28 февруари, 2008

Being in Your Heart

Being in Your Heart
Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good evening, dear ones. How wonderful to see all these beautiful love
incarnates sitting here and enjoying the energy of each other. I want
you to understand and hear consciously, even though the understanding
will be in your inner selves. Yes, the entire time I am talking
through this one, who likes to walk back and forth when she is
standing up, I am speaking in the depths of your hearts. You will know
where it counts, in your hearts, what it is I am saying. There will be
some of you who may experience great emotion. I will be doing healing
work on you.

Remove the Illusion That You Are Not Love

My message to you is that you are love. That is what you are. You are
love itself. Everyone in this room-and I do mean everyone, including
this one I speak through-had many years of experience of people
convincing them they were not love. Isn't that true? There have been
many experiences of that. Now you have the opportunity, and most of
you have been working on this throughout your lives, especially in
your adulthood, to come to remove the illusion that you are not love.
You come to know truly who you are as love incarnate. I am going to
have you say this, and I ask you to say it in your primary language. I
want you to say it out loud and feel in your heart the vibration of
the words. Say it again. Now go into your heart, say it again, "I am
love incarnate." Do you feel the difference? Can you experience the
joy? The vibration of the words can resonate through your cells.
Speaking to every person in here say, "You are love incarnate." When
you are having difficulty with someone-of course that never happens
to anyone here, right-one of the things to remember is that your
experience of difficulty with others is illusion. You have heard:
"There is only oneness. We are all one." That means that when you are
having difficulty with someone else, you are having difficulty with
yourself. When you have someone who is loving you and letting you know
how wonderful you are, that is yourself letting you know how wonderful
you are and that is you loving you. Every time you recognize that it
is yourself speaking to yourself those words of love, you can heal
from the illusion that you are not love. If you choose to make it a
daily practice to look into the mirror and into your eyes and
proclaim, "I am love incarnate," there is an activation in the DNA, in
your cells, that brings about a remembering of who it is you truly
are. It is a very simple exercise and one that very few people will
choose to do. The reason they are afraid of doing it is that they are
afraid of discovering they are love. Why would anyone be afraid of
that? Because you have been told for so long that you are not love,
that you are selfish, jealous or stupid. So often we have those words
come to us. Each of us can think of those words that come that are
negative. Every time you say something negative to yourself, if you
will stop and say to yourself, "I am love incarnate. It is impossible
for me to be (the negative thing you said about yourself). I am love
incarnate. I am love-itself! "

Visualize a Pure Love Being

You need to know when to recognize. Think right now. Who is it in your
life you consider to be love? It could be someone you know or don't
know, someone you think of as a pure loving being. Everyone has
someone. You are as much love as that person you have in mind. How
does it feel to think about that, someone you think of who is external
outside of yourself, who is so loving? You may even say, "I wish I
could love like that." I want you to know that you can. "I wish I
could be love like that." I want you to know that you are. It is
simply remembering that you are love incarnate.

Every time you say "I am love incarnate," it causes an activation in
yourself. The memory awakens of the love that you are. Your whole life
experience is all about remembering the love you are.
Illusion-illusion is anything, any belief, that brings to you the
disbelief that you are love. Every experience you have had in your
life that has told you that you are not love, is illusion. Every thing
that happens to you that tells you that you are separate from love is
illusion. It is not real.

Every one of you came here to this planet to experience each other and
to experience discovering the love that you are. It is like a big
game. You play games? There are rules, a gameboard, ways you are
supposed to be. The big game, believe it or not, is the rediscovery
that you are love incarnate. I've now shared that secret with you.
Now, for you it is the process of recognizing and then coming to be
that love. Every experience that is not of love-anger, jealousy,
fear-is illusion and gives you the opportunity, the excitement, to
discover who it is you are. It is great fun! You can be in a store,
you can be sitting in a car watching someone walk across the street,
and focus on them. You can say to them, "You are love incarnate." You
can hold in your mind the image of someone you had an argument
with-happens all the time, doesn't it? Instead of replaying the
argument in your mind, stop it like you stop a video player. Freeze
the image. Stop and say to the person, "You are love incarnate; I am
love incarnate." It is amazing what the transformation can be within

