22 март, 2008

Divine Mother's Message on the "Solar Wave" Meditation

a message from Divine Mother

channeled by Sol'Ara An

Saturday, 22 March, 2008

Divine Mother, I wondered if you would bring through a message regarding the meditation we did yesterday, the global awakening that was called the "Solar Wave". And if you could please tell us what the energies on the Earth are bringing for humanity at this time? Also, after the meditation yesterday, I was given a message about the grids and the activation that occurred. Could you also tell us about this? We are grateful for your loving messages Divine Mother!

Good morning my beloveds! Ah, indeed I would be honored to speak to you this day of the love energy that was promoted by the heart s of the many lightworkers upon the Earth. It was amazing not only to you who prayed and aligned yourselves with the flow of Divine Love, but too it welcomed many to look on as your planet literally buzzed in energy song sending waves of Divine Love into the Galaxy!

Your work in this time has been of utmost important to the planets ascension, and this effort was an amazing event from even the highest of the highest galactic on-lookers and Councils of Light ! It came as no surprise to us as we knew the effect and the opportunity given would be fulfilled by the many on the Earth who have tuned themselves to their highest beings of light within, and allowed those energies to guide them forward to activate the grids of great light within your dear Mother Earth.

The grids of activated energy frequency aligning to the highest vibration of love occurred within the first 10 seconds of the energy brought through the lightworkers of the Earth, and stabilized into the 20 minutes thereafter. Within the Earth's layer of light crystals, in the center of the Earth, which brought forth the sound needed from Mother Earth to complete the cycle of energy waves being sent through to all lightworkers in this meditation, and moving it into the Earth and going down into the grids and completing the activation throughout the entire planet…thus now all grids are activated and connected in wholeness. The importance of this activation of the grids was to connect the energies of all upon the Earth who initiated contact with the grids and sending this out to others will now be easier, and much more effective.

We recommend to our beloved Lightworkers to allow time each day as they awaken to connect into the grids of the Christ, and bring forth the energies through their beingness to give extra support to the work all are doing for the awakening process on the Earth. This energy that is within the Christ grid is of course connected to all other grids, and depending on what each one of you needs, the harmonizing of the other grids for your particular work will take place. All that is needed is trust within your Creator's love, and your intent to connect and energize with the Christ grid for the good of all of humanity. This is the work that has been hoped our beloved Lightworkers would engage in, and we are greatly pleased at the outcome! You must feel within your own being and heart the difference all of you have made. The energies have activated many codes and alignments to the heart of our source back into the very DNA of our human children of light.

Be assured that assistance in every way is being given to complete these alignments within our lightworkers who participated in this very lovely meditation, and also for those who attended while sleeping and have awakened sufficiently to their Souls, but consciously were unaware of this event.

Dear beloved children of light know that you have gone way beyond our highest expectation of your process in this time of great light energy upon the Earth. In truth, we do not have "expectation" in the sense you experience in your humanity…we speak of "expectation" as a known result that has been agreed to ….here in our beingness in the vastness of the whole. Can you allow the knowing in your hearts the effect this has had on all of you? Indeed this was a major effort, and has fulfilled your desires for awakening and peace which comes from great love, Divine Love!

Our hearts are with you our dear children of light as you traverse this time of transition. The energies of light that have been coming to you in waves of frequency light have been leading you to the work you did yesterday. Now as you have completed this part of the effort of awakening many Souls on the Earth, the work shall become effortless. How then must you continue on?

It is of utmost importance that humanity awakens with the gentlest of consciousness, and the ease of the love that brings all into their hearts. Knowing our beloved lightworkers as we do, we expect your hearts to soothe the fears of the many…who as of today "see the light" as it where, and have many questions. Your true work can now truly begin. As there are billions upon your planet, it will not be all who awaken at this time. And so we do need to bring this to your attention; acceptance of what is, is the highest love you can bring to your work now. When in the presence of those who have chosen, indeed on a Soul level, to skip this part of the experiment, they must be allowed their choice. It is with a great heart of purity and clear conscious awareness that brings this opportunity to be as you choose in this great time of the awakening of humanity.

Our love, indeed your Mother's Divine Love, shall scoop all of her children up into her heart, and this should assist in allowing for a more gentle time for all. We offer our assistance, but know that you must ask, and you must allow the will within you to align with the will of Divine Mother, Holy Father, God in that we truly know the path of light chosen by all. We appreciate your resolve to be who you are, and we appreciate your desire to see the entire planet of humanity awaken to the light and sing out the joy of peace and love to one another, yet we must remind our beloved lightworkers, some may choose differently this day. And it is the will of your Creator to allow for this.

We ask for your patience…just a little bit more dear ones…and realign yourselves with the truth that is within you. The great plan that you are now living, of course, has occurred and within this plan…can you see how your acceptance of the different choices many have made has truly fulfilled this great plan. In your hearts the truth lies. If you try to understand this in you logic, you will not find your truth. This of course has been our message all along the path you have journeyed dear ones of light. For you see, in your desire to be the peace and love you wish so much for in your world, sometimes your desire has yielded the result of ego and control, instead of allowing and flow. Thus this day, dear ones, we ask your greatest hearts to align within you, and allow yourselves to merge within this heart. Therein lies the truth of our highest light message. You must travel this light as your heart guides, even if you decide to stay in the dark of your days.

