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Arcturians .:. Meditation and Ascension

Meditation and Ascension
Juliano, the Arcturians, and Archangel Michael through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. There is a
parallel between the ascension of the Earth and your personal
ascension. The process that the Earth goes through, in many ways, is
reflective of the process that you personally go through for your
ascension. The reverse is also true. The process that you go through
can be parallel to the process that the Earth goes through.

Today we want to focus on the personal aspects of the ascension. We
want to focus on the personal issues that you individually may be
experiencing at this time in the ascension process. I know that many
of you experience physical problems, emotional problems and even
economic problems. The link with the ascension is a fifth-dimensional
one. This means that we seek to download higher energy from the fifth
dimension into our personal life, into each of our four bodies, which
include the mental, emotional, physical and the spiritual. Linking to
ascension includes the idea of energetically shifting our fields so
that we can process and receive fifth-dimensional energy.

Creation of Humans and the Link to the Feedback Loop

When we talked in previous lectures about Earth changes, we referred
to the feedback loop mechanism within the Earth. We discussed the fact
that there is a mechanism within the Earth that gets information from
the atmosphere and from different systems within the whole complex
Earth biosphere. From that information, certain corrections, or
feedbacks, are analyzed and changes are instituted. The Earth currents
in the oceans, for example, can be influenced by many different
variables, including the greenhouse gas phenomena. Also, the feedback
system can include the life forms in the oceans, such as the whales
and dolphins who actually are involved in the feedback loop for the
Earth. This is a surprising factor, as many people may not see the
importance of the whales or dolphins in the Earth changes or in the
feedback mechanism. Part of this is due to the telepathic abilities of
whales and dolphins to connect with the feedback loop mechanisms.
These feedback loop mechanisms go back to ancient times, and there are
not many mammals on the planet that can link to the ancient times.

I hope that you can see the parallel between this discussion of the
Earth and your own personal ascension. Obviously we are helping you to
link with the ancient energies of man, and this in particular can be
done through some of the Kabbalistic methods that Archangel Michael
will be talking to you about in this lecture. Basically, the ancient
energetic connections go back to Adam. Adam represents the first man,
but he does not necessarily represent the first "physical prototype."
In the evolutionary sense, there were Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal or
Hominids and other pre-Homo sapiens, such as the Australopithecus.
They all represented the physical form of man, but they did not
have all four bodies. The earlier versions that were mentioned did not
necessarily have the spiritual component. It is the downloading of the
spiritual component in the Cro-Magnon and Homo sapiens species that in
fact led to the first man. The first man, Adam, also contained the
feedback loop mechanism in his system that links all future men and
women. This first man was actually a hermaphrodite, which is the male
and female together.

In the understanding of your ascension, it behooves you to seek the
links within your self to the first Adam. We can also call the first
human Adam-Eve. The reason is that the core understanding and the core
codes and the core links for your ascension go back to that first
Adam, who contained both male and female parts. The whales and the
dolphins link to the first Earth life energies in the ocean the same
way you link back to the first Adam. You seek the link back to the
first Adam. This is a necessary link for your ascending.

Time to Update Your Feedback Loop Mechanism

Let us become more in the present, and let us look at your Earth life.
Let us say that there is also this feedback loop that is continually
processing information from your birth in this lifetime. Many of you
are starseeds who came into this time frame in order to ascend and to
take advantage of the certain multitudes of multidimensional energy
that are available.

The feedback loop in your lifetime is similar to the feedback loop in
the Earth, but we need to discuss some specifics. The feedback loop in
yourself is complicated, and frankly, many of you do not know how to
pay attention to the feedback loop. You have been given information by
your parents regarding who you are and how you were to be in your
childhood. You all know that you have inherited genetic codes. You
have inherited certain subconscious patterns and messages from your
parents that are really based on a narrow, singular view of reality.
This is part of the process of growing up in this time, in this
culture. As you have evolved, the feedback information on who you are
and how you are supposed to evolve often conflicts with the earlier
program that was developed and downloaded. This is another way to say
that you have to be attentive to the feedback loop. Your mental body
has to change. Your physical body has to change. Your emotional body
has to change. Your spiritual body has to change. Yet many of you are
still operating from the feedback process and programming that was
instilled or given to you as a child. So you have evolved and have
come to this great opening, this great understanding, of the fifth
dimension. Now it is time to update your feedback loop mechanism. Now
it is time to say that the images in your physical body are contained
in your subconscious. The images of your mental body are also
contained in your subconscious. The images of your emotional body and
your spiritual body need to be updated to this date of 2008. They need
to be updated to include the fact that you are a fifth-dimensional
being and that you are relating and integrating fifth-dimensional
energy. This can be incorporated successfully in all aspects of your
physical body so that your health, your welfare, the energy that you
are attracting in your social and economic life and emotional life,
can be uplifted. This will reflect the fifth-dimensional light, the
fifth-dimensional processes, which are part of you. (Tones ooooooohhhhhh. )

