25 февруари, 2008

Twin Beings, the Unknowable Void and Our Return to Sacred Union

Aine - Jagriti

There has been a lot written about Twin Souls. It may be the area that is most romanticized and the area most misunderstood.. None-the-less, at this time on Earth there are more Twin Beings incarnate than at any other time on Earth. What does this mean and why is this so?

We are en-masse moving beyond Polarity. We came here to experience what happens when the two poles of creation divide out of Unity and manifest rather as a force-field between opposites. This has been our journey on Earth. One of the ways that it has manifested is in the dance between Twin aspects of the same Cosmic Being manifesting in duality. The traditional teachings about Twin Flames is culminating with everything else into a form beyond duality. To understand what this means let us take a look at the dance that we have engaged in and then move into the new awareness.

Prior to the present age, (the present age being the transitional platform of core change not only on Earth but through the dimensions all the way from Source), the force held between Twin Flames could not, in most cases, be tolerated through the Earthly body. It was more usual for only One of the polarity to incarnate at a time. With one polarity still in the Inner Realms of Light and holding the bigger picture, the One incarnate through the Veils of forgetfulness had an Anchor beyond this world. The One not incarnate acted somewhat like a Guardian, keeping track of the polarity in a body and assisting it towards growth and greater illumination.

However, this is only one possibility. In fact, Twin Beings have had almost every possible configuration through time. The one constant was and is the force between the two polarities.In the Esoteric Lore of Earth it has always been known that a full return to the Christ within Involves union with our Twin Being.

Many of the Twin Beings on Earth right now have not yet met in the body. To meet in the body each One must have arrived at the inner decision to use their live for the Illumination of Life. The days of 'service' are over. We are not here to 'serve', we are here to BE, to be all that we are. The most vital step in that BEING is to be it to ourselves. When we truly seek to know ourselves - all of us, all the Light and all the Shadow - then we are beginning to embrace the Ten Thousand Things that represent the manifest world of polarity. When we are committed to Knowing ourselves we are also preparing to move beyond polarity. Unified consciousness is an inward initiation. We do not experience unified consciousness by meeting our Twin Flame. We must return into the unified field as an individual. If we have not arrived at a balance within ourselves then the actual meeting of our Twin can be the very opposite to everything imagined. Twin Beings cannot tolerate the exclusion of any part of the Earth Journey. Together they encompass the whole. Therefore, if either or both are still carrying judgment, fear, or parts of themselves they are unwilling to know, then those parts will be the ruling force. This can be very painful to the extreme. It can also be the most expeditious path to inner freedom, depending on the Willingness of the Souls involved to embrace all polarities of being within themselves and each other,

and thus within all of life.

We do not know the outcome of our Earth Journey, and yet it is Divinely Crafted that we return to Union. Thus, within the journey we are constantly interweaving the known and the unknown into a fantastic tapestry of tremendous detail. When we set out to explore all possible polarities, all possible separations, and then to return to Union, we cast before us a Journey that we could never have imagined in its details. Likewise, as we go through this Age of Transformation, we are Constantly creating, seeding, birthing the unknown.

As above so below, as within, so without. When two people come together and create a child the 'laws' of the Universe allow that to happen, yet the actual life of every child is unknown until they themselves create it through living their life. Therefore, we are always working with the unknown. The very fact that the Universe is created to constantly expand and to know more of its own potential, is exactly true for the 'Universe' that each one of us holds within us. This presence of the Unknown (or as I have come to respect it the "Sacred Unknown") has been strategically 'taken' out of 'life'. Over the past thousands of years the unknown, ever breathing potential of the UNKNOWABLE VOID has been 'controlled' and denigrated. The suppression of the female principle, the WOMB energies have been greatly feared by those who wish to live in external, knowable order and systemized reality. The inquisition was hugely about 'getting rid' of the mystery of life. Those who want to control do not want mystery. They want to know everything so that they can control it. And 'They' are all of us. However, the Unknowable, for creation to exist, continues in every breathing moment to inseminate our lives, our breath, every cell of our being. When we deny this we become out of balance, ill, and fearful.

Indigenous peoples way was sacred because it was the Dance, the BIG Dance between the known and the unknown. The Mystery was perceived and perpetually 'unknown' as Source, as Ultimately primordial and necessary to LIFE. When Twin Beings decide to manifest in bodies at the same time on Earth one of them will be called to carry the unknowing aspect of Life, while the other will carry the known. If they are brave enough to truly open and receive the reciprocal medicine of each others Souls then they open the Mystery into the Earth realm, and their bodies become truly Sacred Vessels. Through such the entire Earth is blessed and expanded and stretched beyond all 'known' limits. Anything 'known' is a limit.

