04 април, 2008


April 3 , 2008


Some incredible new openings arrived for us on April 1st. Like a huge flower opening and readying to bloom, much was revealed to us and a very new doorway opened to allow an effortless and beautiful entry into a higher vibrating reality and world of our wildest dreams.

Some are having awesome and incredible experiences, and others are feeling stagnation and heaviness. There is a key to this door to heaven, and all we need do is be willing to grasp it and open the door.

I have been telling a tale the past months or perhaps years of dimensional hierarchies. I have been telling a tale about how we would eventually arrive in a space where we would be on a new and different “other side,” spending limited but valuable time on the dimensional border, and rarely going back to the lower and denser dimensions which will be crashing as they prepare to depart. This is all finally occurring now. This scenario is most certainly here…we are smack in the middle of it now.

What is the key to the door and what are some of the manifestations of this very new arrival into the higher realms?

Manifestations: The density in the higher realms is much lighter. This means that what remains is mostly the purer forms of vibration, with much gone that was released and purged (remember 2007, the year of purging and growth?). So then, there is not nearly as much “in between” manifestations of form. When we look out through the windows of our eyes, we don’t see as much forest, as much has been cleared.

In this regard, our boundaries are now much thinner. Very commonly through the ascension process, we experience specific phases of unpleasantness relating to boundaries. These phases always occur when we have reached a new and higher vibrating plateau. We can have an experience where we feel we have been violated, intruded upon, or perhaps that we were taken advantage of for our goodness, kindness and understanding. We can feel as if someone or something has entered our private space, taken control when we have not given permission, and is doing things or vibrating in ways that make us extremely uncomfortable. An unpleasant energy seems to want to run our show without our permission. There seems to be an uninvited intruder present.

Here is what is occurring: The lower vibrating energies are in extreme fear now, as they are aware (but rarely consciously) that they are departing. They are grasping to hold onto something. They are grabbing a shore and the shore is us. We feel good to them as we vibrate higher. We are loving and understanding. Thus, they are clinging onto us in desperation, and unfortunately, our understanding nature makes us very vulnerable.

Because of the new boundary situation with less density and boundaries present, they are really in our spaces. Having this kind of lower vibrating and very fearful and extreme energy within our spaces can feel scary, out of control, and even create panic and anxiety. The antidote can be simple ….we need to show love to these energies while we most assuredly refuse to allow these energies to continue their dance. We need to extricate ourselves from them, as they will most certainly pull us down into their space.

We can love them, but we need not spend all our time with them. Being firm while moving on is the best scenario here. But there is yet another piece. Compassion is a higher vibrating energy, but love vibrates even higher. When we are in compassion, we are taking on the energy of that which we are feeling compassion for. This pulls us down. In addition, there is no compassion on the other side as there is no suffering. Deep caring can be awesome, but too much of it can allow us to give ourselves away. Love is pure and simple. We love but do not own or relate anymore to the energies of which we are no longer in alignment with. Love and limited caring until we are able to be only in pure love is perhaps the best scenario in dealing with these energies.

Love and move on. Understand and care briefly, and move on. And when we are in the spaces of these lower vibrating energies, vibrating love to them will keep our own vibrations high while allowing us to reside in these spaces of dimensional divide for a limited time.

As the doors have finally flown open for our new residency in a higher realms reality, staying back with these fearful energies will only serve to pull us down, delay our arrival, and devalue ourselves as well. We have most certainly earned this new chapter, or new book of the life of our wildest dreams, and putting ourselves first will guarantee our arrival with complete certainty.

Is this being selfish? One of the “keys of being” that is included in Stepping Into the New Reality (yes, finally out soon for those of you who may be interested!) is that we have to put ourselves first. We can’t pour water from an empty pitcher. This way of being also keeps our vibration high as well.

What about service? Yes, very important here in regard to the dimensional hierarchies. Non-physical beings don’t spend a lot of time in our dimension, even though they can be great advisors and love us dearly. They do not spend much time in our dimension because they cannot. Higher and lower vibrating energies cannot exist in the same space for long periods of time.

