25 февруари, 2008


In this energy alert:
Why there is so much suffering now present on the planet;
Why everything is in divine and perfect order even though it may seem the world has gone mad;What we can do to ease any discomfort we may be experiencing;
And examples of the transition process unfolding in a beautiful and perfect way.

We are basically in the same space as we were during the last energy alert, even though there have been a few minor movements. On February 20th we experienced a lunar eclipse, which brought a very definite end to the clearing and purging stage. You might have had significant dreams during this time which indicated that the purging was complete, or perhaps experienced other indicators in your life. The Mercury retrograde phase is now over as well, so then the going back and purging phases are now complete.
Minor movements are occurring as we are still adjusting and aligning before the big tidal wave of new energy arrives. Everything on the planet is literally being turned inside out, as each and every thing which embodies energy needs to find its new location or home. Several times in the past few weeks, and especially in the past few days, we have had interesting occurrences with our electronics here where we live. Our cell phones and our satellite television have been unable to locate their “homes.” For several days we had no phone service as our phones could not seem to locate their towers, and our television has been “lost” and unable to connect to the transmitting satellite.
And this is what is occurring on a massive global level as well. Each and every living thing is in the process of re-connecting to a higher vibration and to a higher version or reality of their places in the new reality.
This takes time as it is vitally important that everyone and everything has an opportunity to be on board when the grand surge of new energy arrives.
If you are one who is already aligned to the energies of the new, you will most likely feel as though you have hit a brick wall with an inability to move forward. You may feel jammed up with no room to breathe, or perhaps stuck and suffocating. There is indeed an energy wall present, and those of us who are most sensitive can feel it to a great degree. (I will list some possible ways for relief further on in this energy alert.)
We cannot continue to line up with the old energies of a lower dimension or a lower vibrating reality, thus, we are stuck or immovable for a time until the wall is removed.
This, again, will occur when each and every living thing on the planet has had enough time to make adjustments and to line up with their own unique “new.”
I personally know individuals who are greatly benefiting from this aligning time we are being given. One individual had decided that after 8 years of a challenging marriage, it was finally time to move on. No question was in her mind…she had decided with complete certainty and was extremely happy and actually ecstatic about her new beginning…and a new beginning was indeed arriving for her.
As she announced her decision to her husband and began to make her plans, she had a reading, which also confirmed for her that her husband was now out of the picture and very far behind her. Then very suddenly, changes were made within her husband, as well as other changes within her family structure. And now they are moving ahead together; a total and complete surprise. And this is how it is for many of us.
Small but significant changes are indeed occurring even though we may be “waiting.”
There are many scenarios unfolding which are awesome to behold, as it is so very evident that changes need to be made within each and every one of us. And when they are made, magic occurs and we are then aligned with the new reality. And this is also why there is so much suffering occurring now on the planet. Suffering is occurring to support individuals into making a change. When we are extremely miserable, we are more inclined to be open to doing things differently, or perhaps inclined to let go of internal patterns that have continued to cause us misery for a very long time. And as most of us know, we are the ones who cause ourselves misery, and in this way, we are then empowered to make change, as changing ourselves is what creates the change on the outside as well, and then the ball is in our own court.
It can be difficult and very challenging to watch all this suffering around us. Our hearts go out to those involved. We deeply care. It can at times seem as though the world has gone mad. But we must also remember that each and every one of us is on our own unique journey, and our journeys are what create the needed changes.
This is why it is best that we do not meddle in the fall. If we were to interfere and “hold up” what needs to fall, we would go down with it, as well as serve to create a fall that lasts much longer than it needs to. Another’s journey is just that. At times we can only watch with compassion and concern. But know as well, that during this miraculous time, many miracles are occurring. Situations which seemed horrific are finding beautiful resolutions, and this is when the magic occurs…it is through the suffering. This is many times the doorway to the higher realms. (Yes, at certain times we need to meddle and support, but this is not what I am referring to here.)
Many of us are at different stages now in regard to being lined up for the new reality. This is why it is so vitally important that we are willing to wait for everyone to catch up. What is creating these unpleasant scenarios on the planet is the fact that we are in an energy lull right now. Basically, there is a diminished level of energy around us, or hitting the planet, or in other words, not much to connect to or to support us. This lack of energy then, is what is creating the scenarios of suffering.
This can manifest as exhaustion, no drive, apathy, crying jags, empty gas tanks and dead batteries, a feeling of no support, nothing manifesting very well, or even hopelessness. But this energy lull is serving the purpose of allowing each and every thing on the planet to more readily identify what it is that is really and truly important to us. When we seem to have much of nothing (which is an illusion), then we tend to be grateful for the most important things in our lives. And it is these things that we want to hold onto and pay more attention to.
Yes, this is a time when most of everything is being turned inside out as all is re-aligning. As mentioned in the past few energy alerts, it begins as the seeming underdog now rising to the place of recognized power. What were seeming underdogs in the past, or those that carried higher energies whose time had not yet arrived, are now being placed into positions of power. The latest manifestation of this is the situation with Kosovo. “Underdogs” are rising up.
This progresses then, as the “old” or household energies which contained the power in the past, now losing their foothold. The elections here in the US are manifestations of this scenario. But as the progression continues, those losing their foothold begin to suffer, and thus, they are then given the opportunity to change, adjust, be more of who they really and truly are, or their authentic and higher vibrating selves, and the scenario again shifts as more and more living things become aligned to the new reality. So in this way, much is rockin’ and rollin’ with new surprises at every moment!
With this movement into the higher realms being so massive, the challenges and confusion can be great. But know that at higher levels, everything is absolutely as it should be and everything is right on track. It can be tempting at times to desire an immediate change, or perhaps a change in our already decided upon direction, as we may feel that there has been some mistake.
Here where Phil and I live in the high desert canyon lands of the southern end of the Rocky Mountains in the US Southwest, we are in the middle of yet another snowstorm which dropped about 10 inches. For the past few days we were experiencing temperatures in the 50’s, the mud was dissipating, and our hiking experiences were getting back to a more enjoyable level. And then boom! As Phil says, “We have to start all over again…” It is then that we may be tempted to relocate to a different area of better “climate,” but an awesome climate is due to arrive very soon if we just hold on awhile longer.
And this is how some of us may be feeling now. Not yet, not yet, not yet, but soon…We can know that there is indeed an end to the transition, and indeed there is. And when enough of us are aligned to the new, there will arrive a massive shift in the energies. The wall will come down, we will all pass through into a higher vibrating reality, and we will easily forget the stage we currently find ourselves in.
I was speaking to my mother the other day, and we were commenting as we always do during times of climate discomfort, that we will hardly remember how cold it was when we are hot and sweaty this summer! And vice versa for those of you in the southern hemisphere. After hours of labor during a birth, we easily forget the pain when the new baby arrives, or we would probably never give birth again. The new arrival is always worth the discomfort, and this new arrival will be like no other. We need to hold on for awhile longer in order for this unity to be complete.
What can we do to ease the discomfort? Being that there is much less energy present now, we may feel empty and drained. A hug from someone can work wonders. If you do not have a someone to hug you or to hug back, our animal companions can work wonders. No animal companions or human huggers? Hugging a tree can really fill us up. No trees where you reside? Simply lie on the earth…it can be truly awesome and can serve to really connect us to the higher realms. Remember, we ascend through the earth herself. If the weather deters you from lying on the earth, place a tarp or some plastic down, dress very warmly, and enjoy your connection! Our little ones are also great connectors to the higher realms. I used to go to my granddaughter’s pre-school when she was three and play with all the kids, sliding down slides, digging in the sand, and running. It greatly helped.
In addition, there is a continual pattern when we are in the discomforts of transition which involves an every other day scenario. The universe does not want us to become totally lost and discouraged, so at times we seem to experience one good day, then a challenging one, then another good one. This is the see-saw effect of our ascension process at work.
In addition, the more removed from the mainstream you are, the less you will experience the discomforts of the fall. And knowing what is really going on, and that we are still in the transition, can also enable us to let go and relax, as we know with complete certainty that the new reality is right on the horizon. If we can detach as much as we can from what is occurring around us, connect to our creativity and to our loved ones in a loving way, or perhaps spend as much time as possible in nature, we can remain safe and sound during this time. And nature feels very good again, as the purging stage is over!
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...
Until next time,