Just as it takes a child nine months to grow in the womb and be birthed, there are greater births within the Universe, and our journey on Earth is coming full term. Just as the birth pangs begin in the body of a woman at the time that she and the baby are 'ready', so the birth pangs of Mother Earth have begun and we are all consumed in her 'labour'. The labour is towards the birth of the return to Union. How or what that Union is, and will be experienced is vastly unknown, because each one of us is creating it consciously and unconsciously. What is known is that Union is Union and so no part of our Earth Journey can be denied. No part can be judged as unworthy, no part can be rejected. This is the labour we are all experiencing within our own beings - the labour of total self-acceptance. If we continue to amputate parts of our bodies, parts of our lives, if we continue to reject people, if we continue to judge this as good and acceptable, and this as bad and worthy of amputation, then we will also continue to experience the labour pains. Union cannot be birthed until it is truly Union of All aspects of our Being, the known and unknown, the knowable and the eternally unknowable.

The reason why more Twin Beings are incarnate at this time is because we are en-masse preparing for birth. The force-field held between Twin Beings is Cosmically Bound towards Union. This field can exist between two Souls who have never met. The very fact that they are both incarnate quickens their movement. This can cause one or both to actually have difficult painful lives - because pain is caused by living within imposed 'containers' while the Soul holds the wisdom that everything is included in Union. If these Souls decide on the Soul level that enough clearing has taken place for them to meet in the body the difficulties and pain may actually be heightened as each continues to go through the process of total Self-Acceptance. A Twin Being will challenge us to the very core of our being and all of life has to change within the force-fieldof this energy.

Twin Beings do not necessarily come in to engage in an intimate relationship. Twin Beings may decide at a Soul level that it is more beneficial to incarnate as Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Father/Son, Mother/Daughter. Sometimes they come in as Brother/Sister. Sometimes it is as son and mother-in-law! Whatever is understood at the Soul level as the most beneficial. If an agreement is made at a Soul level that is always with the focus of illuminating as big a space as possible on Earth. If a family encounters the Presence of Twin Beings that whole family will exist within the force-field. Many times Twin Beings have a focus of working with and assisting particular Souls that are truly beloved to them - Souls that belong to their Soul group, or that they have experienced many lives with.

If Twin Beings decide to meet when they have already created an Earth family with another Soul then it is more than likely that the Soul focus is to quicken the entire field of their respective families. There is no configuration that is 'better' than another. However, if Twin Beings come together to hold the force-field between them as man and woman there is an level of activation through the physical realms that can deeply be imprinted within the Land of Earth. Earth is the Goddess, the receptacle, the chalice. When the Earth of the body is inseminated through the seed of the God Being, the male polarity, that union is registered throughout the grids of Earth. This is what Yeshua and Magdelene manifested on Earth.

Whatever the focus, the actual living of it pulls the Souls involved to all the 'known' limits of Being. Thus they force themselves to the point of true creation. New creation is always out of the Unknown.When we can truly, deeply KNOW and ACCEPT every aspect of ourselves and our lives, we are then ready to create something new, to embrace the Unknown. Twin Beings hold this point of the unknown, over and over, so that creation can continually expand. With more and more Twin Beings incarnating the force-field of Earth is being called to the limits of the known and each one of us is feeling this cutely, consciously or otherwise. Because we as a society have not embraced the Unknown as Sacred - we have be entrained through the systems of the world to exclude the Unknown - when it presents to us it often comes in as fear. If we are truly moving into the Sacred Unknown, then it manifests as Terror. Terror is the Sacred Unknown presenting through a Mind that is denying its existence, and therefore denying its purpose - to be the Well Spring of growth and expansion. It is interesting to note that the letters of the work 'Terr' is found in Terra, which is the word for Mother Earth. It is also to be found in the word terrific. When the Mystery of the Divine Feminine, which is linked to the UNKNOWABLE VOID is embraced as Sacred we move into co-creative Sacred Relationship with the Earth and our Terror is embraced as Sacred Mystery. I ponder on the fact that through this incredible Age of Transformation it is Terrorism that has a great deal of the population of Earth in its grip. When we open to the UNKNOWABLE VOID within our own being and come back to the balance between the light and the dark, we will as a people cease to experience the projection of our own terror as a walking Archetype on Earth. This is the work we can all do to change our world.

I meet many people who are 'calling in' their Twin Flame. I would caution the doing of this from a purely romantic attitude. The living reality of a Twin Flame relationship could be the furthest thing from romantic. I would suggest rather that each one of us focus on the return to inner union, to total Self-Acceptance, to allowing ourselves to truly know ourselves. When and if we do arrive at the knowing then the feeling of falling in love with ourselves will be the reward. When we are truly in love with ourselves in the real meaning of total Self-Acceptance, then if we are to meet our Twin Flame it will happen without any effort on our part.