What of this heart that would allow one to follow their dark path? Indeed is this not part of the truth of the polarity upon the Earth and the learning of the human experience? Many have confused the light with the gentle waters of a peaceful stream…and yes of course it is thus, but too, within this light is a path also to the dark, otherwise…light could not be in this land. And so within the light there is dark, and within the dark there is always light. We do not speak in riddles, we speak in truths. We ask you to now look within yourselves and see if this is not truth. Can you still feel the places within you that carry some darkness, even though you profess to be light? And this is as it should be for the moment and dimension you inhabit. Once you rise above the 7th dimension and higher, this no longer becomes a truth. But for this life experience, as we have spoken of before in other writings of ancient notice, your human experience was to include the opportunity to learn of both the dark and the light and then to rise above to a higher consciousness of awakening and to merge the two. This creates the Oneness we have spoken of many times. Great light contains all life energies, as we your Creators have created all that exists and all that ever shall exist within the oneness of our beings. Thus it is of utmost importance that you come into the truth of this, in order that now, in this transition to higher consciousness, you allow for the wholeness and the healing within those who so choose.

We offer the opportunity to awaken, but we do not control the outcome. You however, in the wholeness of our connection to all humanity, and to the Mother Earth and all life within and upon her in the many elements of life forms she maintains, is the purpose you must now move to. For in truth, your hearts were made for this moment in our time, to assure your desire to align with the will of the highest love and the illumination that would take place in this alignment. It has occurred, this illumination within the many, the time is now, and you shall see great movement in the changes to come. Fear not the illusions of those who fight the fight of resistance. Be in your true beingness, align with your Creators truth of wholeness and allow the flow of information from the highest realms of light to bring you all together as you hear the song of peace within your hearts. All upon the Earth who have heard the call to ascend are now aligned and activated for this great purpose. It is done, and it is complete, and in this time you will see great love beyond that which you have yet experienced upon the Earth.

We suggest that to truly see this beginning of change, that you look to your Earth elementals and the changing patterns of your weather, and the animals you share life with…can you see the light within their eyes? It is indeed more focused and brought more consciousness to these lovely beings who befriend now their human fellow Earth travelers. See the winds come with gentle breezes, but too expect that in some areas of your Earth more energy is needed, and so you will see pockets of energy that increases the movement of the Earth and the blowing of the winds, to clear the negative energy that some areas still hold in place. This Earth has risen into her place of opening the portal to ascend into the higher realms of light. She knows that as she goes, so does life upon her go with her or travel on to other planets that hold life. Therefore she is prepared to do what she must. In this of course is the protection and love of all of the Angelic forces that take care of our dear children, and they know the path and the alignment to follow. Keep your truth within at the forefront of your minds in the days to come. Can you see your neighbor as your friend? Can you smile at everyone you meet no matter where you find yourself, remembering that the change has occurred and many now look for those who know the path of enlightenment and awakened consciousness? It is a time of joy dear ones of light!

Be of great joy and happiness as this is the time you have come to this Earth for. You realize now, do you not, in your joy is the greatest indicator of your success! Can you hear your heart sing in unison and harmony across your great planet… for truly she does sing! In the moment of this high day of clearing and light infusion, be at peace. For indeed dear ones this is a long day! A worthy day! A most wondrous day! For within this day lies the very seed of wholeness and unity within the divine love that created you all!

Here in this moment we send within these words the awakening codes of alignment and allow this truth to come to our children of light as they will allow. Patience has been a great teacher for our children of light, and now your patience as given reward as you will feel the true freedom of your heart knowing, you have once again brought heaven to your Earth! Yet, also know that this Earth is the higher light being than before your yesterday moment, and thus she is now the future you have all prayed for existing in your now moment. All time, all past, all future of your dreams has come to this pivotal moment that our children of light would have the opportunity to awaken to a higher consciousness and live a life experience within the peace and divine love of their Creator God's divine will, but also the opportunity to live the creative life more abundantly and to know themselves as Creators in this vast galaxy of your higher life dimension…you are unlimited beings. To this conscious awareness was the point of this journey you began long ago. Freedom has only been a word before now, but in this moment you have choice to step up into this true Freedom level of life experience or continue as you will in the illusion of none. It is there before you…we have taught you well of your choice making and manifestation of these choices. Will you look higher dear ones, will you offer your focus to a higher level of understanding, and a higher level of seeing, and a higher level of hearing, and a higher level of love that your heart has held in place for you? Will you release the illusion now?

We love our creations with our entire pure hearts of beingness. We see the light you have emanated out and truly know this; you have sent this wave across the galaxy out into the cosmos…as the energies of your galactic center have propelled this energy forth! Nothing less than pure consciousness could have done this work! We give you our most heartfelt love and congratulations from all of your family of light on this side of the veil… we welcome you to your new world! We love your will to succeed, and we know your path before you is filled with adventure, creativity, and the highest level of manifesting energy that you have yet to experience while still in human DNA form.

The DNA of humanity has awakened and vibrated higher this day. These energies that were called forth from the heavens and truly from the very center of Paradise have caused this to occur. Therefore expect nothing less than true joy, and true peace within. We know you are within this realm of light, of love and peace and divine union. Now it is up to you to continue to release that which you are not, release judgment of all that you see that does not align with your inner heart knowing, and simply be in the joy of your inner heart and breath deeply my dear children! You have succeeded beyond your wildest dream truly! Breath in this new day as your Sun, newly rises to meet the light of our children of creator consciousness! Live in this light and dance within this light and give thanks and gratefulness to this light…for she has birthed your new day!

I come to you this day with a heart fulfilled and a Mother's love and pride for her children! Know I am with you, and know too your Father has great honor for his children! We leave you with this message for your own processing of energy. The code of our compassion is now activated within the Christ grid. Know this truth, and align to this truth and open your eyes dear lightworkers…for this is the day of your true homecoming! Peace on Earth…it is done!

I am Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine aspect of Creator of all that is… I love you with great honor and great appreciation for your courage and your confidence and your willingness to align for the good of all! The blessings are given! Anon, Anon, Anon…Peace is!

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