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Living The Law of Love

Living The Law of Love
by John Payne

Greetings beloved ones, this is Omni. We have come to you at this time to
share with you the most important universal law. We seek to explain to you
the Law of Love and how you can apply it.

Many of you aspire to the state of un-conditional love, but in practice it
evades most of you. Central to the law of Love is allowing. Firstly allowing
yourself, then be allowing of all others and their creations and thoughts.
Love is the total and complete acceptance of what is, that is love in its
simplest definition. Even simpler yet, we can define love as allowing.

You receive Universal energy moment by moment, for there is a constant flow
of this creative and powerful energy at all times. Your ability to use this
energy for the purposes of creating the life that you want to live, is very
much dependant upon your ability to allow. This is not only about the
ability to receive, but it also means living in non-judgment, meaning
allowing yourself to be who and what you are in each moment, and allowing
others to be who and what they are.

The reason why most of you get tied up in non-allowing, is that you believe
that in some way that another can influence your experience, influence your
life. This is not so. No one can influence your life unless you have invited
him or her to do so. You do not need to invite them consciously, but as you
believe it and think it, so it is. If you believe that others can influence
your life negatively, then so it is. If you believe that you cannot be happy
until this or that changes, then so it is, if you believe that you cannot
find peace until this or that circumstance changes, then so it will be. Each
thought that you offer to the Universe draws to you the object of your
attention. Whatever it is that you are focusing on not only comes into your
experience, but it also grows.

Through practicing the law of love, which is un-conditional allowing, you
are in fact acknowledging that you are the creator of your life experience.
As you allow others to be who they wish to be, you are in turn allowing
yourself to receive more of the delicious life force energy that is flowing
to you.

Love is all about allowing others to create the experience that they are
having, and knowing that you have the power to create the experience that
you are wanting. It means that no matter what they are saying about the
economy or world affairs, that you can create your own island of wealth and
peace. You create your own experience, and participating in the mass beliefs
that do not serve your joy and inner being is a choice. We do not suggest
that you withdraw from the world because it is a 'bad place', but rather, to
set the example through focusing only on that which you find to be good and
uplifting and through not being influenced by the general fears of the
masses. Do not judge your fellow man or woman for not being 'spiritual' or
positive enough. All beings are spiritual beings, whether they know it or
not. All beings have had many lifetimes, whether they know it not. Your task
is to live a life of joy. If in the process you are able to share your
vision of the world and of your experience with another, then do so. But do
not think badly of them if they do not see your point of view. A point of
view is exactly that. Truth is individual, and how you experience the world
or even peanut butter, is quite different to how another experiences it.
Each time you move into the lack of allowing, you stop the flow life force
energy through your system. Not only does this take you further away from
your source, from your inner self, it also makes it more difficult for you
to create that which you are wanting.

You may feel, because you are on the spiritual path, that it is your duty to
inform others of your insights. Do so only with their asking and offer only
when they seek guidance or your thinking. However, let them be, allow all to
be who they are. Honor the love and light within them because they, like
you, are perfect as you are. Many of you still believe that you are here to
prove yourself worthy of God, that in some way you are lacking and that you
are here to gain that which is missing. It is not like this at all. There is
no higher authority for you to measure up to, only the ability to follow
your inner desires. The work that you came to do in this lifetime was to
master the law of love, to master the art of allowing. Allow all to be in
their experience, even that which offends you. It does not mean that you
need to allow those who offend you to violate your boundaries, but we would
encourage to ask how it is that you drew these people into your experience.
For everything in your experience has been brought there by way of
attraction and it is your thinking that attracts.

That which you do not allow is brought into your experience purely for the
purposes of releasing it. You see, the Universe does not understand yes and
no, it only understands focus. Therefore a strong sense of not allowing
concerning this or that, is focus in its own right. Therefore that which you
are not allowing will be drawn unto you. The reaction that most of you have
to those things that you do not allow is to resist them, to try to push them
away. This in turn is even more focus on exactly that which you do not want,
therefore, even more of the same thing is being drawn into your life because
that is where your focus is.

Allow yourself to be who you are right here and now. Your are perfect in all
your ways, perfect and lovable exactly as you are. You are not complete,
just as the Universe in not complete, for experience creates learning and
more desire for experience and learning, and so it goes on into infinity. No
one in this Universe is complete, but all are perfect. Many of you get into
the mode of not allowing because you are imagining that enlightenment or
spiritual awakening is a defined finishing point. Indeed, it is not dear
ones -- there is no end, just many, many new beginnings. We invite you not
to look at the end result, but to enjoy the journey with its wondrous
unfolding and revelation. You are here to create a life of joy, nothing
more, nothing less. Find that which gives you joy and do it, and allow all
others to be exactly as they are, and give that gift to yourself too!

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About The Author
John Payne is an internationally known trance channeler based in Europe, who
channels Omni, a spirit guide. John travels the world giving lectures and
workshops including the US, Africa, Germany, and Brazil. Visit his website
at http://four- principles. com. If you would like John to visit your area
email: info@four-principle s.com

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