Every Experience Is Illusion

Not only are you love, which is the energy, you are also joy, which is
the emotion. You are the energy of love and the emotion of joy. Every
time you come into closer and closer contact with whom it is you are,
love incarnate, you experience more and more joy in your life. Believe
it or not, you will even experience joy at things you previously
judged as painful. You will begin to realize that anything you
experience, whether it brings what you call positive feelings or what
you call negative feelings, is illusion. These experiences are joyful
to have because they are the experiences you came to have. Do you like
movies? When you go to one of these movies that has great anguish in
it, and it is an excellent movie, do you not leave and go, "Wow. That
was excellent." That is the movie of your life. Every time you
experience something, "Wow! What a wonderful part I played." And the
other person, "Wow! What a wonderful part you played." It is the joy
that comes when you realize that no matter what other label you put on
the emotion, you are still one. The two of you are love incarnate. You
were playing a game, as it were, you were playing in this movie. You
then quit taking things so personally. Isn't that one of the major
things you humans do? Someone tells you something about yourself that
you don't like, and you take it personally.

When you begin to realize to the depths of yourselves that it isn't
personal, it is illusion, then you are able to let those things wash
over you. Does that make sense to you? Begin to realize that
everything that has happened in your life, painful childhood memories
for instance, is simply illusion. The experiences are not real because
you are love incarnate. When you are able to look at them as not part
of yourselves but as a part of a role you were playing in this
lifetime, then you are able to step out of that role and come into
your being love incarnate. You will then have great joy for the
experience. This might sound like something you cannot do. I can tell
you, with great truth my loved ones, that it is truth. The more you
are able to experience things as illusion and appreciate and have joy
for every experience, every second of your experience, you will come
to greater joy every moment and through every experience. Even when
all those around you-who are aspects of yourselves-are experiencing
anguish and pain, although you may have some of the same feelings, you
recognize that they are not who you are. The only thing you are is
joy, love.

An Experiment with the Heart Source

Do you think that you can experiment with this? You are love incarnate
and everything is illusion with marvelous actors-marvelous actors.
Imagine that in a movie or television show you have seen that someone
has harmed another-maybe through betrayal. Has everyone here been
betrayed at some point? When you experience the actors, when they
leave the set, will say, "You did a fantastic job. I fully believed
that I was betrayed." You will know that you are love incarnate and
that person is love incarnate. The core of healing comes when you are
realizing that it is all illusion. The only thing not illusion is that
you are love and you are joy. Do you follow that? Good! How else can
you come to this place of joy? We will do a little experience.

A Meditation on the Heart Source

I'm going to teach you something called the heart source. Perhaps
many of you have been told to focus on your heart. The heart source is
part of that. I want you to bring your attention to your heart center,
which is in the middle of your chest just to the right of your
physical heart. Some call this center the heart chakra. Feel
yourselves breathing in and out. Good. Now stay in this place and also
go to the back of your heart center. Go deep within like you are
moving toward your spine in both directions. Good. Breathe. Feel
yourselves breathe in and out as if you are lungs. When you are
breathing in and out of the heart center you are brining in more of
the love energy, which energizes your chakras, meridians and cells.
Good. Can you feel the energy in the room changing? It is even getting

Remaining in the heart front and back, go into the front of your brow
chakra, your mental center. Go into the center of your brain. Good.
Since you have gone into the front and back of the heart it is only
fair that we go into the front and the back of the brow center. Good.
Once you practice this it will be very easy. Are you ready for the
next step? Connect your heart and your brow by a beam of light. Now
send the light from your brow straight up. Now do the one from your
heart straight down into the Earth. Breath in and out. What you have
done is connect the heart energy to the mental energy-the heart energy
to knowledge-wisdom to love.

Attempt to stay in your heart source as you are listening. If you
learn how to stay in this particular space, you will find that you are
able to know the truth of things much more easily. When you read the
newspaper from your heart source, you will be able to know if it is
truth. If you are speaking with someone, you will come to know the
truth about who they are. When in your heart source, if speaking to
someone that you have been having difficulty with, you will be able to
see his or her spirit. You will see that the person is love incarnate.
When interacting with someone from your heart source, you will
discover that you will be able to respond differently to people.

