06 април, 2008

Infinite Being : How Infinite Being Emerged as the Creator

How Infinite Being Emerged as the Creator
by Owen Waters

The difference between God the Creator and Infinite Being is
one of degree. In Western culture, we think of God as active,
as the Creator, as being aware of everything that we do.

However, the ultimate state of original consciousness is a
state of unchanging perfection. As an infinite awareness or
beingness, Infinite Being is behind all things. It exists even
behind the One Creator of the universe, because the Creator
emerged from this unchanging stillness in order to go into

This Infinite Being is all things. It is all potential. As a
state of being, it fundamentally doesn't "do," it just is.
Infinite Being is the ultimate state of being. However, at some
point, Infinite Being decided to 'become,' rather than just
'be.' It decided to manifest its potential, and then to act out
every part of that potential.

The reason why Infinite Being came forward from its unchanging
state of perfection in order to create a universe full of
change, and therefore a place for the pursuit of perfection,
was the biggest mystery of all time. The need to pursue
something that it already had - perfection - was the ultimate
mystery of all time. . . until now.

In November 2007, I was visited by the spirit of a spiritual
master who had always been known for his great determination in
exploring beyond what had previously been known. After he had
passed on from the physical realm ten years before, had decided
to pursue the answer to the age-old mystery and, thanks to his
usual sense of intense determination, he had returned from his
exploration with the answer.

In case you haven't already read the full story, it is
revealed in my e-book, "Discover Your Purpose In Life" (see
below). Now, once and for all, we know the real answer to why
we are here on earth.

Infinite Being, in order to achieve the original Creation,
divided its consciousness. In one direction, it focused intent.
In another direction, it focused its love, or its feeling.
Then, in a third direction it applied action, or motion, so
that the two facets of itself - intent and feeling - could
interact with each other as intertwined waves of consciousness
in motion.

In this way, Infinite Being extended itself from just being,
into a state of action. This extension of itself had become
what we call the original Creator. The One Creator has three
facets, a triad of intent, feeling and motion. The existence of
motion in this creative triad makes the One Creator an
action-oriented projection of the original, unchanging,
all-potential state of Infinite Being.

And yet, nothing specific had been created up to this point.
There was, however, the potential for everything to be created.
For this, a stage needed to be set, upon which Infinite Being
could express itself as an infinite variety of possibilities.
In order to provide that stage, the universe was created.

First, the concept of space was intended within the
consciousness of Infinite Being. Next, this hollow, original
shell of a potential universe was filled with love. Then, life
was 'breathed' into the void when motion was added to it.

With the setting of the universe into motion, the 'light' had
come. It filled all of space with infinite pathways of primary
energy and, later, the energy for matter and all that matter
could become.

Today, we find ourselves living out the latest adventure in
the infinite experiences of existence. As facets of Infinite
Being, we are each here to experience life as we see it from
our individual, unique viewpoints.

You, as the soul within, are the observer of life. While you
are busy with life in the physical world, it may seem difficult
to connect with your spiritual aspect, your soul. But to do
this means that you are connecting directly with the observer
within and seeing the purpose in all aspects of your life.

That is why the most rewarding part of the day is the time
that you set aside for regular meditation. With inner support
and guidance, your path through life becomes clear and filled
with purpose.

If you haven't already done so, make the time to practice
meditation at the start of each day. A habit very soon becomes
a routine, and this is one that very soon becomes the highlight
of each day.

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