17 май, 2008

Metatron update - May 2008 **NEW**

Metatron update - May 2008

Channelled through Sarupa Shah

Sometime ago we spoke to you about the Golden Light and the new era that is dawning. This frequency is getting stronger by each day but it is not yet fully comprehended or felt by all. In your hearts we can see that you have a memory or in some case a knowing that it is existing in unison with all other frequencies that surround your planet at this time. Deep in the heart of many of you there is a seed of confusion and sadness as despite your memory or your knowing you are not experiencing what you know to be so.

The energy is continuing to take hold it is becoming stronger - and with this each of you becomes stronger - this indeed is the year of the gift shop - this energy is not aligned to your calendar year but denotes a time line which is of a year. It will carry on until around the time of the solstice of 2008. What this means is as simple as it reads, the year when there have been many gifts and I would with honour add golden gifts that have been both collected and received. It may not feel like that yet, but when you are locked in a battle in which you cannot see anything other than failure perhaps or pain or such like how do you expect to see the gift.

If you have not done so already lay out your gift list, what is that you wish for yourself, I say yourself as it is you who can claim your own gifts, you cannot claim on the part of anyone else. Worry not about others - and worry not that this absence of worry makes you anything less than a being of love. It is you that we need you to love, for once that is cemented it will be impossible for you to do anything that is not an act of love for another. Love breeds love, but giving it away before this cementing will keep you from moving forward and stepping up to your next level of being.

The Golden energy that I radiate, that I hold is a frequency of love. It is ascension through the heart - your centre for love – that you are being prepared for. It is when all your energy is aligned to this that you will be in a position to fully experience the Golden energy and bathe in its grace and live in bliss as was always intended. This state of bliss will be when heaven and earth unite - and each of you will individually make this step too. for you must be in alignment, in harmony with all that is, up above as below, the shadow and the light, the yin and the yang, the father and the mother, every archetype and its opposing comrade, will unite within you and within the universal system in order for this new dawn. The sense of separation is being diminished, but as the veil of illusion and question is fuelled the feelings of separation may appear intense. Now that there is no separation, we are all born of the same vision, we are all heading on this journey together, yes, indeed different understandings and view points each of us bring, but each of are part of the same picture. We are inter-connected, you may vision it as a jigsaw puzzle as without you right here now there would be a missing piece and the story would not be possible.

So you can get a sense of the magnitude, you can get a sense of the movement and hence this is why there has been so much more of the up and down. This is because as universal shifts and integration take place, some of you are left feeling bereft almost stripped of what you knew but you are not able to understand why. As the voice representing the brotherhood at this time, I ask that you accept our gratitude for what you are experiencing. Like a father I would like to take the pain away and show you the riches that await but like a parent would know it is not for them to live the life of their child. It is therefore under our watchful eye that all is taking place. There is no chaos, there is just progress and you will see although a straight road, my analogy of when each corner is turned then only will it be possible to assess what occurred was nothing less than an act of divinity - is not misplaced in explaining what is occurring.

Rest with the peace of knowing that there is much progress and movement - we urge you to follow the paths that you are intuitively being guided to, for there is much awakening and personal transformation that is yet to occur. It is almost like the raising of the bar is yet to begin - see opportunity, feel that heart connection and put your intent out there for your heart is awakening and taking a far greater role in supporting your divine journey.

For I am Metatron, the keeper of the Golden Flame, the Christed Being who is your loyal servant and teacher. I hold the vision that heaven on earth shall prevail and with me stand the mighty force of all that has been and all that will be and we send out this frequency to each of you. Let there be joy, let there be love and let there be peace in your heart.

(This was given to me after I had finished the initial channeling – and is part of the same)

Using this visualisation you will be able to work on your heart chakra take it to higher depths allow it to connect to the golden energy much smoother and quicker. Sitting quietly free from disturbance. Close your eyes and allow your mind to empty. Start to connect with the energy around you and welcome in your guides and other celestial helpers. Ask them to stand around you and circle you as you start on this journey.

Continuing to quiet your mind and allow your energy to continue to further expand. Become aware of the subtle movements of energy around you – the different frequency that they create.

Having connected to your energy self, now it is time for the golden light to descend upon you. Ask in your mind and through your heart for this connection to be made so now. Feel it entering through your crown and down to your heart where it will rest for now.

The energy of the golden light is warm but not heavy, it is light but powerful, it is nurturing and transformational. It is of God, it is of love, it is your divine right to connect to it at this time.

For now it will work to expand and strengthen your heart chakra – your energy point through which you experience and create love. Each breath you take while you are sat in this energy will slow start to expand your heart, you may feel the energy from your heart expanding outwards and opening out wider and wider as if it could encompass the whole universe. This is the mighty energy of the golden light it is all encompassing; it is perfect like you are already.

Enjoy this space for as long as you wish. When the time comes you may start to bring your awareness back to your everyday life. Asking your guides and celestial ones to step back a little for now. Trust and know that each time you work with this process the more light you carry and anchor. This is part of the initiation calling – it is part of the attunement – part of the change that is occurring. Work with this with joy and as you do, know that my love and my light is surrounding you.

Until our next connection, I bid you welcome.

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