11 април, 2008

Letter to Heal Mother Earth's Sacred Sites and the Environment

Fulfilling the Prophecy of Peace
The Eagle & Condor Nations Prophecies
The Jaguar Nations & the World Prophecies
West Yellowstone - MT ... June 18th – 21st, 2008

by GW Hardin – For the Circle of Sevens

A couple of years ago, from among our Circle of Sevens, a few began to hear a song from Mother Earth. When others listened to the song, they reported that there was another voice singing with Mother Earth. Those who heard the songs most clearly stated that there were two voices singing: Mother Earth and Grandmother Spirit. We did not know it at the time, but Grandmother Spirit was singing that the time of suffering for humanity was to come to an end. She sang a message that said the Golden Age of Peace was upon us. But few heard.

What we did not know was that Grandmother Spirit whispered to theGrandfather Spirit, "Send a messenger to the people of the Earth to tell them that Grandmother Spirit will walk among them if they will come together to call her forth. For me to walk among the people of the Earth there must be Joy and Wisdom for me to dwell." And a messenger was sent. Among the Circle of Sevens, we call this messenger Archangel Michael. He is known by many other names among many other traditions.

This messenger has appeared to Joseph Crane and others among the Circle of Sevens. In his latest appearances, he has told us to call the peoples of the four directions together at Yellowstone to The Gathering of One. He has told us that if we call together the world at Yellowstone and stand in our star formations given to us by the Bird Tribe (who we call angels) will open the Golden Age of Peace will begin.

He also told us that we must ask the Shoshone Nation for permission to do our Grand Formation ceremony on their homelands. He also asked us to consider having the First Nations teach us how to dance the Dance of Oneness. When three Hopi Elders came to two of the women who are in the Circle of the Sevens, we began to realize from the one they call the Keeper of the Secrets and the Prophecies, that many prophecies from the different tribes will come true if the tribes from the four directions come together.

Don Alejandro Oxlaj, Grand Elder of the Mayan People and head of the Mayan Council of Elders asked us to contact Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau. Blue Thunder is an Eastern Shoshone/Piaute from Wyoming who helped orchestrate the permission from his Elders so that the tribes of Central America would know that they have been given the blessing to join in ceremony in the Yellowstone area. Because of help from Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau and his relations, three of the four Eastern Shoshone Elders, have given permission for us to do ceremony at West Yellowstone, MT. These ceremonies we call the Dance of Oneness called the Grand Formation. We will continue visiting with the Bannock, the Eastern Shoshone, the Arapaho, the Lakota, the Navajo and other Indigenous Nations to invite them to The Gathering of One; to participate in the coming together of the tribal nations. All those who can put differences aside will come together as they once did l ong ago and peace will return to the Eagle Nations of the North.

Because permission was granted by the Eastern Shoshone, Don Alejandro will be coming to The Gathering of One for the Dance of Oneness. Don Alejandro is head of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala, Day Keeper of the Mayan calendar, a 13th generation Quiche Mayan High Priest and a Grand Elder of the Continental Council of Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas. He has stated that he may also be bringing several (as many as 10) other tribal spiritual Elders from the Americas for this event. Don Alejandro has also conveyed what else needs to happen to fulfill what he calls "the world prophecies." He has told us to bring together the tribes from the four directions, and if we do this, the prophecies of the Jaguar people will also be fulfilled. If we choose, we can fulfill the Hopi, the Mayan, the Shoshone, and the Mamos prophecies of peace by bringing the world together at Yellowstone.

Through the spiritual leader, Sequoyah Trueblood, we have been told that the Mamos of Columbia will also be coming. The Mamos come from the place called the Heart of the World in the mountains of Colombia, and are made up of four tribes: the Koguis, Arhuacos, Wiwas, and Kankuamos. Their prophecies tell of a time where peace will come to earth when the Eagle Nations will gather with the Condor Nations. The Gathering of One will be one more opportunity when the Eagle Nations of the Shoshone, Arapaho, Navajo, and Hopi, as well as other northern tribes, will come together with the Condor Nations of the Mayans/Aztec and the Mamos.