Many ask if we have more that One Twin. What I have been shown is that Source was and remains ONE and yet ever growing. When we differentiated out from Source we came out like sparks (spirals) from an anvil being pounded by a Cosmic Smith. As we transformed further into manifest form each spark/flame continued to split. Therefore 'splits' occurred on many levels and many dimensions. Each spark has consciousness and intent. Some Flames stopped 'splitting' at the Cosmic Level, others continued to split further and further. Some Souls split at the Earth level. Any imaginable configuration has taken place. For instance at the Cosmic level one 'half' can decide to keep 'splitting' while the other half remains in Cosmic Consciousness. Thus that Soul would be as a beacon to its 'family' of Souls who continue to split further into separation. Yeshua and Magdelene are Cosmic Beings who incarnated into Earth Bodies carrying as much of the Comic Christ Level of Being within a human body as possible. To do so over a thousand years of preparation took place where their Souls and the Souls of over a thousand others prepared to incarnate, bringing with them the 'next' level of Consciousness so that the overall level of Consciousness on Earth was seeded and quickened. Since then they have passed to a further level of Consciousness. We are reaping the harvest of their passage on Earth. At the same time, since the Christ Consciousness is forever expanding, they are still seeding our reality with more expanded forms of Being.

Many of the 'Inner Circle' of Yeshua and Magdelene were Souls who had mastered a return to Christ Consciousness. Some incarnated as Twin Beings within One physical body. This enabled the force-field of Yeshua and Magdelene to be anchored to Earth. Many people feel they were alive at the time of Christ, and indeed many of us were. More than likely if we have a memory of being in close proximity to him, or to both of them, we were one of the Souls in the configuration of many that allowed such a birth to take place through the Veils of forgetfulness that qualify the Earth Plane. Some of us were Twin Beings existing in One body at that time; some of us did not incarnate but held the role of 'charging' certain Ones who were incarnate. Thus the life of a certain person may feel like our own, when in fact we were intimately involved in charging it with the Cosmic Christ to help sustain its journey on Earth at that time. We must realize that the Cosmic Christ level of Consciousness is not static. It is forever growing. That is why one who has mastered it can incarnate again and gain mastery at a more expanded level of Being. We and the Universe and all of Creation are in a constant state of expansion and contraction. Each expansion is seeded by the one prior to it. Just as each of our lives on Earth 'harvest' from our previous lives, so it is with the Universe. In the West the reality of re-incarnation was 'systemized' out of our awareness. This one move had a profoundly blinding effect on us - as when we enter we enter a separate, 'amputated' life, and those who receive us have no cognizance of who we really are. This, is however, changing, as the wonderful world of Spiritual Midwifery is re-dawning among us. The New Children are calling us to receive them consciously, to open the way through the dimensions of our own Being, so that we can meet and welcome them back among us.

As I continue along my own path of Illuminating the Self Within I am seeing and witnessing more and more the different configurations that Souls incarnate into. I am continually amazed at the ingenuity and creativity we have as Souls and the incredible love that we hold for each other. I have witnessed how one Soul can incarnate in two bodies, how many Souls will incarnate with just One Soul as the focus of their love. This happens when one Soul has 'gotten stuck' and is deeply loved. Several Souls may chose to incarnate and surround that Soul in a family to help to quicken it and remind it of its own magnificence. There are a great number of us incarnate at this moment who are as dedicated to the Self-Illumination of many others as we are to our own. Many of us have shown up in each others lives to assist that process. We know each other because we carry a truth and honesty about both sides of our nature, which is embraced by a growing Acceptance and Love of All that We Are. Relationships are not easy now - but they are surely the quickening we need, if we are willing to stay open and to grow. Indeed all of our relationships are being called to expand. If we insist on holding a relationship in a 'container' we will greatly limit ourselves. We will also live unfulfilled

lives. It takes great courage to change and to change our primary relationship into new and expanding configurations we need to be truly brave. The One thing we can hold to is the Love. If we stay in the Love of ourselves and others there is a natural and very beautiful Divine Harmonic of growth that opens within and begins to expand outward. Marriage and families as we have known them are already changing. Society shows us that. Most people are still in the old framework of judgments such as 'failed marriage', 'broken home'. As long as we see it this way that is what we will experience. I challenge us all to see and experience the opportunity within change and the glorious new dawn that is coming over the horizon of our known world. "There is no marriage in heaven". What is the meaning of that quote? I believe it is that in 'heaven' we simply are who we are, without any imposed containers. This is the most challenging

and the most exciting time on Earth so far. It is challenging because the change is inevitable. It is exciting because so many of us are catching the wave. Through surrender, trust, openness and love we can grow into the Divine expressions of the smaller selves we have been living within, contained within. Out of the worldly self, out of the experiences of pain and confusion we are birthing the necessary reality of the expanded Being that we are.

At a time such as this we can know that we have the support of the Company of Heaven. Earth is supported greatly. There are more non-incarnates assisting our passage than ever before. The change is already taking place and we are succeeding. We are in the myst of change. At moments the sun bursts through and we simply KNOW that everything is as it should be. And it is. Let us hold this knowing through the pain and the confusion of the deepest changes yet in our personal lives and extended circles.

We are all magnificent and we can begin to perceive and experience this truly when we no longer judge and exclude certain parts of ourselves. Self-Acceptance of All that We Are and have been and may be is the necessary requisite for the Return to Inner and Outer Union and beyond!!!

Within the In-Violet Sacredness of All Things

Aine - Jagriti



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