18 март, 2008


17th March, 2008
Greetings, dearest Heart Lights, I AM Sadiyaa...I hold you in Love: for this is time of transition and shifting of your energies, is unprecedented, in this journey of awakening you are collectively embarked upon – as Lightworkers, yes: as Humanity, also.
I embrace you, in the fullest Love of Spirit, at this time, for those who are learning what it is, to be of the Spirit Light, in fuller and fuller measure, as you walk in these Human bodies of yours. I should say ours, for they are as much a manifestation of created thought, that is brought into material form by a collective of consciousness, that is created in the Grace of Creator’s Love.
In that process, there is the fear of no longer being Human: no longer able, to do what is needed in the daily tasks, and in some ways, this is correct.

Your Higher Self, is seeking to express its energy through you, within you, and it does not hold to the necessity of being, as you have ever been, in your life’s experiences, in this walk upon the Earth plane. Trust, in the process: allow yourself to heal, the fearfulness, of being more than the Human you have pretended to be, for lifetimes at times.
Within you, there is a fire of Creator energy, that has slumbered – indeed, almost entirely put out, in some cases. Now, it is gathering strength, as you shine the Light of Love upon the Self, releasing, healing, moving through the transitional processes of becoming Spirit again, while in the body, as never before: for it is the Shift, my friends: a Shift, of such a magnitude, that it does indeed require of you, a persistence, a fortitude, a willingness to walk the pathway of Love of the Self, no matter what comes before you. And it will: for at this time, the clearing is intense, there is no other word for it. Your Higher Self is doing a thorough clearing out of those darkest closets of your awareness – those issues, that you thought you had dealt with, not completed to its satisfaction, that all is in the Divine Oneness of Love itself, comes forth for the healings that are required for it to allow that completion, for all time, space and dimensions.
You see, you are clearing away the debris, not only of your own journeying, of Humanity’s pathway into the Love, yet also, that which has been left over, from other dimensional experiences you, or your Higher Self essence, has carried along with it for some time, in some cases. Now, all of this is able to be placed into the fire of Creator’s Love, to be cleansed and released, in its entirety.
What I would offer to you, is this: utilise the days remaining, of this month of Trinitised awareness, to go through those metaphorical closets within the Self, to reach a point, where all you may find within, is the Love: a Love, so profound, so all encompassing, that you hold it within you, as a projective element of your Being: in other words, the journey has no possibility of unfolding any further, in a manner that is out of Love – with the Self, with others around you.
Surrender all thoughts of lack and impossibility, into the Light that is you: bring it to the Higher Self, to deal with – and it will take with great gratitude, al that it is offered, in the form of a clearing, cleansing focus: it will not take from you, the shores of anger, that you land upon, in the mistakenness, that you are transforming energy, in this process: allow yourself, to discover, the source, the kernel of the anger, without recourse to such emissions as this, as you remain in closest possible connectedness, to your Higher Self Essence, at all times now, for the journey of separation is ending, in all manner of forms.
Your sexual energy will go through the closest of scrutiny: where are you comfortable with it, uncomfortable: for it is the very fire of Creator’s Love, that has as its foundation, the coming together, in Love, of energy patterns that are in fullest Heart openness of presence to one another, in ways you cannot imagine...the very foundation of all existence, is this powerful force of Creation, that has been so misused on the planet – now coming into a most beautiful alignment, as you allow of yourselves, to have this energy flow free within you, as the force of creativity, of Heart openness and connectedness, that it truly is, by Grace of Creator’s Love.
In that Love, there is no domination of another: there is, the total Heart sharing of energy; for you no longer have, the lower three chakras to operate from, as you open into your Higher Self’s awareness: you have your Heart chakra, as your base of energy, to work from. Thus, dearest Heart Lights, all flows in Love, or not at all...synchronise yourself, to this understanding, and all is accomplished, in the highest of Love, you could ever imagine.
There is no time to waste, on thoughts of lack and insufficiency, any longer: only, to BE, the calmness, the Loving presence, you truly ARE...set aside all else, as best as you can manage in your circumstance; and where you find yourself held to a pattern of worry or stress, anger perhaps, surrender all of yourself, into that which is your Higher Self Essence: bathe yourself, in the radiance, of its great Love for you, for some time set aside in your meditations, each day – this is imperative, for your world to shift into this state of Love that I speak of, so often, to you.
Is it possible? Oh yes, it is...it is your natural state of Beingness, that you have covered over, layer upon layer, of fear... the fear is diminishing rapidly now, as you learn to journey with all of your Light in a state of advancement, that used to be known as ascension: I prefer to speak of it, as living in Love, much of the time. There will be times, when your seeming Humanness, will rise to the fore: do not punish yourself for it – simply reset your focus once more, and allow, the journey of the Heart, the journey of Love, for yourself and for others, to come to the forefront again.
I leave you now, with a meditation, to allow for yourself to experience the Love of your Higher Self’s Essence, to the fullest possible:
Imagine, as you sit and breathe your prana breaths of golden Light, into your crown chakra, down into your Heart, activating your Signature Cell in your pineal gland, your thymus, on its path to the Heart, and blow it out through your Heart chakra, into all of your Being...imagine, that you find yourself, in another dimension: one, where only the Love exists, in its purity of essential Light. Allow for yourself, to be very present, in this place that you find yourself in...allow it take what ever form, it might, in that moment – it may change, as you create for yourself, this meditation again.
As you find your awareness potentised, bring to it, the knowing of your Higher Self’s Essence, as breathing with you, feeling with you, part of you...and allow for the Love that it brings, to flow freely into, within, through you – however it is that you experience it now, in this moment. Most often, pulses of a seemingly sexual nature, will be presented to you: open, expand, allow for this cleansing energy pattern, to radiate through you, taking you to a higher level of Bliss, than you might think possible in your Human world. It is not of sex, it is of a Love, that so Honours itself, and finds itself so balanced, in the Love of Creation, as to not deny any portion of itself, any longer. It is as intrinsic to you, as breathing is to you now: a pulsation of energy, that is continuous, without end or beginning – simply present – let yourself experience, the fullness of its flow, as you choose to open to it in that Light.