For the last two years at these Gatherings of One, we have done a dance called the Dance of Oneness. In the latest appearances, the messenger, Michael the Archangel told us that the First Nations people would show us their Dance of Oneness. Amazing that the following story comes from Sequoyah Trueblood: There lived a great spiritual Elder among the four tribes of the Mamos. And before he died recently, he told the Mamos that he would give them a secret that he had kept until now. He told the Mamos Elders to take this secret to the tribes of the North. This secret is called the "tatame," which means "the Dance of Oneness." It seems that the spirit world is moving the tribes together for this event in Yellowstone.

Three Hopi Elders approached two women who are in the Circle of Sevens. From that meeting, the Elders were told of our intent to call the nations together in West Yellowstone, Montana, on the Summer Solstice of 2008. When they heard what we were doing, two of the Elders agreed to come to teach us the stories of when the tribes were one. One of the Elders, who is known as the Keeper of the Secrets and the Prophecies, George Nasafotie went into a four day vision quest. And when he came out, he contacted us again and told us that three of our men, three of our women, and three others were to come to the Hopi for the Ceremony of the Kachinas in February. We have agreed to do this. He also said that he saw that if we were able to bring the nations together in our star formations at West Yellowstone, that the caldera beneath the Yellowstone National Park would go quiet once again, and that there would no longer be a need for an eruption.

Simply put, the Indigenous Nations of the Americas are being called to the Yellowstone National Park area from June 18th to the 21st, 2008. Along with this event will be the call for a great Gathering of Nations to unite in Oneness in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming on August 8, 2008 (known as the Great Time of Peace 8:8:8). For this second ceremony, Blue Thunder will be asking for blessings of support from his Shoshone Nations people. It will be at this event that the Eagle and Condor Nations will be called to gather together, once again in oneness, to dance the Spirit Dance—calling out to their ancestors to join them in the Ghost Dance to complete the healing of the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel.

This ceremony for the Great Time of Peace will also address peace with Mother Earth. It is time to purify the elements of Mother Earth — the earth, wind, fire and water — for all of Creation’s life forms to be healed, allowing this purity to return to the snows, rains, springs, rivers and lakes that would bring sacredness back; bring back life to the land. Many around the world feel that the prophecies of peace and the forthcoming of the Fifth World can be fulfilled at this time. The Bird Tribe has told us that this will, indeed, happen. They tell us that a new Eden-like garden will return to the Earth, beginning within the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Circle, if we can bring the world together.

We will soon contact Elders within the Dali Lama’s organization as well as contact Elders from Africa. We ask all peoples and all tribes who cannot travel to the Yellowstone area to enter into their own Dances of Oneness. We will send out the star patterns for the gathering given to us by the Bird Tribe, which people all around the world can use to join us in our Grand Formation at Yellowstone. This will connect people all around the world together with the Bird Tribe, who will assist humanity in bringing forth the first vibrations of Peace, spoken of in the prophecies of the First Nations of the America’s since ancient times.

From our hearts to yours,
GW Hardin, Circle of Sevens

Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites:
Asking for Permission from the Indigenous Elders from Uluru
(Ayers Rock) Australia and Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia
Mother’s Day, May 11th 2008

Uluru – Ayers Rock - Kata Tjuta National Park Australia
To: The Elders of the Indigenous Nations
Neighboring Uluru in Australia
States of Indigenous Nations
Bordering Stone Mountain, Atlanta Georgia

Stone Mountain – Atlanta Georgia
We are sending out this message to the Indigenous Peoples of Uluru in Australia as well as the Indigenous Peoples of Stone Mountain, near Atlanta Georgia. Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming—is humbly asking for permission from the Elders of the First Nations Peoples of their homelands, for an Earth Healing Ceremony. The purpose of this ceremony is to help aid in the healing of the environment that has manifested droughts, tornados, forest fires and earthquake activities in the areas where Mother Earth is waiting for the stewards of their homelands to come to her aid. This will help our nations to consider coming together in peaceful resolutions in the issues within these Indigenous Tribal Nations and groups. This gathering will help in their relationships of the past, post traumatic stress deficiency syndromes of the Indigenous Nations and others. The action s of society have impacted the people and t he environment as mentioned in the prophecies of the Indigenous Nations of the world at large.

