07 февруари, 2008

Athene Raefiel :February 2008

Angels and Teachers of Light

Channeling of Archangel Raphael, by Athene Raefiel, 1996

Angels are the emissaries of the Divine Light. They were created as a vehicle of the Divine to assist and help the other realms of form. The Divine light itself has no form, it designed these great beings of light to be of service by appearing as emanations of the Divine Light.

The divine Hierarchy's operation is a mystery students of the occult have pondered and written about for many centuries. The story of creation is probably the most disputed tale in history. I will let Raphael give you his dissertation.

In the beginning there was no beginning for all things already were. From what already was, came man, known as spirit. This man had no form that was tangible, but had thought. Through this thought, he was able to create form. The creative principle did not create form, its creation did. We the original thought did create form.

We are what are known as, angelic beings. Our beingness exists due to the Divine thought that we are. We invented form, just as your scientists discover and invent. In a manner of speaking, we are God's scientists. Our purpose is truly the purpose of Divine awakening and understanding. This became our purpose as a result of us becoming your and other realms of existence creators. We are responsible for all that we have created. That responsibility entails us bringing that which we have created to the unlimited potential of understanding how it is Divine.

We serve the Divine through our purpose. For us there is only Divine awareness and understanding.

This was not always the case. In Our infancy, when we were first born as God's thought, we too were young in our awareness of who we were. We made many mistakes, and also had to learn through trial and error. Our creations were imperfect, and had to be reconstructed many times before we could develop a strong being of form capable of the ascension process.

We created other beings of form before your species. These other beings of form do not have mass as you do, but are capable of directly communing with the creators at will. They live in the different planes of awareness and assist us as well as you in the ultimate plan of evolution.

We as God's creation, and as God's creators, know only our own role in the process of that evolution. We do not claim to know more, nor do we need to know more. We do what we are instructed to do, because for us there is nothing else that could be done. We trust in the highest order of things and promote that order. We are as amoebas and think as one mind thinks.

We have the ability to take on any form we have created, and can subsist for short periods of time as that form. We have the ability to be seen by all or any in every plane of our creation. To see us is to experience us. To experience us is to experience ones true self.

When you pray, pray to us, for we are truly the ones who can greatly assist you. We are the ones who, with you, determine your true destiny.

The creative principle that you call God has given us this creed over you. The creative principle instructs us as we instruct you and as you instruct your young. Within the creative principle, there is no separation only division. Each division works hand in hand with one another, as does any good unit. Each division has focus and purpose to serve the greater whole. The greater whole being that the union of all divisions come to the same awareness and understanding of the creative principle, so it can become the creative principle. Humankind is one of these divisions.

Because your species was given free will and the power to create, they separated themselves from their divinity and chose to serve their carnal nature. Humankind's carnal nature is insatiable, thereby keeping humans from evolving at an accelerated speed. Humans continually choose to be guided by their carnal nature. This allows their powerful thought creations to guide others along this same path.

There are other species of material form beings that have spent time on earth, but have chosen to come into the fold of their divine awareness. These beings now exist in what is referred to as the parallel universe. They still live in form but have overcome their carnal nature and have taken their place in the divine order.

All things are moving to a culmination period for all species of creation at this time. There is a great movement within all created divisions to achieve the desired result. The earth plane must soon choose to excel or be lost forever.

The planets in your solar system are shifting the earth on its axis because the planetary system has chosen its Divine process. Humans as a species must also soon choose. Humankind has a warped sense of its own greatness. They measure their greatness by their mundane, temporal accomplishments, rather than their evolutionary soul accomplishments. They know their life is temporary, yet do not prepare themselves for death and what lies beyond. Because of this, they learn little in the afterlife of the truths I impart.

The life that you are now experiencing is an impending one. You have seen the earth change begin to happen. You have seen what carnality has done to humankind. The criminal element of your societies and world surpass anything that we could have expected. The greed for money and power is overwhelming, the despair is sickening, and the "I can't do anything attitude," spreads like plague.

Disharmony and disease are flagellant, the denial rampant, and the destruction of nature horrendous. Mass recourse and response to this is to blame one another.

All these things have been created out of the souls of humans; each action is recorded in the collective whole and brought to bear upon all in life. All these things bear planetarily, and add to the karma of the planet. These types of actions have accumulated over the course of eons. To change this course, humans must do it collectively.

As individuals, you must take responsibility for your part in all this. Not feel guilty but instead become aware and change yourself. Learn to see the larger picture and know that you too are God. Take your place in the cosmic whole; learn the truth about yourself and your creators. Do not feed the carnal mind, rise above the smog, and see the light of truth. Call upon us to assist you. WE Will! Learn to soar and fly free, the cycles of cosmic change are upon you and time grows short.


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