13 март, 2008

AA Michael : "Discern Cosmic Christ Consciousness Through Your Hearts"

Message From Archangel Michael
"Discern Cosmic Christ Consciousness Through Your Hearts" - Transmitted Through Elanthra
12 March, 2008

Dearest Beloveds, greetings. This is your brother, Archangel Michael. Beloved Warriors, brothers and sisters, I greet you this day in love and in light. Know that I AM forever with you, and I AM only a beckoning or a call away.

I come to you today with a few words of heeding. And, as all of you are aware, the energies on the Earth have quickly speeded up and you are all going through conditions that are aliken to Soul Quests. Whether you are aware of it or not, every single one of you is on a Soul Quest - a quest to rid of the old and to bring in the new as you traverse from old Third Density thinking into fifth dimensional New Earth magical thinking. You are all becoming Co-Creators, and you are all becoming aware of the fact that it is your Divine Birthright to have the lives that you have always dreamed of, to live it now, for it already is. And as you all prepare for ascension, there are a few things that I wanted to bring to the forefront.

I'll start with the topic of discernment. Now more than ever dear Lightworkers it is important for you to discern, and as the dark forces relinquish their control, they are ever more desperate to maintain their hold, so more deceptive practices are used. I want to re-mind you that anything that you discern, weigh it against your hearts - feel it in your hearts. And, I'm talking about consciousness - Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Lord Sananda (Jesus Christ) came and his consciousness is inherent in all of you. If somebody comes to you and says that they are of Christ Consciousness and there is not the love, then it cannot be Christ Consciousness, as Christ Consciousness has energy, it is the energy of Unconditional Love. There is no judgement, there is balance, and there is just sheer joy and love, regardless. I need you to weigh this Christ Consciousness now more than ever. Please only heed the advice of your Higher Selves. Gone are the days of the guru. Your Higher Selves should be in reign in the front seats, and as I have said before, do not do anything or heed anybody's advice that goes against the grain of your Higher Self. Feel everyone that is close to you through your Heart Chakras. Many will come in the name of Jesus Christ and claim to have Christ Consciousness, but I think you all know the feeling of Christ Consciousness; it can be nothing but Unconditional Love. Nothing but lightness of being, and nothing but a pure, loving heart. The New Children have come in to show you this. Christ Consciousness can be felt without a single word.

Many of you have entered into contracts in the past, and even these contracts might not even feel right as the energies change, as the Earth swiftly changes, and know that you have the right to nullify these contracts.

I AM here today to say that I need you to Stand Stedfast in the Light - Stand Stedfast in the Light Light Warriors, and know that you are not alone, for as always there are a myriad of entities that are here at your beckon. They are always by your side, sometimes you don't even feel them, and they are by your side. We are forever by your side, forever awaiting your beckoning. And know that I for One can be called, and will there in an umpteenth of a second! We love you so much, and we commend your progress, for you have formed together as a team - you have formed together to again celebrate the nucleus of your being - the centre of your being - centre of your hearts and of Heart Consciousness. And know that the Earth celebrates this. The Earth is pulsing now with life and renewal. And Egypt, the Heart Chakra of the Earth, prepares itself for a Shaking Up and a Renewal that many cultures have spoken about and prophesized for millenniums. There is an energy to Egypt, Egypt where all emanated from. I'd like you to start familiarizing yourself with Egypt, and know that the stories are not mythical, the stories live on today. Familiarize yourself with the various deities, and know that they live on. For everything that is thought of in the Universe is alive if you can just but think it and expand your minds.

Many of you have your Kindred Souls around you, and there are many that are breaking away even from their Kindred Spirits and souls and soul mates, for we all have a choice, it is all of our free wills as to which directions to go. I reiterate that you Discern Everything Around You - I reiterate that you Hold Your Centres - I reiterate that You and Your Higher Self Become One! One in communion - One in Union, and Make this Meeting Happen Often! Get into the habit of asking your Higher Self, because just as you can open your mouth to ask another or to pen an e-mail, or to pick up the phone to ask advice, it could come from your Higher Self that much faster. So, please, weigh everything against your heart and know what the feeling of Christ Consciousness feels like. Call on Lord Jesus Sananda. Feel his presence, feel his energy, and weigh all energies against that. For deep within the recesses of all of your minds and all of your hearts and souls is the gift of intuition, go with your gut feelings on everything and do not be subjected to trickery. Do not listen to the words, but feel the vibration behind the actions. Feel the love. Feel the Love of Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

And in this spirit and in this vein I leave you today. Know that you are loved dearly by all of the deities, all the light deities, and by myself and Lord Sananda.

In Love and Light. Blessed be. Adonai.

I AM, Archangel Michael

Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner. She is especially passionate about the Indigo, Crystalline and Blue Star Children. * Website:
www.livewithlight. com * E-mail: Elanthra@livewithlight.com *

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