This dream that Blue Thunder represents is about the future of our world’s children that are here to be the leaders of tomorrow. These children have been sent by the Great Spirit (God) to bring us wisdom that is arriving everyday. The wisdom that they carry is of the ancient wisdom and knowledge, returning within the children of all cultures, of Mother Earth. This dream is for the benefit of healing Mother Nature’s environment along with humanity in all colors of the black, white, yellow, red and brown nations of Mother Earth and her children.

We will be traveling to visit with many leaders in the nations of the First Nations of Aboriginal Peoples and the Native American First Nation’s Peoples. We humbly ask for their blessings in support of these two Sacred Medicine Wheel Ceremonies. These ceremonies will have eight points (Medicine Wheel Spokes) with one point in the middle. Nine sacred sites are being asked for the thoughtfulness of the Indigenous Nations to consider healing their environment. The healing of the environment is necessary because of the many negative things that nature has taken on due to the manipulation of its surface by genocide, by wars, by indiscriminant harvesting of our forests, strip mining, oil drilling, dam building, invasive construction, diminishing wild life reserves, the hunting of endangered species, the use of: pesticides, road building, rock blasting, cell phone towers, electromagnetic power line emissions, chemtrails, pipeline construction, railroad construction, nuclear power stati ons, nuclear weapon testing, explosive demolition, pollution of our waters, pollution of our oceans, toxic waste dumping and all other invasive forms of development and environmental harm.

We are asking for the First Peoples Nations of these areas to consider helping by giving advice from their traditional way of life in the Earth Healing Ceremonies. We are asking for the Indigenous Peoples to open their hearts to the rest of humanity as the Leaders of Earth Wisdom, leading the nations of the world, into peace through re-education. This is prophecy that we would manifest at this time.

As we release the past pain of what has happened to the Indigenous Nations, and now know and see that it was not the many cultures we live with that did this to our ancestors—with an understanding that it was those in our past history that served to confuse all that are in control now by their man made laws that do not work with natures laws. This means that the Many Nations of the Black, White, Yellow, Red and Brown Nations are following man-made-laws and many are lost in the main-stream-actions taking place before our very eyes.

Many cultures want what we all see in our hearts as the Indigenous Nations. Loving and taking care of our gifts given from Mother Earth living in peace and harmony with beauty above us, below us and all around us. If we have the heart to forgive as the prophecies of all nations mention, we can live side by side with one another, remembering Mother Natures Laws of Beauty and Harmony. As we, now, move forward teaching the wisdom and knowledge of the Earth that our ancestors left for us to share. We have watch over this wisdom until this urgent time period that is present today and needed for peace to prevail. Prophecies mention that we would share this knowledge with our fellow brothers and sisters of all cultures of the world for peace. If we can truly do this, with open minds and spirits, we can now turn to all to go beyond the limits imposed by universal law, spiritual laws, natures laws that has violated and break the rules of Mother Nature and the messages of the Great Spirit . As we forgive whole heartedly and share the wisdom of the care-taking of our Mother Earth. We now move into our sacred work ahead. Many other cultures from all nations will also come forward with the dreams of peace that they are holding sacredly to share with one another and each other.

