02 март, 2008

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse : OUR FORM IS FORMLESS

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

By Shala Mata

MARCH 1, 2008


Dear Light Family,

The Lunar Eclipse on Feb 20, 2008 brought a tremendous energy wave to the planet, a deeper connection, and an opportunity to fully embrace our “soul life mission.” The effects of the energy wave will be felt deeply as we move into the early weeks of March. The old saying that March arrives “like a lion and leaves “like a lamb” will ring very true this month. During the actual eclipse, I was hosting a tele-conference meditation for our beloved Whales and Dolphins. I could easily see the bright silvery moon slowly becoming dark and beginning to lose form. This image struck a deep chord, the well-known form of the Moon was moving out of form into form-less-ness right before my eyes.

In truth, this is symbolic of our own personal and collective ascension journey. We are much more than our accepted physical form, and beyond this realm, our shimmering soul light becomes formless. Part of our journey here and now is bridging these two aspects, where we release with love the lower vibrations we have held and make space for our higher vibrational frequency. When we look at the bright Full Moon we simply see “light,” however when the light is hidden we see a completely different landscape.

Each one of us has many layers and levels to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. We are familiar with seeing ourselves in a certain “form.” A part of our journey during 2008 is too accept and unite all “forms” of this life expression.

What part of ourselves is revealed when we don’t “shine our light”? What old “forms” of ourselves are still shaping our experiences? During the last week of February and the first two weeks of March, what we have tucked away behind us will jump on this eclipse energy wave and become front and centre, demanding our complete attention.

How are we feeling in this energy opportunity? For some it has energized their spirit and they are feeling uplifted. For others it is emotionally intense and physically challenging. The day after the eclipse I began too have deep neck & shoulder pain (an old form) and low energy, which manifested as a nasty headache for a couple of days. Our body works very hard to become congruent with these changes in vibration. Many of you emailed complaining of body pain, being emotional and feeling stuck in “old” patterns, habits, and behaviors. We felt disconnected in an odd way from our lives and the events occurring on our planet. Each one of us has our own unique energy pattern and frequency signature, as does each alignment or energy wave that washes over our planet.

How we experience the eclipse, energy wave will have lasting effects. We will not experience another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse until Dec 21st 2010. The gateway of pure potential energy that opened 2008 moved many to start creating change and “the new” immediately. Many found that the opportunity for “the new” that was exciting in January has now completely changed.

What is going on? What happened to the potential? Within every potential there are many threads or ways of manifesting the new. As the eclipse energy wave plucked our own energy - old stuff came to the surface that was challenging. Old familiar obstacles seemed to appear from nowhere. Old fears from similar experiences were playing our song. We understood as we altered our wiring and energy pattern, that our exciting plans from last month may no longer fit.

The form of our plan changed to formless. The energy potential revealed another thread to experience as we completed whatever was necessary from our earlier plan. This reveals how fast we are moving within this “new” timing.

March offers an opportunity for allowing new plans to form, to trust our intuition on how this potential will take form. What is not in the highest alignment NOW will be spun out to make “new” space. We are living in dynamic times of change. Everything is moving quickly and dramatically.

Moon Dreamer – Blue Moon Artwork courtesy and copyright of Christian Lassen who invites you to his site at http://www.lassenmaui.com/

During this month, we will make several energetic “revisions” or adjustments to accommodate the changes we are personally experiencing. This can feel stressful on one level and exciting on another. The strength of our foundation will prove invaluable as we continue to bridge our 3rd and 5th dimensional bodies.

The New Moon arrives March 7th. Simone Butler of Astro-Alchemy http://www.astroalchemy.com/thismonth.html shares the following:

March 7, Uranus the Awakener conjoins the New Moon in Pisces--a wake-up call for sure. March 7 is a super power day: In addition to the New Moon, Mars opposes Pluto on the parental axis of Cancer and Capricorn, bringing up intense childhood feelings. Mars and Pluto express desire and power; their opposition is an opportunity to break through old, entrenched patterns of control. Blessedly, Neptune (Pisces' ruling planet) conjoins Venus (love, beauty and self-esteem) on the same day, helping to awaken our heart centers so that we act in compassionate ways. “

March 20th @ 11:48 pm PDT – Equinox. March announces the arrival of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Equinox means “equal night” and on this day, we will experience 12 hours of light and dark. A day of balance and harmony. This date is exactly 29 days after the Lunar Eclipse and opens to the Full Moon on March 21st. Many of the challenges brought forward from the energy wave of the eclipse will fine a new level of harmony and balance as we move toward the Equinox.

Shimmering Light

We will feel less disconnected from our lives and each other and a new desire to unite and harmonize the energy on our beloved Mother Earth. A wonderful example of this is the Solar Wave – Time to change our World event hosted by Aluna Joy at the Full Moon March 21st. http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/solarwave2008.html

Our Moon has always held a sacred place on our spiritual journey and within our hearts. Each month during 2008, the Moon’s phases will offer a powerful opportunity to unite our personal journey with that of each other and our beloved Mother Earth.

During the early part of March, we can seize the opportunity to co-exist consciously with the dark (hidden) and light (open) parts of our being, just as the moon does. Our ascension preparation supports the unification of “all” parts, as this occurs we will feel revitalized with a new pace of energy, a new excitement. Some of the blocks from our earlier plans may dissolve or an entirely new opportunity will form with ease.

Freedom will ring deep tone inside as we close the month of March moving forward into our “new.” The winds of change will continue to blow us into new directions, opportunities, and perspective. Our soul life mission or cosmic blueprint will begin to open new levels of understanding as April calls us forward.
During the month of March, embrce the transcended shimmering light of the Central Sun as it opens new paths and discoveries. Allow this sacred light to further harmonize the foundation bridge between your 3rd and 5th dimensional body.

Many Blessings,


© Shala Mata 2008





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