20 февруари, 2008

Playfulness and Joy are the Antecedent to Intentional Creation

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playfulness and Joy are the Antecedent to Intentional Creation

Greetings wayfarers of light! We are the Andromedans of the Andromeda galaxy present with you on your journey into higher awareness. We are delighted to assist in this planetary endeavor and honored to be of service to the All.

We come forth on a special occasion, an occasion heralded by the stars. A time of completion commences, soul contracts expire and renew, and all are soon to arrive at a destination of soulular expansion. It is a great honor to witness the growth of a planet from infancy to adulthood and we are looking forward to working with you as you enter globally into full spiritual maturity.

The current of affairs on the earth plane are indicative of the powerful surges of cosmic energy that are rapidly expanding the consciousness of the collective. The light-codes that are activating the cellular transformation for the new earth frequencies are altering the very core, the substance of who you thought you were into who you truly came to be.

This stellar transformation is one of prophecy, foretold by the great seers of ancient days, although bewildering to the masses. Because of this and in the short span of a lifetime, many have come full circle in realizing the vastness of human potential. Now is the time to implement it.

Beloved warriors, a time of great need is seemingly pressing you forward, urging you to make a difference and to honor your greatness. We say that the need for personal empowerment is based in love, not fear, as love is the central motivating force for new earth. No longer will outworn approaches to central consciousness affect the masses as in times past. As each of you awaken to the glory that is your individual power, the disconnection from fear prevails.

Ancient times are merging with future awareness to create the balance of truth necessary for the evolution of rising consciousness. Necessarily this means that those with the ability to rise above chaos will clearly be capable to grab hold of the new frequencies available. This time will serve as a division, but in the name of oneness, as those who are ready and willing to serve the whole will march forth with great peace and confidence, while others attempt to resist in fear.

The resistance will be futile as many realize along the way, however, for a short time this resistance will seem contradictory to the outcome. Never mind appearances, and know that after each fall one has the ability to rise and learn to stand on their own two feet. This dismantling process is tried and true and will serve many well in realizing their soulular path, for each path of truth is readily needed now.

As each of you honor the call in your heart to rise up and be one with the current of change sweeping over the earth, personal fulfillment will become common place.

Fulfillment is a symptom of truth.

Spontaneous fulfillment of desire is not unheard of and those with the ability to accept this as reality may find that it feels more natural than resistance. In truth, resistance against creation is the most unnatural force to maintain, yet, this thwarted perspective has been propagated to successfully control the minds of the masses for the benefit of few for centuries of time.

No longer.

The rising of the new sun has initiated the awakening of the sleeping serpent within each soul on earth. Those with the ability to incorporate the new light codes will begin to release the past quite rigorously now as we approach the pinnacle of the great shift in preparation for the resurrection of Eden. Quite a time is at hand and many will be needed to form the bridges between the old and the new.

These bridges will act as protectors and guardians of new earth permitting the spiritually qualified to pass over. Those with soul contracts to help prepare humanity for the shift of the ages will be building these bridges this year and onward. The purpose is not only to brigade groups of prepared souls to enter paradise, but to guarantee the homeostatic balance and protection of new earth communities and frequencies. The bridge will be the walk between worlds that overlays the turbulent waters of awakening truth and guided by those who have already prepared the way.

As you encounter and engage this brilliant light in your own lives you will be in a position to guide others to it. Know that this time is very valuable for each and every soul and the abundance that you seek can be found in opportunities to assist earth and her inhabitants. The coming age enforces global community and assistance to one is assistance to the all. Those who embody this new earth frequency will be entering rapidly into new assignments, new contracts, new relationships and subsequently new soulular opportunities aligned for planetary assistance.

Should you find that you are not aligned with greater opportunities for the expansion of your gifts, know that it will arrive in due time. Activations occur at the planetary level and in divine timing with your specific blueprints and contributions to the whole. The essence of who you are is awakening to be incorporated in every aspect of life, this will take some patience for those with any remaining resistance.

For those who have been diligently preparing for the implementation of their divine calling, the way has been cleared. How do you know where are needed? The call is in your heart.

What so ever shall bring joy unto you, shall bring joy unto the world.

We remind you to stay connected to your intentions for the new earth and for your new lives as the moon waxes to full. The lunar eclipse will radically alter the mindset of humanity to the importance of global oneness and universal support will behind of all with clear intent for a better way.

Partake in this energy with extraordinary focus, for the new world relies upon the awakened few who have diligently climbed the evolutionary ladder into unity consciousness. With this great responsibility also comes great reward. Keep in mind that playfulness and joy are the antecedent to intentional creation.

Bidding you farewell on your entrance into oneness. We are the Adromedans, delighted to be joining you again!

Posted by Lauren C. Gorgo




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