The Role of the Physical Body

You would hope that the physical problems you have can be influenced
by fifth-dimensional connections. Now, I want to speak a little bit
about the physical body because this is a good metaphor for you. You
have an embedded subconscious program in your physical body.

That embedded program is based on thought forms that most of you
developed when you were very young. This could be developed and firmed
up as early as age eleven or twelve, or sixteen or seventeen. Some of
these thought forms also contain programs from your parents. Others
are genetic programs from your past lives based on the causeand-
effect process. These would set the tone and would set the map for the
rest of the physical existence on the Earth. This means that at
certain life points, you could develop problems. You might, for
example, develop breathing problems. You might develop back problems,
heart problems, circulation problems. All of these illnesses or
blockages were, in a sense, preset. They were not inevitable, but they
were preset or imbedded in your thought forms and in your physical
body at an early age. So, now, when you reach an older age, some of
the issues and some of the physical problems that you are experiencing
are based on those earlier embedded programs. Those embedded programs
can be changed. You can download information and you can download
energy and fifth-dimensional processes that will raise your vibration
and will help you to shift in a very positive way. But, the key is to
tell yourself that your feedback loop needs to be updated. In this
updating, new information will come into your consciousness on how to
relate and how to image yourself so that that new imaging will include
fifth-dimensional imagery and fifth-dimensional energy. This is
another way of saying that there is a fifthdimensional thought form-a
fifth-dimensional program for your physical body that can now be
downloaded so that you can interact physically and mediate some of the
earlier, unwanted programming.

Fifth-Dimensional Technology and Mediating

Now, I want to emphasize the word mediate. You know that there are
some inevitabilities. These are related to laws of cause and effect on
the planet. Do not expect things to happen such as: if you are now
bald, then with this imaging you are going to gain hair. Do not expect
that you are going to have the physical athletic ability that you had
when you were twenty. Those are ego things. Rather, it is better to
say, at this point in my life, I have these issues. Now let me use the
physical feedback form and the fifth-dimensional energy so that I can
maximize the best interaction possible! I can make the physical
changes that are necessary so that I can be most harmonious and in
highest balance healthwise. You then can mediate using
fifth-dimensional technology that we have taught.

The downloading of the fifth-dimensional energy into your physical
body for the updating of the feedback loop begins by reconfiguring
your aura. It is a logical place to start. The aura, or the energy
field, contains a feedback loop. When you look at the human energy
field, you may think that it is affected by higher forces. But it is
also affected by your physical body. Your energy field is a feedback
loop so that it is receiving information from your higher self and
your physical body, and then that information goes into your energy field.

Your aura is also receiving information from the fifth dimension, from
higher masters and teachers. Many of you do not experience an
interaction in your energy field between the third dimension and the
fifth. Contractions in your field can lead to or indicate physical
health problems; therefore, you do not experience the interaction
between that and the fifth-dimensional higher thought forms of
expansion. When we want to do healings, then we first start with the
cosmic egg, and we shape our energy system, or our energy field, in
the form of a cosmic egg. Then we begin the pulsing. So try now to
just image and visualize that your energy field is in the form of a
cosmic egg. If you have not heard that term before, just think of the
most perfect chicken egg you have ever seen. This perfect egg is
a universal galactic symbol. Then superimpose with your mind the shape
of that egg onto your energy field. Command your energy field to go
into the shape of the perfected egg. Take a minute to do that now.