We will now do another experiment. We will have fun. Staying in your
heart source, select any part of your body that is having pain or
discomfort. Any part of your body will do-a shoulder or an organ. Now
staying in your heart source, focus on the area of your body that has
discomfort or pain. Now send energy to that place. Simply imagine the
energy going there. Ask it this question, "What can I do to assist you
in healing?" Take the first thing that comes to your mind even if it
seems strange.

You may need to ask a follow-up question. Maybe you received the
message to release anger. You might want to ask, "Anger about what?"
Your answer could be another emotion. It could be forgiveness. You may
think, "How can I trust that what came into my mind is truth?" I am
going to tell you to just trust it. You have within you all the
wisdom. You may have received a message, when working on your
shoulder, such as you are carrying too many people on your shoulders.
You may be feeling responsible for too many people. Take them off
your shoulder. When talking to your foot you may get the message,
"Your shoes hurt." The answer could be very practical, or it could be
more difficult. When we carry people on our shoulders we might ask,
"How do I put this person down? How do I put down my spouse, my
partner, my children, my parents?" Those are other issues you will
need to work with. One of the things you can do is love them-love them
as they are. You don't have to love them with the emotion of love. We
are not talking about the emotion of love. We are talking about the
energy of love. The place where you have discomfort, I want you to
form an image of flooding the area with white light, which is the love
energy. Just flood it with white light. Keep flooding it. Breathe.
Don't forget to breathe. Good, I hear tummies gurgling. This means you
are processing emotion.

Some of you may be able to see colors as you are focusing on the
discomfort. When you see a color and communicate with it by saying,
"What are you?" and it gives you an answer, you can then say, "Thank
you. I don't need you any more. You can leave." You can then breathe
it out. Wonderful. Do you think that you can use this yourselves?
This is a wonderful way of experiencing the illusion of your body as
you have created it in this life. The illusion of emotions you label
as not love can be sent forth from you in this way.

You Are Love; You Are Not Your Many Bodies

Are you familiar with the human energy field? No? All you really need
to know is that you have energy bodies in addition to your physical
body. You have an emotional body, mental body and spiritual body.
These bodies move outward from your physical body. Just as your
physical body is illusion, so are these. You are truly only love. The
way you have created this grand human experience makes the illusion
feel real. The emotions feel real. In this illusion you have created
the rules that emotions have certain vibrations.

Think of the last time you were angry with someone. Where do you feel
it in your body? Did you feel it in your body? Yes. Wherever that
anger is in your body, and whomever it is you are angry with, do you
have the image in your mind? I want you to say to that person, "You
are love incarnate." Now wrap that image with white light, with love.
Now wrap that energy of anger with love, with white light, and notice
what happens to it. Your hands might be tingling. Your toes might
be tingling. Do you experience the difference? Just in case you are
still feeling the anger, I want you to think of the most wonderful
experience of love you have had. That is to wash away the rest of the
anger. Now you've experienced where you held anger in your body. Now
think of the last time you felt sad. Where do you experience that
in your body? Some of you experience sadness in a different place. You
are using a different energy center. Wrap that whole feeling with
white light, which is love energy. You may see a color for the
sadness. Watch what happens to the sadness as you wrap it with that
love energy. Wonderful.

If you have a feeling, an emotion, that you would like to not have any
more such as sadness or depression, if you choose to create this for
yourselves, you can sit down with this sadness, anger, depression,
jealousy or other emotion. Notice where the feeling is in your body.
Know that it is not who you are. Wrap that emotion in love energy. The
more you sit with this emotion, the more you wrap it with the love
energy, the more it transforms into what it truly is, which, believe
it or not, is an expression of joy. There is only one emotion. It
is joy. That which you think is not joy is simply a different shade of
joy. Any other experience that is not joy is an illusion you created
to have an experience on this planet to discover that you are love
incarnate, that you are joy-filled. This is a simple process. If you
do it you will come to experience who you are as love incarnate. Do
it. Work with it. It is so simple. You will discover that many ways of
healing are very simple. The way to self-heal, to heal yourselves,
is simple. Those in here who work as healers, they don't mind if you
do self-healing.

Use the Full Moon's Energy

Now, I've given you those few little tools to use. Let me talk a
little about how to work with the illusion of the energies of the
moon. Are many of you familiar with astrology? This one I speak
through is a Taurus. Sometimes she is bull-headed. She is also
tenacious and firm into the Earth, which she needs to be to do this
work. You each have your own energies you can work with in combination
with other energies. The moon has its cycles-today being the full
moon. You have new moons-it waxes and wanes. You don't have to know
much about these things.

