14 март, 2008

Message from Dr. Meg:March 12, 2008

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Greetings to each of you! I suppose by now many of you have wondered where in the world is Dr. Meg? February went by as a blur of moments that carried me like a rip tide. It was fantastic. Patricia Veneman and I were in Teotihuacan with a group of 25 of some of the most amazing human beings with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. The journey was a massive shift for us all. I am also in the process (literally!) of moving from Tennessee to Washington state. All of the dealings were made during a brutal Mercury Retrograde so required extra care and communication!
My husband was transferred permanently to the WA area and I have to tell you that a cross country move is a lot of work! Upon my return from Mexico I flew 2 days later to meet the packers and movers. When I arrived in TN one of the first things that I discovered was that my internet was down. Ugh!

In all of the chaos that comes with packing and moving, there has not been enough of me to get the Messages out. In fact to do much else. So, in the lull between leaving one place and entering another, we are here. Now.
So what has been happening in creation? The Linnain Star Gate System did open in mid February and overlapped with the end of the Mercury Retorgrade. Holy Cow what a ride it has been. If people’s stuff needed an impetus to come up, they have had their pick! At times it has seemed as if we are invisible. Have you experienced talking to someone and it has seemed as if you are not being heard? As if they don’t even recognize that you are there? Seems like many of us are operating from dimensions just outside of the reality of the third dimension.
There have been many people transitioning from this life to the Beyond lately as well. This is not unusual when there is a shift of energy and consciousness such as what we have seen the past couple of months. Also I have been seeing a lot of people with serious medical challenges.
The veils between realities have been overlapping and have become quite thin at times. Many people have reported hearing voices clearly as if there are others present in the room. There have been a lot of etheric visitations that we are able to see and hear clearly. And they are hearing and seeing us! It is much like the radio dial is not quite on the station and several stations at once are competing to be heard!
When the Star Gate System aligned and opened last month, preceding anomalies began in January. The voices, the visions, dreams of intense altered reality, thought patterns shifting and at times, even sanity questioned. This Universal Shift has caused a powerful Vacuum effect. The walls of reality from one plane to the next have become blurred and even overlapped at times. The vacuum effect continues. This is because the Linnain Star Gate System is a vast array of wormholes that were used in the before times for intergalactic and inter-dimensional travel. They are relative to the constellation Orion and through Arcturas, Sirius A and B and the constellation Lira. The corridors run above and below our plane of reality with crossroads to change direction and exit points to our dimension. Many of the portals that enter our dimension open and close with a regularity of rhythm.
Because of this, there is a pulsing that occurs that changes the energetic rhythm of our literal existence. The particulates that comprise the very matter of which we are created have rearranged into new mathematic intervals and arrangements of spacing. With this, many of our bodies are exhibiting anomalous symptomology. Digestion is challenged and is functioning with a different rhythm. Our connective tissues are strained, our muscles perhaps spasming and our brains rewiring in adaptation to the new energies. All energy has electromagnetic properties. Our brains are both electrically driven and electromagnetically unified. The reason for our perceived brain malfunctioning of late is that the electromagnetic properties within our brains have changed frequency sets. Re-harmonized.
As we move toward our Galactic center and 2012, we will continue to have great shifts. We will after 2012 as well. The earth is responding to these changes in the form of weather anomalies. Huge snows where generally there are only small amounts. Extreme winds. Venting volcanoes and seismic activities. Rare earthquakes have been noted recently as well.
In order to maintain balance during all of this we must remain in the moment. We are not being harmed. We are being wired toward our Galactic roots. Our origins. Self awareness is the key in this now. To deny our feelings, our truths, our value is to energetically move against the flow. When we do that we are knocked off our feet in one way or another until we have to stop and pay attention.
As the changes encompass us and we them, and we find ourselves floundering with the “can’t help its”, two simple questions will bring us back to center because the answer will always be “yes” to both. The questions are: “In this now am I safe?” and “In this now do I have everything that I need?” When we ask ourselves these questions and we answer truthfully, we will find that “yes” is the only possible answer.
It is time to give up the illusion of control, the state of fear that has gripped us. Illusions and fear never did and still do not serve us. Fear is imagined reality. It is not truth. The truth lies within us and we are fine.
