25 февруари, 2008

QUADO : You are Spirit Expressed

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channeled by Carrie Hart carrie-hart.jpg

Sunday, 24 February, 2008

You are never alone. You have with you always yourself, that higher and wider version of yourself that is light and love and nothing but these. You are always with yourself, that version of you that is infinitely wise and deeply connected with all that is, that knows of everything that happens, does not happen, has happened and will happen. This self, this timeless eternal self, is you and you are that.

You can, at any time you choose, sit quietly, close your eyes and open the crown of your head. Then feel yourself reaching upward, into a golden glow of being. This golden glow is you. This is your eternal self, your being, your awareness, the I of your I am. This is who you are.

And this life you live here, this life of joys and sorrows, of expectations and achievements, of giving and getting, this life is a shadow dream projected out from that self. And whenever you begin to connect too closely to this shadow existence, whenever you feel overwhelmed by its demands and full of fear for your future, then it is a good time to remember that you are not alone. Then it is a good time to connect to the vast intelligence that is there for you.

And there, in the deep and connected presence of your very own soul self, of your I Am presence, of the God that is you, you can feel the love flowing again, replacing the fear and the doubt. You can feel again the warm and loving presence that you are.

For you are your own creation, and as such you exist in this timeless eternal state as well, for that is the reality, the truth, the real you, and this is but its reflection.

And what is that eternal glow, that being of light that is you? That is also a reflection, a little speck of the glowing godhead, the all, the great and vast connection, the ground state and the highest state, the being and oneness that is. And since you are of the higher soul self and this higher soul self is of the all that we call God, then you are deeply connected with the very highest, widest and deepest, the flowing, the moving and yet ever-constant, the very heart of existence.

And at any time, you can simply be still and connect to all of this. For it is you and you are it. There is no difference. You are God and God is you, expressed in every atom of your being, in all that you are and think and do and feel. The ups and downs, the tears and the laughter, all of it is goodness and God-ness. All of it is spirit expressed. For that is what you are: spirit expressed.

Do not allow the world to fill you with doubt. Do not lose the underpinnings of your true knowledge, your true belief that you have the power. For you do. You have all the power. How could you not, when you are God?

What does it benefit you to doubt? There is no benefit there. There is only loss. What does it benefit you to believe in yourself? It is like turning on a light so that the world can see you glow. It is like lighting a fire that warms both you and those around you. For you are the light and the glow, you are the spark and the glowing, the creator and the created. You are one with the vast unending source of all that is, a spark from the brightest and greatest. It is all you and you are all it.

Set doubt aside. It does not serve. Strengthen yourself in belief. Take a sip from this brew and let it fill you. Believe in the miracle of your existence. Believe in your power through connection. Believe that you are a light strong enough to illumine the world.

And now, up at the highest level, opening to all that is and connecting with it, float a thought upon the ethers. Watch it flow out into the vast universe, into the great mix of all that is. And know, absolutely, that it will create, that it will sprout like a seed and begin to grow and that one day, as your life progresses, you will encounter a tree covered with sweet fruit and know it as this thought, finally bearing fruit, after effortlessly becoming and growing, drifting through the strands of becomingness, among the other strands and thoughts that float across the vastness of being.

A dream awakened into life. A tree from a seed of thought. A smile so broad and vast, so wide and mirthful that all sadness disappears. Such is your power. Such is your life.

Be the dream expressed. Assist the dreamer. Awaken yourself to all that you truly are. Know the full glory of your freedom, your freedom from fear, from doubt, your freedom to create, to weave a tapestry of life that sounds like laughter, looks like a smile and feels like love.





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