21 февруари, 2008

Celia Fenn's EARTHLOG:21st Feb. : Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo...Riding the Tiger

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com

21st February : Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo...Riding the Tiger : This morning I managed to get myself out of bed at about 5.00am to see the Lunar Eclipse. So here is the image I took. It's not the best one you will see of the Eclipse, but I took it myself from my garden, with an ordinary digital camera:


It also didn't last very long for me. The Moon was already low on the horizon when I arrived. There are trees all around my garden, so within five minutes it had sunk below the tree line and I could not see it any more. But it was very beautiful at the time. The Moon was a kind of deep golden red, although in the image it looks more red than gold.

The energy that went with this moon was so powerful. I could feel it "running" yesterday. I had a headache at the base of my skull, which to me means that the Pineal Gland is being overstimulated. It felt to me that whatever new frequencies were coming in to complete the new harmonics, they were indeed very powerful energies. It felt to me as through the head and the heart were being aligned with the sexual and creative energies in very powerful ways.

Last night, just before I woke up, so it must have been at the time of the Eclipse, I dreamt about a White Tiger. So when I woke up, I tried to think of what a White Tiger could signify. Then I remembered, from years ago, some reading I did about a Spiritual "order" of women in the East, I think it may have been China, that were named after the White Tiger. Their Spirituality was tantric in nature, and centred on the development of Mastery through the cultivation and control of Feminine Sexual Power.

So, there seems to be a powerful sexual energy on the loose out there, or in here.....like riding the Tiger, for sure. That would align with what I have been feeling the last few days, as though this powerful energy is just moving through me and I am "riding the Tiger". Learning to ride with the Tiger and direct the flow of this power seems to be what we are being asked to master at this time.

It is also possible that the "Tiger" energy relates to the Earth herself. This Full Moon is in Virgo, and so it is possible that the Planet herself is reconnecting with her "Tiger" energy. I actually had a mail from a Chinese friend who lives in the USA yesterday, and she said that she would be going to China soon. That made me think that maybe the Feminine Power of China is also waiting to arise again, and that the ancient wisdom and knowledge that is carried in the Chinese psyche will rise to the surface and be expressed in Positive and Powerful ways. I would like to think so.

There will not be another Total Lunar Eclipse until 2010, so we have plenty of time to integrate the significance of this one. We will feel, in the months ahead, how the changes and the new energies will unfold for us. And also, in August, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse at the time of the Lion's Gate, so we can expect more powerful transformative energies to begin coming in during the year as we move towards that time.

And each time we move through one of these powerful stellar or planetary "gates", we move into higher levels of personal and planetary evolution. For here, in the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness, we are all connected. We are all One. The movements of the Planets and the Stars are a part of us. They are the energies that are expressed in our Galactic Lightbodies. The more we are "awake" and connected into our Multi-dimensional self, the more we will be aware of the flows of Cosmic Light and how these flows assist and development our Personal and Planetary evolution. Events like this Total Lunar Eclipse are the outward "signs" of the Great Heart of the Cosmos moving in us and through us. The beautiful cycles of Light and Energy unfolding on Spirals of Light into further aspects of the Becoming of All That Is.

So, to celebrate our continued "Becoming" into All that we can be, here is Angelina singing"Become, Become".......a perfect song for this Day of Powerful Becoming.





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