09 април, 2008

Sanat Kumara : Dancing in the Realms of Abundance

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Dancing in the Realms of Abundance -Sanat Kumara

Meet Eva: a self-taught artist born in Colombia. "I believe in the language of love and connection, we can transform energy by challenging ourselves, this way we add meaning to the day and come a little closer to becoming what we dream."

"Beloved wayfarers, greetings from on high. A blessed time it is. I come forth with the legions of heaven to promulgate the teachings of a new way. Blessed be for all who honor the highest.

Many of you are performing at the level of mastery now. The honor and glory that is emanating from the souls on earth at this time is profound and we wish to congratulate the many of you who work so diligently to attain these levels of truth. For truth is liquid, always an aspect of your current level of awareness on your ongoing upward spiral into the heavenly realms of creation. It is not a byproduct of your continued understanding of knowledge that serves to richen your awareness of truth, it is a level of attainment by way of increasing joy.

What I would like to share with each of you at this precise moment is that the amount of joy that you are currently capable of inhabiting is unprecedented in terms of the evolutionary history of your beloved earth. This means that each of you hold the key to the infinite kingdom within you and the stage has been set to manifest your dreams. For each of you, this will be different, and in honor of your individual contributions we say that those who honor the highest within, without judgement, will surely set sail with ease.

Guaranteed to each of you is the glory of God's Kingdom. The arrival at this destination during a most tumultuous time on earth was not for the faint of heart but for the warriors who knew they could endure. What is important to realize now is that the warrior in you is no longer required. The warrior was the aspect needed to to push through to a new way, but that way is with you now.

Many times we have urged you to put down your armor in faith of the return to God. For this armor that you used to protect the vulnerable birth of your new life is now also protecting you from the goodness that is waiting to enter. Beloved ones, know that it is safe to come out from behind your shield and place it on the ground before you. No longer is this needed to embrace and navigate the new energies of earth.

Be assured that your time to shine is ripe and waiting for you to release the final remnants of your past protective coating. As you feel safe to work with the new levels of creation, keep in mind that you must completely shed all thoughts, memories and feelings of being unsupported, for this history is no longer your reality. That is, unless you make it so.

The new reality that you find yourself participating in is one of ease and untold miracles waiting to be discovered. As you emerge from the maze of yesterday you will notice that today no longer requires linear planning. This space is one of allowing, of receiving the grace so duly earned.

Do you foresee that this reality is one that you can uphold? Or do you feel as though you must work for every gain?

Please monitor your feelings on these questions I ask, for the answer will dwell in your heart. It is of prime importance that all creation come from a place of willingness to receive now that you dance in the realms of abundance. This is not a place or a destination that you have acquired nor achieved, this is a space, a dwelling of new being that serves to honor your simple requests.

Which brings us to simplicity.

Beloveds, simplicity is the way of higher law. Simplicity is the only way to achieve the miracles that you presently "work" to create. Work and miracles counter one another and this is where the differences will be most notable in your achievements.

If you heed the wisdom of your soul which is always urging you to play and be light in your dealings, you will find that the effortlessness of creation is too simple to be "worked" with. Here you must recall that true creation is a constant and that the only definitive aspect blocking this natural flow is your "work" to achieve it.

Contrarily, you must release the idea of work to the joy of creation. Creating is the essence of life, the continual expansion and growth of an ongoing stream of infinite intelligence. To work at creating not only destroys the very fabric of such, but it thwarts and restricts the flow of the infinite within and without.

This is not the way of new earth, this is the way of limitation and strife.

To access the level of creation that will procure the miracles that surround you in each and every breathing moment, you must simply, and I reiterate, simply, let go of the need to "work" at it. There is no work needed here. Work is what you do to please others, creation is what you do naturally. Work is swimming upstream, creation is flowing with it.

So how do you create in place of work?

Again I remind you that creation is the most natural flow of infinity. To make the switch from work to play, you must put yourself first in the mindset that play is ok. Once you have released the burden of having to work for your gains, you will naturally begin to reflect the joy that is necessary to create at the new level of earth.

What is more, the new earth is already created. Yes, the new earth is already created in the realms of thought. It is for you to access and implement the concepts in physical form.

Does that release a burden or create one? Think on that.

If you feel burdened with the concept of not having to work to create that which is already created, then indeed you are not creating at all. For all that ever was and will be is already created in thought, yours is merely to manifest those thoughts in physical form and the highest levels of creation can only be accessed through joy.

Now if you feel free and empowered to create that which is already created, then indeed you are at the level of true creation. In true creation there is no ownership of results which can be very freeing, yes? The freedom that each of you truly long for is the freedom from responsibility, not the freedom from creation. We say, create then with freedom from the result!

Should you create without feeling responsible for the outcome, imagine the joy. Imagine being capable to create the formless into form with your vibratory signature, your expression, your interpretation. For each of you are needed to anchor and express your visions of mastery with the frequencies of new earth and from within your individual essence. There is no pressure here, only to aid in receiving the perfection of your creations and allowing them to take form.

Now is not a time to recreate what has been created by man, but to lift yourselves higher, to the create from the infinite. Here you will have access to all the tools you will need to build your new structures and foundation for a true heaven on earth.

You are the creators now. Blessed be."

Telepathic transmission thru Lauren ThinkWithYourHeart.net




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