29 февруари, 2008

The Spiritual Hierarchy on the Release of Bondage

by Lauren Gorgo
Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Blessed are those who come in the name of glory. Blessed are those who rise to meet the new day. Blessed are those who shine forth through the darkness that surrounds you now.

Beloved ones, many of you are sitting in a time of seeming emptiness, of sorrow, of lack and of untold darkness. It is in this space before you that you may find the greatest need, for those moments in which you suffer greatly you also call forth the greatest desire for change.

We tell you this, not to remind you of a harsh reality by which you face, but to help you to see that the time at hand is one of great necessity. Necessary for all to strive for a better way.

Indeed the blow to the human spirit is greatest in need, yet lack predisposes far greater potential. These moments of lack are inherently spiritual, for the spiritual seeker sees through the eyes of suffering and into the eternal through the illusion of separation from source.

Warriors, way-showers, lightworkers, bearers of light, are all names that the seeker has chosen to represent the future of your world. A future that holds the promise of kinship, community, peace and brotherly love. But for a moment, consider that those titles have no meaning, as the meaning may surely detract from your goal.

We say this not to belittle, nor to dampen the spirits of those who carry great burden, but instead to remind each of you that the path to greatness is one that you walk together, boosting each other up in the name of oneness to carry you forward in the race of human evolution.

For what true joy would come to you should you know that your brother or sister suffer on? No joy can be shared more fully then in the company of all. The potential that you work for is for the human potential of all. Not all will rise to claim it, no. But the possibilities are now laid bare.

The emptiness that you wade through for a mere moment in linear time has the power to alter humanity for an eternity. The sacrifices you make are great, but the greatness you seek comes not from sacrifice, contrarily, from the glory and honor of a job well accomplished. This job was yours to uphold and as you embarked upon the journey to remember your worth, so too did you volunteer to alter the way of creation.

The birthing process is nearly complete and soon you will remember not your toils, but should you choose to remember the suffering of the journey, you will surely remember through greater compassion and selfless pride. Your visions of new earth are steadily pushing through to your reality and though they come with great pain and exhaustion, they also arrive in the nick of time to save the planet from deeper despair.

As you stretch beyond your limits you have the opportunity to release them, and those without limits soar to greater heights. You may not fully comprehend the magnitude of where you will land, but be assured that the effort put forth into creating new life is never without reward.

Brothers and sisters, pray tell. A time of greatness calls to you... yet you feel wholly unsupported.

We wish to allay your fears with the knowledge that you are indeed becoming whole again. Currently you are experiencing the fading din of your past, the lull of transition, and the forward momentum of the future earth all colliding into one space, one time called the present. This process is pushing many of you beyond your means... but for good reason, to release you from bondage.

The energy that binds you to a less than satisfactory reality must be released to allow for greater expansion and truth. This process is underway and all who have diligently strived to create the life they envision shall be vastly rewarded for their efforts.

As timelines merge, the choices you make will be impacted greatly by your perception of each now moment and the structures you have secured for your future will wholeheartedly come alive. These structures are the pathways to your abundance, to your freedom and hold great potential for the future of earth. Without these structures, new energy has no form, no anchor to bond to, for these structures are the temples, the bridges and the pillars of new earth.

Now is the time to release the ways of the past and develop your plans for your future to prepare for the incoming surge of energy that will take you rapidly to your destination. The way has been cleared, but the fruits of thine labor must be harvested solely by thee.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy, your predecessors and in ongoing support of your endeavors. Hold steady to the light of truth and allow all else to fade away with discernment and willful resolve as you give birth to your new lives, your new realities and the ultimately the new earth."



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