As it goes into that shape, you may feel a sense of relief or
relaxation. As you work with and experience that shape, become aware
that the outer edge of your cosmic egg is beginning to pulse. In fact,
it has been pulsing. The pulse of your energy field is similar to the
pulse that you have in your body. Your energy field is not actually
pulsing as rapidly as your physical pulse. It is pulsing though, and
it is going in and out. Become aware of your energy field pulsing. It
may be like this: dat dat dat dat, dat, datdatdat, daaa. As the energy
field is pulsing, it actually begins to expand and contract. You are
not going to contract it in this session, but rather we just want you
to become aware that it is expanding. As it is expanding and it is
pulsing at a higher frequency, you are able to interact with the
higher layers of yourself, which are fifth-dimensional. Your
fifth-dimensional self is in a layered interactive process. Now we
open the feedback loop so that you can connect to your
fifth-dimensional self.

Tapping into the Fifth-dimensional Realm

Visualize through your crown chakra that you are able to transfer your
consciousness to a space that is directly above your crown into the
fifth-dimensional realm. It is often hard for people to visualize the
fifth-dimensional realm, or the fifth-dimensional self. We have set up
corridors, and these corridors are connected to the fifth-dimensional
Crystal Temple. To assist you, I place corridors above everyone who
is reading or is listening to these words. Let us travel individually
through the corridor and use thought projection to go to the
fifth-dimensional Crystal Lake. At the Crystal Lake, there you are as
a fifth-dimensional self, sitting around the lake. We have helped you
to do this. On my command, thought-project yourself to the Crystal
Lake, and enter your fifth-dimensional self energetically. Tat tat tat
tat tat tat.

Now, enter your fifth-dimensional body at the Crystal Lake. Notice
your fifth-dimensional body energetically has a different energy, a
higher vibration. You can move, you can breathe if you want, you can
think higher thoughts. You have a freedom in the fifth-dimensional
body. But you also have the imprints from your third-dimensional body.
In this fifth-dimensional manifested place, you are aware of your
fifth-dimensional body, but you have the knowledge and imprint of the
third-dimensional body. That means all of the contractions of the
third-dimensional body are still imprinted in your consciousness.
Believe me that everyone has contractions on the third-dimensional
body. We do not expect everyone to be in perfect expanded state on
the third dimension.

When you are in the third dimension, you can become aware of your
contractions, but it is harder from the thirddimensional perspective
to download the fifth-dimensional energy. When you are in the fifth
dimension, it is easy to become aware of your third-dimensional
contractions and download higher energy. From this fifth-dimensional
higher state, begin to scan the imprints, the contracted energy,
that you have brought from the third dimension into this awareness.
Take a moment to do that now. Become aware that there is an astral
cord that links you to your thirddimensional body. Become aware also
that the astral cord can be accelerated to work with the feedback loop
that we are talking about. Please make this affirmation: I am now
updating my feedback loop mechanism. Please repeat those words in your
consciousness for a while. "I am updating my feedback loop mechanism
now." OOOooooooohhhhhhhho ooOOOOHHH. "I am updating my feedback loop
mechanism with the fifth-dimensional awareness now."

As you are interacting with these contractions, realize that you do
not have those contractions in the fifth-dimensional body. The
third-dimensional body needs to make a shift or change. The first
change is the downloading of a shimmering light from your
fifth-dimensional self. In the fifth-dimensional self on the Crystal
Lake, begin to shimmer. Shimmer is the making of the energetic field
vibrate at a higher rate. It is like you are going so bright, so
intense, that you are vibrating at the beautiful harmonious frequency.
That shimmering is helping you to connect with the highest healing
light that is available. As you are doing that, I, Juliano, am raising
the crystal in the Crystal Lake so that the intense crystal energy
is now more available, and you can bring this higher crystal healing
energy into your fifth-dimensional body as you begin to shimmer. Now,
on my command, begin to download all of this shimmering healing energy
into your astral cord. It contains updated information. We are feeding
the updated information into your astral cord that connects you from
the third dimension to the fifth dimension. The cord is still connected.

Look at a specific part of your physical body on Earth that seems to
be the most in need of an energetic expansion. Download a specific
frequency that you are now able to obtain to help that contracted
part, whatever it may be. Remember that this downloading supercedes
all other information, all other codes, all of the programs about
this. You are now downloading information that will mediate your
physical form. Begin that process now.

