10 април, 2008

A Saint-Germain Channel: "Shame, Blame, and Money"

By Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack
Chichilianne, France

"For most of my life, I have had issues with finances and money, or more specifically, issues with financial institutions. This has filled my life with stress, fear, and an acute sense of powerlessness. At this point, I no longer want to play the game. I want to release it, and be free… Please, help me release this game – this illusion of form and exchange I play with financial institutions. I want to feel powerful, free, and abundant. Not fearful and powerless. Thank you."

(Question and session reprinted with client's consent.)

Beloved Friend,

Things are not as bad as you imagine.

We are going to take a look at the part of you that is feeling powerless and living in fear of financial institutions. But first of all, we need to do a bit of reviewing.

This may feel like a digression from your question. But we will get back to it.

Sub-personalities and the Ego

Please recall that most human beings identify heavily with their personalities, and not so much with the Higher Aspects of their Being, such as the Soul or God Self.

The human personality, or ego, including yours, is formed of many sub-personalities. Some of these play dominant roles, while others are less important.

The mixture and emphasis depend upon the person involved and their circumstances.

For example, a young mother with children at home may identify herself with the role of “caregiver” very often. But the sub-personality of “free spirit” that formed during her college years at art school may reveal itself much less frequently.

An executive might suppress the sub-personality of “nurturer” at work, fearing that his colleagues would consider this a sign of weakness in a competitive business climate. But at home each evening, he may drop the façade of “leader” to tend his greenhouse orchids with loving care.

A sub-personality is a type of psychological coping mechanism. Like the ego, it is not who you are.

The ego is a false identity state.

It is predicated on the belief that you are flawed.

The ego is you, embodying the false belief that you are unwanted, unloved, and rejected by God and others – and therefore unprotected, threatened, and exposed to danger.

The ego, with its sub-personalities, is your psychological identity. It perceives the world through the eyes of fear, rather than truly seeing it through the eyes of love.

The Creation of Sub-personalities

The ego consists of several dominant sub-personalities and a few minor ones. Every sub-personality created by your ego appeared at a time of heightened stress – in a moment when you felt ashamed, blamed, or guilty, or when a chronic need for approval, validation, or love was left unfulfilled.

Your ego with its sub-personalities began to form the very first time you felt unloved. For many, and perhaps for you, this was in early childhood.

At this time, you created an identity (a sub-personality) that accepted responsibility for the interruption in the flow of love, and then tried to repair it. This breakdown in the flow of love may have happened with your parents, or with someone else you trusted. It was your first experience with blame, shame, and guilt.

Sub-personalities like this may be of service in the moment they are created because they reassure you and help you restore a sense of safety in an otherwise stressful situation. But they can become quickly internalized by reinforcement.

How does this happen?

Every time you feel frightened – every time you believe that scarcity, hostility, disapproval, or any number of possible threats are assailing you from the outside world, your ego will call upon a sub-personality to deal with it.

As long you perceive a threat to be there, you will wear that sub-personality like a mask – until you become the mask.

What the Ego Offers You

The ego with its sub-personalities tries to protect you from whatever is feared, whatever is threatening, or whatever is perceived to be lacking. It promises to help you survive physically, emotionally, and psychologically during challenging times.

It says that it will deliver you from fear, by first assuming that the world is a fearful place, and then trying to convince you that you are in danger.

This is a false assumption about the Nature of Reality and about Who You Really Are.

And this brings us back to your concern about money.

Fear of Financial Institutions

You have learned to be fearful and feel a lack of control over your life when confronted with debt and obligation to financial institutions. This is because for you, and many like you, having money is a measure of worth. Not monetary worth, but self-worth.

Until you grasp that this is not about your financial worth, but your self-worth, you may continue to struggle with financial institutions.

More specifically, the sub-personality you have called upon to fight this battle for you will struggle. And you will suffer for it. As it continues to demand validation from a source of worth it also fears.

Dear friend, you are projecting your inner conflict, “Am I lovable? Am I worthy?” into a world of money lenders and debt collectors in order to examine it and come to some definite conclusion about the matter.

What will you decide?

Shame, Blame, Money, and Worth

Every time you find yourself in conflict with financial institutions, you activate and reinforce a sub-personality that equates money (or the lack of it) with self-worth. As long as you identify with its struggles, you will not see that it is Self-love and your own validation that you need to reinstate, not your financial worth.

What you are doing here is projecting an inner conflict outwardly into your financial situation. You may be doing this for fear of addressing Self-validation consciously. Or you may be afraid of exposing your heart to the old wounds of Self-love denied.

Regardless of these conditions, your fear of financial institutions, like all aspects of your ego, can be traced to a core belief about yourself. It can be traced to the first moment you ever felt unloved and believed it to be true – to the first moment your Wholeness and Worth were questioned and you felt ashamed of it, and then blamed yourself for it.

Once you accepted this core misperception about yourself to be true, you made it possible for doubt, fear, and lack of control over your circumstances to spread like a disease, infecting all the parts of you that felt insecure. You granted it the right to pattern your experiences of reality, including your encounters with money and self-worth.

But now, you say you’ve had enough.

You say that you want to end the illusory game you’ve been playing with financial institutions.

I say, “Bravo!”

You say that you’ve lived through enough of these stressful situations to question whether they need to be real for you any longer.

I say, “Good.”

But first, let’s end the illusory game you’re playing with yourself.

Let’s proclaim your self-worth first. And then watch how your relationship with money changes.

The End of Illusion

As you call for an end to the illusions that dominated your life, you will step into a New Consciousness. You will begin to engage a Self Awareness that gently corrects the distortions and misperceptions laid down by your ego.

In taking up this broader awareness, you will also become aligned with your Authentic Self – the New You that is your Soul-blended self.

The New You is able to express your Soul’s desires. Its perceptions are Truth-aligned, so you see things clearly. And because you see them clearly, you recognize that your Soul is the author of your experiences.

You become sovereign and free.

You are able to create your life easily, using energies that respond to the call of your Soul.

Stepping Into a New Level of Consciousness

How do you step into this New Consciousness? This New You?

The first thing you do is stop fighting with yourself and with the world. You stop struggling with the illusions, and you let go your fears and misperceptions. Fighting with them only makes them real in your mind. You must step out of this circle completely.

You can end your conflict with a simple proclamation, “I Am Whole, and Wholly Loved, Worthy, and Complete.”

Then live this Truth with all your conviction.

As you do this, you will realize that your outer struggles only mirrored your inner conflicts, and you will see that the True Nature of your reality was other than the sum of your fears.

As you step fully into a New Consciousness, your fear, powerlessness, and sense of despair will fall away – as will any beliefs that you’re not good enough, perfect enough, or smart enough to be valued and loved just as You Are.

None of these things will matter.

The only thing that really matters is that you trust your Inner Knowing. Have confidence in the part of you that knows Who It Really Is.

Your willingness to allow this, will make it happen.

It can be as easy as letting a cloak slip quietly from your shoulders.

Yes, it can be as simple as this. You can shift your awareness with nothing more than your willingness to step into a world of Self-love restored.

So, please remember that you are fully supported in this.

We are Saint-Germain and Your Angelic Team, and you are deeply loved.

Saint-Germain has provided much information about the ego and sub-personalities that we are incorporating into a book called “The New You, New Relationships, and the New Society”.

If you enjoyed this material, we will be exploring it further in a channeled, online workshop with Saint-Germain scheduled for Saturday, April 19th. To participate in this workshop, or for more information, please go to the following link, Welcoming the New You, or contact us at mahlimay@yahoo.com


Alexandra and Dan


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