13 февруари, 2008

A Gift from the Whales and Dolphins for Valentine's Day! The Soulmate and Twin Flame Meditation....


by Celia Fenn

with music by Armand and Angelina and images by Jean-Luc Bozzoli


This meditation can be used to allow yourself to enter into a state of Pure, Unconditonal Love...and in this state to call your Soul Mate to you. Then you can blend your Heart energy and merge into the Twin Flame experience of Unified, Transcendent Love within your own Heart. The meditation can be used for experiencing your own inner Twin Flame energy as you blend your Masculine and Feminine elements. It can also be used as a way of connecting with your Soul Mate and Twin Flame in the Outer World and calling that bliss and ecstasy to you.

The Whales and Dolphins ask you to join them in the experience of Cosmic playfulness, as you swim in an Ocean of Absolute Unconditional Love. The beautiful images of Jean-Luc Bozzoli and the wonderful music of Armand and Angelina will lift your heart and carry you into the Higher Frequencies of the Whale and Dolphin Dream World and allow you to enter into that Reality of Pure Love that is the "One Love".

So, allow yourself to be very comfortable and begin to relax. Breathe deeply. In the Water world of the Whales and Dolphins, breathing is important as they move between the realms of air and water. You are also moving between realms or dimensions. Watch your breathing and allow yourself to breathe deeply and evenly as you move into a state of deep relaxation. You feel light and happy and content. And so you are moving into a state of Higher Consciousness and Awareness. Breathe Deeply.

At this point, you become aware of two playful Dolphins who are calling you to come and swim with them...and so....in your inner world, imagine that you are jumping into the Ocean with them. You become like a Dolphin, you can swim at great speed and you breathe in air and then you frolic under the azure blue heaven of the Ocean. You see the sun way above, and you dive deeply and you swim among the coral reefs. You see a jewel like world of seaweeds and fishes....a garden of beauty and ecstasy. And so you play like a dolphin.

A pod of dolphins comes to you, and you see that they are your "pod" or soul family, and you swim together and you play together in great joy. You feel surrounded by such a warm and joyous love.

Now, you see that a pair of Whales has appeared as well, and they are asking you to follow them. And so, you take off after the Whales, swimming and swimming in this Ocean. And as you follow them, you know that you are being guided to your Soulmate and you feel such Love and Joy at the idea of uniting with your Beloved. But, as you make this journey, the Whales remind you that you need to allow yourself to feel the Love in all things at all times, if you are to make that beautiful Union with your soulmate. So, as you swim in the Ocean, they sing to you a beautiful song about the "One Love"....to remind you that All is One, and All is a Manifestation of that One Love.

So, let yourself swim in that Ocean of Love. Feel yourself surrounded by Pure Unconditional Love, for indeed, you live in an Ocean of Love. You are a manifestation of the Pure Love of Source, and you experience the Joy of that Love all around you. Know that you are the Light of Source, and you are experiencing the Light of Source. So let the Love flow in you, and around you, as Armand and Angelina sing the message of the Whales to you:

Now it is time to move to the Oceanic Temple of Soulmate Love. Click Here.



Angel Ariel says that “It is our heart’s desire to help you bring your heart’s desire alive in the world”.



to ALL!



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