18 май, 2008

Sadiyaa Energies Update May 16 2008

Channeled by Tikele

Blessings, dear Hearts, I AM Sadiyaa...I greet you in Love, at this powerful time of change and shifting energies.

It is a time of great alteration and transformation of your energy bodies, and most of you are finding it somewhat difficult to remain centered, in the expansionary processes now underway in readiness for the culmination of the Great Shift in Consciousness. You have been feeling it in your physical and emotional bodies, most assuredly; the mental world too has its adjustments to make. You are rapidly moving into a way of Being that is no longer based in linear thought processing, that is shifting into a focus based on the knowing that whatever is needed, comes forth from within you and to you now. As you allow for yourself, to understand yourself - no longer as the physical body, but rather, as the amazing and powerful Light Being that you truly are, your world comes into alignment with this focus, allowing you to experience what it is to truly be the Creator of your Earth plane.

You have held this knowing of Self as a powerful Creator all along, on a subliminal level: now, it is arising within your awareness to show to you the extent of your power, to truly shift and to reorganise your way of Being now. You can push it down, away out of sight once more: still, it arises within you, for the process of ascension demands of you, this knowing, in your consciousness, that you find it within you, to choose Love, at every turn and circumstance. In each moment of your thoughts, in your daily life’s journey, there are times when you are so held in Love by those who work with you in the realms of Light, that your day goes most smoothly and well. At other times, all about you seems to be in a contrary state of motion, and you wonder, how it came so to be. The answer is a simple one: you, by the power that you hold on this plane of consciousness, by fact of your willingness to commit to a path based in Love, have received multiple activations of your magnetic DNA, that now actively creates with you, the world of your thoughts.

Where your thoughts are held in a space of sadness, lack, or general lack of well-being in some fashion, so will you create. Where instead, you choose to experience and to focus on Love wherever possible, the world around you begins to vibrate in a pattern of Light that is supportive to your Being, that allows for you to know and experience the power of Love to heal, to restore, to cherish, to embrace, all that was perhaps unembraceable, unable to heal, nor to be restored or cherished, in previous experiences of a similar nature.

This is the very heart of the Great Shift in Consciousness: to heal, to Love all possible circumstances, for their gifts, their magnitude of expression of life force held within them. Where there is a power of Love, the transformation is great: where there is even the smallest particle of Love present in what you would choose to create, it still manifests, however, usually not as you might have desired for its expression in your physical plane of reality. Perfect as it might be, in the realm of thought, the mental world, it must receive the gift of Love in the emotional world, for it to become the fullness of that which you desired to create or to experience.

Taking this to yet another level: when you create in the knowing of your Truth at Heart level of your awareness, you become most powerful in your ability to bring forth your desired accomplishments and gifts, manifested in the form of finances or objects and so forth. This knowing that I speak of, is one of Honouring of the Self, that I have co-created with you in previous messages. It is to understand, that the journey now unfolding has no basis that is out of Truth, out of Love. It is to shine the Light that your own energy pattern vibrates into, onto all that is out of alignment with Love in your world. Take the steps to allow for fullest expression of your own Light force to ever empower Self and others; speak from your Heart, to those who would hear; bring healing to those who would wish for such transmission of Light to them as you might offer; and allow for your own journey of Love everlasting, to move into its final phase of readiness now for the Shift to reach its final phases.

There is no turning back now, the Shift is assured; thus, each of you is in the process of receiving a great many activations now, to ensure your readiness for the tasks you have chosen to perform; and the frequencies you have allowed for yourself to transmit to those around you, at the final moments of the full activation of Light force in motion, that is the Great Shift in Consciousness.

Thus far, the journey has been one of readying the physical body for the times ahead: these times are now at hand; the process of adaptation to much greater frequencies of Love vibration, almost entirely completed, bar a few final processes that will take place within you in the perfection of Divine Oneness. The path now, is of emotional readiness: practicing, Being in a Love so profound, as to cause fearfulness in those not ready to receive such intensity of it. It is, to allow for the Heart’s Light to heal the distortions of the past: to release all notion of suffering and lack concerning the Self, to embrace your Truth now: that you are, and ever have or will be, a particle of the Love of Creation, expressing itself as an aspect Light on this plane of consciousness, readying itself for the next phase of the path that ever evolves and moves through multiple levels of experiencing, in accordance with the Divine Plan.

At this point, the Divine Plan for Humanity is one of ascension, for all who would wish to experience this while in the physical projection of Light called a body.

Many are those, who find themselves unready: they are choosing now how to best express their Light in a manner that is of service to those around them, as they make their plans to return Home, a little ahead of the main exodus process. For there will be a great releasing of energy by Gaia, and by all consciousness, over a period of time, in this transformative process.

Each of you, is held in the greatest of Love, that might be perceived by you: the path each of you has taken, no matter how consciously or not, is Honoured, far more than you might even begin to imagine. There is no judgement, of any nature, that will be applied to you or the path you have taken: it is simply Honoured, for the fullness of the experiences you have selected to live within, and to transform, into the knowing of Love within them, the gifts that they offer to you, and those who experience them with you.

There is much misunderstanding of what takes place, when you choose to leave this physical experience. I would say this to you now: that only Love awaits anyone, no matter their station or misconduct from the framework of Human understanding. Each of you, all, are greeted in the Love of the Master Jesus, as the representative focus of the Christ Light, even where you hold to the knowing of this energy as the Master Buddha or another great Master of Light. The Christ Light is universal, on all planes of existence: it matters not where you may find yourself in the experience of the moment. Having returned into the realm of Light from which you released of your energies to form the physical body process, you are the most Honoured guest of the greatest welcoming occasion you might imagine...all whom you have journeyed with in this last incarnation, others who are your trusted friends and advisors, who have been Guides to you in your journey, friends of Light, others of your Soul family and so forth, come to Honour you, to share in the glory of your return Home into the Light. Soon, you will be busy with your duties and expression of energy there; for as you come into the knowingness of Love once more, you recognise the gift of this time of transformation, that is the Shift, for those remaining on Earth, and you seek to do your best to create that which is of support and service to them in these final times of the third dimensional experience.

For each of you, it is to offer you this now: allow of yourself, to greet, to meet each moment, with as much Love as you can find within your Heart to bring to it; where you should falter, simply breathe, bring in the golden Light particles through the crown chakra, into the heart, emanating out through all bodies, and allow the Love of your Higher Self, the fullness of your Being, to extend itself into your awareness again, that you can feel and experience the Love within you. You will find it a process that becomes more powerful, each moment that you practice it: let yourself feel the Love. This is the most beautiful gift you can bring to yourself now. Do this, as you hear of the suffering and lack of others: do this, as you find life somewhat difficult in the moment; and watch, as that which was difficult, transforms into a place of ever greater and a more powerful presence of Love.

I AM Sadiyaa...I hold you, in the Love of Creation, the Love of the Goddess weave of Love, and the fullest healing of the Christ Light: may you discover within yourself, the greatness of this Trinitised Light, and go forth in Love.

And so it is.


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