You have been very successful in this. Remember, all of the energy is
now downloaded, and all of the information is contained in your astral
cord. You can compare the astral cord to a computer connection cable
where all of the information that is coming from the mother computer
will be downloaded or transferred to another sub-computer or printer.
In this case, all of the information that you have is in the astral
cord. Now, send all of this information from the fifth dimension
through your astral cord back into your third-dimensional body.
Visualize that you see on your mind's computer screen the word "send."
Now command this word "send." All the information is being
downloaded into your third-dimensional body. Tat tat tat tat tat tat ta!

Continued Affirmations Assist with Necessary Adjustments

Now it has been sent, and I want you again to shimmer from the
fifth-dimensional body. Shimmer into your third-dimensional body so
that your third-dimensional body expands the cosmic egg to make it
larger and also so that it can hold a newer vibration. Shimmer in the
fifth dimension, and then shimmer into your third-dimensional body.
Beautiful! Now, thought-project yourself back into your
third-dimensional body on my count of three. One, two, three. Now you
are back into your third-dimensional body.

The astral cord will still be able to access your fifthdimensional
energy. Now the information is coming into your system and will slowly
seep into your subconscious and your conscious. I want you to
understand that each of you who are working on certain issues in your
body must now make some adjustments. The feedback loop means that you
have information and then you have to make adjustments.

Many of you have gotten stuck when you get into a contracted state.
You may not know how to make any adjustments. The Earth is being
burdened and overloaded in certain systems, but the Earth has a
feedback loop in the biosphere, and it makes adjustments to regulate
itself. Now, simply make the affirmation, "Through my feedback loop
mechanisms, I now give permission to make the necessary adjustments,
whatever they may be, that will enhance my physical health and my
physical body using fifth-dimensional energy."

Enhancing the third-dimensional body can also include accessing higher
energy. Some of you are already in good physical condition but need to
update your physical structure so that it becomes transparent, so that
it can work with fifth-dimensional energy. There are certain
contractions as well, even if you are in perfect physical health, that
need to be expanded so that you can go to fifth-dimensional
consciousness now. Allow those thoughts and information and commands
to be transferred now. OOOHHhhhhhhh. OOOHHhhhhhh.

Periodically Connect to Your Fifth-dimensional Body

From the fifth-dimensional perspective, all problems can be mediated.
This again is the key word-mediated. You accepted the Earth process
when you came into this planet. You accepted that you would be going
through many of the physical changes that are related to aging. There
is the mediation with fifth-dimensional energy that is now being
activated. There are similar energies that we can do for the social
and economic problems and for other issues. For this purpose, we are
now just focusing on the physical structure. The idea is that you need
to periodically connect to your fifth-dimensional body. Ultimately,
you can begin to reconstruct the thought forms that you are holding on
the physical body. You can update them. Remember that it is not
necessarily true that you will update your physical body to the point
when you were twenty years old. Rather, you will mediate it so that
you are in the optimal harmonious relationship with your physical body
at this point. You might like to have eternal youth. The problem with
eternal youth is that you will not ascend because you are holding a
thought form of a body that will not change! The problem is that you
will hold onto earlier images of yourself. Then you will not update or
go into the feedback mechanism.

I would like to turn the next part of the lecture over to Archangel
Michael. I am Juliano. In the shimmering light field of
fifth-dimensional physical vibrational light, I bid you good day!

Archangel Michael Speaks

Greetings! I am Archangel Michael. I send you the blue light of
protection. I send you the awareness of my etheric sword that is for
all humanity to use. Cords of attachment can exist in your energy
system from lower vibrations or from other sources of lower fields. Or
they are from your earlier self. I want to explain that sometimes the
cords of attachment originate as frozen thought forms that have been
downloaded at an earlier time. These are thought forms on who you are,
what you look like, how you are supposed to be. They often are not
based on the current reality. With your permission, I am going to cut
the outdated cords of attachment-now! Each of you will vibrate at a
higher frequency.

Juliano talked with you about connecting with the primordial man,
Adam. In the Kabbalistic language, Adam is known as the first man. The
first man was fifth-dimensional, and he came into the third dimension
with multidimensional presence. It is hard to imagine how you can
be totally fifth-dimensional and be in the third dimension. Think of
Jesus or Mary or Moses or Buddha. They all were fifth-dimensional in
the third dimension.