In working with the energies, when you see the full moon, I want you
to think about what your experience is. It is of fullness, of
wholeness. You can look at it and know nothing else about it. You
experience the fullness and wholeness. You can release things into
that fullness and wholeness. When you have the new moon, that is a
feeling of growth into something new. You can make choices
that move with the energies of the moon. You do not have to do it this
way. This is just moving with an energy moving in. You can release old
things and make yourselves into someone new. You cannot make
yourselves new in your soul self, but you do this in your persona.
This one's persona is Cathy. You can choose to be someone in a
different way. You can reincarnate yourselves in the same body simply
by choice. Be in the energies of the way the moon moves. When bringing
in new things, experience the fullness of the moon. As the moon goes
into the other direction, release the old. Release old; bring in
something new. It doesn't matter where you begin. And celebrate in the
awareness of who you are becoming.

Be In Tune with Other Energies and Their Illusion

Life as you experience yourselves on this planet is one of
rediscovery. To put it in other terms you have heard, it is a process
of growth. The growth you have experienced is, believe it or not, an
illusion. You are an infinite being. Infinite beings are only
infinite. Infinite beings continue to grow in their infiniteness. That
does not sound reasonable, but it happens. The spiritual world isn't
reasonable. It is not just the mind. It is the wholeness of who you are.

Another energy to pay attention to is the one people celebrate as
birthdays. Many people are used to doing new things on New Year's Day.
Do new things on your birthday, the celebration of when you came onto
this planet. Expand into those energies and make a decision as to what
you as an incarnated being this lifetime would like to experience
yourself this next year. It is not a goal, such as saying, "I have to
be more loving" because, dear ones, you are already loving. It is "I'm
going to experience myself as who I am as more loving."

Here is something else to remember because this happens often. There
is no failure. You might say, "I didn't experience myself as loving
today, so I failed." No, you did not fail, you only had an experience.
How many times have you been told that you failed. No, you did not
fail, you only had an experience. Every experience you have, no matter
what it is, is love incarnate. Every feeling that you have is joy
expressed in a particular way. It is only illusion when you experience
it in a different way.

What do you do about the battle between the persona and the soul self?

What happens when you incarnate is that you have this experience of
separation. You truly planned this before you came onto the
planet-became you came into your body-planned to forget who you are.
You have all these experiences of forgetting that begin in the womb.
What happens is that the persona feels separate from the soul self.
The more you begin to express "I am love incarnate" and the more your
cellular structure begins to change and your DNA becomes activated,
the joy that is there-what we call your higher senses, your subtle
senses, your clairvoyance, clair-audience- is activated in your DNA.
These senses are present in every person. The more this happens,
the more you feel the coming together of your soul self and your persona.

Truly you are one. If you say your persona is in battle with your soul
self, it is like you are saying that your hand is in battle with the
rest of your body. When you experience illness or dis-ease, you do
feel like that part of your body is in battle with the rest of your
body. It is in connecting that part back together in loving it that
heals the separation. When you experience arthritis and you become
angry with it because of the pain, your hand responds more as being
separate. When you love your hand or neck or back, and appreciate it,
then it becomes more connected to you. It then remembers, "Oh, we are
one." That is the same thing that happens between your persona and
your soul self.

You can trust your soul self. People will fear: "What if my soul self
wants to experience something I don't want to experience?" The more
you are in tune with your joy, it doesn't matter what you experience
because you know it is all illusion. What you experience here on this
planet is not real. It truly is fun. You go, "Oh, no, I don't think
so." But, it truly is an experience you are having and that your soul
self is having in great joy. The more you declare and proclaim, "I am
love incarnate. You are love incarnate," no matter what you judge your
other feelings to be, you will begin to feel the separation to
dissolve. You will then experience life with greater joy.

I was sharing today with someone that when you watch a little baby
begin to walk and they fall, and they howl, do you howl with them or
do you laugh? You know the child will walk. You know, as frustrated as
that baby may be, he or she will walk. Your soul self is watching you
and laughing at joy at what you experience. Not laughing at you, not
making fun, but laughing as you would laugh at a one-year-old learning
to walk. Your soul self knows where you are going to end up, just as
we laugh at the one-year-old knowing that he will run through the
street, running into the cabinets, running through the streets. Your
soul self knows you will be running forward, coming into joy and into

When you talk about the persona, is that your ego?

