24 февруари, 2008

Great Plan Prophecy [The Time is now...]

Great Plan Prophecy
Masters of the Universe and Laiolin
through Judith K. Moore and Sean Sands

Beloved lightbearers, your agreement to incarnate on planet Gaia at
this time is a soul agreement from the source energies of your divine
blueprint. Each of you is fulfilling prophecy as you are guided to
resolve duality, activate ancient energies and integrate cosmic
forces‚ the like of which the Earth has never before experienced.
great cosmic wheels are aligning for the shift of the ages.
forces beyond the veil assist you in ways beyond your comprehension.
All energies engaged in at this time reach a quantum field
instantaneously, affecting critical mass in ways you cannot conceive.
You have been well prepared throughout every lifetime for the work at
hand. Your divine soul chose your astrological chart to optimize
your alignment with cosmic astrology. Your DNA is part of a cosmic
astrology that aligns only at times of the culmination of great cycles
of time.

The great cosmic wheels and astrological disc have aligned in
different dimensions, parallel realities and time fields.
The keys of
creation are aligning with the astrological wheels. Due to this, an
alignment in the cosmic astrology and Earth’s astrology opened an
astrological passageway on December 11 , 2 007.
The magnitude of this phenomenon is incomprehensible to the human mind. This great alignment is ultimate. Prophecy can only be received on Earth from the God Source when these cosmic astrological forces align, opening
passageways to creation forces. That is why the ancients built their
temples to align with cosmic forces. Prophecy can only be received
through these passageways.

We ask you to bring to your mind the image of Isaiah standing on the
stone of God, touching it with his staff and revealing the eye of God.
He then points his staff to the heavens and a beam of light descends
from the God Source. This beam of light is the source of the prophecy
of Isaiah. The Isaiah Code is pivotal to the divine alchemy of this
transmission. Prophecy is an interpretation of the volition of
creation as it is received on the level of physical manifestation. The
energies of creation are then translated into thought forms that
anchor the psyche of the God man, the man God, to the psyche of human
creative potential. Ultimately, this is why ancient text refers to man
as being made in the image of God. This is the key that da Vinci
discovered and gave to humanity through the image of the da Vinci Man.

The High Mind Is Open to Cocreation

At such time, humanity is invited to engage with the creation forces
as cocreators with the mind of God, which is the source of all
manifestation. This great shift is a time when powerful structures and
existing archetypal energies are challenged. A moving away of old ways
of doing things and clearing of the historical fields are creating an
opportunity for new forms unprecedented in the history of the Earth.
It was during one of these great cycles of alignments that humans
began using fire and also during which the discovery of the wheel was

The will of Creator is manifest then through the high mind of man.
This is done on faith and faith alone with surrender to the ultimate
will of Creator in the purest sense. The great prophets of all
cultures were able to engage in this creative synergism with the God
force. Their prophecies were passed down through the great books of
knowledge and wisdom affecting human culture throughout the ages.
Throughout the ages these precious gifts from the absolute Source of
creation were manipulated by power structures for greed and gain
influencing Earth’s‚ history. However, the purity of the vibration
received by the prophets could not be adversely affected.
The power of
these gifts from prophecy were stored in the archives of your planet
awaiting the coming of what is called the End Times.
The time is now, marked by the end of the Mayan calendar or the 2012 –2013 transitions.

The Power of Prophecy through Time

Throughout history, a select group of individuals were capable of
making the cosmic connection that permits prophecy to be received.
These prophets became cocreators, or God beings. This is an aspect of
human consciousness that, on occasion, has been tapped. But it is
usually beyond the reach of human awareness that prophecy is received
when the God Source creates.
What was available to a select few
now becomes a massive force of creation activated throughout humanity with the DNA code of the 144 ,000 and the awakening of the
Buddha/Christ consciousness.
The power that catalyzes all of this
divine alchemy is the Holy Grail.
The Grail has been received and
activated, and the quest for the Holy Grail fulfilled by the awakening
of the feminine Christ through the Magdala Code.
The magnitude of this
prophecy creates an ascension bridge for all of humanity.
The soul
group called the bringers of the dawn or the awakeners now may engage
with these cosmic creation forces through what is called the high
human mind.

The openings of the gateways of prophecies and the passageway of
prophecy are times when the human cycles of social, spiritual and
political structures are destined to undergo enormous cyclic shifts.
The words of prophecy given from the God Source are received through
the passageways of the astrological and are available for the
prophecies to manifest on this plane of reality as power structures.
We who speak are the masters of the universe. When we use the words
“power structures,” we refer not to power structures such as lower
mind. We use these words higher and lower mind to define the God mind
and the mind that is consumed by fulfilling personal needs. The high
mind that we speak of is the mind prepared and opened to cocreation
with the Source of creation. This is the mind that is prepared to
engage psychically, spiritually and mentally to engage on the soul
level with the cocreation of God’s purpose.