Oftentimes, it has been accessed as the kundalini vibration: be not afraid of its power, for it cannot harm you – not a bit. It is governed, in Love: its very foundation, is Love – where then, is the harm?
In a world based in fearfulness, power over and lack, there was a desire to maintain control...to not have you recognise, your power as energy patterns, to ever access Creator’s Light, in a manner that is so restorative to the Human four body system, to its awareness of Self, as a Being of high level, of Love – thus, it was held in great restrictiveness, by those who governed the religious orders and so forth. Others, placed sexual abstinence as the highest order of Love, in their search to relinquish from the notion of domination of others in any capacity – such is not the pathway now, into the Love: a Love so profound, it has no limitations, that may be placed upon it, any longer.
Awaken now, to the fullness of your Being: let the flow of Love, to ignite you, into the fullness of your path: a path that has no longer, the placement of fear within it – only Love. For there you will be, that which has been called the Master: one, who knows, in fullest possible knowing in this dimensional focusing of Light, that you are no longer held by it: that all that is present to you, is of Love now.
Allow the cleansing processes to continue within you, on all levels now: disrupt them not: flow with them, allowing, that all be held in the highest of Love: and as you continue to walk this path each day, day by day, it builds to a point, where you might experience, as you were shown in the meditation, the pathway to Bliss, in each and every moment.
In this, the Shift is advanced: be not afraid, any longer, of your powers of manifestation, of creation: for this You ARE: Creator’s Love, in physical matter, able to experience now, the power of Love, in your daily life, to the fullest of all possibilities.
I AM Sadiyaa, of the Seventh Light: Be at Peace in your Heart, that you are well and truly guided, along your path, in each and every possibility of a moment – simply allow, the Love to flow in, igniting you to a new level: for you are truly ready now, for this to begin. For those of you, who have found this to be so already, I congratulate you, I celebrate with you: for those who have not, oh what a celebration awaits you!
I hold you ever, in the Love of the Fourth Light: in the Love of Creation, in the full power and magnitude of the Goddess weave of Love, that empowers you now in its flowing and open Heart energies, to bring forth these gifts of the Self to the Self; and I hold you ever in the Infinite Grace and Healing, of the Light of the Christ – God Bless you all.
And so it is, from each of us, at the Circle of Love – that which was known to be, the Violet Council of Love – transformed now, to another level of Love itself, as we together, journey now, as One Heart, One Light. Our Circle expands, contracts, as need brings to it a measure of desire to do the journey, in the fullest of measures and circumstances.
I AM, That I AM, ever, in Love.
Dearest Heart Friends, I have found myself undergoing great impetus for change, seemingly in all directions! Many that I speak to, find themselves in a similar understanding of their journey now; the invitation is, to do it in Love, and not let the worry and fearfulness of what might be, take over – to rest, instead, in the Love, that empowers you, and shows you the path that is most beneficial to you.
As never before, it is time to journey closely with Spirit...do welcome and honour it, in your life, make space for it, if your life seems too busy - it is an investment, that will bring great rewards to you on all levels. After all, we came here at this time, to experience it, to awaken to it, and, I know, to expand our understanding of what we are capable of, out of the way things have been, into what we ever dreamed of – a world of Peace and harmony, with Love as the guiding factor. Lets go!
On a personal note, I have been given the gift of radically changing my living circumstances, from living alone, self complete, to sharing with others It brings many blessings...and the potential to truly honor others, as myself, which they are
I am so pleased to be able to offer the journey of Night of Light to Sydney – it is a sharing of Heart Light and Healing, that will open the doors to new understandings to many who have stood around on the edges, uncertain of what to participate in – that is my Trust, my Truth, my Passion! If you feel so inclined, and you are in Sydney, please do register yourself as a healer, and take part in it – take the step of making that commitment, and watch your life shift as well...if you are elsewhere, consider the step of bringing it to your part of the globe, perhaps as a team with others...each of us, is on a journey of living the Fourth Light, which is where this beautiful concept comes from It is your willingness, to commit to be part of it, to register yourself, that allows for it to happen...to hire the hall, to promote it and so forth...it also allows for the Fourth density of energy, to begin transforming your life, in fullest honouring of your support of this pathway of Love, that has been presented to the plane of Human awareness at this time, through the beautiful Light known as Gaia – do please take full advantage of initiatives such as this, to come together, and share the vibration of Love, to whoever may choose to receive it Details below and on my website – separate page
And, the journey of Awakening Within, ever expands within me...if you would seek to expand your pathway to a new level of awareness, do take part: the shifts that have been happening within me, will be brought forth to you as well, to receive what you would receive...its a WOW! My Guidance and I are diligently sorting out what we are to create – as ever, I flow in the moment, yet, I am so enjoying, preparing the gifts for you to experience! And again, if you are thinking about it, take the step of registration – I am also offering an Earlybird discount, that is $210 paid in full by Friday 4th April AND: the date has been changed to 19th & 20th April
I have decided that these next two months are going to be so filled with potentials for me, that I will set aside the evening of listening to recordings by Master Guide Kirael, to be doing them again probably in June
I hold each of you, in the fullness of your I AM presence: Trinitised, in the Love of Creation, the Love of the beautiful weave of Goddess Light, and in the deep and profound healing of the Christ Light – Blessings to you all!
Love, hugs and much Joy, as we journey in our Hearts now,

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