For Your Reading Pleasure Today

A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:


"ALTHOUGH SUFFERING MAY seem ungodly or perhaps even
a lower vibrating experience, it actually has a very specific
purpose. Suffering brings us much closer to Source and also
creates compassion. When we are suffering, we are much more
open and allowing, and when we are open, willing, and allowing,
Source energy can then fill us to a much greater degree.

When we are suffering, we are much more "out of the way." But
most importantly, we let go and are willing to allow something
New and different to arrive for us. At times we can get desperate
when we are suffering, and this is when we let go. Much else in
our surrounding reality can seem inconsequential, and this is
what creates the letting go and giving up. When we are
suffering, we realize that we cannot solve whatever is ailing us,
ourselves. These are the things that bring us back to Source.
These are the things that get us out of the way. These are the
things that cause us to surrender.

And when we have suffered ourselves, we develop great
compassion for others. After we have gone through an experience
of suffering, we then seem much more ready and in alignment
to assist others, or perhaps become involved in some kind of
humanitarian work.

When we suffer, we go deep. We feel deeply. We examine
deeply. And we ask for help. When we ask for help and really
mean it, we usually receive it. But we have to get out of the way
first and let go of our ego or in-charge self. This is all a vital
part of the ascension process. Suffering is another way that we
connect more deeply and strongly to Source. After we have
connected through suffering, we can then remember what this
connection feels like and utilize it again, only in a non-suffering
situation. We remember that Source was very present and we can
then summon Source again to help others.

Viewing suffering from the higher realms, it looks very
different. In the higher realms, it is known that life comes and
goes and that energy infuses here and then it infuses there. When
looking back at a suffering experience after one has left their
physical body, one does not feel that this experience was any big
deal. This is the way it is. It is known that this is a part of being
in the physical world. Emotions are very valued, as they are one of
the things that being in form is all about. Suffering is simply
another experience and no big deal. But we sure think it is when
we are the ones who are suffering!

Suffering and compassion are basically partners. And
compassion is a very high vibrating state of emotion. Being that
suffering creates a vibrational change in a person and also
creates an opening to Source, as well as at times a summoning
for the New, we can then see that watching suffering in another
is not something we need to meddle in or become involved in
alleviating. This is not always a set rule, of course. The nonphysical
beings watch us suffer continually and never meddle.
And this is why. They are simply honoring our process. And as
we are becoming the human angels of the earth, we will need to
adopt this higher way of being as well. I can tell you from
experience, it's not easy...but it is part of our evolutionary
process. Therefore, it is important that we understand and value
suffering for what it is and what it produces.

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to understand
the higher role of suffering. When you are able to embrace the
process that suffering creates, you will be well on your way to
becoming a higher vibrating human."

May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light
your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are
all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!

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