As most of you know, I generally answer each of your e-mails personally and fairly quickly. I have to honestly tell you that the volume of e-mails that I am receiving is overwhelming at this point. I am doing my best to keep up but the numbers are gaining on me! For parents and kids who are writing for assistance, please know that I am diligently working on setting up a network for you to connect with each other. This takes a lot of time and energy so bear with me, ok? Each of you is important to me!
We had such a fantastic trip in Teotihuacan that Patricia and I have decided to add a trip there again in June. Patricia will be handling the reservations and information this time and she will be delighted to assist anyone who is interested in going.
Also, speaking of trips, please remember that I have arranged an amazing journey through Scotland with a side trip to England. My journey partner is a Knight Templar and he has arranged a private audience for us with Ian St.Clair whose family built Rosslyn Chapel. That only begins the magic. Also in England, we have gained private access to Stonehenge and the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. This is a once in a lifetime kind of adventure. Full info is on my web site schedule!
Workshops coming up in Late April and May! You asked for it, I am doing it! Cooperstown, NY last weekend of April and Suffern NY first weekend in May. Info and registration are on my web schedule at www.spiritlite.com/schedule.php. I will be teaching the Pyramids of Light Healing Series, 7th Sense Attunement as well as Movement to Spirit and more! See you there!
If you have read my new book, Conversations with the Children of Now, I would be most grateful if you would review it on Amazon for me. Promotions and how widely the books are marketed are often determined by the numbers of good reviews. This book as well as The Children of Now are vital to these kids getting what they need. The more exposure we can get for them, the better the chances for us to change how society views them. Thank you in advance for your help in this quest!
Also don’t miss my Internet radio show on ShirleyMacLAine.com! It is called “Continuum” and we are having a terrific time! The show airs at 9 pm eastern, 6 pm Pacific on www.shirleymaclaine.com.
There is about a 6 month wait for sessions right now. For those of you who are waiting for your appointments from the holiday special, we have you covered! We are working on finishing those and my assistant, MJ, will be contacting your shortly with appointments. Thanks for your patience.
As always I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do!
Blessings, Grace and Peace,
Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
Message from the Masters:
March 12, 2008
Atui asi, asi, asi! Anshallah!
From that which is of the light, with the light and within the light, we greet you!
There have been great changes in the structure of all creation of late. Movement that was not previously present except in the Before Times. Movement which calls to the very reckoning of your particulates to re-harmonize, to align in ancient patterns and to awaken to the very depths of your beings.
The Linnain Star Gate System which opened recently is a series of corridors through time and space. Multiple of these corridors open into your reality. Infinite of them open into worlds beyond your current comprehension, but they are there. As this system reinitialized what occurred is a vacuum effect on the very particulates which comprise the form of matter you have incarnated into.
This has caused a pulling effect within your construction. A requirement for the structure and alignment of your particulates to align in a different spatial patterning. Different intervals mathematically than your previous alignment. Because of this, energy moves through your being much more powerfully and in greater flow that previously. The particulates which comprise you are receiving communications over a hundred times faster than before the opening of the Star Gate System. As the energy moves through the null zones between your particulates, and your particulates respond, the chemical relationships within your bodies change relationships and percentage of consumption. Magnesium may become low in your system as well as calcium. Selenium is utilized to deficiency. If you are feeling stress within your musculature the possibility is great that you have become deficient on one or more of these minerals.
With the changes of which we speak come changes of consciousness. Higher awareness. After all, you are of completely different and of higher vibration that you have ever been. You are literally vibrating multi-dimensionally in such a way that you are resonating in other realities even as you exist in the third dimension. As your resonance increases and you vibrate faster and faster, you are appearing in other worlds as shadow people, seen, heard, and wondered about. Previously you were too dense to shine through into other realities. Now, as many of you have seen the shadow people out of the corners of your eyes, those who seem to appear and disappear almost simultaneously, you are doing the same in other planes of reality. The veils have thinned in such a way that your access to all of creation and its realities has never been more profoundly available to you. That which you need to know. That of which you are curious. That which brings you to the stunning realization that you are never alone, nor have you ever been.
As you make yourselves known on other planes of reality, there are opportunities available to you. Communication with others in their worlds. Information of the Ancients and of Future Worlds. The status of the Now as it applies to you and your current plane of reality. That which was and that which shall always be. And that which was never, only borne of fear and imagination. That which dreams create and that which can only be imagined from human perspective.