May we all rejoice in unison, in loving and caring ways, as the cultures of all nations come to know this blessed union must happen for peace to exist. Within the teachings of the Indigenous Nations we all understand and know in our hearts the timing is now. To share with humanity what we have is what all nations have been waiting for: teaching Nature’s Laws that will bring harmony and peace. We can share with all, the love we have for Mother Earth, and the reasons behind this love is why it is important to be involved in this ceremony. What is of special importance is forgiving their forefathers and letting go of what has transpired in the history of the dominant cultures over the Indigenous Nations. There was a time when our ancestors lived freely following the laws of nature living in harmony with each other in our Indigenous Nations. As many fellow visionaries and peacekeepers from every walk of life arrive from every nation, to joi n us and BECOME Earth healers!!!! Many are remembering that time of peace. Presenting what peace truly represents under the Universal Laws, Spiritual Laws, Mother Natures Laws and becoming the practitioners—those leading the ceremonies of our traditional homelands of the Indigenous Nations.

The ancient prophecies of Indigenous Nations reveal that this is the time to act, our planet is dying. The pollution of our air, within the wind and water, the toxins in our soil, our diminishing natural resources have all caused an imbalance on this planet that is rapidly spiraling out of control!!!! As the droughts, floods, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes occur, we ask, "What can we do to help this environmental phenomenon, I am only one person?" Please, consider the combined power of many. Within us all lays the miracle of the rebirth of our planet!!!! Peace!!!! Imagine multiplying this miracle by the participation of hundreds if not millions of people. Utilizing the power of many minds and spirits in a combined consciousness to heal all that needs healing, within the circle of life, creation. Mother Earth our Mother of all Nations.

This synchronized Medicine Wheel Ceremony dream, comes forward now, for a monumental healing for Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA, and Ayer’s Rock (Uluru, Kata Tjuta National Park) in Southern Territory, Australia. This ceremony needs the blessings and thoughtfulness of the Indigenous Nations as well as their support and consideration of these two Medicine Wheel Ceremonies. The timing of these ceremonies, if all goes well, will take place on Mother’s Day in America on May 11, 2008. These two mountains of stone are on direct opposite sides or sacred sites directly across from each other on Mother Earth’s surface. By uniting these mountains, of opposite polarity in prayer with our spiritual energy, our power, we will restore a balance that has been lost on our planet in these modern times.

Very successful ceremonies have already been performed here in North America by Blue Thunder and many others. In 2004, Blue Thunder conducted a series of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to honor the Earth and all creation. This helped the droughts, opened the geyser’s flow stopping a powerful explosion that could have happened. Even scientists were amazed! Especially, since we predicted the outcome before the ceremony started. The Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, and Big Bear Lake in California, became the hubs of these multicultural events in 2004.

Blue Thunder, while in a dream state, envisioned that all of mankind would celebrate the blessings of the Earth together. These Medicine Wheel Ceremonies that were already performed, have demonstrated how sacred mountains and waterways functioned and how when restored, could work again to bring harmony to our Mother Earth. These ceremonies brought back the balance that restored the waters in the springs, the snow fall, the rain fall and ground water that rose. This rebalancing included healing the volcanic energy under Yellowstone Lake, in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

We humbly ask for the Nations of the world to support this ceremony. This support would provide us with the opportunity to begin working on nature’s abundance within the land through love, peace and prayer. We humbly ask the Indigenous Nations to give us permission to consider having this sacred ceremony performed.

Blue Thunder, Bennie E. LeBeau, an Elder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming shares his cultural ceremonial way of life by healing Mother Earth’s sacred sites. What he represents is walking the path of sacredness that brings our Mother Earth’s societies the wisdom and knowledge of the importance of balance in our sacred environment. Through his Indigenous teachings about the environment for all nations to share and consider: speaking the truth as spiritual massagers as the warriors of old. As our Nations unite within the Spirit we walk together peacefully, we all reunite in sacredness of peace.
The dreams and visions in our Indigenous ancestral ways are now awakening. The dreams and visions reflect the messages of our ancient ways of life and how the land was once kept pure in all of nature’s glory. Blue Thunder is a messenger, interpreter and visionary, a peace keeper of the Shoshone Nation. He is the Rainbow Warrior for Peace and Harmony and Mother Nature’s guardian. He is a brother to all Nations—who rides the waves of hope, peace and harmony. He serves to enlighten all about the gift of life bestowed upon each and everyone that wishes to walk the pathways of freedom.

