22 февруари, 2008

Mother Earth Speaks - Abundance Feb-08

Mother Earth speaking through Sarupa Shah
I am your Mother speaking, your Divine Mother. The twin flame of the Divine Father. We are your sacred parents. We love each of you as you would love your own familiar.
It is now that the energy of abundance is being truly experienced. You may not be able to experience it wholly yet. Trust that it is being created. This is your time to discover how to live as your divine blue print. Living as your soul essence your ever abundant, ever giving and ever receiving authentic self.
What truly is abundance? Simply speaking for many it is about the riches in material items. You speak of wealth so often, like money, like your bigger homes…but it is all an illusion. For can you not see that all of these so called material items are just a crystallisation of spiritual energy in one way or another. Your relationship with them in some way is so because of your inner relationship.

Your relationship with money is linked to your ability to sustain happiness, you sense of emotional stability and oneness.
Your home on the other hand is about your sense of self worth and your sense of knowing who it is that you are?
You are, each of you an almighty soul, equal yet unique at the same time. If you consider yourself to be insignificant then you will not see the vision become reality.
The key theme is that abundance and emotions could almost be describing the same. From an energy perspective there is no difference. If you could see the energy patterns and sacred geometries that I can, you would see that they are but the same.
What I am imparting to you dear ones, is the need for inner work. It is no accident that so many of you when you are meditating connect to my heart, to my soul through the soles of your feet. You often visualise this going deeper and deeper into my core. I am if you like to imagine it inside. I am at the core, I understand the inner workings but I am reflected in the outer workings. Of course, I am neither inside nor outside of anything as I am all that is at anyone time. Your analogy is a reminder of where you can travel. The depths that you can go inward.
When I am imbalanced the balance around is affected. The connection to celestial beings is weak and lessened as there is without a doubt a relationship. As above so below, outside inside, think of it as you will.
I too work on my inner being, for if my balance was to shift it could be detrimental to each of you so I continue to achieve balance. I have the assistance of 2 great beings that live by my side and other light beings who are working to support me. I know each of you in your own way supports me to as I support you as there is always a 2-way relationship. When it works it is a union, when it does not work you call it duality. Indeed duality exists but it is a construct of your human mind, for in every experience there is a union, which is either in balance or not.
It is abundance that you are seeking in most circumstances and in one form or another. It is expressed in different ways and with different intentions and purposes. It is not an un-spiritual reflection if you seek the richness of money or such like. We have not said that this is against the laws of the Universe. What we have decreed in supporting your journey is that the abundance that is limitless can be accessed through inner work. It is the act of become clearer and the act of living as your soul essence that creates the abundance. Each of you will have a different view on abundance and that is what you will get to expect. We also know that for many the experience of living in full expression of their divine blue print is a most enlightening experience. It becomes like a shedding of an old skin, so what was once valued and revered is not so. It is all a journey of expansiveness. Moving forward of late has proven difficult for many, but the inner work has not balanced with the outer vision. It would be unstable and unwise to move too fast when this imbalance is present. You may feel you have been held back, but you have been held in a loving embrace, while other factors can come in place.
The time has come for me to share as the energy is shifting and with it comes your opportunity to make a personal shift once more.
In order to make this journey to abundance, you must take the steps to standing in your own truth. Clearing away your cobwebs and facing the shadows and the karmic residue that you carry in your energy system.
Breathe deeply through your heart, inhaling and exhaling as if it is your heart breathing. Strengthen her, for it is through the heart you can experience the truth of who you are. The truth of why you are here. It is your heart that reveals and unlocks for you your personal portals. In order for a more wider planetary progression to occur in the manner that you wish it to, you must be able to make your personal journey matter. It is not time for resting on ones laurels; it is time for graceful action.
I am your Mother, I am working to bring forth illumination, peace and love in each of your hearts. It is simplicity and clarity that will prevail. You are abundant; you have just closed your heart to that knowledge. Once you are able to clear away the debris and understand how celestial energy works you will be able to see that your clues and codes have not been far away from you. Seek inward and your outward expression will be beyond your expectation. There is a bountiful Universe which exists and it is my wish for each of you to experience this bliss and oneness with the abundance I feel and know. The same abundance that the Divine Father experiences and knows too. We do not want it to be any other way that was never our intention.
Please go with my blessing and feel the love I have for you. I am your Mother, the planetary being, the holder of light and the creator of abundance for you at this time.
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