenings and will accept this as a more natural thing than they have in the past. There will be less fear as more of the world becomes connected to more of what is possible.

This last segment will be a time of lots of new choices for people, particularly if you are influenced by Pluto or Jupiter, as well as those born under greater influence of Virgo and Libra. Even those in Pisces will be affected as the last age influences diminish more fully. They will have more clarity than in the duality of the last cycle.

Use this year, dear ones, to the greatest advantage. It will be more possible to create desired shifts in manifested form simply by a strength of focus and a gathering of your energy into that focus. You will seem more like magicians with some of your manifestations, which will be more readily focused in some areas than in others.
This will be a year of reevaluation in new ways than ever before, revealing more truths and planetary healing as you learn to relate in a new way. People will start to "get it" in ways that they never have been able to in prior stages. This is the beginning of soul value in awareness.

Show up fully for the revelation of the Divine Plan, as you embrace change and expansion with great compassion for yourselves and for one another.
This is the overview of 2008, the Year of Developing New Communication Technology, as you Awaken the Soul's Compassionate Heart.

Blessings to you all.

- Gabriel


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