A Protective Shield is Around You

The energy of the first man, Kabbalistically, is known as A'dam
Ri'shon. I am going to tone these two words so that you can be
activated to connect internally to the first man. Don't be confused by
the terms "first man" because A'dam Ri'shon contained man and woman.
For the purposes of this discussion, we will call it man.

Each of you has the codes within you to connect to the first man as
you hear these sounds. (Tones A'dam Ha Ri'shon.) Let your
consciousness now go to the first man who was fifth-dimensional, who
was already an ascended master. In your genetic codes you are now
becoming aware of your connection to A'dam ha Ri'shon. A'dam ha
ri'shon divided into Eve ha'ri'shon. There was a split. You can go
back to the feminine source, which was also connected to all the fifth
dimension and the third dimension. Both Adam and Eve are now in your
codes. You are becoming aware of this now. Know the earliest man and
first woman contained the dynamic ascension codes. Access the
ascension codes. You are creating a protective force field around
you so that the coming Earth changes, the coming shifts, the coming
polarizations or the current polarizations and shifts will still not
negatively affect you. You will remain in a protected state like the
energy cocoon. I, Archangel Michael, place the Ma'gen ha Da'vid, the
Shield of David, over each of you. Let you now be protected.

I place an energy cocoon around each of you now. You are connected and
opened up to the energies of the ascension. The ascension energies are
nearer now. Maintain your connections to the first man and the first
woman. This is the best way to remind yourself that within you is the
ability to ascend. The ability to go into higher light will enable
you to take off your coat of the physical body. The physical body only
needs to be maximized and harmonized for you to go into the
fifth-dimensional energy.

We, the angelic hosts, are working with the Arcturians, with Sananda,
with Mary and with the Masters. I, Archangel Michael, have cut the
lower cords of attachment, and now I am placing a swirling beautiful
corridor of energy around each of you above your crown chakra. This
swirling core of light is an energy field above your cosmic egg. It
is a cocoon of light. Aur ha' ko'desh. It is a holy light, and
it is a swirling light. It is like a beautiful swirling light that
is aligning over your crown chakra now so that you are setting in
place a corridor for your ascension. You are setting in place a
preliminary energy field that contains a doorway for your ascension.
That doorway is focused on A'dam ha ri'shon, the first man.

Archangel Michael's Role in 2008

I, Archangel Michael, will be close to you during this year. I am
going to work with you as both a healer and a helper. I am going to
assist you and protect you from any negativity. I am going to work
with you on all healings. For now we can work together in
fifth-dimensional healings. Ra'fa ga'dol: Great healing. We will be
doing great healings with you this year. We will be able to transform
and create a higher light. You know, for example, that many of your
athletes have used steroids, and they have boosted their physical
performance at a cost later on. We have spiritual energetic codes that
act as a boost, but they do not have any harmful effects on your
physical body or your spiritual body. They work to enhance all
spiritual levels.

Listen to my name, and you will receive this spiritual steroid boost.
Michael. Miiicchhaaelll. Ascending means going up to the fifth
dimension. As you are ascending up to the fifth dimension, you are
remaining connected to the third dimension. I am sending down to each
of you through your fifth-dimensional A'li'ah a corridor of healing
light to mediate and maximize and bring in harmony the physical body.
In the light to hold all of this, I sing with you, A'men. In my light
with my protection, I bless each of you and know that I am with you
during 2008. I pledge in 2008, I, Archangel Michael, will be more
available to help you heal. Call on me, and we will be meeting
together many times. Blessings.

David K. Miller has been a channel for over 15 years. He began his
spiritual study with the Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism. He began
trance channeling his Kaballistic guide and teacher, Nabur, on a
camping trip at Sublime Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
David has published over 50 articles in both American and Australian
magazines, as well as the books, Connecting with the Arcturians,
Teachings from the Sacred Triangle - Volume I, Teachings From the
Sacred Triangle - Volume II and his latest Teachings From the Sacred
Triangle - Volume III. He currently does phone readings and conducts
workshops focusing on the concepts and techniques of ascension,
healings and psycho-spiritual issues.

David K. Miller
PO Box 4074
Prescott, AZ 86302

zoloft@cybertrails. com
www.cybertrails. com/groupofforty

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