Yes and no. When you use what you call your psychological terms of
id-ego and superego-may people in the human field and especially in
your area of psychology, and that is what this one works in, put a
negative context on ego. There is no negativity in the ego. That in
itself is illusion. You could think of it as your personality;
however, the persona is that part of you that connects to Spirit.
Notice my wording "connects with Spirit." It is an illusion that you
are not connected with Spirit. You are always connected with Spirit.

Utilizing Uncomfortable Emotions

These different emotions that in the long-term can be not very
comfortable, such as anger or anxiousness, how do you use them? They
are also there for a purpose.

The purpose is to experience. That is their purpose. They could, on
another level, be signs. For instance, if you do not enjoy doing
things for someone, then you become angry at doing things for someone.
This is a sign on the third dimensional level that you are feeling
taken advantage. These "other" feelings can be signs of what you are
doing in your earthly life. If you take these feelings in an expanded
way, you see that every emotion is a shade of joy that you are playing
with. In essence, you are playing with different experience. The
illusion is anger. The truth is that all is joy.

On the level that you are aware it is illusion, you can watch the
experience of anger from a place of joy. On the level of the persona,
you experience anger as real. It is as if you are experiencing
yourselves from two different dimensions. When you are in your heart
center from both the front and the back, and then the brow at the
front and the back, you are having different experiences at the same
time. It is like you are in two different worlds. Here you are the
area of the soul self and the area of the persona who are playing
different roles. The soul self is similar to the scriptwriter,
director, actor and audience. The persona is just the actor. From the
perspective of the persona, anger is the sign that someone is doing
something to me that I don't like. At the same time, you can have the
experience of the actor with anger. From the soul self, you can be
aware that this is simply joy and experience. It takes practice.

At the moment I am experiencing a situation in which I am in paradox.
She doesn't know whether to go in this direction or another. What do
you do in that situation?

One thing you can do is be in your heart source. Hold the situation in
your mind or your heart. Then feel what you are motivated to do. There
is a difference between motivation, feeling the motivation, and being
impulsive. When you want to act just because you feel that you have
to do something, that is impulsive. Impulsivity usually comes from a
more superficial level of having to do something. Motivation comes
from deep within and having a choice. With impulsivity there is no
choice. When motivated, it comes from within and you know it is the
direction or choice to make.

I've given you lots of information. If you only do one thing, keep
proclaiming, "I am love incarnate." When you are having a problem with
someone, the second step is to proclaim, "You are love incarnate."
Sometimes we don't need to do anything except hold the other person in
love, in that love energy, in the white light of the love energy.
There are times when that is all you need to do. will occur within you
and, perhaps, within them. The reason you hold them in the white light
is that there is no judgment when you are doing this. You are not
saying, "Do what I want. Love me the way I want. Don't leave your
clothes on the floor." When you hold them in the love energy you
are providing for them an energy that they may not, as the persona, be
able to provide for themselves. It is like providing fertilizer for a

Experience and the Heart-Source State

What is the purpose of disease?

It is experience. That is what it is on this other level of the soul
self. Shall we talk about what it is on this level of the Earth plane?
Again it is experience. Now, on the level of the Earth plane, as you
have constructed the rules and laws, which are not real-no law is real
except love-you have decided that the energies of certain feelings and
emotions interact with the cellular structure of your body in
different ways. That is why you are being taught from many different
places how to work with your thoughts and your feelings. Much of what
you call dis-ease can be first found in your energy field. Those who
go to certain healers who are able to see or sense the disease or
energy in the energy field can eliminate it before it enters the
physical. Disease, or physical problems, first happen in the mental,
spiritual and emotional body and then take form in the physical body.
Some disease begins before you were born. It begins in the womb. Most
disease begins when you are very young. Some people have things that
begin when very young but don't live long enough to have them come
into the physical.

