12 февруари, 2008

Message from Master Kuthumi .:. Wisdomofthelight

Message from Master Kuthumi channeled by Natalie Glasson

I am Master Kuthumi; I am an ascended master and a light worker on the Creator?s behalf currently working on the planet of Sirius. This of course doesn?t mean that I discard my duties on the Earth and to my dear students who follow my teachings and invoke my guidance. My energy, love and wisdom will remain with you always. I have also taken absence from my role as the chohan of the second ray of light, this doesn?t mean that my connection with this divine flowing energy is broken, for it lives eternally within my being as do many of the rays available to the Earth and beyond. My dear students you can also obtain oneness with the rays if you invoke and use them in your life, the more you invoke the energy of the rays the more they will become a part of your being, on all levels.

I, Master Kuthumi, am currently sitting in my ashram or you could call it a meditation room on the Planet of Sirius, it is from this planet that both myself and Djwhal Khul are extending our knowledge, and broadening our minds. We are accepting in a deeper form than ever before the love and power that emanates from the Creator and are learning how a civilisation can use these divine qualities to live not just harmoniously but to accelerate their spiritual focus and evolvement. Even as ascended masters we need guidance as you do on the Earth, it is on the Sirius plane that I am able to gain this extra tuition. While I am here I am also able to assist the civilisation with my own wisdom from my experiences and ascension process. An extension of energy is always welcome in the universe as each soul has a growth process and dimensions on which they exist and are working towards. When energy and wisdom is shared, this assists many souls in developing and understanding the Creator?s vast world. On the Earth, people do not seem to be able to share their inner wisdom, ideas or energy with others; it is due to the authoritive energy of fear present on the Earth and within each person. Fear is an emotion which is exactly the same as happiness or joy, it comes and goes depending on your circumstances; everyone lives and strives to be happy but even when happiness is found it sometimes doesn?t last. Fear on the other hand seems to linger in every thought and engraves itself into every action within a person?s life. I realise this varies depending on the person but fear although the same emotion as happiness has more power on the Earth. On the plane of Sirius fear has been eliminated because of a civilisations determination to focus on the love of the Creator within their being. As an ascended master I have mastered the ego and the power of fear but I see many of my students struggle to overcome this challenge. I can only send you my inner courage and light asking you to continue to serge forward with this challenge, as with most practices you may feel as though you are battling against a wall but do not give up for all of a sudden you may not even realise that you have transformed your thought patterns and diminished the power of fear over your being. Fear doesn?t have a place in a life devoted to love, inner power and courage, these are values that are needed on the Earth currently.

My students, as you know I am an ascended master and have evolved through many initiations, you may see me as an evolved being, as a focus that you wish to advance to; this is an admirable goal and one which many will achieve in the future. I simply wish to make you aware that the universe of the Creator is vast, there are 352 planes of consciousness to pass through in order to return to your divine truth, this seems even for me, like a mountain to climb but I have faith in my own soul and energy systems and I accept that on every dimension there is an aspect of my own current soul, because I am always more than I am currently as I sit in my ashram. There will always be higher, more evolved aspects of my soul moving through the dimensions and progressing to the mighty Creator. This means that I am and already have achieved and understood each dimension; there is just a need for me to awaken to the reality of each and understand it. It is as though I am travelling on a train from one point of the Earth to another. I start the journey asleep, unable to comprehend the journey or even where I am travelling to. As the train passes through villages, town, cities and well known land marks I gradually awaken from my sleep, with every place I pass on the train, my awareness grows and I grasp what I am doing and where I am going. I also realise that I have completed this journey before, as I pass through a town, I recognise it with a feeling of familiarity. In some ways I have already completed the journey before I even stepped aboard the train but had not realised it. Awakening is simply realisation.

You have the abilities to achieve anything you desire and to evolve through planes and dimension but remember that you also have a mission on the Earth which your soul will guide you to discover. You are the Creator manifest on the Earth and it is important for you to understand this completely, taking on the responsibilities of emanating love of the purest form as the Creator does.

I am always here for you if you wish to call on my guidance or energy. I just wished to share my thought with you as I pondered in my ashram.

My blessing and love extend to you now and always,

Master Kuthumi

Best wishes and Blessings,




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