23 март, 2008

Infinite Being : The Great Paradox Of Infinite Being

The Great Paradox Of Infinite Being
by Owen Waters

Infinite Being is The One and The All. We are aspects of the
One, aspects of Infinite Being, each of us experiencing life
from our own unique perspective. This concept leads to the idea
that you are one small part of an infinitely large variety of

However, when you go within and contact the deeper levels
of consciousness, you begin to sense that that concept is
actually one of the illusions of life as we know it.

Infinite Being is The One and The All. We can see the infinite
variety of The All in the external world but, at the deepest
level of consciousness, each individual part of The All is The

At the deepest level, you are not a part of The One. Within
the One, there are no parts. There is no separation. Within the
One, you are The One. You are Infinite Being.

If this were not so, then at that deepest level of awareness,
there would be both The One and you. That would make two, and
that is not what is there at that deepest level of
consciousness. Only The One exists in that ultimate state.
Therefore you are The One, as, indeed, is everyone else.

Infinite Being is The One and The All.

We are Infinite Being.

So, The Great Paradox of Infinite Being is this: While you
appear to be one of infinite parts of The All, at the deepest
level of awareness you are not a separate part, you are,
instead, simply The One.

The reason for the paradox is that we live in an existence
which creates the illusion of separation. Deep down, we're all
the same One but, for the sake of being able to experience all
the drama and excitement that life in this world has to offer,
the appearance of separation into the All was created.

This was done so that Infinite Being can observe itself from
an infinite variety of viewpoints. That includes your unique
viewpoint, my unique viewpoint, and everyone else's unique

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