20 май, 2008

A Message from AA Michael : The Celebration of Lord Buddha- 20th May 08

The Celebration of Lord Buddha- 20th May 08

As the celebrations of the Buddha begins let us open our hearts, souls and minds to the waves of divine and sacred energy that flow from the spiritual planes and the office or home of Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos. The energies that are channelled and anchored into the Earth and its inhabitants during this time of celebration are particular high and transformational. Lord Buddha through his embodiment of the Earth and the higher realms of our spiritual universe sends forth his energy of love and light from the core of the Creator. He distributes the enlightenment of the Buddha to all of humanity as a gift of rejuvenation, healing and a greater activation of our energy systems and growth on the Earth. The qualities that are central to the energies being shared with humanity are peace, love, harmony and tranquility.

Let us sit in silence and simply breath in the energy that Lord Buddha and our spiritual leaders share with us, let us contemplate on the silence around us, anchoring its energy into our souls. Peace and stillness can be found in the loudest of celebrations, they are the essence of our beings that need to be accessed and revealed from within us. As we all take a moment to sit and open our beings to the white light and the twelve planetary rays of light that come forth from Lord Buddha’s ashram, we can rejoice in our unity with the light workers on the Earth and as a whole with the Creator.

You may sit alone in your room on the Earth or with family and friends to anchor the energy of the Buddha into your beings but as you do so you are surrounded by many light beings, your guides, the angelic kingdom and ascended masters. All gather around you as you connect and join in the celebrations of the Buddha. You are also united as one with every other person who accesses or links in with the energy of Lord Buddha at this special time of the year. It doesn’t matter what time you connect into the energy of Lord Buddha or where you are, you will exist as a unity with all the other receptive energies and light workers incarnated on the Earth. We are all a big family of light, let us celebrate the coming and manifestation of Buddha’s enlightenment to the Earth and within the human mind, as a group, as a whole and family. You are never alone as the white flame of Buddha anchored into your being and reality. It is the white flame of Shamballa on the inner planes and of the soul of Buddha. Allow yourself to feel the unity of your soul with your vast family of light workers on the Earth.

Let us in assist you in grasping and anchoring the sacred energies into your being. First we ask you to sit peacefully meditating on the light of Lord Buddha, ask that you receive the divine and sacred energies that are being channelled onto the Earth now. Imagine yourself as a vast sponge, absorbing the light directed into you and humanity. Ask that you may access the core of Lord Buddha’s energy and may be linked with your family of light on the Earth and in the spiritual planes so that you may exist as one and in unity. When you have experienced this, feeling the energy around you then ask that the white flame of Buddha be placed before you so that you may absorb the enlightenment, wisdom, love and harmony that emanates from Lord Buddha’s soul.

Finally you may ask for the light of Lord Buddha to form a light body, your planetary light body that you can access and ask to step into your body. It is a higher aspect of your being holding much enlightenment, wisdom and illumination which will melt into your own energy systems over time. This is a powerful invocation that allows you to absorb and integrate the energies of Lord Buddha into your being, recognising Lord Buddha as an aspect of your higher self.

The celebrations of Buddha are an important date within the human and spiritual calendar as it is a time when the most powerful energies are sent to the Earth allowing those who are receptive to gain full advantage of this transformational energy. This celebration is rejoiced in a variety of ways, under various titles such as WESAK or the festival of the Buddha. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to truly connect with Lord Buddha, our planetary leader, who guides and advises us in our lives, creating a deeper connection that will remain with us for eternity. It doesn’t matter how you chose to celebrate this sacred event, but remember to open your being and energy systems to the love and light of Lord Buddha and our spiritual teachers to activate our spiritual development on the Earth. The celebration I speak of is within your being, it is the process of growth and accepting greater enlightenment.

Sending your love and devotional thoughts to Lord Buddha will support Lord Buddha in his work of overseeing our lives on the Earth.

Let us honour Lord Buddha and the spiritual world that constantly surrounds us, by taking a few moments at this special time of the year to enjoy the peace and tranquility surrounding us and existing within us. Let us rejoice in the energy Lord Buddha lovingly shares with us.

May the energy of the Buddha exist within you,

Archangel Michael

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