For more information on how you can help make this vision possible please contact Blue Thunder at the websites listed below. May we all walk the road to peace under the heart of the Rose that represents peace to many Nations of the world. I humbly ask for the Elders of the Indigenous Nations to bring back harmony and to allow us all to help in healing the sacred sites, to restore balance, the water, the abundance and in giving thanks for this great blessing. We ask for the Great Spirit and Mother Earth to hear our prayers for peace at this very special time in the history of humanity upon the sacred lands of all Nations.
Aho, and many thanks for your special consideration for this vision of peace,

BlueThunder aka Bennie LeBeau,
Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation
Fort Washakie, Wyoming, USA
December 20th, 2007
bzahants@yahoo.com or tetonrainbows@yahoo.com
Home: (307) 857-6856 or Cell Phone at: (307) 851-6249


Australian Aborigine Tribes & Stone Mountain Indigenous Nations
All Tribal Nations of Georgia & Surrounding States
Greetings my fellow Brother’s & Sister’s, Elders of the Aboriginal Australians & Stone Mountain Native American Elders of Georgia and Surrounding States;

My name is BlueThunder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation on the Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming. I am sending out these attachments to the elders asking for their permission to consider an Earth Healing Ceremony in the Yellowstone National Park one very special sacred site. Would you please forward the following information for funds to help the elders and I get to the ceremonies. I pray many will support with funds to help support this very special gathering that was prophesized to happen by the ancients long ago. Those that might want to contact me please call or email me. I am now on my Shoshone Nations homelands in Wyoming here on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

I am a spiritual leader/advisor on Earth Healing Ceremonies. I am asking the general public for financial help to complete this work with the Aboriginal and Indigenous Nations around the Uluru (Ayers Rock, Australia) and Atlanta, Georgia. I would like be able to visit Australia and Stone Mountain areas to assist with the Elders of both groups of these Indigenous Nations. This includes the work in for June 18th to the 21st of June 2008 and August 8, 2008.Working to communicate with the elders on the importance of this and how this ceremony will work healing the environments. Please have those that may be interested in donating funds to finance this work to please contact me at: bzahants@yahoo.com or my cell phone at (307) 851-6249 or my home at (307) 857-6856...my websites are:


Thanks for your time and consideration in supporting these ceremonies.

Please contemplate on sending these messages out to all Indigenous Nations and the general public around the world on this Earth healing ceremony. This gathering will start on May 11th, 2008, Mothers Day. Also on June 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st the Eagle & Condor Nations Gathering in Yellowstone National Park.. This will be held in West Yellowstone, in the Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming. This will heal the volcanic energy and fulfill the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor Nations. I thank you very much as we call out the to the Eagle Nations for your help and consideration to attend or support this gathering.

Many Nations of all cultures will begin to heal Mother Earth. Becoming practioner’s in the teachings that will be given to those attending as humanity awakens into the awareness of peace for the Environments. As prophecy mentions all Nations in the Dance of Oneness awakening as practitioner's healing Mother Earth's Sacred Sites...Many Blessings to us all at this time in history of our Mother Earth she is waiting for her children.
You are the Ones We Have Been Waiting for: We are the Five Fingered one’s of humanity that our ancestors spoke about in the prophecies. Again Awee hooo, thank your for your assistance and time. May the Great Spirit bless us all with peace, love and Harmony. Blessings are in a Sacred Way…Walking in Beauty.

BlueThunder, Eastern Shoshone Nation, Fort Washakie, Wyoming, USA, December 21st, 2007





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