We can always go lower, but we cannot go higher until we are matching that higher vibration within ourselves. We are now being asked to go higher and stay there as we are now vibrating higher. When we drop down to assist those vibrating lower, at the space of the dimensional boundary, we can only stay there for limited times of service, vibrating love and assistance through our store-fronts, and then we must go back home.

And any lower than the dimensional divide is the old world. The old world is falling fast now. Here in the US, the economy is crashing, as the old world is experiencing a need to turn inside out while its value system is re-structuring. Staying out of the old world is a necessity now, as we do not want to go down with the ship.

The key to the other side?

Letting go of the burdens and responsibilities that are not ours. Letting go of the illusional “have to’s.” No longer being there for others. Allowing the energies and journeys of others to be their own. Focusing on where we are now vibrating, or the higher realms, and really seeing where we actually are instead of focusing on what is falling away. The higher realms is right in front of us and many times we do not even notice. Not taking on the energies of others, not doing it all, and not feeling responsible for the whole of the planet, as the planet is right where it needs to be.

Lots of “nots” here! How about this more higher vibrating version instead: Following our bliss. Allowing ourselves to put ourselves first. Owning our own journey. Staying true to our pure and authentic selves. Being in our own space. Supporting ourselves as this supports the whole as well. And letting go of the burdens.

The theme here is responsibility. Many may need to let go of being over-responsible, but there are others who will need to become more responsible for themselves. Either way, there is an imbalance.

Once we let go and extricate ourselves from the energies of others we will be catapulted like magic into a very new reality. I can assure you, your life will turn into the life of your wildest dreams.

“Well, this doesn’t make much sense Karen,” you might be thinking. “After all, you have been saying for weeks and weeks that we were ‘waiting” for everyone else to catch up!”

We have most certainly been transmuting the energies for the whole. This has been a role of each and every lightworker indeed. And yes, we have been “waiting” for this new opening to occur as we wanted as many people on board as possible.

The transmuting and waiting are what was needed to create the critical mass of energy required to blast through to the other side. The mission has now been accomplished. Life on “the other side” is very different from life in the old world. We no longer transmute or wait for others to catch up, as we are all here right now. Being in our integrity, being true to ourselves, vibrating as high as possible while interacting with others who are doing the same is the way here. Equal contributions are the way as well. This supports the whole.

So then, equal contributions of our gifts and talents, or our true and authentic selves, requires a balance of responsibility…we cannot give too much and we cannot take too much either. Being who we are is the key. When we are all simply being who we are, in our integrity, then we naturally support each other.

We are all integral pieces of the whole, and now that we are vibrating higher and higher, we will begin to congeal in small like minded communities which will be separate from what is falling. We will begin supporting ourselves and no longer relying on support from the old outside world of the masses.

And as more and more individuals residing in the old world begin to be willing to let go and change, we will have the opportunity to assist them in getting to where we are through our store-fronts and our service which will exist on the dimensional border.

At times I receive correspondences from readers who vehemently object to portions of my writings. There is much room in these energy alerts for mis-interpretation. I am unable to go into great detail about each concept, and this can cause mis-interpretations. In addition, we are all vibrating at different levels and see through different filters as well.

So please know that some of this material may seem “off” to some of you without the luxury of a long winded explanation. In the new Stepping Into the New Reality program, there will be an opportunity to ask questions to gain clarity. The books and programs are much more in-depth as well. The energy alerts are meant to bring validation to our experiences and to assist in clarifying this sometimes strange and confusing experience of ascension. Many of us are tired as well and don’t wish to wade through a long winded energy alert several times per month.

My hope and desire is that the brevity of these messages serves to assist and support, and not to confuse. If we never read or attempted to learn one thing in this world, we would all be fine… because very simply, we are always right where we need to be. Enjoying our lives each and every day, being present in them, accepting that we are here having an experience called life, and enjoying the simplicity of each and every moment is all that is ever needed anyway.

We have everything we need right now. We are alive. We have a new opportunity each and every day to create fresh and new. There is much to be grateful for in the simplicity of each moment. We really don’t need to be anywhere else or even know anything!

Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times...

Until next time,


For Your Reading Pleasure Today:

A book excerpt from The Ascension Companion:


RESPONSIBILITY IS GREATLY tied into ascension, as it

relates to the old ways of thinking that we have to do everything

ourselves. Through the ascension process, we begin to let go of

much of our responsibilities. We cannot do it all and we are

certainly not responsible for everything...even though many

times we seemed to think we were.

The "first wave" of lightworkers, generally speaking, were of baby

boomer age. In this way, those who had children were then

grown by the time the ascension process began for them, and

they were then freed up to experience this unusual and

transformative process of ascension. "No attachments" is a good

way to describe what ascension strives to create, and in the old

world, attachments came with responsibilities.

Responsibility comes two-fold in relation to ascension. By not

connecting or being more in alignment with Source, we then

believe that we are responsible for most things and especially for

making anything happen. Secondly, as we begin to experience

exhaustion and letting go through the process of ascension, we

are then much more attached to Source, as our lives become

much more simplified and pure.

So then, through ascension and our arrival into a higher way of

being, we come to know that 1)attachments pull us down into a

false sense of responsibility,and 2) we need only wear our

"one hat," or contribute our one pure purpose here, therefore

letting go of all our old responsibilities of doing it all.

(Our one pure purpose is the gift and talent that is left when

much all else falls away.)

In the higher realms, much of everything is really "hands off."

We cannot take responsibility, for instance, for the experiences

and growth of another. I can't tell you how many times I have

seen well-intentioned people meddling in a soul growth

experience of another or of the planet. It is rarely our

responsibility, to save the planet through having a meditation

for rain, for example. If we were to check in with the earth during

each situation, the majority of time we would find that all was in

divine and perfect order. Earth cleansings and purifications are

vitally important for the process. The earth knows what she is

doing, and can take care of herself. In regard to her residents, the

majority of the time that we desire to meddle, individuals are

having soul growth experiences, and "saving" them greatly

interferes with their process. But most importantly, it pulls us

away from our connection to Source, as we are "saving" from our

ego or dis-connect selves. There are always exceptions to the

above, as each situation is unique. This is why being connected is

so vitally important. It tells us what is really going on.

Energy always knows what it is doing. There are "rules" and

there is order in the cosmos...all relating to energy. Evolution,

then, is simply following the "rules." Things get bad in order for a

summoning to occur. A summoning creates a higher way, and so

forth. It is not our responsibility to help and assist at every

turn. If we do, we only block, complicate, and lengthen the

process. We also interfere with the process of summoning. So if

you have found yourself greatly backing off from becoming

involved or taking responsibility for much, it is only because

you are evolving into a higher level being.

The highest of the higher level non-physical beings never

meddle...they wait to be asked, and even then, they sometimes do

not answer as they do not wish to interfere with our individual

process of finding out and growing on our own. A lower level

non-physical being will answer all your questions and be there

morning, noon, and night, therefore interfering with your own

connection to Source by not allowing you to be Source yourself.

Non-solicited visitation from a non-physical being is rarely good.

There are always exceptions, of course, as there are times when

we need to know something important. When I meet with the

Star Beings, we have a community meeting area in a portal out in

nature, as they do not believe in entering the sanctuary of my

home. They are highly respectful. Others will come when I call,

but only for specific purposes. In this way, I can strengthen my

own connection to Source, as I am Source, as are you. So you see,

at higher levels of existence, no one takes responsibility for

another. It is simply not the way.

To reach the higher realms, we have to be free and clear. It is

about being in the moment. It is about no attachments. It is

about having that greater connection to Source because we are

no longer connected to much else. There is a pattern and there is

order here. It is an intentional process.

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to let go of your

old illusions of responsibility. Letting go of attachments is part

of the process. And as you connect more strongly to Source, you

come to know that you need not do it all yourself."

May the offerings from What's Up On Planet Earth? serve to light

your path, validate your experience, and remind you that we are

all one. Thank you for your continued interest and happy reading!

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