18 март, 2008

Kuthumi: Release all Judgment of the Past

My greetings to you as we meet once more, in the peace and love of All That Is.
It is an important subject which I speak of today with you. We here understand this may be a difficult task for many of you, yet it is a task which must be completed if you wish to embrace a new age and move forward fully in your Divinity of Light.
This which I speak of is so deeply embedded in behavioral patterns, even in those who guide others in higher learning.
For many times we observe you do not realize what you do as your ego self sinks you to the depths of the familiarity of old behavior.
It is that familiar pattern of speaking of another's past actions, both verbal and physical which I speak of. Further, this is a form of gossip.

For it seems the more negative past actions can be bought up to the present moment, the more gleefully it is received. Make no mistake my friends, your words are weapons you choose to use against another soul, to judge, to pull down, to disintegrate another. These verbal knives are rampant in your atmosphere. Cutting through the memory, reliving and reliving a past learning - for that is what it is, a learning - in an attempt to make it as negative, as attention grabbing as possible. All the while verbally reducing another soul's honor to shreds.
If you think I speak harshly I ask you to stop and consider this. think of the last time you partook in a similar situation with another. Think of the last time you ridiculed another. Think of the last time, perhaps through unacknowledged jealousy, you sought to destroy another's efforts - even those of another Light worker! Yes, I speak harshly. For it does not matter to what extent of thoughts and words you give to another in this way for the minute - no the second, the very second you judge another and seek to pull them down with your lower judgments, then my friend you fall backwards. You fall back down to the equal lower level of vibration that you send to another soul to through your words and thoughts. For through your intent, your thoughts, you place yourself in the lower levels. You allow your ego self a victory. You must be vigilant.
You must learn to leave the past behind. All of you, yes, every living soul on your planet is guilty of negative actions in their past. All of you. Every one.
And yet you are never judged by us. You are truly loved unconditionally. And why? Because we realize that you are growing, you are experiencing, you are leaving your old negative ways behind and you are moving forward in your evolution. You know that we seek to help you as always. We cannot tell you what to do, we can only guide you. We may show you various options but the choice must be yours. You have free will.
Yet in your darkness, even momentary darkness, how many times do you tell, yes tell, sometimes even demand another to do your will.
Every time you criticize, every time you judge, I say to you in the words of my brother Jesus, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
We will not judge you, God will not judge you. Man must release all judgment. For that other soul you judge may be in the process of learning a lesson, and it may be an important 'life lesson.' You do not know. No, you do not.
This behavior is embedded in lifetimes endured in darkness, that it will require a great effort to release, to transform your thoughts, to lift them to a higher level of Light - to learn a better way. Yet it is possible if this is your intent. It will require you to be alert and watchful of your thoughts. Your thoughts are the seeds which create blossoms or weeds in your creation.
If you experience someone attempting to bring another down through bringing up past words and actions, then flavoring these with their own thoughts and judgments, I say to you - move away. Tell them "this is past. I will not judge."
I say to you, you cannot reach the summit of true peace, of enlightenment, until you release judgment.
Further, many others will not complete a task as you would choose to. They may do it really a different way, yet the completed result will be the same. Does it really matter that they have completed the task in a different manner to you? The end result is the same. So why do you judge by thinking they cannot be right because they completed it in a different way? I say to you look to the end result. Look to goodness and understanding. For this is man's path to peace.
Master Kuthumi

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