02 март, 2008

AA Chamuel :New Beginnings:March 2008

Archangel Chamuel

New Beginnings

Channelling by Rachael

March 2008

Good evening and may joy and abundance be poured upon you. What great fellowship we see before us. Now for the wider scope, to all the listeners, those that are listening to that which is being said. We welcome you, we honour you, we love you and we bless you. we wish to send you the golden rays from the sun to glow upon your lives to heal your minds and hearts of unnecessary fears and worries. Were proud of you for seeing the true reality the jewels of your earth, the magnificence of your earth, the brightness and the joy that emanates through all living things upon your earth.

Do not focus on anything else but this joy. Do not focus on anything else but the magnificence that you see around you. The glories the wonderment the beauty that has been created for your own eyes to see. No better artwork than mother earth. It is quite a sculpture and we are very proud to say that you as light beings radiate such magnificence, such a shining light from the earth plane. Each day you live your truth, you evolve into something far beyond your dreams.

We congratulate you and we bless you and we thank you for the collaborations that we have together. We are progressing as you are progressing, but the more we see you appreciating that which has been given to you the happier we are, So much of your earth is full of light and so much of it is full of hope, you need to focus on that far more than the negative side of things. Take everything in your stride and approach life from a calm, relaxed and an effortless angle. You can use the breathe to achieve this, you can meditate or just do that which you enjoy doing ! do not concern yourself with whats happening here, whats happening there, about anything...Let Go...let go...let go. You are all powerful Divine Beings and It is through your own positivity and hope that you will find the strength to conquer all and to conquer everything.

We are now coming into the stage of the year of rebirth, where all of nature is coming out from hibernation showing there little faces giving us such joy and pleasure. We ourselves are seeing you at this time of year opening up a part of you to receive something new and exciting in your lives. It is the birth of new ideas, exciting times are in front of you, ahead of you and expansion will happen. It is a chance to open your self up to new realities and to come up with new ideas. It is an excellent time for you all to set yourself new challenges for yourselves, the turning of a new leaf, coming out from hibernation and no longer being the hermit.

Rejoicing who you are what you have become. Many opportunities will be laid in front of you, golden coins will be left behind, trails of the blessed ones. Each piece of gold that you pick up will be a step closer to where you need to get to. New challenges, new doors opening and a lot of fun and excitement along the way. This year is going to move fast for many of you. The colours that will be pouring upon the earth plane will be beyond all expectations, the colours will be strong violets, strong gold's, brightly coloured energies that come from you, heavenly colours that will emanate from you the further into the year you go.

The more you rise to the challenges and the more you change the patterns of your life's, the more you will gain wisdom and strength to overcome all. Nothing has to go smoothly in your lives to achieve success. You energies will grow and blaze abundantly. This is all happening this year, but as we go into the month of march you must remember that it is the time of spring, and the time when you must have a spring in your step. The time that you need to catapult yourselves forward, the time when you need to refresh yourselves, the time to get rid of old memories, get rid of old baggage that's held you back and rejoice in the knowing that all is well and that you have taken great leaps forward.

The animal that is very much linking in, is the hare and this animal with its long ears is very much aware of the necessity to be frisky, buoyant and vibrant. There are also some dear who also wish to accompany the hare. There are many animals here as we speak, they are all woodlands folk and there energies are very much important at this time. So please when you are linking in with those beautiful colours, and when you are meditating upon your true desires link into these animals and ask for there energies to enhance you.

Even if you take just one thing from this message remember that this is the time for your ideas to flourish, this is the time for new beginnings and this is the time for you to look around you, breathe in the fresh air and take on board that which god has provided for you. A magnificent planet and the earth beneath your feet how magnificent that is too. God bless you, God bless your lives, God bless mother nature and all who are living on it.

Thank You

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Bless You and Thank You






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