The corridors of the Linnain Star Gate System snake their way into your world in places that you would expect and placed that you could not have guessed. In Atlantis, in the chambers of healing and the chambers of regeneration the energies of the Linnain corridors were utilized to clarify the energy system and to instigate full re-harmonization.
In ancient Egypt, one of the Linnain Corridors opened into a major embalming room and was utilized as part of the ancient knowledge of the local Masters to carry forward the teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Those Priests, those Masters, were able to ride the tide of the corridors of the Linnain Star Gate System to bring back to earth that information which brought technologies of the future and assistance with astronomy, astrology and the uses of energy in its various forms including magnetism and the utilization of opposition of polarities. It was this set of principals which led to the building of the pyramids on sacred sites all over your planet.
During the time preceding the opening of the Linnain Star Gate system there was an amping up of energy at the sacred sites. Each of these places is built on the crossing of major ley lines throughout your planet. The ley lines are in many ways the lifeblood of your planet. They serve as a communications network, contribute to the forces of gravity and even serve to maintain the integrity of the form of matter that your planet has taken.
As the star gate system came into alignment, the ley lines of your planet were energized and went through a period of attunement. As this occurred, these sites sent out powerful energies both into and around your planet. As this occurred, there was what seemed to be disturbances in your own energy fields. Anxiousness, feelings of being unsettled, mental lack of clarity, and more. With Mercury in Retrograde, this situation was intensified by opposition of polarities.
As the month of February progressed, the ley lines began to find perfection of harmonization and balance universal. As a result, most of the Sacred Sites in your world are now attuned with the changes in your particulates and are living mystery schools. They are living beings consumed with the knowledge of the ancients. Their angulations and geometric patterns bring to you beyond the quantum, the very secrets of life and of being as integral parts of the One.
The pyramids are the basis of creation as they are borne of light personified. Each four sided pyramid has a complete set of memories and individual consciousness based up its history and the journey of the light that became manifest in the pyramid form. These were not merely predictors of the movement of the stars, but time clocks that measure the movement of all creation and its relation to the living earth. In fact, measurements of life cycles upon the earth.
Most look for the secrets of the pyramids on their interior but it is their very presence that is the key. The form and formulas which they display, the angulations, the alignment of the pyramids and other aspects of each site with the stars and constellations, the solstices, equinoxes and other celestial events bring to the experience an innate remembering. A visceral knowing that creation is a synergistic process, that the use of energy begets the birth of more energy, a constancy of light, of life. The pyramids are living reminders that creation is as it has always been and that it will always be. That which is the basis for all creation is infinite and unfettered. It is a force of which each of you is a vital part, an aspect of the living One.
Every particle of science that is necessary for the life and survival of the human race is written in the pyramid sites. Every aspect of physical being, consciousness, time, space, future, past, and even at some sites, gateways to all forms of travel whether consciousness or literal physical transmutation.
That which is form and formlessness begin to become clear. They are both the same. Form is created of minute structures based upon the format of all that is contained within the four sided pyramid. Formlessness is created of the dissolution of form, the decay of matter from one state to another, as well as the expression of energy which then moves through all manner of frequencies until it becomes form again.
Thus being the infinite cycle of life and creation. That which is everyday importance to you is truly of little importance in the infinite cycle of creation. Each moment, however, is of vital importance because as each of you choose in each and every moment and the expression of energy that your choices creates changes forever the inter relations of the particulates that are your reality and therefore all others are created. Your messages and actions are received universally and thus change the face of reality for all time. It is because of this that you are able to create whatever reality that you intend.
It is to choose with intention, considering the outcome of your choices. Explore the reasons that you make your choices. Do they truly serve you or do you choose from perspectives that have ulterior motives or for reasons other than deep truth? Begin to understand the inner workings of your being. Once you do, if you embrace your vulnerabilities you will find that you can no longer be of injury from them. No one can hurt you anymore. You become free of all that kept you earthbound.
As you look into the sky at night, many of you feel as if you wish to return home, yet you can’t remember where home is. Look again. All of Creation is enfolded within you. Amongst the stars, within the winds and even the soil under your feet, as you accept that you are perfection in this now, you will begin to realize that you are home. You have never left.
We include for you in this now, the symbol Lah Niete’. This symbol is representative of taking part in your journey. If you are to experience and to have all that you imagine, do not wait for your journey to come to you, step forward and embrace it!
Be in Peace.

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