There are, as you have created it on this planet, many other
influences other than the emotions that affect your cells, such as
chemicals. Even the chemicals would not affect your body if you were
always in the place of your heart. If you are always in your heart,
even if you accidentally drank poison, it would not affect you. The
energies you bring in from outside-other peoples fear, such as the
United States' great fear since the 9 /11 attacks-all that energy can
come into you. If you stay in the heart source, it will come in and
drain out. Being connected to the center of the Earth is how the
energy drains out. The energies come in and then drain out through the
connection to the center of the Earth.

The heart source state, is that one you stay in all the time?

Yes, with practice you can stay in it more easily.

Teaching and the Law of Attraction

Can you teach a child?

Yes, a child can do this more easily. The way to teach this to them
without the complexity is to show them how to enter their heart, then
the brow, and connect them together upward and downward. Children have
not yet learned to stay just in the mental. If you get them before
they go to school they will do this much more easily. You can put your
hand on their heart and then have them imagine the light go all the
way up and then all the way down. We haven't trained them to be in
their head yet. When you teach them early, they don't have to be
complex. You, as an adult, have to be complex because you have learned
to be in your head. As you practice being in the heart source, your
intuition will open. You will have many more ideas in regard to your
job, in working with your family, in gardening, in whatever is your
favorite thing to do. There is more information coming in. Your brain
opens. Your DNA is activated in a different way.

Children are easy to work with. And another thing with children that
you can do easily is send energy from your heart to their heart. That
will also assist them in being present to themselves. As you do this,
you can then again learn to be more childlike, with the openness
a child has.

How does this relate to the film and book about the law of attraction,
The Secret? Why don't we get all that the millions, if I may ask?

The law of attraction is a wonderful exercise for people who know
nothing about being able to control their thoughts. People begin to
feel better when they begin to release the negativity. The truth is
that the law of attraction is not a law on this level. The law of
attraction is a law on the level of your soul self. Your soul self can
manifest whatever. On this level, what the law of attraction does,
through The Secret, is open up to people the mind/body connection. As
any of you have noticed that as you focus intention on the millions
and they do not come, on the level of the soul self, is that it is not
the experience you are to have. The difficulty within yourselves is
when you always want something more than you have in the present.
When you use the concepts of the law of attraction simply for the
experience of changing how you think, and not in trying to force
something to happen, that is when it is helpful for you.

One thing that happens in the way the law of attraction is being
taught. It does not allow for you to accept yourselves as you are now.
You are always looking ahead and attempting to bring something to you.
The truth is you are an infinite being and you are infinitely abundant
in every way, infinite in love. What keeps that from manifesting are
the beliefs that you have. The number one way to release those
limiting beliefs is to appreciate what you have now.

What The Secret has done-what the law of attraction has done, because
it has become world famous-is open up people to a new way of living.
It has been for them, in their persona, a transformational tool for
experiencing something different. There will be some people who follow
the rules of the law of attraction and attract to them what they want.
It is not really attracting. It was what was already planned.

So what you are to do is appreciate, enjoy. Think of appreciation.
Feel appreciation. Think of something you appreciate in your life,
something, someone. Feel that feeling of appreciation right now.

If you can experience that feeling for everything in your life,
whether you call it pain or joy, abundance or lack, all of this is
your creation. To appreciate it actually releases the holding of that
belief into your life.

Protecting Yourself by Being in the Heart-Source Energy

When you are in the heart source energy, it is like I'm being very
open. Do I have to protect myself from having to be so open?

No, the heart source energy is high vibration energy. It actually
repels low vibration energy. When you are in joy or appreciation,
nothing else will come to you. No matter what is happening around you,
when you are in joy and appreciation, and being in your heart source,
this will assist you in moving to that place more and more quickly. It
will protect you because you begin to realize that everything else is

So when you meet people who drain your energy in no time, what is it
you then experience? Sometimes we are with some people it is like they
are sucking out our energy. We feel drained.

When you are experiencing that you are not usually fully in your body.
When you are in the heart source, you are fully in your body. One of
the first things to do when you feel that draining of energy is to
immediately go into your heart source and allow yourselves to expand
outward. When you are in the heart source you are connected above and
you are connected below. You are also bringing in energy from above
and below. I want to thank you for being here and sharing with me this
evening. I wish you now to be in your heart source.

Cathy Chapman
Cathy@OdysseyToWhol eness.com
www.OdysseyToWholen ess.com




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