When prophecy is received on that level it illuminates powerful
merkaba structures in interlocking patterns of movement, energy and
form. These alignments are necessary for all of creation to experience
waves of source-point vibration that creates what we call organic
creation mechanisms. These synergistic energies are in attunement with
the omni power of the God source.

The Passageway to Creation Is Open

Waves of creation forces that were dormant are now activated. This
dormant state is one in which the powerful manna Source energy is only
minimally received. It is enough, perhaps, to keep the existent form
and structure in place but not enough to be a catalyst for the
activation of the evolutionary leaps of consciousness that alter the
form and nature of existence. We speak of a vibration that rapidly
expands potential form and the potential of the high mind to engage
with the God Source. Elements of creation desire a plane in which to
manifest through these powerful alignments in an ultimate way with an
ultimate purpose.

Remember the passageways of prophecy may only open to certain
astrological alignments, which in this instance are multilevel and
multidimensional. If one source level aligns to the passageways of
prophecy through the great astrological wheels and multidimensions, it
is a one Sourcepoint of alignment. But when great cycles of time
confluence in 12 ,000-year cycles, 24 ,000-year cycles and 48 ,000-
year cycles then the ultimate purpose of the God Source is absolute.
It was just such an alignment that brought the creation of humans to
Earth. The alignment of which we speak is not about potential or
potential of creation. That is not absolute ultimate creation.
speak of a power that alters the manifest form at the Source level and alters the destinies of all histories and all organic form in the
physical and non-physical universes.
Just such an alignment has
opened and is opened for the next twelve years.

This creation phenomenon marks a time of propensity beyond human
comprehension. It is ultimate power of creation manifest through the
engagement of the high mind with the mind of God. Thus, at these
conjunctures, all that exists when the passageways open is the
emanation of Source energy when it is received, and prophecy is the
result of that phenomena. The power of the words of prophecy carry a
volition of energy that is unprecedented and has power beyond what is
felt by any individual who hears the prophecy or receives the
prophecy. Thus was the opportunity when Moses and Isaiah received the prophecies. Thus was the opportunity when Enoch ascended.
This is the opportunity that approaches now.
The reason we have said twelve years is to create a merkaba of lunar cycles. The Gregorian calendar does
not limit this twelve-year period of time. It is cycles of complete
rotations of cosmic years, which are different than Earth years. This
time is nonspatial in the great cycles of creation. Thus, the twelve
years we refer to are in the same sense of the seven days of creation,
nonspatial time. The cosmic time is not restricted by linear constructs.

Earth is one tiny microcosmic particle of a massive movement of
creation on every level, which ultimately must be manifest through the
physical in the propensity of which the existing matrix alters
self-creation with the God Source. Fractalline geodesic formulas
emerge that are capable of self-replicating into quantum creation
energies transcending linear time. These creation forces transcend
linear divisions and constraints of existing parameters. Thus the
image is shown of Isaiah lifting his staff to the heavens, receiving a
beam of light from his staff and placing his staff upon the stone of
prophecy in the center of the Source of all purpose, the Source of all
potential and the Source of all manifestation engaging the eye of God
on a human plane. This Isaiah of whom we speak is not limited to
biblical mythology and has manifested in multicultural form. We draw
your attention to this particular prophecy as a way to engage your
high mind with the true alchemical purpose of prophecy. It is a way
for the human mind to comprehend the activities of the God mind
through the high mind.

Step Beyond Greed to a Higher Place

The passageway opens and the purpose of this destiny is
self-fulfilling. It is purely and ultimately the choice of God.
my dear servants of the most high, might now receive the message of prophecy from us, the masters of the universe, that the gates of Enoch are open
The Holy Grail is illuminated and the chalice is filled, not
with the blood of man but with the elixir of the God Source from the
womb of creation.
This is the ultimate alchemy of creation that created DNA and the matrix of creation.

Humanity will step beyond greed and obsession into a relationship with
the high mind and be committed to the vow of service to a higher
purpose for your souls and a higher purpose for the soul of humanity.
This ultimately is the purpose of this transmission.
Every aspect of
existence must transcend cultural and religious barriers to permeate
the availability of consciousness to be truly available for the
utilization and integration of God Source energies, which are pure and
This is all part of the great plan and ultimately the vast transition.
This is the ultimate plan to transcend the Armageddon prophecy and facilitate the emergence of an entirely new cycle of prophecy on Earth and in the cosmos.
Each particle of light and each
vibration of harmonic resonance is part of the great vibration of
creation, which is attuning itself to a new octave.
Creation is
expanding, and you my beloved ones have chosen to be a conscious
aspect of this Great Shift.

Open your heart to the heart of the beloved, embracing yourselves and
others with acceptance and unconditional love. Simply allow divine
grace to be received and to work miracles in your life. Moment by
moment, simply celebrate life; embrace all adversities as
opportunities, dance with chaos and celebrate divine synchronicity.
Ultimately, simply flow with the deep knowledge that the long-awaited time has arrived: the time of oneness.
© Crop Circles Revealed,
Judith K. Moore




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